BTFTLIAW – Chapter 469

Chapter 469 – Alibi

Laura and the others looked at Zhao Hai with infatuated gazes. They felt that this Zhao Hai who was standing in the middle of the square was most attractive. Zhao Hai was so dazzling at this moment. Even if he didn’t have a very outstanding appearance, his charm was in a different aspect.

Laura and the others didn’t settle on Zhao Hai because of his appearance, there were people who courted them that were much more handsome than Zhao Hai. What they saw Zhao Hai was his unique temperament, this attitude somewhat attracted them.

Zhao Hai temperament was different from those who live in the Ark Continent. There was an inseparable relationship between a person’s temperament and the place where they were living in. People who lived in the slums for many generations simply cannot have the same temperament as the nobles. Zhao Hai’s difference certainly stemmed from the fact that he was from Earth. Earth didn’t have Magic and Battle Qi, instead, scientific and technological developments was present there. His concept of society was also from Earth. This made Zhao Hai have a different mindset than those from the continent. This made him unique, which gave him a certain kind of charm.

In Ark Continent, one who had the closest type to Zhao Hai’s temperament was Jason. But this temperament was only acquired because of Jason’s rebellious tendencies, not really a mindset that a person from Earth would have. Even still, with his temperament, Jason was seen as an oddity in Rosen Empire, not to mention Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s temperament was different from that of Jason. Zhao Hai’s temper was relatively mild, he also worked hard in order to adapt to everything in Ark Continent. He also had Adam’s memory within him, equivalent to him being half a native of the continent. These two different personalities fused together to become what he is today.

The entire population of Iron Mountain Fort has gotten drunk this evening. Both men and women were drunk. The expressions of these people were varied, some were laughing while standing, some were sitting and smiling, while others were crying.

Zhao Hai, along with Green and the others were sitting on one side. They had not become drunk. They looked at the drunken beastmen and slaves and couldn’t help but feel bad. There was no need to say that compared to their present life, their previous life was a living hell. It was no different to these beastmen, they were only a small tribe, and were easily exploited. During winter, they would suffer extremely, some wouldn’t even survive till the next season.

Zhao Hai provided them with a different life, enabling them to laugh like they did today, weep bitterly like they did today, eat meat like they did today, and drink wine like they did today. In their minds, all of these were given by Zhao Hai. All of them were very grateful to Zhao Hai.

In Zhao Hai’s heart, he felt that he held a huge responsibility over them. All of them were people of the Buda Clan. He had the obligation to make these people’s lives better. This was a mission he set for himself.

Laura and the others were very emotional as well when they saw these slaves crying and laughing. They felt choked up in their hearts. Megan was very tearful, she looked at the people present with a gaze of warmth.

After all of the people were asleep, Zhao Hai let out some undead to bring them to their residences. At the same time, he also had the undead clean the square.

Seeing the square being cleaned, it was only then that Zhao Hai realized how these guys can really eat. Not only was the huge blade-scaled whale eaten, all of the dishes were also cleaned up. Even the argali and bulls weren’t saved. This made Zhao Hai very surprised, these guys can really eat.

After making the undead continue on with their cleaning, Zhao Hai returned to the fort’s living room and sat down. After the group settled in, Zhao Hai said two matters to Green; One was about Terry’s enmity with him while the other one was his intention to retaliate against Terry’s family.

After listening to Zhao Hai’s words, Green didn’t respond immediately, after a while, he nodded and said, “Young Master, how are you planning to deal with the Robert Family? Do you want to eliminate them?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “No, no. If I were to directly exterminate them, I would certainly alert the entirety of the Rosen Empire. Such development would be detrimental to our future actions. I simply cannot do that. Over the years, the Robert Family has amassed a few enemies. All we need is to cripple them, their enemies will finish the job. Even if they were to recover, they won’t be going to live well.”

Kun nodded and said, “This method is good. Cripple them and have their enemies see their situation. In the face of the Robert Family’s resources, those people would surely burn with greed. We don’t need to do anything at all, someone else would clean the family up for us. But Little Hai, you need to be swift. If you are dealing with a Great Clan like the Robert Family, even a crippled one can still bring you trouble.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I know that. This is why I didn’t make a move immediately. At this time, I had a hawk map out the entire Rosen Empire. As long as I have the entire empire mapped, I can then begin my move. In one evening, I plan to destroy every shop that the Robert family has, save for the one inside Carson City.”

