BTFTLIAW – Chapter 478

Chapter 478 – Disgusting

If one wants to defeat a Great Clan like the Calci Family, he would need to eliminate all of their leaders and elites. If those important personnel were to vanish, the family wouldn’t dare show themselves in the continent anymore. This was because Great Clans held great benefits, and the interests that they control are too great. Ordinarily, they would use this interest to gather good talents and then use it to grow their power.

When their leaders and elites vanish, all of these benefits and interests would instead become a curse to the Clan.

Because of this, this fort of the Calci Family cannot be defeated. At the same time, the Robert Family cannot lose as well. When they dealt with Zhao Hai before, they never thought that they would fail. Then sent out a great number of 8th ranks and they even used Antimagic Powder to defeat him to ensure its success. But unfortunately, they failed.

Not only did it fail, the Antimagic Powder was also made known to Zhao Hai. Now, it was not only Zhao Hai who knew, the Calci Family were now aware as well, and it wouldn’t take a long time for the entire continent to hear about it. Once Mages knew that the Robert Family held Antimagic Powder, they won’t be simply eliminated, no member of the family will be safe, and the execution would surely be ruthless.

This made the Robert Family decide to use all of their strength in dealing with the Calci Family. They must destroy the Calci Family in one clean swoop.

At this moment, the current situation within Dark Soldier Fort wasn’t good. The Calci Family was a Mage Clan, they held great importance to their Mages and not so much to their Warriors. Because of this, Mages populated the family. With Zhao Hai’s proposal, all the Mages were made to retreat from the walls. Now, there were only a few people left.

Zhao Hai was also aware of this situation. At this time, Smith came with a few people, all of them Mages. They were all members of the Calci Family, they couldn’t withdraw.

Third Grandfather and Juwan also walked together with them. Their complexions were difficult to describe. Although they have differences with Randolph, they weren’t fools. They knew that once the Calci Family is over, they won’t be able to survive. Only when the Calci Family survives will they have a good life.

The two also walked towards Randolph’s side, they weren’t in the mood to talk with Zhao Hai. Third Grandfather turned to Randolph and said, “Patriarch, why did you remove those Mages from the walls? If they are taken off, who will defend the fort?”

Randolph looked at him and shorted, “Think about it, why would I remove those Mages? Can’t you feel it? The other party has already spread a massive amount of Antimagic Powder. If I don’t remove the Mages, they would only be standing there waiting for death.”

Third Grandfather stared, then immediately went to feel the surroundings before his complexion became ugly. He felt that the Magic elements in the entire Dark Mountain were going extremely sluggish. With the situation of the elements like this, there was no way for a Mage to cast formidable magic spells. One could say that Mages became useless in such an environment.

Smith and the others also felt it, all of their expressions were quite ugly. Smith quickly said, “Father, how about we make the Mages escape through the secret passage, make them attack from outside the mountain?”

Randolph shook his head and said, “That’s useless. Even if they go out of the mountain, the opposite party still had Antimagic Powder in their hands, they can use it anytime.”

Right now, Peter and the others had no other ideas. The family paid too little attention towards Warriors. If they placed importance to the Warriors the same way as they did to their Mages, their family wouldn’t have reached this predicament.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and faintly smiled, “Grandfather, everybody, you don’t need to worry. The opponent only sent a bit more than 10 thousand people. Rest assured, we’re fine, I’ll take care of it.”

The eyes of the people couldn’t help but focus on Zhao Hai. They thought about what Zhao Hai said back at the lobby, he wasn’t affected by Antimagic Powder.

Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and said, “That’s right. Little Hai, since you aren’t affected, solve this quickly, blow those Antimagic Powder away.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows, “There’s too many. Even if I can, it wouldn’t take a short time. Also, the enemy wouldn’t give us that much time.” Just as Zhao Hai finished talking, a group of Warriors stepped out from the woods in into the front of Dark Soldier fort. They all wore armor and had weapons in their hands.

These were Heavy Armor Infantry, one of the most formidable types of unit in the continent. Their bodies were completely encased within a thick full body armor. They had a kite shield in one hand while a pear was held in the other. Now they have set up their shields and spear in a formation as they advanced slowly towards the fort’s walls.

Then they jammed their shields on the ground, with its front facing the fort. The shields were linked together, forming a firm wall. While they were connected, there was some holes present here and there, enough for their spears to be securely placed.

