BTFTLIAW – Chapter 459

Chapter 459 – Crown Prince Arrives

Charlie shook his head and said, “No, acting might not deceive those people. It might even draw away those who are determined to join my side. The gains might not justify the losses. What we need to do right now is to be united, and be low-key as well. Just like how Little Hai handles his strength. No matter who needs any help, we must help.” The group nodded.

Charlie turned to look at the sky and said, “Alright, let’s head out, those who ought to come should have arrived.”

Just as Charlie set out, footsteps were suddenly heard. The footsteps were urgent, but they weren’t heavy.

Charlie’s complexion couldn’t help but sink, he already told the servant to not allow anyone disturb them. Moreover, the servants outside were his trusted aides. He was very familiar with the footsteps of those people, Charlie knew that the one who came was surely not one of his people

Seeing Charlie’s expression, Zhao Hai knew that there was something wrong. He immediately stood up and took out his Magic Staff. When the group saw Zhao Hai’s action as well as Charlie’s complexion, they understood and also got ready to move.

Then, a voice came from outside, “Third Brother, Third Brother, you in? The guests have arrived, why did you suddenly disappear? Come out quickly.”

Hearing this sound, Charlie forced a smile and said to the group, “Well, no need to be anxious. It’s just my Ninth sister.”[1]

When Charlie said this, John couldn’t help but ask, “Ninth sister? Is your highness talking about Princess Lizzy?” Charlie nodded, then he smiled bitterly as he answered his sister, “Come in, sister.”

As soon as they heard Charlie, Zhao Hai and the others relaxed. Then the doors was swung open as the hem princess’ skirt appeared.

After he saw the princess, Zhao Hai’s first idea was that her posture was very good. This Princess Lizzy’s figure was fantastic, she was about 1.7m in height, but her poise can only be described as fiery. Zhao Hai can confidently say that Princess Lizzy has the best figure of a woman that he’s ever seen.

At the sight of Lizzy’s face, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but blink. She had big eyes, a thin and exquisite nose. Not too think, but still very sexy lips. She had wheat colored skin, smooth as though it has been oiled. Light brown and shallow eyebrows decorated her green eyes.

However, Zhao Hai staring wasn’t because of these, it was because this Princess Lizzy looked a bit  like a person Zhao Hai wasn’t familiar with, but can still recognize.

Keeley Hazell, a British model an actress. A woman who was both sexy and elegant, one of the world’s most recognizable women. Even Angelina wasn’t able to enter the top 100 sexiest women in the world, goes to show how gorgeous Keeley was.[2]

Charlie’s younger sister was actually called Lizzy, Ji Li, Lizzy, good. Although there was some difference in the name, her appearance wasn’t any different. This surprised him.

Zhao Hai more and more thought about how Ark Continent is related to Earth. Otherwise, how did the same beautiful women on Earth appear here?

Lizzy didn’t expect the room to have these much people, she stared. Zhao Hai and the others immediately bowed and said, “We’ve seen Princess Lizzy.”

Lizzy recovered, she immediately exhibited her princess-ly manners as she bends down slightly and then said, “At ease.”

Then the group stood straight. Charlie looked at Lizzy and said, “Younger Sister, why didn’t you wait for me in the hall? What made you come here?”

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and the others’ eyes and then pretended to have a desolate expression as she said, “The guests have already arrived, but you still haven’t shown yourself. So I came to take a look.”

Charlie nodded and then said, “Alright, we’ll be heading out. Little Hai, let’s go out and see.” Charlie calling Zhao Hai didn’t evoke any envy. First, Zhao Hai’s had overwhelming strength among those present. If they had Zhao Hai’s strength, then Charlie would appeal to them as well but unfortunately they did not. Second, Zhao Hai had a lot of good things on hand. Some of these goods might be useless to Charlie, but for those middle to low ranked nobles, they were a once-in-a-lifetime road to huge profit. They need something from Zhao Hai, so how could they be offended by this kind of thing. It can be said that in Charlie’s inner circle, aside from the Third Prince, Zhao Hai held the highest status.

Hearing Charlie specially addressing Zhao Hai, Lizzy couldn’t help but look at him. Zhao Hai’s name wasn’t new to Lizzy, she has also heard about what happened back at Purcell Duchy. She also knew about Megan’s engagement. It can be said that she and Megan were called the Twin Flowers of the Imperial Capital. Now, one of the flowers has gotten herself a man.

