BTFTLIAW – Chapter 481

Chapter 481 – Exterminating an Entire Family

Zhao Hai had read too much novels on Earth. The protagonists on those novels share the same feature, they were all hardworking but their hearts were to soft.

Having a soft heart had always been a feature of protagonists. Before they fight against their enemy, they would talk a lot of nonsense before showing their superiority.

Even if Zhao Hai said a lot of words, they were short compared to those main characters. Moreover, his heart was ruthless enough to completely pull out the roots.

Constant good fortune only happens in film and television. In reality, people cannot have too many miracles. When a family is destroyed, it was nearly impossible that one or two heirs that escape would be able to come back for revenge. But that won’t happen, Cai’er was already monitoring the entirety of the Robert Family’s fort, ensuring that there won’t be any survivors.[1]

With the Space’s surveillance, not only the people on the ground were seen, the 9th ranks in the sky as well as the underground passages can be seen. Under such circumstances, there was no way for the Robert Family to run away.

Zhao Hai didn’t like troubles, he also doesn’t like leaving behind something that would inconvenience him. If he handles something, he would make sure to remove all loose ends.

Robert Family might survive, as long as someone stayed behind, there would be a constant possibility of them resurging. Although he didn’t turn Robert Patriarch and Terry into advanced level undead, Zhao Hai knew that the Robert Family wasn’t simple.

Just by their clan’s strength, it was impossible for the Robert Family to acquire and produce Antimagic Powder, it was also impossible for them to have ten 9th rank experts. The Calci Family was considered as one of the top families in the Rosen Empire, and even they have only seven 9th rank experts. Therefore, the Robert Family having three more than them was very unreasonable. Because of this, Zhao Hai believed that Robert Family is part of a huge influence. Their 9th rank experts as well as the Antimagic powder was most likely supplied by this influence.

While Zhao Hai sent the Blood Hawk to deal with the Robert Family, he started to collect all of the Antimagic Powder that the Robert Family spread all around the mountain.

Because of Zhao Hai’s worries, he hasn’t taken the powder to the Space. But this time, he took the powder and placed it inside the Space.

When the powder entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Radioactive isolation powder detected. Space doesn’t have the formula. Extrapolating formula from ingredients. Added formula to the Processing Machine’s list. Extracting Antimagic Powder’s characteristics, added the property to the Space’s insecticide.”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect to get the properties of the Antimagic Powder. It seems like the Space’s poison would be stronger in the future. Most importantly, Cai’er’s poison fog could now isolate magic, increasing the security of the Black Wasteland by another level.

Zhao Hai didn’t mean to receive the powder into the Space to obtain its benefits. He just wanted to store it so that he may use it in the future.

While Zhao Hai received all of the Antimagic Powder, he went to manage the matter with the Robert Family. At this moment, the Robert Family no longer had any experts. All that was left in their fort were old and weak. All of these people cannot contend with Zhao Hai’s undead. They didn’t even have the opportunity to fight back.

Zhao Hai didn’t exempt anybody, he even slaughtered the children. All of the members of the Robert Family were now dead. Not a living witness was left. Starting this day, the Robert Family was no more.

Beside this, Zhao Hai had also found the Robert Family’s treasure and storehouse. Without hesitation, he took all of them.

When treating his enemies, Zhao Hai would never be lenient. He knew very well that if he softened this time, he would be the one to suffer in the end. For Zhao Hai, the people who wouldn’t take revenge and won’t be a threat were only one type of people, dead people!

After living in the continent for this amount of time, Zhao Hai had already learned about how to act. If you are too soft, then you will get killed in the end. If you are not ruthless, people would constantly place you under their foot.

He had dealt with Boris’ 9th ranks before, he also slapped the Radiant Church’s face. But even if he managed to shake some people, its influence wasn’t very great. Rosen Empire was the continent’s most powerful nation, it doesn’t matter if they were commoners or nobles, every citizen of the empire held gread pride. Because of this they didn’t care about what Zhao Hai did before. At the very least, the Robert Family didn’t pay any attention to him.

But now, he believed that it would be different. Zhao Hai had taken care of the Robert Family in one swoop. Even if they think that it was the Calci Family who did it, they have to acknowledge that Zhao Hai had a hand in it. Zhao Hai can’t do anything if they place the credit on the Calci Family, but in the end, Zhao Hai was engaged to Megan. This would make people think that Zhao Hai had a powerful backer. These people wouldn’t be thinking so little about Zhao Hai any longer.

