BTFTLIAW – Chapter 454

Chapter 454 – Two Types of Liquor

Gansu initially thought that since Zhao Hai was a child born of a Noble family, he would be unfamiliar with this set-up of drinking and eating side dishes, and would be uncomfortable while being with him. However, he didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would actually have a very happy expression, he chatted with him, drank some wine while munching on some food. Seeing how Zhao Hai was more comfortable than he was, Gansu’s impression of Zhao Hai cannot help but raise two points.

After drinking a glass of wine, Gansu said, “Little Hai, I can see that you’re a good kid. But I want to tell you that I’ve watched Little Megan grew up. Although this little girl is noble born, she is good natured, she’s pure as water. If you dare not treat Megan well, then even at the cost of my life, I will teach you a lesson.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Grandpa Gan, you’re thinking too much. I have a very good relationship with Megan, it would be impossible for me to not treat her well. Rest assured, Zhao Hai isn’t that bad of a person.”

After hearing Zhao Hai, Gansu nodded and said, “If something happens in the future, go have someone send me a letter. There are a few people in the Calci Family that I can’t handle, there are also a few people in Rosen Empire that would dare not give me face. Those fellows in the Family, you don’t need to care about them. If they give you trouble, I’ll take care of it.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, although he didn’t fear the Calci Family, he still didn’t want to fall out with them because of his relationship with Megan. Because of this, he was happy with what Gansu said.

Gansu looked at Zhao Hai and seemed more satisfied. He smiled and said, “Little Hai, you’re a talented fellow, you’re future won’t be small. But do remember to not forget about your grandfather when you get some good stuff. Your Grandpa Gan doesn’t have any other hobby other than drinking. Your Milk Wine is very good, if you have any other nice liquors, do remember to give some to me.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect Gansu to ask for nothing else other than some nice wines. This surprised him, he admired this old man in front of him. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and with a wave of his hand, two bottles of liquor appeared. One bottle was black beer, while the other was good rice wine.

These two bottles weren’t fermented by Zhao Hai’s group, but were instead produced by the Multipurpose Processing Machine. Of course, Zhao Hai didn’t plan to produce his liquor through the processing machine. He only had the machine produce the liquor so that the people researching them could have a reference. After countless experiments and finally producing the liquor, these two bottles were the only ones that remained.

Gansu looked at Zhao Ha’s two bottles. The bottles were transparent, so he can see the color of its contents. One of them was transparent while the other was black, which made him very confused.

Zhao Hai opened the black bottle first. Naturally, this black liquid was black beer. The beer’s foam was very rich. Zhao Hai intentionally got a big glass, filling half of it with beer while the other half was filled with foam.

Zhao Hai raised the glass to Gansu and smiled, “Grandpa Gan, have a taste, this is a new liquor that I’ve been researching. But this one doesn’t have any means of mass production right now, this bottle is from the most successful batch.”

Gansu looked at the half-filled glass. He smelled it and got a mild smell from it, but despite this, he couldn’t help but be more curious. He took a small sip and tried to taste it, only to find out that he only drank the foam. Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Grandpa Gan, this liquor isn’t too strong. Just drink the entire glass so that you can taste it.”

Gansu didn’t blame Zhao Hai, instead he followed his instruction and downed the glass in one go. He couldn’t help but stare before his eyes lit up, “Good liquor, fantastic! The taste of this liquor isn’t very strong. It has a different kind of taste, but it isn’t something I’m used to.”

Zhao Hai looked at Gansu, he knew that the old man liked strong liquor. He didn’t say anything and just handed Ganus a cup of rice wine.

Rice wine was divided into many types, rice wine produced by peasants were generally not distilled. Because of this, the liquor wasn’t very strong, even children can take one or two cups of it.

But those produced by most farmers have been distilled, giving the liquor quite the strength. Although it was slightly sweet and does not go to one’s head, it was still strong. What Zhao Hai took out was the latter type, a fierce rice wine, which was also something that a northerner like Zhao Hai liked.

Because the weather in northern parts of China were generally cold, people liked to drink strong liquor. Because commercial rice wine aren’t very strong, families in the north decided to brew their own liquors in their backyards. They didn’t like drinking those weak liquor, even drinking a jin of it would still make them unhappy. Northerners want to drink strong liquor, something over 40 degrees and along the lines of 60. Let along one jin, an average person would get drunk in just half a glass. Even if you’re quite an experienced drinker, you would still feel tipsy.

The rice wine that Zhao Hai took out was over 40 degrees. For those in the north, it was still considered to be on the low side. Adding on to its sweet taste, people who drink it wouldn’t get hit that hard by its intensity.

Gansu looked at the cup, he lifted it up and smelled it. This wasn’t Milk Wine, it didn’t have that milky fragrance. Instead, this rice wine had the smell of regular wine.

