BTFTLIAW – Chapter 474

Chapter 474 – Change in Attitude

Jason looked at Zhao Hai’s appearance on the stage and smiled, he suddenly didn’t worry. Although he didn’t know Zhao Hai for a long time, he understood that Zhao Hai wasn’t the kind of person that would suffer without hitting back. He was not the type to come unprepared as well. Seeing him so calm meant that he was prepared, it seems like Jason’s worries were all in vain.

Thinking about this, Jason couldn’t help but alternately look between Zhao Hai and Terry. The corners of Jason’s mouth slowly lifted, showing a smiling expression. He was really in anticipation for tomorrow, he wanted to see how Zhao Hai retaliated.

At the very least, Jason was sure that ZHao Hai would make the Robert Family suffer. But all of these have nothing to do with Jason, he wouldn’t be affected by the Robert Family’s bad luck.

At this time, Laura and the others were already standing up the stage. These beautiful women standing on the stage naturally attracted everybody’s attention. In turn, Zhao Hai who stood in front looked very insignificant.

Seeing the crowd being attracted to Laura and the others, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. He was a man and the women behind him were his fiancees. With these people’s eyes going green in front of him certainly made him feel strange.

Zhao Hai coughed lightly, then turned towards Laura and the others and gave a signal. The women nodded and turned towards the orchestra and discussed something. The musicians didn’t decline the women and immediately gave them four types of musical instruments.

Laura took the harp, Megan took the cello, Meg had the horizontal flute, and Nier held the violin. Seeing that the group was prepared, Zhao Hai turned to the crowd and said, “I don’t know how to dance, play musical instruments as well as making poems. Because of this, I have to choice but to sing. I hope that everyone present won’t be offended by my performance.” Then he turned to Laura and the others and nodded.

The people facing the stage didn’t expect Zhao Hai to sing. Singing wasn’t generally something that nobles study. This was because it was very difficult to learn it. Songs in Ark Continent usually referred to operas. If you don’t practice it for a long time, there was not a way to present themselves in public. Most importantly, studying opera meant that you need to condition your vocal chords every day, for Nobles, this was very laborious, explaining the lack of people who studied it.

When the crowd heard Zhao Hai sing, they were shocked, all of them stared blankly at Zhao Hai. The gentle music was very soothing, it was as though it was touching their very hearts. However, the song had a touch of tragedy in it, making the crowd feel as though their hearts were being constricted, their entire bodies slowly being surrounded by a sad atmosphere.

The song ‘Bed of Chrysanthemums’ was actually not suited to the present situation because the song itself was played in a movie. How could people who hadn’t seen a chrysanthemum think about the emotion that one presented. It’s strange, but sometimes, song lyrics didn’t need to be understood in order to receive its soul. Back on Earth, Michael Jackson had many fans who didn’t understand English at all.

‘Bed of Chrysanthemums’ might not be able to contend against Michael Jackson’s songs, but for the people of the Ark Continent, the song still made their minds blank. This was because this form of singing didn’t exist in the continent before. Also, chrysanthemum seemed to be a foreign word.

There are times when foreign words bring advantages. Everytime one appears, it always feels novel and intriguing.

Before long, Zhao Hai finished singing ‘Bed of Chrysanthemums’, Even after he closed his mouth, there was still no sound that’s heard inside the hall. It may be because the crowd was still immersed in this out of the ordinary song.

Suddenly, an applause was heard in the hall, the crowd who were still staring couldn’t’ help but turn around and look for its source.

Zhao Hai also looked for the source of the applause, then he saw that the one clapping was none other than Jason. This fellow was the first to recover, therefore he applauded first.

When the crowd saw Jason, they immediately recovered. Then a thunderous applause broke out almost instantly. Zhao Hai and the others stood in a row and bowed to the crowd before walking down the stage.

These young people became lively. All of them were invited by Terry, and all of them didn’t have a status that was much worse than him. However, all of them had a good relationship with Terry’s family. Therefore, when Terry asked them to help him humiliate Zhao Hai, they were all very glad to play along.

But when they heard Zhao Hai sing, they suddenly forgot about Terry’s request. When Zhao Hai got off the stage, they immediately surrounded him. They asked Zhao Hai about the song, for them, this song was very attractive.

Zhao Hai chatted and laughed with these people as well. For the questions about how he learned to sing, he just responded that he really liked to sing when he was alone. But he knew that this kind of song cannot be sung in an opera, so he didn’t bother to reveal it.

Terry’s face was pale while he stood there looking at Zhao Hai. He requested these people to help him humiliate Zhao Hai. Naturally he didn’t only want to embarrass Zhao Hai, he also wanted to drive a wedge between Zhao Hai and these people.

