BTFTLIAW – Chapter 464

Chapter 464 – I Have to See

At this time, the Crown Prince has been led by the servant in front of a door. The servant gestured towards the door and said, “Your Highness, Zhao Hai went here.” There was no need for the servant to tell them, they already knew that someone was inside since the lamp was already lit.

Laura and the others followed the crowd with worried faces. While the people around them looked at the group with strange looks.

These people weren’t fools, they clearly knew that Zhao Hai was set up. Because of this, they weren’t that surprised by the situation. At this point, the crowd treated the situation as though they were watching a play. Most of these people even took pleasure in seeing another one’s misfortune.

Soon enough, the crowd has arrived in front of Zhao Hai’s room. The Crown Prince imitated a concerned voice, “Is Mister Zhao Hai inside?”

Zhao Hai, who was sitting on his table, just faintly smiled and took a sip of wine. He didn’t make a noise, he just waited to see the proud appearances of these people turn the opposite way.

When the Crown Prince heard nothing, he seemed to be sure that Zhao Hai was inside. Then he immediately issued a command, “Break in, let’s save Lizzy!”

Terry came in first and kicked the door open, he gave a shout as he rushed inside the room. When he looked at the scene, he couldn’t help but freeze when he saw Zhao Hai inside, drinking wine.

At this time, people had also kicked the walls of the room to break in. All of them looked dull at Zhao Hai’s scene. Zhao Hai was halfway to drinking his wine, he couldn’t help but stop and stare at those who arrived. He slowly placed his wine glass down and stood up, then he bowed to the stunned Princes and said, “Everyone, I’m just hiding in order to enjoy some snacks along with the wine. Why are all of you so anxious?”

When Zhao Hai said this, the first who responded was Laura, she couldn’t help but laugh. Seeing Zhao Hai’s appearance, she immediately knew that everything was under his control.

Charlie was happy to see Zhao Hai. Jason looked at Zhao Hai and then the Crown Prince, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he said, “Kid, you dare hide here and drink without inviting me? Oh, and you even have some snacks from snack street. Your Highness Third Prince, can I have some snacks as well?”

Charlie was ecstatic right now, he couldn’t help but laugh as well, “You don’t have to ask me about this, these are things that Little Hai brought. Little Hai, you may not like the food, but why do you have to drink alone here?”

At this point, the Crown Prince couldn’t take it anymore, “Enough, Zhao Hai, where is Lizzy? If something happens to her, you will be held accountable.”

Zhao Hai coldly looked at the Crown Prince and then calmly replied, “I don’t know what Your Highness is talking about. Princess Lizzy’s disappearance doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

The Crown Prince coldly replied, “Someone clearly saw you holding Lizzy, where is she?”

Zhao Hai was without expression, “Who saw it? Where are they?”

The Crown Prince turned his head and was surprised. The two servants from Charlie’s mansion who led them here actually vanished.

The Crown Prince stared, he already knew that this night was his defeat. At this time, Lizzy’s voice was heard from behind the crowd. “For Big Brother to care about my safety, this really makes me feel glad.”

Along with her voice, Lizzy also appeared as she slowly walked forward from behind the crowd. She looked at the Crown Prince with a frosty glare, she also looked at Terry before she calmly saud, “Some people came to look for me, saying that Third Brother wanted to see me. I went with them but I didn’t expect that I would be deceived by that servant. Third Brother, your mansion isn’t very peaceful, you may want to clean it up. Separate the cats from the dogs, otherwise your house will continue to be chaotic.”

When he heard Lizzy, the Crown Prince’s expression couldn’t help but turn complex. At this time Zhao Hai also gave his thoughts, “Third Prince, I also think that you should make some changes in this mansion. I was also called over by a servant, he told me that you are also looking for me, hehe.”

Charlie’s complexion sank as he said, “Little Hai, rest assured, I will certainly clean this place up. I’ve also noticed lately that the mansion hasn’t been that peaceful.”

The Crown Prince’s complexion was currently pale, he coldly snorted before turning around to leave. Looking at the Crown Prince leaving, Charlie didn’t move a single step. Since the other party didn’t consider his face, then there was no reason for him to be polite.