After smelling the liquor, Gansu tasted it, then his eyes turned bright, he immediately downed the entire cup and swirled the liquid inside his mouth. He wrinkled his brows, the strength of this wine was higher than Milk Wine, a liquor known for how strong it was.

After savoring the alcohol, Gansu laughed and said, “Nice Wine! This is really nice wine, Little Hai, If you have any more of this liquor, you must leave some here for me.”

Zhao Hai gave a forced smile and said, “We still didn’t have any way to mass produce this liquor right now, we only have this bottle left. I’ll leave this bottle to you, when we find a way to make a lot of them, I’ll go and send you a batch.”

When Gansu heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Good, I’ll wait for your delivery. Come, come, this bottle still has some left in it, today we drink.”

Seeing how the other person was very enthusiastic, Zhao Hai didn’t decline. He and Gansu continued to eat some side dishes while drinking liquor. Before long, the bottom of the bottle can be seen. With Zhao Hai’s current capacity, he was now feeling dizzy. He stopped drinking and said his goodbyes before returning to Rustling Tree Courtyard.

Zhao Hai immediately drank some Spatial Water upon arriving at the courtyard. To be honest, even if the liquor that he drank was very simple, it was the most enjoyable drink that he had in a long time.

Blockhead and Rockhead were present, Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Tomorrow we’ll go to the city and buy some things and have them delivered to Iron Mountain Fort. No matter what, we have over 1000 people in the fort, this God’s Grace Day, we need to help them celebrate.”

Blockhead and Rockhead nodded, then Zhao Hai said, “When you go back to the fort tomorrow, you don’t need to return here. The place should be very busy, you two can go help Grandpa Green and the others. Although the Beastmen doesn’t celebrate God’s Grace Day, they are still in human territory, let’s make them experience our festivities.”

Blockhead and Rockhead nodded again, these more than 1000 people can be considered to be part of the Buda Clan. Naturally, they would treat them properly.

After some time, Megan and the others came back. When she saw Zhao Hai, Megan cannot help but smile and said, “Big Brother Hai, I didn’t you we’re very strong. I just saw Grandpa Gan earlier with a reddened face. There is no way that his capacity for liquor is that low, what type of wine did you drink with him?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “No need to tell me that, you’re Grandpa Gan’s alcohol capacity isn’t a joke. I almost couldn’t head back here, I only managed to feel well after drinking some Spatial water.”

Megan also knew that the Spatial Water can sober one up. When she heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but chuckle. Zhao Hai didn’t care about it as he looked at the skies and said, “The sky has already turned black, I’ve been drinking with Grandpa Gan all this time. Wouldn’t your family be looking for us? I didn’t do anything else today other than eat.”

Megan and Laura smiled, then Megan replied, “It’s alright, I already had Grandpa tell Mother and Father to not prepare any meals today.”

Zhao Hai nodded then he said, “That’s great. I’m quite tired as well, I’ll go back to the Space and rest for a while. You go play outside and when you’re done, you can just talk to Cai’er if you want to go to the Space.” Then his body flashed and entered the Space.

Laura turned her head to Megan and smiled, “It looks like Brother Hai is really very exhausted. Megan, we’ll go to the city tomorrow to buy stuff. Iron Mountain Fort will also be celebrating the new year. We must prepare something for them.”

Blockhead smiled, “Miss Laura can feel relieved, the young master already told us that we’ll buy some items for the fort tomorrow. Then I will go back there to help along with Rockhead.”

Laura nodded, “It looks like Elder Brother Hai already thought of this. Right now, Iron Mountain Fort doesn’t need to worry about food and water. I think it would be good if we get some things that aren’t produced there.”

Megan nodded, “Right, we’ll go to the eastern market tomorrow. The eastern market sells rare goods. We can go there and take a look at the various goods used in the continent. I’m thinking of buying some things for the people of Iron Mountain Fort. This is the first year that our Buda Clan reappeared on the continent, we must make this celebration lively.”

Laura looked at Megan and smiled, “Little Megan is quite good, now starting to say ‘our’ Buda Clan. It seems like she’s very impatient to marry Brother Hai.”

When Megan heard Laura, her face couldn’t help but redden, she turned to Laura and said, “Why are you saying that to me? You’ve been with Big Brother Hai for longer, aren’t you more impatient than me?”

Laura’s face also turned red, she turned to the sneering Meg and couldn’t help but tease, “I can’t compare to Sister Meg, she has been following Brother Hai since they were children, she must be the most impatient among us.”

Then Meg’s face turned red, she looked at the other two and said, “Hmph, I’ve been with the young master since I was a child. I’ve already become quite used to waiting. Right, how about I tell Grandfather and Grandmother to delay the wedding by two years.”

Laura and Megan immediately threw themselves to her, playfully beating her while saying, “You dare!” The group became jolly as Rockhead and Blocked slowly retreated with a smile on their faces.


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