BTFTLIAW – Chapter 475

Chapter 475 – Huge Harvests

Zhao Hai saying that he would be leaving wasn’t a surprise. They knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t want to keep on participating in Terry’s ruse any longer. To be honest, for Zhao Hai to endure until now made them admire him even more.

Although Terry was unwilling with Zhao Hai announcing his departure, it wouldn’t be good if he was to stop him. He can only lift his wine glass to Zhao Hai and agree.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then bowed towards the people down the stage before saying, “Since Mister Terry didn’t want me to sing, then I won’t be singing. When I went to the sea some time ago, I accidentally wrote two verses. I ask everyone here to please  appraise it.”

When everyone heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but be disappointed. Only two verses, how can this be considered to be poetry? Everyone at the crowd understood that Zhao Hai was going to be embarrassed this evening.

The expression of Laura and the others were not good either. Only Terry wore a smug face, he believed that he had won.

Zhao Hai looked at the expressions of the crowd and couldn’t help but smile faintly. “When I went to the sea in the past, I managed to get some Marine Magic Beasts to bring back to the continent in preparation for God’s Grace Day. This poem had these magic beasts as an inspiration. I only managed to write a few words, but I think that you would be able to get its message, moreover, its intent is very profound.”

The people below the stage looked worriedly at Zhao Hai. They didn’t know how Zhao Hai can deliver a message with such a short poem.

Zhao Hai looked at the crowd and smiled faintly, “I think that there are a lot of you who were able to eat crabs. This poem is about them, I ask the crowd to please appraise it.” Then he cleared his throat, scanned the crowd before stopping his gaze on the proud looking Terry. Zhao Hai slowly opened his mouth and said, “I often look coldly at crabs, but I always see them looking so proud!”

Then there was a static silence, the place was even more silent than the time after he sang.

Hahaha, Hahaha. A huge laughter was suddenly heard, breaking the silence. Zhao Hai didn’t need to look for the person who laughed, he was certain that it was Jason.

Jason’s loud laughter provoked a chain-reaction. The crowd in the hall were all laughing at this point. People understood who Zhao Hai’s poem was pertaining to.

These young nobles came to find themselves liking Zhao Hai more and more. If Zhao Hai continued to endure after all this time, then they wouldn’t like him. This was because they would see Zhao Hai as someone who didn’t have courage. Even if he did counterattack at a later time, they would then think that Zhao Hai was a sinister villain as well.

However, when Zhao Hai delivered his two lines, they immediately knew what Zhao Hai meant. Zhao Hai was clearly scolding someone, he even made a gesture towards the person. But most importantly, the crowd knew that Terry cannot say anything. If Terry makes a commotion, not only would he lose face, he would also be claiming that he was the butt of the joke. This move was wonderful, very wonderful.

Zhao Hai stood on the stage and then bowed to the crowd before saying, “Everybody, since I still have family matters so attend to, I shall be leaving first. I want to thank Mister Terry for the entertainment, I give my utmost gratitude to you.” then he bowed again before walking towards the exit.

There were some young nobles who followed Zhao Hai when he left, as if showing their support for him. Terry was standing there, pale faced. He knew that he would certainly be a laughing stock among the noble circles in Rosen Empire tomorrow.

Laura and the others also followed Zhao Hai out, all with smiles on their faces. When he reached the door, Zhao Hai turned back and gave a last bow to the nobles before he left the premises.

Although these nobles liked Zhao Hai, they still need to give the Robert Family face, so they didn’t immediately leave after Zhao Hai. However, each and every one of them looked between Zhao Hai and Terry with a strange expression.

Jason didn’t care about face, so he just left with Zhao Hai. The servants didn’t know what just happened inside the hall, but they already received an order from Terry beforehand. When Zhao Hai exits, they would still give him the carriage with the malnourished horse. However, even if Jason’s Crook Family wasn’t a millennium-old clan, their family still cannot be neglected. So in addition to Zhao Hai’s malnourished horse carriage, the servants brought a separate carriage as well.

Jason didn’t care about the other carriage, he just went forward and rode Zhao Hai’s carriage. Laura and the others followed them up. After the group sat down, Jason laughed and said, “Nice, Little Hai. You did good, hahaha. Did you see Terry’s face after hearing your poem? Hahaha, it’s all black, I’m afraid he might even vomit blood.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “You’re exaggerating. But if he didn’t vomit blood today, he will certainly do so tomorrow. Hehe.”

Naturally, Zhao Hai’s voice was said while under soundproofing magic. He did that because he was afraid that they would be heard by the servants outside. Laura and the others just sat there smiling, they didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would have a poem that would leave Terry speechless.

The carriage quickly arrived outside Savage Wolf fort. Zhao Hai and Jason disembarked from their carriage and then said farewell to each other. They got on their own carriages and then slowly went down the hill.

After boarding his carriage, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the Space. Just as he left the hall, the one hour limit for the operation just passed. Zhao Hai wanted to see what happened this time.

Just as he arrived inside the Space, he was received by Green and Kun’s smiling face. Looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai relaxed, it seems like the operation flawlessly succeeded.