If two people met and left a bad impression on each other, it would be very difficult for the two of them to become friends later. First impressions are very important.

Terry knew about this, so his plan was very simple, he would make Zhao Hai look bad in front of these young nobles. In the future, they would feel awkward towards Zhao Hai, exempting him from their circles, making becoming friends with him much more difficult.

But he didn’t think that Zhao Hai would actually be patient and even ridiculed himself, not offending these young nobles. And then afterwards, with his new and odd song, he made those nobles approach him and even chat with him. It was very clear that Terry’s plan completely failed.

Jason didn’t join the other nobles in surrounding Zhao Hai. His relationship with Zhao Hai was very different than these people. He can see what Zhao Hai was doing with them. So as a true friend, he will not interfere, he also thought that his help was unnecessary.

On the other hand, Jason was paying attention to Terry. Jason lived in Carson City since he was a child, so he knew the temperaments of the young nobles in the city. He understood more than Megan how sinister Terry was. He was afraid that Terry might have another method to deal with Zhao Hai.

Terry looked at Zhao Hai, his eyes filled with intense anger. He couldn’t accept it, he couldn’t accept that Zhao Hai managed to evade his plan to humiliate him.

With this thought, Terry’s eyes immediately hid his expression. He then headed up the stage and gently tapped the glass on his hand. Everyone immediately looked at him, feeling confused.

At this point, the crowd also remembered Terry’s request and thought about how nobody cared about it right now.They are now looking at Terry’s mildly annoyed expression.

These people aren’t fools, they understood why Terry was obviously targeting Zhao Hai. Although Terry told them bad things about Zhao Hai, after listening to Zhao Hai’s performance at the banquet, all of these nobles felt appreciative of him, they also felt much better towards Zhao Hai. In fact, they quite liked Zhao Hai more than they respected Terry. Terry was very arrogant and always wanted to have his whims accomplished. This fact gave these nobles an unfavorable impression towards Terry.

Now that they saw up the stage again, these people knew that Terry must be scared of Zhao Hai, which made them even more disgusted. Everyone knew that Zhao Hai didn’t offend Terry. The cause of the hatred between them was Megan.

Everyone also knew that Terry grew up with Megan, but after all these time, Megan’s treatment of Terry was always neither warm nor cold. But Terry still made it clear that nobody would get to approach Megan. Now that Megan was married, he still actually made a move on Zhao Hai. This made him lose style, this was not a method befitting of a Great Noble.

Terry didn’t care about any of these, what he was thinking right now was how to crush Zhao Hai. Therefore, when he stood up on the stage he smiled and said, “Count Buda’s performance was really too splendid. Everyone please give him a round of applause.”

When the crowd heard him mention Zhao Hai’s title, they became even much more disgusted. There were also some people here who held the title of count. When they wanted to embarrass Zhao Hai, they didn’t care about this. But now, Terry mentioning the title made them feel how harsh Terry was. However, they were still in the Robert Family’s castle, they still needed to give the family face. Therefore, all of them clapped but not the kind that showed enthusiasm.

Terry counted two seconds before he waved his hand, making the applause slowly fade. When he heard that the clapping has stopped, Terry continued, “From the applause, I believe I share the same sentiment as everyone when they heard Count Buda singing. There seems to be a sense of incompleteness. I want to ask Count Buda to come on stage again, but since singing was too boring, Count Buda needs to do something else.”

Those under the stage weren’t fools. When they heard Terry’s words, they understood what Terry intends to do. It seems like Terry wanted to humiliate Zhao Hai no matter what.

Doing this, Terry didn’t express his brilliance, on the contrary, it showed how small-minded he was. He looked like someone very desperate, this made the crowd disdain him.

Terry didn’t care about any of these, he proudly stood on top of the stage and said, “I invite Count Buda again.”

Zhao Hai looked at Terry and then faintly smiled. He knew that Terry was now at a loss, he already didn’t know how to proceed with this night’s events.

Zhao Hai slowly climbed on the stage. This made Laura and the others worried. They knew that Zhao Hai was with them the entire day, practicing their song. This time, they didn’t know how Zhao Hai would perform, will he really lose face today?

Zhao Hai stood on the stage and looked at the crowd, he showed a faint smile and said, “It’s a pity that Mister Terry didn’t allow me to sing, otherwise I would’ve made this night into my concert.” The crows laughed.

Zhao Hai then continued, “It’s already quite late. I still have some matters back at the family. Therefore, I shall give this small performance. However, I need to apologize first to the people below, I also need to apologize to Mister Terry.”


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