After collecting all of the powder, Zhao Hai returned to Dark Soldier Fort. At this moment, people from the fort were sending people to repair the damages in the surroundings. The pits that were caused by the undead were being pounded and levelled. The roadblock as well as the trees can only wait to be repaired tomorrow.

Upon arriving at the fort, people immediately invited Zhao Hai to the fort’s lobby. Randolph and the other high level members of the Calci Family were already waiting for him there.

Zhao Hai gave his greetings to the people in the lobby. This time, there were only a few of them who didn’t return his gesture, there were even some who stood up before giving a salute.

Looking at their behaviour, Zhao Hai couldn’t blame them. People in the continent tend to be realistic, they would only respect strength. If you are strong enough, then people would give you respect. If you aren’t strong, then they won’t be giving you face.

In the past, although Zhao Hai had some sort of strength, the Calci Family still looked down on him. With how he dealt with the Robert Family, the Calci Family’s people had no choice but to reevaluate how they see this young man.

The strength that Zhao Hai showed today was far from what they thought. Under such circumstances, those present knew that offending Zhao Hai wouldn’t’ be wise. Nobody would help them, even their own family members. If the Calci Family were to choose, they would rather pick Zhao Hai and wouldn’t care about the life and death of an ordinary family member. A big family like them was this practical.

After Zhao Hai sat down, Randolph looked at all the people in attendance and then nodded, “My Calci Family nearly suffered a tragedy today, it was one of our clan’s biggest crisis. We’re fortunate that we have Little Hai, otherwise the Calci Family would have been ended tonight.”

Nobody disagreed with Randolph’s words, they knew that what Randolph said was true. Because of the Antimagic Powder, all the Mages of the family were unable to use magic. Because of this, the fighting power of the family was greatly affected, even their 9th ranks wouldn’t be able to help them,. Regarding the Calci Family, tonight’s attack was extremely dangerous.

Randolph then said, “Compared to the attack on our family, the matter regarding Antimagic Powder is more important. Our Calci Family is a family of Mages, the appearance of Antimagic Powder was too great of a threat to us. This matter should be figured out and dealt with.”

Just as his voice fell, someone outside gave a notification. And then four servants came in carrying two bodies, both belonging to the Robert Patriarch and Terry.

Zhao Hai turned all the attackers into undead creatures. Only these two individuals were left untouched. Zhao Hai knew that these two still held great use.

Randolph looked at the two bodies on the ground and said, “Robert Patriarch and Terry are dead, now that there is no Antimagic Powder, we can now turn them into undead. Who is willing to do it?”

In the Calci Family, there was no shortage of Advanced Level Dark Mages, so Randolph asked such a question. Zhao Hai looked at the scene and quickly said, “Grandpa, slow down. I don’t think it would be a good idea to turn them into advanced level undead right now. Although it would be good to make them into undead, the Calci Family cannot deal with the matter of Antimagic Powder alone. This matter should be passed on to the Imperial Clan. The Rosen Imperial Clan is also a Mage family, they should care a lot about the Antimagic Powder. If we turn these two into undead right now, I’m afraid that the Imperial Clan would mistake us for forcing them to admit. Grandfather should bring them tomorrow to the Imperial Palace and then turn them into advanced undead in front of His Majesty. Interrogate them then, that way His Majesty wouldn’t have any suspicions.”

When Randolph heard Zhao Hai, he immediately understood what he meant. He thought for a moment and then nodded, “Little Hai’s words are true. I think we should delay this matter and bring them to the Imperial Palace tomorrow morning.”

The other people in the family didn’t oppose. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Grandfather, I just sent my undead to the Robert Family, completely eradicating their line. I’ve also looted all of their treasury and storehouse. However, I didn’t take any bodies away from their fort, Grandpa might like to take them. Also, I have no need for Terry and Robert Patriarch’s space equipment, I’ll give those to Grandfather.”

When Randolph heard Zhao Hai, he can’t help but stare, he looked at Zhao Hai with an face full of disbelief and said, “Little Hai, did you really kill all of the Robert Family? Are there any survivors?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “No survivors. I’ve seen their Clan registry. After coordinating their bodies with the descriptions, there shouldn’t be any members left.”

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  1. Having a soft heart had always been a feature of protagonists. Before they fight against their enemy, they would talk a lot of nonsense before showing their superiority.
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