BTFTLIAW – Chapter 476

Chapter 476 – Antimagic Powder

Seeing that there was nothing to look at, Shue told Shun, “Shun, what do you think about tonight’s operation? Do you that it’ll succeed?”

Shun faintly smiled and said, “It’ll definitely succeed, with Cai’er as well as the undead, it would be impossible to fail. Right, Young Master said that if he manages to find the right plants to cultivate, he can give us potions in order to upgrade our strengths to 8th rank.”

Shue smiled and said, “There are already a lot of powerful experts on young master’s side. Even if we arrive at 8th rank, we wouldn’t be a big help to the Young Master, unless we reach 9th rank.”

Shun sighed and said, “If only reaching 9th rank can be so easy. If it was that easy, Grandfather Green, Grandmother Merine, and Grandfather Kun would have reached 9th rank already.” Suddenly, his face changed, he lowered his voice and told Shue, “Shue, be alert, I just sensed killing intent.”

Shue nodded, “I also felt it, I’ll immediately go and inform the Young Master.” Then with an intention, a shadow appeared and knocked three times on the doors of the vehicle.

This was a code, as long as Shue knocks three times, Cai’er would know that something just happened and then she would immediately inform Zhao Hai.

Upon hearing Shue’s knocks, Cai’er immediately appeared on the villa’s living room and told Zhao Hai, “Young Master, Shue just knocked on the door, something probably happened.”

Zhao Hai, who was chatting with Green, stared, then he immediately said, “What happened? Immediately open the monitor.” Cai’er complied and then opened the monitor.

The range of the monitor was much larger than original ten li. Looking at the monitor, Zhao Hai saw a lot of red dots appearing.

There red points were obviously not them, but an ambush on the both sides of the road. At this time, the carriage had already arrived in the middle of their encirclement. Looking at their numbers, Zhao Hai estimated them to be about 500 people. Moreover, they were all experts, most are 6th and 7th ranks, and then a couple dozen 8th ranks. These people were all in full body armor, and had various weapons in their hands. Most importantly, these people had 20 ballistas as well.

Ballistas are impossible to use without proper installation. It seems like these people had prepared these ballistas quite early, they should be in ambush for at least a couple of hours.

Zhao Hai appeared in the carriage and told Shue and Shun about what he saw, making them prepare. The two men immediately went down on the ground and didn’t move. The remaining matters would be left to him.

Naturally, the two didn’t object to Zhao Haim since both of them knew about Zhao Hai’s strength. So they didn’t say anything and just concentrated on the situation.

Zhao Hai didn’t return to the Space and just sat in the carriage while observing the scene on the monitor. Among these people, he can see a fully bearded man that seemed to be their commander. He was standing nearby a ballista, looking intently at the carriage without blinking an eye. He can also see that the ammo used on the ballistas were all whistling arrows.

Upon seeing the whistling arrow, Zhao Hai immediately changed his vision towards the other ballistas and saw the same thing. Upon looking closely, he noticed black jars being tied up on the arrows. He had no idea what they were trying to do.

If this was ancient Earth, ZHao Hai might have guessed that the other party were using explosives. But this was Ark Continent, there aren’t explosives here. Zhao Hai was very curious about the black jars.

But Zhao Hai certainly knew that those jars aren’t good for him. At this time, he saw the bearded man issue an order, Zhao Hai immediately called out and said, “Get ready!’ as the man’s voice came down.

The bearded man swung his hand down and said, “Release!” Then the more than 20 ballistas immediately shot their ammunition. Zhao Hai waved his hand as he took Shue and Shun to the Space as the arrows smashed the carriage into pieces.

Zhao Hai didn’t delay and immediately released a large number of undead. He had some of them surround the ambushers while some surrounded his carriage.

Zhao Hai just sat in the Space and looked at the bearded man. He knew that the bearded man was their leader. Zhao Hai just had his forces stay still and prepare on dealing with the enemy,

When he observed the bearded man, Zhao Hai saw something interesting. When he released his undead, the bearded man looked very silly. The man murmured, “Impossible, this is impossible. We used Antimagic Powder. How can he still use magic?”

Zhao Hai stared before his complexion changed. This was because the bearded man seemed to indicate the presence of a potion that was widely known in the continent, the Antimagic powder. This powder can debilitate Mages in large scales.

Antimagic Powder, just as its name suggests, is a kind of powder that can inhibit magic. This powder had no effect on ordinary people nor do they affect Warrior. This powder only targets Mages.

Sprinkling this powder around a Mage will make their magic spells cost exponentially more. When one was surrounded by Antimagic Powder, spells would take ten times as much as they normally did. In the past, people used this powder in dealing with Mages.

This Antimagic Powder was made by a Grandmaster Alchemist. Generally, Alchemists are Mages that wanted to branch out in their profession. But this Grandmaster wasn’t a Mage, not only was he not a Mage, he also had a huge hatred towards the profession.

When the Alchemist was young, he really wanted to study Magic. But when he went to get tested, he found out that he had no talent. Additionally, that night, the Mage who tested him went to his family and killed everyone. He was only able to survive because he went to a secret passage and ran away.

After several years of investigation, he managed to find out that he wasn’t untalented in Magic at all, on the contrary, he was very gifted. An enemy clan paid the Mage to fake his result and see to it that he was tested as having to talent. Afterwards, the Mage felt greedy and decided to attack the Alchemist’s family, murdering everyone and robbing their reserves. The Alchemist’s family only had small fame, they were a Merchant family with no background. Without an expert to guard them, the Mage went unhindered in eliminating the clan.