The guests who Charlie invited didn’t know what they needed to do. Some of them followed the Crown Prince in leaving, while some of them remained.

Charlie didn’t think that those who remained were people on his side. He was not naive, he knew that they only stayed because they were afraid of offending him.

But Charlie didn’t care, one can win against a thousand, and Zhao Hai was that one. If all these Nobles left, Charlie wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

However, he still needs to deal with this situation, so Charlie asked everyone return to the hall to eat and drink. The crowd returned to the hall, but with lesser enthusiasm in their faces.

Zhao Hai didn’t return with them, he just stayed in the room and drank liquor with Jason. Laura and the others didn’t go as well, they kept Zhao Hai company. Most surprisingly, Lizzy also stayed.

Zhao Hai and Jason sat in the table and drank while Laura and the others chatted on the side. Jason looked at the group of women and then to Lizzy before he leaned over to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, what happened? Did something really happen earlier? Why does Princess Lizzy keep looking at you strangely?”[1]

Zhao Hai looked at him and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, I almost got into an accident. If it really happened, I would be dead right now.” Naturally, he whispered as well.

After Jason heard him, he placed his wine glass in the table before looking at Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, are you telling the truth? Did they really plot against you?”

Zhao Hai snorted, “I won’t deceive you in this matter. This matter has something to do with Terry. When I went to buy somethings with Megan a few days ago, he always gives me the wrong kind of gaze. I didn’t expect that he would act this fast. Hmph, I thought that he would hold back, I didn’t think that he would actually be so anxious. With this matter, I need to be more vigilant from now on, if I didn’t manage to deal with today’s incided. Not only me, but the Third Prince and Princess Lizzy would have been ended.”

Jason coldly snorted, “You’re thinking too simply. Not just the Third Prince and Princess Lizzy, the Calci Family would be implicated as well. Also, your Buda Clan would be finished. After that, your clan wouldn’t have any place to settle in the continent anymore.”

Zhao Hai snorted. Jason then seriously said, “I didn’t think that Terry would be this much of a sinister villain. But Little Hai, you should also know that you have offended the Crown Prince as well, you should prepare yourself.”

Zhao Hai sneered, “If not for today’s matter, will he still let me off? I’m now on the Third Prince’s side. I am already the Crown Prince’s enemy. Him letting me off would actually be more strange.”

Jason sighed, and then didn’t talk anymore. Zhao Hai also knew that Jason didn’t have anything to add on this matter. He then looked at Jason and with a serious voice, he said, “Jason, I’m telling you today that it wouldn’t be good for you if you stay close with their group. Be careful when you meet them next time.”

Jason nodded, and then continued to drink liquor with Zhao Hai. Laura and the others were still on the side and just chatted with each other. Before long, Charlie came in. The banquet was already over. Because the atmosphere has been ruined, he decided to end the banquet sooner than he planned.

Charlie looked at Zhao Hai and Jason as he smiled and said,” You two are getting too comfortable drinking here. Right, Little Hai, come over for a moment, I have something to tell you.” Zhao Hai nodded and then placed his wine glass down.

Jason placed his glass down as well as he turned to Charlie and said, “Your Highness, it’s already quite late, I’ll be heading back as well.”

Charlie didn’t stop him, he smiled to Jason and said, “Alright, if you have time, you can come back here and visit.”

Jason nodded, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, if you have time, go to my family’s fort and look for me. You should know that I don’t have much friends in Carson City, when the time comes, you should ask me for a drink.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then smiled, “Of course, you should prepare a nice wine to drink.”

Jason smiled, “No, no. My liquors wouldn’t compare to yours. You prepare the liquor while I handle the side dishes.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then prepare to hear my knock on your door. I’ll be bringing some good wines.” The two of them laughed before Jason proceeded to leave Charlie’s mansion.

Looking at the departing Jason, Charlie smiled and said, “Zhao Hai, I didn’t think that Carson City’s foul-mouthed Jason would actually find a friend in you. I didn’t expect you being able to handle his words.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “Honestly, I like his character. It’s just that there aren’t a lot of people who wanted to handle the truth, that’s why they cannot bear with him. Fortunately, I am the opposite. That’s why I can become friends with him.”

