BTFTLIAW – Chapter 462

Chapter 462 – Hallucinogen

While Zhao Hai was confused, Cai’er gave another report. She said that the servant looked quite anxious, moreover he kept staring at the cup of tea on the table.

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at the cup on the table. After he arrived at the room, he didn’t receive any attacks, there weren’t any disturbances nor are there any other actions. The other party couldn’t just call him to the room and just do nothing, there should be something here, the only thing left was the cup of tea.

Zhao Hai lifted the cup and took a small sip. He want to see whether there was something strange with this cup of tea. He wanted to know if the tea was the method that the enemy has thought to deal with him.

When the liquid entered his mouth, a prompt from the Space was heard, “Relatively strong Hallucinogen detected. Can heavily affect a human body, may even cause memory loss afterwards. Extracting poison qualities, strengthening insecticide. Curing the host’s poison.”

Zhao Hai was shocked, he didn’t think that the servant would be giving him a cup of hallucination drugs. Although there was no specific description from the Space, he knew quite well that this was a cup also has some hint of aphrodisiac. And it seems like it had a strong potency.

Zhao Hai placed the cup down slowly. He really didn’t know why the other party would do this. Do they want to smear his image?

However, Zhao Hai wanted to see the entire play completely. He wanted to see how the opposite party would deal with him. Therefore, after he drank from the cup, he pretended to have a dizzy appearance. He kept shaking his head and then leaned on the wall after a moment, pretending to have fainted.

At this time, the servant appeared, he looked at Zhao Hai and pulled out a short sword from his body. He pointed it towards Zhao Hai’s leg, checking to see if Zhao Hai really fainted.

However, this servant didn’t use any Battle Qi. Although the clothes that Zhao Hai wore were from the Calci Family, he also used the armor that Laura gave him underneath. Naturally, ordinary attacks wouldn’t be able to pass through, halting the advance of the servant’s short sword.

Although it had been blocked by the armor, it was still very painful, even then, Zhao Hai still feigned unconscious. The servant was stunned, but he immediately knew that Zhao Hai must have worn protective clothing. He couldn’t help but whisper, “Attending a banquet while wearing protective armor, what a coward.” Then he shook Zhao Hai.

No matter how much he shook Zhao Hai, the body was still very unconscious. Seeing this the servant said, “He should be awake right now. Did he overdose?”

Zhao Hai already knew that the drugs that the other party used wasn’t a sleeping pill. However, the dose that was presented was indeed too much. Cai’er already calculated when he will wake up, she would certainly tell Zhao Hai when the time arrives.

While Zhao Hai was waiting, the servant carried Zhao Hai and walked for a while. At this time, Zhao Hai moved slightly and opened his dizzy eyes. He looked very unfocused, just like when someone sleepwalked. Additionally, his breathing was also very heavy while his face was red.

Naturally, these conditions were achieved thanks to Cai’er’s help. He wasn’t an actor, if he only depended on his own acting, he wouldn’t be able to achieve such an effect.

The servant looked at Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but whisper, “It seems like I put a bit more of the drug. This drug is really powerful. You’re lucky you even woke up.”

Then Zhao Hai reached in front of a room’s door, after which he was pushed in. Then the servant closed the door, making the people inside the room unable to see him.

Zhao Hai stared, but he knew that the servant must be listening outside. While pretending to still be under the effects of the drug, Zhao Hai quickly scanned the room.

It was a very ordinary guest room. At first glance, one could see that this was where Charlie assigned his guests who he didn’t deem that important. The room was divided into two parts, the bedroom and the small living room. While standing in the living room, one could see the bedroom, there was only a screen separating the two. Looking at the bedroom, Zhao Hai was certain that there was another person lying inside.

The person’s breath was very smooth, was probably already asleep. Zhao Hai understood a bit now, the other party wanted to lead him to this room after giving him the hallucinogen. And with the added aphrodisiac, they would wait until Zhao Hai does something to the person in the bedroom before coming in while he was doing the deed.

Now he understood why Terry stuck with him the entire time, he was afraid that Zhao Hai would do something out of his calculations. He also understood why Terry seemed happy when he was called over by the servant, it was actually because of this.

He can imagine that if he really was affected by the drug, after some time, Terry would bring Megan here to see the situation.

Thinking about this, Zhao Hai’s anger couldn’t help but flare up. The other person really wanted to ruin him. However, he was still curious. He was sure that the other person on the bedroom must have fainted. Otherwise, there was no way for the person to not wake up with how much ruckus he has made.

Zhao Hai was now curious about what sort of woman the other party prepared for him. If the woman’s quality was poor, then Zhao Hai was sure that Megan and the others would surely know that it has been faked with just a glance.

