BTFTLIAW – Chapter 446

Chapter 446 – Pure Iron Armor

Mu’en quickly replied, “Prepared, rest assured. How about the Young Lady, are you prepared for the holidays?”

Laura smiled, “We’ve already prepared well. We’ll be accompanying Megan along with the Calci Family in God’s Grace Day. Of course, we’ll also go to Divine Grace Fort.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Well, let’s not talk about these anymore. I’ll leave you some marine products for your family to enjoy for God’s Grace Day. If I find out that you sold them as well, then I will be angry.”

Mu’en understood Zhao Hai, he faintly smiled and said, “Young Master can feel relieved, I’ll promise to not sell them. Don’t worry.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Laura and then to Mue’n, “We’re going to see Trezebo. Then we’ll be heading for the capital. We won’t be going back here for a while. If anything happens, send a message through the Blood Hawk.”

Mu’en nodded, “Alright, Young Master can feel relieved, If anything happens, I will immediately send you a message.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’ll leave you ten thousand undead, but don’t reveal them as much as possible. The troubles wouldn’t be small if people find out.”

Mu’en nodded, then exchanged some words with Zhao Hai. After that, Zhao Hai led Laura and the others to the City Lord’s Mansion. There were also a lot of people outside the mansion. Carriages came and went one after another. They looked like they contained gifts. The line was very long.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly. For him, it seems very intriguing. He can remember back on Earth that if an officer blatantly gives a gift, they might not get killed, but the next day they would certainly be dismissed. But in Ark Continent, they would give their gifts personally and also the most noticeable manner as possible.

When the people saw Zhao Hai, some of them immediately went over and gave him greetings. Zhao Hai also smiled and chatted with those people before he headed to the City Lord’s Mansion.

Once Zhao Hai passed by, a man beside one who greeted him asked, “Old Friend, who was that person? Why do I see that you’re more respectful to him than you did with the City Lord?” There were also people around them who didn’t know about Zhao Hai. When the person heard the question, he laughed, those who didn’t know Zhao Hai just stayed quiet.

The man scolded the person who asked and smiled with disdain, “Of course you don’t know, you don’t have any qualifications to do so. Let me tell you why I gave him more respect than the City Lord. It is because he’s a member of the Buda Clan, his name is Zhao Hai, the patriarch of the Buda Clan. He’s also very favored by the Third Prince Charlie. With his undead, he managed to kill 200 thousand soldiers as well as six 9th rank level experts. Now you ask me why such a person deserve such respect?”[1]

When the person asking heard the man, he froze, with a shocked face he said, “That was Zhao Hai? I heard that he’s been called the most powerful Dark Mage in the battlefield. I didn’t think that he would be so young. That man has several women on his side, was one of them Megan?”

Those around them who didn’t know about Zhao Hai were shocked as well. They knew about Zhao Hai’s present status on the continent. Their status among nobles weren’t very high, but they were still well-informed. Naturally, the news that they received were exaggerated. Instead of killing 100 thousand people, they heard that Zhao Hai killed 200 thousand. And instead of killing four 9th ranks and two Divergent Ability Users, they heard that he killed six 9th ranks.

Although this was the case, they still managed to grasp Zhao Hai’s standing in the continent was higher than them. This was why they were very surprised when they knew that it was Zhao Hai who just passed by.

ZHao Hai didn’t know about any of these. When he arrived at the main entrance of the City Lord’s Mansion, Trezebo came out. The City Lord didn’t care about those in front and immediately went to Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, you came back, I didn’t think you’d come this time.”

Zhao Hai stared at Trezebo’s manner. To others, this seems to be nothing, but this showed Trezebo’s wisdom. First, it was said to make their relationship closer and the second was to gauge Zhao Hai’s reaction.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Why wouldn’t I come, isn’t it going to be the holidays? I’m going to visit Megan’s home and then stop by to see His Highness.”

When Trezebo heard Zhao Hai, a flash of happiness was seen on his eyes. Then he immediately replied, “Alright, come in quickly.” After he brought Zhao Hai inside the living room, Trezebo gave out a few crystal cards to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, this are your share of the profits from the first batch of marine products. You can tell me if you’re unsatisfied. Do you want to see the account books?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “No need to read the books, there’s no reason to deceive me over some small money because I may not cooperate with you later. Right, in the future, you can hand these money over to Mu’en, no need to wait for me.”

Trezebo smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll give the money to Mu’en in later transactions. You can just ask him to look at the books.”

Zhao Hai nodded and smiled, “I’m here to see you during the holidays and give you some seafood. These things are what I recently obtained. These are the finest seafood, don’t give them to His Majesty, they’re yours. I already have some for myself as well as His Highness.”

Trezebo smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll accept it. Right, there’s also something I need to give you.” Then he went back and before long he came out while bringing a set of clothes.

The garments looked very ordinary, just like something that a Noble would wear. Not like the kind of traditional noble clothes and was instead quite casual. It was something that would make one at ease when worn.

Trezebo gave the clothes to Zhao Hai and said, “This was something good I acquired before. I heard that Dwarves made it. Don’t underestimate clothes made by dwarves, they’re known to be very good. This was made of some light metal, it has good defensive strength as well as magical resistance. There are only a few of them on the continent. When I obtained this, I intended to give it to his highness, but now I’ll give it to you instead.”

Zhao Hai stared, then Laura’s alarmed voice said, “Pure Iron Robe! This is Pure Iron Robe!”

Zhao Hai didn’t understand, he turned to Laura and said, “Pure Iron Robe? What is Pure Iron Robe?”

