BTFTLIAW – Chapter 479

Chapter 479 – All Of My Enemies, Kill Them!

Terry didn’t think the same, he was feeling really good right now. His family had already surrounded the Dark Soldier Fort of the Calci Family. He had never felt this elated before.

Seeing Zhao Hai and Megan on the wall, Terry sneered and said, “Megan, have you ever thought that this day would come? I’ve shown my interest to you all these years, but what did you do? You chose Zhao Hai instead of me, today, I will make you regret that decision.”

Megan looked at Terry’s appearance and coldly snorted, “Of course I’d choose Big Brother Hai and not you. You don’t even compare to Big Brother Hai’s little finger.”

Zhao Hai said, “Megan, no need to exaggerate, how can you say that to Mister Terry? Why did you say that he can’t compare to my finger? He is well worthy to be on the same level as my little finger.”

When Megan and the others heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but smile. They knew that Zhao Hai rarely cracked a joke. But even in this situation, he still managed to say one, this made them appreciate Zhao Hai’s temperament.

Megan smiled and said, “Right, just as what Brother Hai said, Terry, you’re comparable to his little finger. That’s why I didn’t choose you.”

Terry’s face turned pale when he heard Megan and Zhao Hai’s exchange. His dashing appearance completely disappeared from his face. He looked fiercely at Megan and said, “Why are you smiling, do you really think that you can deal with me?”

Zhao Hai looked at Terry’s face and smiled faintly, “I didn’t want to take care of you this soon, but since you came to the front door, why wouldn’t I grant your wish? Seeing you so rampant, I think it’s time for your life to end.”

When Terry heard what Zhao Hai just said, his face couldn’t help but turn black, then he said, “Enough wasting breath, today, I will make sure you die without a proper burial.”

Zhao Hai looked at Terry and smiled, “In the past, those who wished me death didn’t bade well. They didn’t succeed, so why should you?”

Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as he had Alien appear, Zhao Hai and the girls disappeared from the wall as well and entered Alien’s body. Alien opened its mouth as Zhao Hai’s voice boomed out, “One of the worst mistake that your Robert Family did was being enemies with me!”

As his voice fell, the Robert Family suddenly saw their lines being disrupted, undead creatures were appearing. As soon as the undead appeared, they immediately attacked the Warriors of the Robert Family. Now, the family’s formation was a mess.

And at this time, Alien jumped down from the wall. While it jumped down from the walls, it was also followed by some figures. Randolph and the others stared, those who jumped down with Zhao Hai were actually undead cavalry.

These undead cavalry were in the shape of Beastmen. Skeletal versions of a tall bullheaded Beastman was sitting on a horned bulls. When they fell to the ground, they produced a small indent on the surface. They seemed to be unaffected by their force of impact as they jumped over the fort’s moat and immediately attacked the Robert Family.

Randolph and the others were very startled when they saw Zhao Hai’s strength. These undead that Zhao Hai released were very different that what normal Dark Mages would summon. Their clan was a family of Dark Mages, they had researched summoning magic. However, they always managed to summon inferior undead. After each fight, those undead would need to be maintained well, otherwise, their strength would continually grow weak. Also, they weren’t a match against general Warriors, they can only use their numbers as an advantage.

But Zhao Hai’s undead didn’t fit any of these descriptions. Their fighting strength was extremely formidable. They aren’t any weaker than an 8th ranked expert. This strength made Randolph and the others extremely surprised.

What is most important was their numbers. These undead were numerous, from what they can count, Zhao Hai had already released about ten thousand. And the undead were still continuing to rush towards the Robert Family’s troops, their numbers constantly increasing.

One could say that it didn’t even take five minutes before Zhao Hai managed to destroy the Robert Family’s siege line-up. The undead already broke their formation, it was impossible for them to recover.

At this time, Alien was stood in front of the fort’s bridge, its big mouth opened as Zhao Hai’s voice sounded out, “Hahaha, Robert Family, do you really believe that you can deal with this Zhao Hai? Hahaha. Since, you’re already here, let me tell you. While I attended your banquet tonight, all of your businesses outside the capital have already been destroyed, your people all killed. Not only did we kill your people, we also looted everything and burned all of the infrastructure. Even if you didn’t act this night, your family would still be finished tomorrow. It’s very ridiculous that you still think that you can deal with me.”

Robert Patriarch and Terry recoved, ever since Zhao Hai’s attack began, the two of them were staring blankly. When Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, they came back to normal and changed their faced. They believed Zhao Hai’s words because there was no need for him to tell a lie at this moment.