For revenge, the Alchemist didn’t study Magic, on the contrary, he even thought that Mages were a danger to humanity. He thinks that the profession must not exist, he wants to eliminate all Mages. Because of this he learned Alchemy and before long, he became a Grandmaster.

After 30 years of unyielding effort, the Alchemist managed to successfully make Antimagic Powder. The powder separates a Mage from the elements surrounding him, making a small space where he can barely use any spells. With the powder, there was no way for a Mage to use powerful spells.

Everyone on the continent knew that Mages specialize in spiritual force, through practicing it, they can communicate with the elements around them. Then, with the help of the elements, they could execute formidable magic spells. With this image, one can compare a Mage to a general commanding his soldiers. But with this Antimagic Powder, a Mage’s connection to the elements would be cut off. Making a Mage fully rely on his spiritual force. In this way, the Mage can only use a small amount of Magic he has in his body to cast spells. When his spiritual force runs out, the Mage can only wait for death.

This powder immediately caught the attention of all the Mages in the Continent. Every Major power also began to treat this as an important matter. Clans were even starting to use this powder to deal with Mages. Before long, all the Mages in the continent felt panic.

Because of the Antimagic Powder, all of the Mages in the continent made an alliance and started to chase the Alchemist down. In the end, the Alchemist was killed off. After that, the Mage Alliance went and exerted pressure on all Nobles and Major Forces of the continent, making them ban the future usage of the powder. Additionally, all Mages swore that if they find out that someone was still using the powder, they would get eliminated immediately.

Zhao Hai saw this story in a book discussing the history of the Continent. This matter happened 3000 years ago, and from then on, there was no other heard instance where Antimagic Powder was used.

He didn’t expect that today, he would actually hear someone mention this Antimagic Powder. This would certainly be a huge matter if it reaches the ears of the people of the continent.

The people who wanted to deal with Zhao Hai didn’t think that Zhao Hai’s magic was different. His magic was provided by the Space and wasn’t affected by the Antimagic Powder.

Those who attacked Zhao Hai surely didn’t expect that he wouldn’t be affected by Antimagic Powder. Zhao Hai didn’t allow them time to escape, he immediately made his Undead rush towards the enemy. In less than half an hour, all of the ambushers were killed off completely.

Zhao Hai used Wind Magic to collect the scattered Antimagic Powder. After doing that, he prepared to head back and tell Randolph about this matter, making them deal with it.

Zhao Hai clearly knew that the appearance of the powder today was a huge event in the continent. This matter doesn’t only affect Dark Mages, but all of the Mages in the Continent as well. Zhao Hai’s status was too small to handle this matter, only through Randolph and the Calci Family can this problem be dealt with.

After collecting the Antimagic Powder, Zhao Hai immediately turned all those who attacked him into undead. The also made the leader into an Advance Undead. From the man’s mouth, Zhao Hai discovered that the one who sent for the ambush was the Robert Family. As for where the Robert Family got the Antimagic Powder, the man didn’t know.

Now that Zhao Hai’s bull-pulled carriage was destroyed, Zhao Hai had no choice but to release Alien as he headed back to Dark Soldier Fort. Compared to the giant-horned bull, Alien was much quicker, therefore, Zhao Hai arrived at the fort much faster. In order to avoid misunderstandings, Zhao Hai went out when he was a small distance away from the roadblock. After which, he walked forward towards the small house.

After talking to the servant at the roadblock, Zhao Hai went back inside Alien and then headed towards the fort. Waiting for Zhao Hai outside the fort were Randolph and Smith.

When he saw the two, Zhao Hai immediately went out and gave them a salute. Randolph nodded and looked at Zhao Hai before asking, “Are you alright?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’m fine. I made Grandfather worried, let’s talk inside the fort.” Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and immediately understood that Zhao Hai had something important to say. He immediately nodded and led Zhao Hai to enter the fort and sat down in the main lobby. Sitting beside Smith were notable members of the Family, only Juwan was not present.

After the group sat down, Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, did some people attack you?”

Zhao Hai nodded and responds, “Yes, grandfather, people from the Robert Family ambushed me, there were about 500 of them. My carriage was destroyed because of that.”

When Randolph heard that it was the Robert Family, he snorted. Zhao Hai looked at him and then held up a leather back. He placed the bag on the ground next to Randolph and said, “Grandfather, in dealing with me, the Robert Family used Antimagic Powder. I’ve collected some of them in this bag.”

Just as Zhao Hai expected, when the people heard that the bag was filled with Antimagic powder, all of them became startled. They couldn’t help but unconsciously take two steps back. They looked at the bag as though it held a savage magic beast inside.

.The Calci Family was known as a Dark Mage clan. Naturally, most of their members studied Magic, if they didn’t practice Dark Magic, then they would practice other elements. Therefore, regarding the Antimagic Powder, it was no wonder that everyone in the room treated it as a fatal threat.

Randolph expression also changed, but he was the Family’s head, so when he heard about the powder, he didn’t take a step back. But his expression was still ugly, he looked at the bag and said, “Is there really Antimagic Powder in this bag?”

Zhao Hao nodded and said, “There is, in addition to the Antimagic Powder, I also had the commander of the attackers turned into Advanced Level Undead. From his own mouth, i learned that they are all people of the Robert Family. There shouldn’t be anything wrong about his testimony.”


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