Behind the Heavy Infantry were large quantities of bowmen. Magic Cannons and Ballistas were powerful, however, they weren’t convenient to move. Moreover, they had already spread Antimagic Powder, Magic Cannons couldn’t be used well, it’s attacking power would be reduced significantly.

Bowmen aren’t people to be scoffed at either. They were  using longbows constructed in a way that it can at least be shot from 200 steps away. With Warriors wielding them, it was possible to shoot at 400 steps. Moreover, they could fire 40 times, their attacking strength was not small.

Behind the Bowmen and the Heavy Infantry were soldiers in leather armor. They were armed with swords and shields, some of them carried ladders and ropes.

Seeing this display, Randolph immediately issued his orders to have the people on the wall prepare. Zhao Hai looked at the attackers and couldn’t help but smile. This arrangement was very good, however, their numbers are too few, they wouldn’t be able to survive the assault of his undead.

Randolph stood at the walls and stared at the slowly approaching formation. He coldly snorted and said, “Robert Patriarch, you really went all out. I’ve always treated you as a friend. But you actually came to destroy my family, come out and see me.”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment and then smiled. If he was the Robert Family Patriarch, he wouldn’t come out and meet Randolph. Such an encounter might leave loose ends.

Unfortunately, Zhao Hai guessed incorrectly. When Randolph’s voice fell, a voice was heard shortly afterwards, “Randolph, you’re really naive. Do you think that with our current position, we would treat you as a genuine friend? Your Calci Family is a family of Mages, you’re finished. Hahaha. What do you think? Does the Antimagic Powder taste good?”

Randolph coldly snorted and said, “Robert Patriarch, what good would killing the Calci Family do to you? As long as people knows about your possession of Antimagic Powder, your Robert Family is finished.”

Robert Patriarch laughed and said, “Know? Who will inform them? Since all of you will die today, it would be impossible to pass this information. I’ll tell you, I’ve asked all of my family’s 9th ranks to deal with your family. Even if you use your secret passage, they would be able to find out about it.”

Randolph was startled, then his face changed. He gritted his teeth and said, “Good, Robert Patriarch, good. Worthy of the Savage Wolf emblem, you’re ruthless enough. But you can be sure that we, the Calci Family, aren’t going to go down easily. If you want to eliminate us, you will have to pay a great price.”

Robert Patriarch smiled and said, “Of course we’ll pay a great price, but that doesn’t matter. As long as we extinguish your Calci Family, we would be able to gain the resources to become the most powerful Clan in the Continent, hahaha. Compared to the price I paid, the benefits that I will obtain would certainly be more.”

Randolph’s expression was now pale. Zhao Hai looked at Randolph and smiled faintly, “Grandpa Randolph, consider this matter finished. No need to be angry with that crazy dog. Did he really think that they would win? Hehe, too laughable.”

Naturally, Robert Patriarch heard Zhao Hai, but he didn’t respond. At this time, a carriage slowly approached Dark Soldier Fort. This carriage didn’t have a roof, and it only had a chair and a table. Sitting in it was an old man clothed in Warrior clothes. On the table in front of him, there was a bottle of liquor and a wine glass. The person looked very tall, but he was also very thin. With the way he wore his clothes, he seemed to be very relaxed. His slender eyes seemed to flash with green light in this dark night.

The old person’s green eyes looked straight at Zhao Hai and coldly snorter, “Ignorant junior. Do you think that you’re already formidable just by by defeating some second rate warriors of the continent? I must let you know that compared to my Grandson Terry, you fall too short.”

Just as the old man’s voice fell, hoofbeats can be heard as a big white horse appeared and went to the side of the old man’s carriage. The horse was very big and tall, very much like a Demon Horse, four meters in height. Sitting on it was a fully armored Knight, the Knight wore silver body armor. He had a long spear in one hand and his helmet in the other. His sword was inserted in it sheath at the side of the saddle. The man looked very handsome.

Zhao Hai looked at the person and saw that it was Terry. He was dressed up as a genuine Knight, looking very eye-catching.

Seeing his appearance, Zhao Hai smiled and then whispered to Megan, “This guy really likes to pretend to be an honorable knight. But he actually has a vile heart.”

Megan snorted and said, “When we were children, I didn’t think too much about his appearance. But now, when I look at him, I really feel disgusted.”


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