BTFTLIAW – Chapter 463

Chapter 463 – Drinking Liquor While Waiting

At this time, Lizzy was able to move. But she was somewhat embarrassed, when she heard Zhao Hai’s noises, she couldn’t help but lower her head while she blushed. She slowly sat up from the bed and then got up.

Although she can already move, her movements were still quite stiff. However, Zhao Hai believed that she can still manage.

When Lizzy stood up, Zhao Hai immediately went forward to hold her and had her sit down on a chair. When Zhao Hai’s hand touched Lizzy, her body couldn’t help but tremble gently. She quickly became calm while feeling a sense of security.[1]

Zhao Hai didn’t know about any of these, he turned to Lizzy and whispered, “Your Highness, when you recover your strength, you should immediately leave the room. You must do so before the other party arrives.” Then he took a step back before tidying up the bed.

At this time, Lizzy had already recovered, she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Will mister not go with me?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “When acting in a play, it was natural to see it to the end. As long as Your Highness is alright, then their moves are all useless. Your Highness should quickly leave. Moreover, the farther you are from here, the better. When the other party brings people over here later, you can follow them.”

Lizzy stared at Zhao Hai and then gave a bow, “Lizzy needs to thank Mister. Lizzy will certainly no forget this favor.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Your Highness is too polite. Your Highness, please.” Lizzy nodded, then she turned around to leave the room. Zhao Hai already checked, the servant had already left. Therefore, Lizzy was free to leave, nobody will be able to spot her. Now, Zhao Hai wanted to see what kind of reaction the other party would make when they see the present situation.

After the took care of the bed, Zhao Hai rearranged the screen of the bedroom before he sat down on the living room. He placed a bottle of liquor on the table along with several types of snacks. The only thing that people can see here was a man enjoying his liquor and snacks all by himself.

While he was enjoying himself, the servant who left when he heard Zhao Hai’s noises already left far away, afraid that somebody would see him on the scene.

He was currently waiting for time. The medicine that he gave Lizzy was something that would get weaker as time passes by. When the time that Lizzy recovers came, he would execute the next phase of the plan. This way, when the people arrive at the room, they would be seeing Lizzy struggling against the assault of Zhao Hai.

The servant was very confident in his plan. But he was still very careful about being spotted. Because of this, he stayed far away from the room where Zhao Hai was. He wasn’t aware that Lizzy has already left.

When the time that he calculated came, he felt that it was time to execute the next phase. So he shouted loudly, “Not good, not good! The Princess is missing!”

Although he couldn’t be seen, his voice still reached every single person inside the hall. Everyone stopped what they were doing and became startled.

When Laura and the others knew that Zhao Hai was called over by a servant, they immediately knew that something wasn’t right. This scene was obviously directed at Zhao Hai.

The complexion of Laura and the others couldn’t help but change. People stood up and walked away. Megan gave a glance at Terry and saw a smug look on his face. Megan immediately knew that this event was certainly Terry’s doing. Megan couldn’t help but bite her lip as she stared intensely at Terry. Then she followed Laura as the group headed out.[2]

Terry was too proud to not notice Megan’s look. If he did, nobody knew what he would be thinking

On the other hand, when Charlie heard the servan’ts voice, his face couldn’t help but drop. The servants in his mansion were well trained, even if Lizzy did indeed go missing, they would certainly refrain from shouting and causing such a ruckus. This shout certainly didn’t come from the people of his mansion. If it was indeed someone from his mansion, then the servant was certainly bought over by another person.

While thinking about this, Charlie couldn’t help but turn his head to the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince’s eyes flashed a smug look. But the Crown Prince still pretended to change his expression, he stood up and said, “Younger Sister? How can Younger sister have an accident?” Then he also walked outside.

Charlie’s face couldn’t help but express his anger. Then he became worried, he knew that he had been negligent. This was his residence, and he didn’t manage to see that a plan has been spun inside.

Charlie immediately followed the Crown Prince. At this time, the nobles who were in the hall were also heading towards the backyard. At this time, Terry was in the middle, talking to a servant.

Charlie and the Crown Prince arrived, when Terry saw the two of them arriving, he released the servant and then gave a bow. “Your Highness Crown Prince, Your Highness Third Prince, this servant just came in for a report.”

Charlie looked at the servant and couldn’t help but stare, the servant was actually from his residence. He had seen him before, but he didn’t think that this man was already owned by the Crown Prince.