Laura looked at the clothes and said, “The given name of this item is the Pure Iron Robe. There were initially five of them made by the Dwarves. Right now, there are only three of them left, two were destroyed. And it were 9th rank experts who destroyed the two. This weaved iron garment is a treasure even to the Dwarves. I heard that the Dwarves had one while another on is in the hands of the Radiant Church, perhaps the Pope. I didn’t expect the last one to be here.”

Trezebo apparently didn’t know as much as Laura, he turned to look at her and said, “Miss Laura, I actually don’t know what’s special about this robe.”

Laura nodded, “This iron robe was made from a kind of metal that Dwarves rarely used. This item isn’t just as tough as iron, it also has formidable defensive power. The most important thing about this was that it can actually cleanse the body, expelling dirt that attaches to it. It is a rare treasure that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Another great thing about this was that it was made from something called Pure Iron, some people call it Mother Iron.”

Zhao Hai and the others were still confused as the looked at Laura. Seeing their expressions Laura knew that further explanation was needed, “Mother Iron was a rare ore used by the Dwarven Race. When this metal is surrounded by stone, the stones would turn to iron. The Dwarves researched this metal for a long time. At first what they got was poisonous iron. So they made their Mother Irons into weapons, but they soon found out that the weapons were very light, the metal wasn’t easily melted either. In the end, they stopped making weapons out of it and stored the made weapons away. Even the iron that the Mother Irons produced were kept away.”

Laura stopped for a while. Zhao Hai and the others still didn’t understand. According to Laura’s description, then the material wouldn’t be susceptible to be a dress, right?

Laura looked at the others and then added, “But afterward, a talented Dwarf appeared and found a method to remove the toxicity of the Mother Iron. Now, the Mother Iron cannot infect its surroundings and was turned into a normal metal. But the dwarves called this metal Pure Iron, it meant that it was the purest form that iron can be. The more Dwarves found it difficult to process a metal, the better metal it was, and the more they wanted to turn it into useful things. The Mother Iron has already been turned to weapons, so they already know how to do that. And also, after many years of research, they finally found another method of processing it. They would let a Metal Silkworm eat the Mother Iron and then process the silk produced after into cloth. Afterwards, they finally were able to make this Pure Iron Armor.”

Zhao Hai and the others knew that this Metal Silkworm aren’t one of the very famous Magic Beasts in the continent. They have a very mild temper, and never attacked people since they had no means of attack. But their defensive capabilities are very strong. Their diet solely focuses on metals. No matter what kind of metal they eat, they can digest it, which was the main reason for their great defensive abilities. Even an average 9th rank expert would find it hard to take them away. Also, if they eat a certain metal, they would produce silk of the same type. If you let it eat gold, it would produce heaps more. It somehow produces more than what it ate.

They didn’t think that the method to produce this robe was actually like this. This was really not so simple, Trezebo regretted slightly, he didn’t expect this garment to be very precious. If he knew this information beforehand, he wouldn’t have given it to Zhao Hai but to Charlie instead.

When Zhao Hai saw Trezebo’s expression,  he smiled faintly and handed the Pure Iron Armor back in Trezebo’s hand and said, “Trezebo, I don’t want these, you should give it to His Highness. This is too precious, if His Highness knew that you gave such a thing away to anyone else, then he wouldn’t’ feel so good. It’s fine, its not something I want anyway.”

Trezebo gave Zhao Hai a grate ful look and said, “I’ve been unfair to Little Hai. I really didn’t know that this would be that precious. You should understand my difficulties.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Of course I understand, here take it. Right, make sure to tell nobody about this, or else people might steal it.”

When Trezebo heard Zhao Hai, his expression couldn’t help but change. With clenched teeth, he handed the Pure Iron Armor to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I’ll leave these clothes to you. When you arrive at Carson City, please give it to His Highness in my behalf”

Zhao Hai smiled, “No need to be polite. Rest assured, I will hand it ot His Highness personally. I wouldn’t dare covet this item.”

Trezebo laughed, “You’re mocking me. Hahaha. Right, since I didn’t get to gift you something, please stay for a meal and some drinks. We’ll drink since you’re leaving tomorrow. Are you able to make it on time?”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Able? Of course. Let’s go and drink.”

At this point, Zhao Hai was naturally happy. This was because when he received the Pure Iron Robe into the Space, a prompt was heard, “Unusual Radioactive Material detected. May affect environment, can transform surroundings into metal. Has Metal element Origin energy. Metallic ore output of Space increased. Space upgraded to level 48.”

This prompt made Zhao Hai incomparably happy. He really didn’t think that this Pure Iron Armor would still have it s original ability from the Mother Iron, but just reduced. People didn’t detect it, but the Space surely did. As long as it still held its ability, it didn’t matter how strong it was, it can still upgrade the Space and use it to strengthen themselves.

Now that the Space had obtained a new ability, Zhao Hai was happy. He believed that the Pure Iron and Mother Iron in the Space would get more and more. As long as he obtains them, he can make as many Pure Iron Armor as he can. Therefore, he really didn’t think about this Pure Iron Robe that Trezebo had.

Laura and the others didn’t know about these. But they weren’t very greedy. For them, the Space was the most important thing. A robe like this wasn’t very special.

On the other hand, Trezebo really commended Zhao Hai in his mind for being not greedy regarding items that weren’t his. He now thought that even if a pile of gold was placed in front of Zhao Hai, the young man wouldn’t even bat an eye. This was the type of person that one wanted to be friends with. Trezebo was very honored to know such a person.


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