From the present situation, Zhao Hai’s undead held the upper hand. It seems like the attack on the Calci Family was already going to fail. Zhao Hai had no reason to deceive them.

Robert Patriarch’s complexion was pale, he coldly snorted and said, “Ignorant junior. You’re quite proud of your undead, but can they contest against 9th rank experts? I request the elders to make a move, my Robert Family has reached a life and death moment!”

Zhao Hai’s voice came again, “Do you think that if you have a few 9th rank experts, you can change the outcome? It’s useless, since I’ve decided to deal with your Robert Family, nobody can save you!”

At this time, a cold voice was heard, “Can nobody really save them? I don’t believe you. My Robert Family has existed in the continent for more than 1000 years. With just your strength, exterminating my Robert Family is just a dream!”

Zhao Hai lifted his head and saw several human shapes floating in the air. All of them had a Warrior’s appearance. Zhao Hai looked at them and counted ten 9th rank experts.

Without waiting for Zhao Hai to speak, a voice suddenly sounded out from inside Dark Soldier Fort, “Savage Wolf’s Evil Sword, I didn’t think that you’re still alive, Hahaha. Good, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to settle our enmity in this life. Today, we can finally settle the account between us.” Along with the voice, seven figures appeared from the Calci Family. Six of them were dressed like Mages while one of them wore a Warrior’s clothing. Even if the mountain was filled with Antimagic Powder, its potency was too weak to affect these 9th ranks.

At this time, the 9th rank named Evil Sword laughed and said, “Dark Demon, I also didn’t think that you’re still alive. In the past, you’re not my match, now, you’re still not on my level. Although the Antimagic Powder isn’t very effective against 9th ranks, you’re still very restricted in your actions, feel it, your strength should be 80% compared to usual, right? Appearing this time is the same as courting death. In any case, without killing you, we won’t be able to ensure the Calci Family’s destruction.”

Without waiting for Dark Demon to speak, Alien suddenly vanished from the bridge, exposing Zhao Hai’s group underneath the 9th rank experts. When Randolph saw this, he was startled, he knew how terrifying 9th rank experts were. If Zhao Hai appeared, a 9th rank would only need to move a finger in order to erase him.

When Zhao Hai appeared on the bridge, he looked at Evil Sword and Dark Demon before opening his mouth, “Sorry for the disturbance. If you want to chat, go find a suitable place. I don’t want you standing on my head while you talk.”

Evil Sword looked down at Zhao Hai then coldly snorted,” Ignorant Junior, die !” His hand moved as Sword Qi, whistled forward and headed towards Zhao Hai’s direction.

Randolph felt his heart skip a beat. At this time, Zhao Hai moved and grabbed a whip. Seeing Zhao Hai wanting to meet his Sword Qi with a whip made Evil Sword sneer, in his mind, it was impossible for a whip to meet his Sword Qi.

However, he couldn’t believe his eyes with what he just saw next. The whip just blew the Sword Qi away, just like how a fan disperses smoke.

Zhao Hai received the whip and then looked at Evil Sword, “Daring to injure me meant that you and my Buda Family are now enemies. I ask my Buda Clan’s protectors to please come in!”

As Zhao Hai’s voice fell, ten large figures suddenly appeared from the forest. These figures didn’t belong to humans, but instead they were in the form of beasts. These were 9th rank experts from the Carrion Swamp.

Zhao Hai didn’t send a lot of 9th ranks, only ten. Moreover, these ten weren’t the strongest 9th ranks from the swamp, but instead, they were the weakest ten. However, these ten were enough to deal with Robert Family’s 9th rank experts.

After these ten beast appeared, they immediately flew towards Zhao Hai while shrinking their bodies at the same time. When they arrived in front of him, they gave a bow to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The enemies of my Buda Clan, kill them!” The beasts gave Zhao Hai a nod before flying into the air.

One of these ten was a 9th ranked eagle, he looked towards Evil Sword while using spiritual transmission to shout, “What audacity, to actually dare oppose our Buda Clan. Today, all of you will die!” Then all of the ten 9th ranks rushed towards Evil Sword’s group. There wasn’t any politeness at all, there wasn’t much that was said.

At this time, it doesn’t matter if they were from the Calci Family of the Robert Family, all of them were very shocked. They didn’t expect the Buda Clan that was previously exiled to have ten 9th rank experts, moreover, they were actually Magic Beasts!


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