The Space’s ability has since been upgraded. So Kun and the others’ trust in Zhao Hai was well founded. What Zhao Hai said didn’t surprise them, they knew that this matter can easily be accomplished.

After quite some time, Green nodded and said, “It’s feasible. It’s the God’s Grace Day season, nobody would suspect that anyone would make such a bold move this time. We will certainly be able to do it.”

Kun also nodded and said, “But it’s best if we do our moves secretly, we shouldn’t let anybody know that we did it. If they knew, we would be similarly marked. We must let them know that we have an enmity with the Robert Family while making them feel that we aren’t overwhelmingly strong. Right, Little Hai, during the day of the operation you should have other people along with you. Spend time with them, make them think that you had no hand in this.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he knew that the Buda Clan’s identity was quite rocky at this moment. If they were to make other people vigilant, they wouldn’t have much freedom in the future.

Kun’s proposition was quite good. Killing the people of the Robert Family and destroying their shops without letting anybody know who did it. Even if they suspect Zhao Hai, he would have an alibi by that time. People would feel fear and suspicion, but they wouldn’t associate the Buda Clan as being a huge threat. They would only dread the Clan a little bit, which was what the clan needed right now.

Green looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, after God’s Grace day, I’m afraid that you would have to head to the Prairie. Your matters in the Prairie has not yet been completely taken care of. Although the Herculean Bulls have defeated the Fighting Bulls, their status inside the Cow-headed race is still threatened. In order for us to have a good relationship with the Prairie in the future, you need to help secure the Herculean Bull’s position.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Rest assured, I’ve also thought about trading with the sea dwellers this time. But I think I need to set a specific time for our transactions in the future, it may be once a month or several times in a year. After all, we can’t always go and do business with the merfolk. If we do so, sooner or later people would pay attention.”

Green nodded and said,” Young Master, how about taking a look at the Elven and Dwarven races? When do you plan to look for them? They also have a lot of special animals and plants. Their collections should be good for upgrading the Space.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and then sighed, “I’m afraid I would have to move that to a later time, I have a lot of matters to take care of in the following days. We must first take a firm root in the continent, making its residents accept our Buda Clan. Only then can we think about extra matters.”

Green nodded, “Alright, let’s wait. The Space’s current strength is very good anyway. We don’t need to worry upgrading it at this time.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “I really don’t want to wait because when the Space reached level 50, it might be able to plant high level plants, making your progress to 9th rank much easier. But now it looks like we don’t have any other choice but to wait.”

Green laughed and said, “No need to worry about that. We old people wouldn’t die tomorrow, there’s no need to be anxious. Take your time, I’m already satisfied with our clan’s current state. Young Master doesn’t need to take this matter to heart.”

Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like it can only be like this. He had already looked up the materials that the Processing Machine would need in making a potion for 9th rank promotion. Not only did the ingredients contain plants, there were also some animal blood, bones and all other things. Naturally, these beasts’ levels were also quite high.

Also, from the Space’s current level, Zhao Hai cannot make that potion right now. Zhao Hai also looked into the products in the Space’s store. He could see how high the levels of the plants and beasts could get. The highest level was surprisingly level 100, both for beasts and plants. This made Zhao Hai think of working hard to upgrade the Space.

After the group chatted for a while, Zhao Hai turned to leave. He was now living in Dark Soldier Fort after all. Even if they don’t live in the courtyard there, they still need to stay in the Space. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to respond should something happen inside the fort.

Laura and the others also returned to their rooms. They had been very tired the entire day. Just from the ancestor worshipping ceremony, the girls were already quite exhausted. Although Laura and Meg cannot attend the ceremony, they also need to wait at the side until the ceremony ends, otherwise they would be seen as disrespectful.

And then they also went to the celebration in Iron Mountain fort. Even if they were happy, they were also quite tired out from all the celebrations inside. At the end of the day, they could even swear that their bones ached as well.


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