At the same time, Charlie’s heart sank. He knew that for the Crown Prince to give up such an important piece, then an appropriate result must have been achieved. It seems that things wouldn’t be good after this day.

Charlie wanted to see who was being framed from the crowd. He believed that those who were involved shouldn’t be among these people. When he saw that Zhao Hai wasn’t in sight, Charlie’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat.

Charlie’s heart sank even further. He didn’t care about any other person other than Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was too important for his future plans, he just couldn’t leave him behind.

At this time, the Crown Prince opened his mouth and asked, “What happened?”

Terry looked at the Third Prince and said, “The Princess told the servant that she was tired, so she thought of going back to take a rest. It was this servant who followed her, but he was surprised when he suddenly woke up in the backyard. It was at that time that he shouted.”

Charlie looked at the servant and said, “Is this true?”

The servant lowered his head and said, “When the Princess told me that she was tired, I lead her to the backyard in order to take a rest. But when we arrived, I was hit and fainted. After that, I had no further memories.”

Charlie coldly looked at the servant. He didn’t think of scolding him, it was already useless at this time. This scenario was certainly arranged by the Crown Prince’s group. Charlie had no choice but to see how it plays out.

The Crown Prince did give Charlie a chance to ask any more questions, he immediately commanded, “Immediately look around the mansion, see if the Princess is still inside.”

However, the nobles didn’t actually move. These matters aren’t something that they can meddle in. Moreover, this was Charlie’s mansion, they cannot just wander around here. They weren’t fools, therefore they stood in their original place and didn’t take a single step forward.

At this time, another servant suddenly yelled, “Your Highness, I just saw a person holding the Princess and headed somewhere.”

As if in coordination, the Crown Prince immediately asked, “Who is it? Who did you see?”

The servant looked at Charlie and pretended to be afraid, “He resembles someone. Probably mister Zhao Hai!”

Charlie looked at the servant and saw the he was his mansion servant as well. Not someone who just pretended to be one. This made his back sweat, he didn’t think that there would be this much traitors inside his mansion.

At the same time, when he heard the servant saying that Zhao Hai was holding Lizzy to go into a certain direction, his head couldn’t help but feel dizzy. He was very clear that Zhao Hai and Lizzy were certainly framed. Now, he understood the Crown Prince’s plan. And this plan had four birds as its targets.

The first bird was naturally Charlie. If Lizzy had an accident in his mansion, with Zhao Hai being the culprit, Charlie will certainly be ended. Don’t say the struggle for the throne, his status as a successor might even be revoked.

The second bird was Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s strength was well known. And the side that gains his help will certainly increase its strength. Because of this, the second target was naturally Zhao Hai.

The third bird was Lizzy. Although Lizzy was only a Princess and didn’t have a right of inheritance, she was the most favored offspring of the current emperor. If Lizzy suffers an accident, she would be shaming the entire Imperial Clan. With this, it would be impossible for her to obtain the affection of her father. This was equal to killing Lizzy, and after that, it would be impossible for Lizzie to help Charlie.

The fourth bird would be the Calci Family. Even if the Calci Family distanced themselves quite well. With Zhao Hai being involved in this mess, it would be impossible for them to not be implicated.

Charlie was quite talented in politics, that’s why he understood everything in a flash. He couldn’t help but turn to look at the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince’s usually does things without much enthusiasm. But when he made a move, the effects would be sky shattering.

Now Charlie understood why Terry and the Crown Prince came together. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be cooperating with this performance. When he looked at Jason, Charlie thought that he was surely not involved. Jason was standing amongst the crowd, and as soon as he heard Zhao Hai’s name being called out, his expression couldn’t help but sink. His expression didn’t fit with someone who was involved in the plan.

In the end, Charlie couldn’t do anything. He can only wish that Zhao Hai was doing well, that he wasn’t going according to the other party’s plan.

But Charlie also knew that the possibility of this happening was minimal. If the Crown Prince’s plan failed, then they wouldn’t be making such a huge commotion right now.

While Charlie was thinking about these, the Crown Prince already had the servant led them towards the room that Zhao Hai was in.

Although Zhao Hai was still sitting inside his room, he can still look at the situation through the monitor. He paid attention to everything that was happening. He also saw Lizzy’s figure following right behind the group, she currently had a smirk plastered on her face.

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, and then with a serious voice he said, “Cai’er, pay attention to those two servants. Do no make them escape, don’t make them commit suicide either. We need a potential informant, I must keep them to ask for their personal confession.” Cai’er nodded.

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