BTFTLIAW – Chapter 466

Chapter 466 – Going To Jason’s Home

Randolph shook his head and said, “Consider that matter finished. How the Robert Family wants to go with their matters is none of our business. We shall retain our stance with regards to the succession battle. Right Little Hai, how will you deal with the Robert Family?” Randolph knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t someone who would suffer without retaliating. With how Terry plotted against him, Zhao Hai will surely not forget this matter.

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said “In a few days, I will deal with the Robert Family. But if they continue to annoy me, then I would have no choice but to exterminate them.”

Randolph and Smith doesn’t know of Zhao Hai’s true strength. But when they heard what he said, they couldn’t help but knit their eyebrows. They thought that Zhao Hai’s words are too boastful.

Smith opened his mouth and said, “Little Hai, you need to be careful with millenium-old Clans, they aren’t that simple. You should know that 9th ranks experts can live more than a thousand years. Everybody knew that the Robert Family had five 9th rank experts. But we need to account for the hidden trump cards that they have, you need to act carefully.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I will take care. Uncle doesn’t need to worry.”

Smith also knew that Zhao Hai understood what he meant, so he didn’t warn him any longer. He just nodded and said, “What are you planning to do today?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “I had a great time with Jason yesterday evening, we have become friends. Today, I think I’ll head to the Crook Family and look for him. At the same time, I might as well give the family some gifts. If those foods go past God’s Grace Day, they would certainly taste different.”

Smith nodded and said, “Alright, that’s good. Even if the Crook Family isn’t a millennium-old clan, they are also quite a competent family in Rosen Empire. You should go meet them.”

Randolph nodded as well, “I really didn’t expect you to befriend that boy Jason. That boy’s foul mouth is very famous. He has managed to annoy a lot of people, aside from you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. Randolph looked at the sky and said, “You should head there early. I also have some matters to take care of. I’ll leave first.” Then he stood up and turned around to leave. Zhao Hai and Smith escorted him to the exit of the courtyard.

After seeing Randolph leave, Smith brought Zhao Hai back to the room. After they sat down, Smith asked, “Little Hai, tell me. Do you really have the strength and confidence to deal with the Robert Family?”

Zhao Hai didn’t mince words and directly said, “I’m very confident.”

Smith looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but frown, he didn’t believe Zhao Hai. He knew that one couldn’t just be confident in this matter, millenium-old families aren’t a joke. Zhao Hai being this confident made Smith think that Zhao Hai was too arrogant.

When he saw Smith’s expression, Zhao Hai knew what he was thinking. He added, “Uncle, rest assured, If I’m confident, then I can definitely do it. You don’t have to worry.”

Smith looked at Zhao Hai and sighed, “Consider this matter done. Whatever happens, me and father wouldn’t mind it. Do what you can, know that the Calci Family is behind you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Thank you uncle. If there’s nothing else, then I will leave first.”

Smith nodded and said, “Go.” Zhao Hai stood up, he gave a small salute and went to prepare for his trip to the Crook Family. He also prepared the seafood that he was going to gift them.

After returning to his place, Zhao Hai discussed his plan to head to the Crook Family with Laura and the others. The women didn’t oppose, they clearly saw how comfortable Zhao Hai was with Jason. With how the two clicked with each other, how can they possibly oppose.

Zhao Hai didn’t plan to take Laura and the others today. This time, he only meant to visit the family and give them a gift, so it wouldn’t be good if he brought the women along. He had Shue and Shun prepare his carriage before he slowly headed to the Crook Family’s residence.

The Crook Family’s Castle was also constructed outside Carson City. It wasn’t that far away from the Calci Family’s place, just a few hills away. It would take an hour of travel before arriving.

The small mountain that the Crook Family constructed their castle in was quite similar to the Calci Family, only a bit smaller. There weren’t many trees on the hill, and the fort was as large as the fort of the Calci Family. However, the fort looked a bit newer than the Dark Soldier Fort, and it had a very practical design.

There was also a small house at the foot of the hill, guarding the road that headed towards the fort. There was a bar on the road as well. When Zhao Hai’s carriage arrived, a servant went out of the small house. The servant first examined Zhao Hai’s emblem, he was stunned, this was because he hadn’t seen this emblem before.

However, this servant was well-trained. He recognized that the emblem belonged to a Count. Although it was insignificant compared to the Crook family, the servant still didn’t dare underestimate the person inside the carrise. Before long, the servant arrived at the carriage and gave Shun a bow before asking, “May I know who is the owner of this carriage?”

Shun, who was driving the carriage, returned the servant’s salute before answering, “Buda Clan’s Patriarch, Zhao Hai Buda. He came to visit Young Master Jason Crook.”