Lizzy, who was close by, couldn’t help but stare at Zhao Hai. Megan also spoke to her about Zhao Hai’s personality. When she heard what Zhao Hai said, she couldn’t help but turn to Megan and see her infatuated face watching Zhao Hai.

Charlie nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go somewhere else. Lizzy, you should go back.”

Lizzy actually shook her head and said, “No, I won’t head back. Third Brother, with today’s matter, I’m quite afraid of my safety. I must go with you.”

Charlie looked at Lizzy and thought deep inside that the root of the matter was still him. Because he implicated Lizzy, there was no reason for him to refuse her request. Charlie sighed and said, “Alright, come with me.” The group went on to head towards the courtyard living room.

John Yinmi and the others were also waiting for them there. Laura and the others didn’t leave, they went along with Zhao Hai and entered the room. Charlie didn’t stop them. After the group sat down, Charlie turned to Zhao Hai and Lizzy and asked, “Tell us what happened earlier.”

Zhao Hai and Lizzy then told Charlie and the others what happened to them. The more Charlie listened, the more ugly his expression became. He didn’t think that the Crown Prince would be this ruthless. If his plan succeeded, the consequences would be extremely dreadful. Charlie couldn’t help but appreciate Zhao Hai deep down.

After giving his report, Zhao Hai waved his hand as two people appeared. These people were naturally the two servants.

Charlie looked at the two servants and couldn’t help but stare. John and the others stared at Zhao Hai as well. They didn’t expect that Zhao Hai’s space could actually store living beings.

But soon, they understood what was going on when Zhao Hai said, “Tell your identities to His Highness.” The two nodded and then continued to tell Charlie who they are.

They being the sons servants was true. However, their parents’ identities were something that the Crown Prince has arranged. Charlie’s head steward was already bought over by the Crown Prince, so he faked these servant’s identities. They weren’t actually the sons of Charlie’s servants, but the Crown Prince’s servants instead.

Charlie and the others already knew by now that these two have been made into Advanced Level Undead. They sighed at Zhao Hai’s viciousness, but at the same time, they also developed more confidence in Zhao Hai’s strength. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this skilled, being able to easily turn people into Advanced Level Undead.

After the servants revealed their background, Charlie became startled. The Stewards was actually someone that Charlie looked up to. He didn’t think that the person was actually a traitor.

Charlie coldly snorted and said, “I will take care of them slowly. Today’s matter was really close. Luckily, Little Hai had been extremely vigilant. Otherwise, the consequences would be terrifying. Little Hai, how did you know that the cup had hallucinogens in it?”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “How? I am a Dark Mage. Dark Mages who didn’t use poisons are very rare. In front of an expert in poisons, their move was too easy to spot.”

Charlie couldn’t help but laugh, the others smiled at Zhao Hai as well. They didn’t know about the Space, but a Dark Mage’s reputation regarding poisons was something every person in the continent knew. Therefore, they didn’t express suspicion in Zhao Hai’s testament.

After laughing, Charlie turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what do you think we should do next? Do we have to swallow this time’s humiliation?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “Suffer a loss without retaliation? How is that possible? From what I see, Terry going along with the Crown Prince was certainly something that they have planned all along. They are quite confident in dealing with us, but unfortunately for them, their good luck has finally run out. Since they made the first move, I won’t be polite anymore. Your Highness, you don’t need to worry about this matter, I will personally take care of it. Let’s see how strong this millenium-old Robert Family really is.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Megan knew that Zhao Hai was now fully intent in exterminating the Robert Family. But Megan didn’t say anything. She was on Zhao Hai’s side, moreover, it was Terry who moved first. She will certainly not stop Zhao Hai from doing what he wants to do.

Lizzy and Charlie frowned, they were somewhat worried because the strength of an established Noble family wasn’t something that one could easily challenge. Millenium-old Clans in the continent were rarely destroyed completely. Most of these clans only fell from grace because of some sort of internal conflict. Zhao Hai wanting to deal with the entire Robert Family was something the two of them thought was impossible.

  1. She got baited, Jason


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