Thinking about this, Zhao Hai staggered towards the edge of the bed and looked into who was in it. The woman in the bed was still wearing her gown, and the bed’s blanket was arranged in such a way that only her eyes can be seen. What surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that the person lying on the bed was actually awake!

Zhao Hai was startled, he carefully looked at the eyes of the opposite party, her eyes clearly expressed a panicked expression. Even with that, she still lied there motionless.

Zhao Hai was able to confirm that the other party was indeed under medication as well. But the medicine given was different, it should be the Paralyzing Drug. The type of medicine that makes one’s body unable to move while still being conscious.

Zhao Hai really wished that he could immediately kill Terry right now. But he knew that this shouldn’t only be the idea of Terry alone, the Crown Prince certainly had a hand in it as well. Otherwise, the Crown Prince wouldn’t chat with Charlie privately right now.

Zhao Hai raised the blanket gently. But what Zhao Hai saw made him freeze, this was because the person on the bed was none other than Princess Lizzy!

Zhao Hai felt his scalp become numb. The hairs on his body were all standing up. He finally understood that the other party’s aim this time was not only him, but Charlie as well.

Consider this, if the other party’s plans were to be executed perfectly, having Charlie’s subordinate, one he placed extreme importance on, *** the princess, not only will Zhao Hai be ended, Charlie will be ended as well, including Princess Lizzy. One arrow, three birds, this move was really ruthless!

Princess Lizzy was panicking when she saw Zhao Hai. She was called over by a servant, telling her that Charlie has something to ask her. Lizzy didn’t doubt the servant and immediately followed him. Then the servant led her to a small living room while serving her a cup of tea. After giving her the tea, the servant told her to wait for Charlie since he still has to escort the Crown Prince.

Because Lizzy had drank some liquor at the banquet, she immediately took the cup and drank the tea. But she didn’t expect her body to become unresponsive, she felt as though her body didn’t belong to her anymore. She couldn’t even move a single finger, the only saving grace was the fact that she was still conscious.

Then the man brought her to the bed and covered him with the blanket. The man who held him wore black clothes, so she wasn’t able to recognize him.

When the person left, Lizzy became more and more frightened as time passed by. She didn’t know what would happen to her. While lying on the bed, she felt like minutes had turned into years.

All of a sudden, she could hear footsteps. Then a person entered the room, he entered the room and came into Lizzy’s sight. Surprisingly, the person was actually Zhao Hai.

But Lizzy also recognized the state that Zhao Hai was in. He looked very strange, his facial expression was not right, his face was also flushed. Lizzy knew that he had been drugged as well.

Lizzy was not stupid, she was the ninth princess. She knew that she had no chance of inheriting the throne, so she made sure to care less about the battle for succession.

However, among her several elder brothers, her relationship with Charlie was the best. When she saw Zhao Hai appearance, she instantly knew what was going on. But even if she has thought everything out, her heart still felt very uncomfortable, knowing that she had been used by her elder brother.

When Zhao Hai saw Lizzy, he also understood what was going on. He looked at Lizzy, and then he suddenly moved forward. He didn’t stop before he bumped into a screen. Then it became displaced, enough to cover the view towards the bedroom.

Seeing that the bedroom was now blocked, Zhao Hai’s appearance changed. He no longer had his intoxicated face. He went to Lizzy’s side and smiled faintly, he gave a bow before he whispered, “I’ve troubled her highness, please wait for a moment, I will immediately get you an antidote.” Then he waved his hand as a bottle appeared. Inside the bottle was a transparent liquid, he immediately guided Lizzy’s body to drink the antidote.

After feeding Lizzy some Spatial Water, Zhao Hai then told her in a low voice, “Princess, when the effects disappear, I must ask you to not shout. Don’t make any noise, cooperate with me in performing a play.”

Upon finishing the bottle, Zhao Hai put it away. Then he turned around and placed his hands over a piece of cloth. With a bit of effort, he tore the cloth and then pretended to breath heavily and with escalating intensity. He also made an effort to make the tearing of the cloth much louder.

While he tore a few cloths and breathed heavier and heavier, Zhao Hai also kept shaking the bed that Lizzy lied on. The bed issued a sound of being rocked up and down. At the same time, Zhao Hai also had Cai’er monitor the servant outside.

True enough, when the servant heard Zhao Hai’s noise, he gave a nod before walking away. Seeing that the servant has gone, Zhao Hai retrieved the cloths that he tore before looking at Lizzy and said, “Princess, please get up quickly, you must get away.”

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