As soon as the servant heard that it was the Buda Clan, he stared for a moment. He has heard about the Buda Clan, moreover, the way Jason and Zhao Hai interacted last night was also relayed to him. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to visit today.

The servant immediately answered, “Mister, please.” He said before removing the roadblock. This servant knew that the Young Master of the family wasn’t someone who had a lot of noble friends. For him to befriend the Buda Clan’s Patriarch was surely a welcome surprise.

In a blink of an eye, the obstacles have been removed. The servant gave another bow as the carriage headed up the hill. At the same time, a Wind Falcon flew up the mountain.

When Zhao Hai’s carriage arrived at the Crook Family’s Castle, Jason was already there waiting for him. As soon as he saw Zhao Hai getting off the carriage, Jason immediately welcomed him. He laughed and said, “Well, you really came very quickly.”

Zhao Hai stared at him and said, “What? Am I not welcome? If I’m not, then I might as well leave.”

Jason held Zhao Hai and said, “Leave? I greeted you in the front door, if you don’t leave behind some liquor then I won’t release you.” Then he pulled Zhao Hai towards the fort. They didn’t notice that the eyes of the guards and the servants were about to pop out of their sockets.

In Carson City, Jason was certainly a unique type of person. It was not only the other nobles who thought to, the Crook Family as well. He had a foul mouth, his temperament wasn’t good as well. Because of this, he didn’t have any friends even after all these years. Those who came to the fort always looked for Jason’s brothers, none bothered to visit him.

Although Jason was good to the family’s servants, those servants couldn’t be his friends, even if they have a good relationship with him. It was precisely because of this that the people present were quite surprised to see how Jason was very polite to another noble. Even the Princes wouldn’t receive such face from Jason.

After entering the fort, Zhao Hai noticed that even if the fort was as big as the the Calci Family’s fort, it lacked the ancient atmosphere. It felt like it’s history was quite insufficient. Since the fort was as large as Dark Soldier fort, naturally it also had a special carriage for visitors to ride in when they visit. However, their carriage wasn’t as luxurious as the Calci Family’s, it looked very simple.

After they entered three doors, they finally arrived at a courtyard. Jason brought Zhao Hai to the place that he was staying at. When the two had sat down, Zhao Hai noticed the fruit trees planted in the courtyard and smiled, “Interesting. Other people generally wouldn’t plant fruit trees inside their courtyards, only some ornamental plants. This is my first time seeing someone plant fruit trees in theirs.”

Jason snorted and said, “Why must I be the same with them. Hmph, I actually like planting fruit trees.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t comment anything more. Jason was really a different type of person much to his liking. Zhao Hai turned to Jason and said, “Right, is your father inside the fort?  I want to pay my respects.”

Jason looked at the time and said, “At this time, father and grandfather should be in the study handling official business. Alright, let’s go see them right now. While we head there, I’ll have someone prepare us some dishes. We’ll drink after we come back.” The he stood up and led Zhao Hai to leave the courtyard as they walked towards the main hall.

After they left Jason’s courtyard, they walked through the middle of the fort and before long, they arrived at the main area. This main area had the same function as the Calci Family’s main area. It was used for official work and not for anyone’s residence. Therefore, Jason’s father and grandfather should be here at this time, working.

When they arrived at the main area’s living room, Jason had Zhao Hai sit down before he turned his head towards a servant who served them tea and said, “Go inform father and grandfather that Zhao Hai, the Patriarch of the Buda Family has come to visit.” The servant issued a bow and then left.

Zhao Hai looked at Jason and smiled, “Your father and grandfather should be quite busy. Why are you so carefree? Do you not manage any affairs of the family?”

Jason smiled and said, “I’ve left it to my steward. Currently, I’m learning from father and grandfather. But since God’s Grace Day is arriving, the two of them had been very busy, they simply didn’t have the time to teach me, thus, explaining my free time.”

Zhao Hai bitterly smiled and said, “I’m envious that you can be this relaxed. Not like me, who needed to depend on myself. With how tired I am, I’m no better than a deceased person.”

Jason gave Zhao Hai a look and said, “You have less worries, nobody monitors you. Unlike me, father and grandfather always watches over me, I actually have little freedom.”

Zhao Hai smiled and didn’t say anything. Jason was just like him when he was back on earth. He always complained that he was always watched and was not free at all. But he hasn’t thought that this constant watch was also a blessing. If nobody watched over him, he would certainly suffer some hardships.

But Zhao Hai also knew that even if he told this to Jason it will certainly pass through deaf ears. These types of people wouldn’t believe you no matter how many times you tell them. They needed to see it themselves before they agree.


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