Seeing Zhao Hai and the others arrive, Green and Kun immediately had them sit down before Green reported, “Young Master, the operation went by successfully without accidents. Not only did we get rid of the Robert Family’s people, we also looted their inventories. Even the bricks and wood inside weren’t let go. Even if they saved the fire in their shops, they wouldn’t be able to rebuild it. And most importantly, this time we got over 10 million tons of living supplies. We also received 10 million gold coins, 20 million silver coins, and 100 million copper coins. The bricks and wood could build 500 buildings. We have gained greatly this time!”

Zhao Hai didn’t think that they would get so much this time. He looked at Green and asked, “How did we get so much?”

Green smiled and said, “God’s Grace Day has just passed. At that time, various shops in the continent kept a lot of goods in stock. During the days leading up to God’s Grace Day, the shops would sell a lot of stuff. Because of this, the shops needed to be able to restock after God’s Grace Day passed by, explaining the amount of goods they have stocked up. Additionally, they also had the profits they just made a few days before. So it was natural that we got so much this time.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “How about the staff? Are they dead? Are the managers dealt with?”

Green nodded and said, “Young Master can feel relieved, according to Cai’er, all of the staff have been taken care of. No witnesses should have survived. Moreover, we also made sure to leave no evidence when we ransacked the place. Additionally, we also used Dark Magic before starting the operations, ensuring that nobody can see what was happening inside. All those who saw the magic were killed as well.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s good, let’s see how the Robert Family handles this. Moreover, when the beastmen come, we won’t worry about their food and clothing. Hahaha.”

Green smiled as well, millenium-old clans were truly extraordinary. If they didn’t attack the Robert Family, then they wouldn’t have gotten these goods. With these things, settling 100 thousand people wouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, they can also used their plundered goods to trade with the Merfold and the Beastmen. And most importantly, they had obtained a lot of silver and copper coins, enabling them to establish a currency system within Iron Mountain Fort. They can now say goodbye to bartering, as well as the awkward situation of giving salary.

Although Iron Mountain fort has some sort of currency system, the amount of silver and copper coins circulating was pitifully small. Gold coins were the most common type of coin present. So people can still technically acquire coins when they trade their products in Zhao Hai’s shop.

But this was not convenient, this system can only work because there was still a small amount of people in Zhao Hai’s domain. When their numbers increase in the future, confusion would surely appear. But now that the silver and copper coins were taken care of, the circulation of currency in the fort wouldn’t have any more problems.

Kun smiled and said, “The operation went as smooth as it can possibly be, there shouldn’t be any flaws in its execution. In order for people to not find out that we used Dark Magic, we used Light Magic in order to remove all traces of Dark Magic in the area. Now, traces of Light Magic were the only things left in the scene, masking all of our traces. Maybe people might even associate this matter with the Radiant Church, which would be very good for us.”

When he heard Kun, Zhao Hai stared, then he asked, “Grandpa Kun, whose idea was this? Why haven’t I thought about this before?”

In the past, Zhao Hai was only thinking about not being recognized, he didn’t think of using light magic to destroy the scene that he left behind. It seems like this old man still had his formidable wit.

Kun smiled and said, “It’s great that even you didn’t think about this. Right, all of us are quite tired, we should rest early. Tomorrow, we have to construct buildings in the Black Wasteland in preparation for the incoming Beastmen slaves this spring.”

Zhao Hai nodded, Greed didn’t immediately go to rest, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Young Master, how was the banquet?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s very good, it went by smoothly.”

Laura and the others actually chuckled. Then they told Green and Kun about what happened back at Terry’s banquet. When they heard about what happened, Green and Kun couldn’t help but laugh. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to take this opportunity to scold Terry, moreover, Zhao Hai scolded him in front of his face.

While the group chatted inside the Space, the bull-pulled carriage continued to travel slowly towards Calci Family’s fort. Shue and Shun sat on the driver’s seat with bored expressions. They knew that there was an operation tonight, it was very unfortunate that they weren’t able to participate.


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  1. Zhao hai actually killing innocent peoples here. It’s genocide! But why am I still like this novel??? I wish Sato in death March is vicious person like Zhao hai. After a while I feel disappointed in death March because there are lack killing in that novel. Ugh, sorry for my grumble.

    1. What can you expect from a CN? A CN can make an ordinary citizen of the modern world into a psychopath.

      There are psychopaths in JPN’s and KN’s too, but they usually weren’t ‘normal’ to begin with.

    2. I don’t understand why satou has to be vicious. I rather like an OP MC who only kills when truly necessary. And death March is more of a slice of life novel. Zhao is starting to gain a God complex like most Chinese MCs.

  2. Why does he just kill people who just happen to work for the Robert family. That is a big minus in these Chinese novels. Sometimes I think the Chinese authors don’t value life enough. Dignity and rights are non-existent. And there I thought the Mc was more sensible 🙁

  3. (local constabulary)
    Detective 1: There were thousands of businesses burned down and the employees murdered with not a single witness.
    Detective 2: Luckily we have clocks and advanced forensics so we can precisely determine that they all happened between 9 and 10 pm.
    Detective 1: Unfortunately the only person we can rule out is Zhao Hai Buda because he was at Terry’s party at that time.
    Detective 1&2: (Sigh…)

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