Also, Lizzy was clear, whether it be Charlie or Megan, those two had eyes as tall as their status, ordinary people simply wouldn’t enter their sights. But for this ordinary looking, average guy to receive the appreciation of the two meant that he wasn’t a simple person.

Lizzy didn’t stare at Zhao Hai for too long. She was a Princess, she has seen a lot of magnificent scenes. To her, she only held curiosity towards Zhao Hai. [3]

Charlie led the group to leave the room. At this time, Laura and the others were already waiting for them outside. Charlie took this chance to introduce Lizzy to Laura and others. Then Lizzy went to join Megan as Laura offered a gift.

Charlie didn’t manage them as he led Zhao Hai and the others to walk towards the front courtyard. They proceeded forward until they reached a very big hall.  This was mainly used as a place to receive various guests, but with a few changes here and there, it has been transformed into a grand hall.

As soon as Charlie and the others arrived outside the door, a servant in front immediately announced his arrival, “Prince Charlie has arrived!” Along with the echo of the voice, Charlie entered the hall.

Inside the hall were more than a hundred guests, fortunately this hall was big enough. If not, this hall might not have survived to this day.

The servants decorated the hall with water fountains that looked like a butterfly exhibition. In the middle of the hall were long rows of tables containing a variety of foods. There were also clean plates and utensils present, those who wanted to eat can just easily go and pick out something to eat.

There were also chairs on the sides of the hall for those who were too tired of standing. In the innermost area of the hall, an orchestra was continually playing gentle music.

When the people inside the hall saw Charlie came in, they immediately gave him a bow. Charlie also returned to courtesy as he greeted everyone inside. Zhao Hai wasn’t far away from him, he had the Space record each name and appearance of the people inside.

At this time, Laura and the others were dragged along by Lizzy towards the other ladies. The other women were talking with each other about, clothes, jewelry, as well as some gossip. Laura used to talk to people, so she was quite familiar with this scenario and naturally knew how to approach it.

Meg was also quite experienced. She grew up in the Buda Clan since childhood. In the past, the Clan also held frequent banquets. Therefore, Meg also knew how to deal with these women. There was nothing to say about Megan, she lived her whole life along these types of ladies, how could she not possibly know how to interact with them?

Zhao Hai paid attention to Charlie’s banquet. Charlie invited the noblemen but it seems like he didn’t do the same for the other princes. The only person from the Royal Clan aside from Charlie was Lizzy. From this point, one could see that Charlie’s relationship with his brothers aren’t that great.

At this time, the sound of a servant can be heard from the front door, “His Highness Crown Prince, Young Master Terry Robert, and Young Master Jason Crook has arrived.”[4]

When these three names were called out, the room seem to come into a halt. Almost everyone here knew that the relationship between the Crown Prince and the Third Prince wasn’t very good. Because of the succession battle, it was impossible for Charlie to invite the Crown Prince in this banquet. This made things very strange.

But what made it even more strange was the fact that Terry and Jason also came along with the Crown Prince. Terry was the Robert Family’s successor. The Robert Family wasn’t less than the Calci Family in terms of status. This was something everybody knew.

Jason Crook wasn’t a simple character either. The Crook Family was very famous in the continent, although they aren’t on the same status as the Calci and Robert Families, they still had a huge influence inside Rosen Empire.

For these two people to suddenly appear along with the Crown Prince to Charlie’s banquet, what did this mean? Does this mean that the Robert Family and the Crook Family has thrown their lot with the Crown Prince? The servant’s announcement of their arrival was still ringing on the minds of those present.

Zhao Hai slowly headed at Charlie’s side. Charlie was staring blankly right now. Zhao Hai arrived at Charlie’s side and whispered, “Your Highness.”

Charlie recovered, he turned to Zhao Hai and saw him nodding towards the door. Charlie immediately understood Zhao Hai, he gave Zhao Hai a grateful nod as he restored his calm state and walked towards the hall’s entrance with a face full of smiles.

Zhao Hai didn’t follow Charlie and just stood there. It took a short while before Charlie arrived at the front door to see three people walking in. In the front of the trio was a 40-year old middle aged man. He looked very much like Charlie, but he had a small beard that was handled very neatly. This made him look very imposing. One couldn’t help but admire how this man carried himself.

Behind him was Terry. There was another person beside him, he was very handsome and wore a decent Noble’s clothing. His figure wan’t very tall but he carried himself with prestige. Although he couldn’t steal spotlight away from the Crown Prince, people still took notice of him.

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