BTFTLIAW – Chapter 444

Chapter 444 – Running Water

Megan looked at Randolph and snorted, “If it really wasn’t important for our Calci Family, then I wouldn’t be telling you. Grandpa, I know that the family has a lot of factories. But I can say that the output of any of our factory wouldn’t hold up to one of Brother Hai’s. Producing the same product, even if Brother Hai’s factory had 100 people, it can still beat the output of our Calci Family’s factory with 300 people. It’s output wouldn’t be able to beat Brother Hai’s factory.”

When Randolph heard Megan, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he immediately understood what Megan was getting at. With a straight face, he said, “Little Megan, do you mean to say that Little Hai has a way to increase production? And that you know about this method?”

Megan looked at Randolph, and with a proud expression, she said, “I know Brother Hai’s method. Hehe, I must say that Elder Brother Hai is really intelligent. We haven’t thought of this method.”

Randolph looked at Megan and said, “What method? Megan, tell me quickly, you know how much Grandpa gets anxious.”

Megan smiled and said, “Elder Brother Hai called it the Assembly Line Production. Let’s take our family’s ceramic factory as an example. Right now, if a potter wants to make a piece of ceramic, the time it takes from taking the soil to making the ceramic would take several days. But Grandpa have you ever thought about it? How about we divide the acquisition of the soil, separating the clay, making blanks ceramics, and then the drawing of the flowers into their own separate tasks. Someone would dig the soil, then pass it over to the one who separates the clay, then to another worker who will make the blanks, and lastly onto the person who will draw the designs. This way, the work would flow smoothly from worker to worker like running water. With this, their degree of efficiency would be increased.”

Randolph and Smith were smart people, so they immediately understood Megan’s words. They still need to try it, but they already imagined that this would be possible.

Randolph became excited as he stood up and repeatedly praised, “Good, fantastic, this is fantastic. Right, right, what Megan said could really increase the output of our ceramics. Hahaha. Little Megan, you really didn’t lie, this will really affect the future of our Calci Family.”

But suddenly, Randolph stopped, he turned to look at Megan and said, “Megan, did Little Hai agree to tell us about this matter? If he didn’t, then this would affect your future relationship. You must know that this matter isn’t something that could just be spread around.”

Megan smiled and said, “Be relieved, Elder Brother Hai agreed.”

Randolph gave a satisfied nod and smiled, “Does Little Hai really have factories? Who mans those factories?”

Megan smiled, “Some human slaves, he also brought over some slaves from the Beastman Prairie. Currently, there are over 1000 slaves working in his factories.”

Randolph nodded, he didn’t ask about the Buda Clan’s location, he knew that they couldn’t be inside the Black Wasteland, that place was already a forbidden place in the continent. Zhao Hai’s home must have been in a secret place, and Zhao Hai would surely refrain from revealing it.

Seeing Randolph not asking about the Buda Clan’s location, Megan relaxed, then she said, “Grandpa, Elder Brother Hai said that the Buda Clan’s present location is a secret. He said that I cannot tell you for now, please don’t get angry.”

Randolph looked at Megan and smiled, “What? Just because he tells you not to tell Grandpa, then you won’t tell Grandpa?”

Megan strenly replied, “Grandfather, Elder Brother hai trusted me, so how can I be unfair to him. Therefore, I will not tell you, I would have to be unfair to Grandpa.”

Randolph laughs and patted Megan’s head, “Silly thing, how can Grandfather get angry, this is something you decided to do. Little Hai has no obligation to tell the Calci Family about his clan’s location. You are now engaged to Zhao Hai, him trusting you is a blessing.You are now a member of his Buda Clan. Naturally, you would be anxious for them, Grandpa wouldn’t be angry because of this.”

Megan held Randolph’s gentle hand, her eyes were red and she didn’t speak nor made any noise. Then after a moment, she said to Randolph in a soft voice. “Grandpa, Elder Brother Hai trusted me, he also treated me very well, just like how he treats Sister Laura and Sister Meg. Meg grew up with Brother Hai since she was little, so Brother Hai was her heaven. Laura gave up all of her property and had her family members transfer to Brother Hai’s domain. It was no question that Brother Hai trusts them very much. But I belong to a Great Clan who stood among the top of the continent. For Brother Hai to trust me despite this fact is really huge to me. So I cannot tell Grandpa about their location. But I can say that Brother Hai’s strength is leagues higher than what you imagine. You must know that what Elder Brother Hai showed at this point was but a small part of his strength. I hope that the Calci Family wouldn’t get in conflict with the Buda Clan, because I’m very sure that the one who will suffer in the end would be the Calci Family.”

Randolph stared with a surprised expression at Megan, “Megan, are you sure? Is Little Hai really that strong? You should know that the Calci Family didn’t just have one or two 9th ranks, does he really have the strength to make our family suffer a loss?”

Megan smiled bitterly, Randolph will never think that Zhao Hai would possess a thing such as the Space. With only his 800 thousand 8th rank undead army, not to say the Calci Family, even the Rosen Empire would find it hard to stop him. And adding his close to 40 9th rank experts, let alone making the Calci Family suffer, Zhao Hai could completely exterminate it without a sweat.

Randolph looked at Megan’s expression and didn’t need her to say anything before he understood. He just nodded and said, “Alright, be relieved, Grandfather knows what to do. Right, Megan, will you come with me to Carson City tomorrow or will you join Zhao Hai to Jade Water City?”

Megan smiled, “I’ll go to Jade Water City to take a look. Brother Hai also has a shop there, he wants to check it out. The Manager is Sister Laura’s subordinate. And because of the previous urgent matter, Brother Hai had to delegate a task over to him. This time, Brother Hai wants to see how it is doing.”

Randolph nodded, “Alright, you can go with Little Hai since he’ll also be heading to the capital. Oh, I really hope that things go wrong. This way, the marine products would go our way, those bring huge profits, what a pity.”

Megan smiled and said, “Don’t worry Grandpa, we’ll have our share of those marine products in the future. It’s just that the supply is quite low, there was no way for us to get some.”

Randolph smiled, “Little Hai really does have an innate skill for business. He already has Laura on his side, but it seems like the Buda Clan is having quite some difficulties in other aspects. No wonder little Megan wanted to learn so much about business, hahaha.”

Megan became embarrassed as her face turned red, “Grandpa, don’t talk nonsense. The Clan is doing very well. You didn’t know what they were in the past, but they are much stronger now. There was also Elder Brother Hai’s battles, he was really amazing.

Randolph smiled and said, “Come on, no need to touch up your Elder Brother Hai’s face. Haha. Alright, you’ve been working hard these days, go and take a rest. Didn’t Little Hai say that he would head to Jade Water City tomorrow? Go get some sleep so that you can wake up on time.”

Megan nodded, and said her goodbyes with a smile, “Alright Grandpa, then I would be taking my rest.” The she stood up and went back to her own room.”

After Megan left, Randolph turned his head to Smith and said, “Smith, do you think that what Megan said was true?”

Smith forced a smile and said, “I’m afraid it is true. Even if that girl had her heart taken by Zhao Hai, she still wouldn’t joke around when it comes to our Calci Family. It seems like there are still many cards that Little Hai didn’t reveal, this youngster isn’t very simple.”

Randolph nodded, “The most terrifying thing is the intelligence of this kid. He may have thought that people would come to find his place so he didn’t say anything and just let those people go to the Black Wasteland. I already heard that the poisonous fog there has already reached the same level as the Carrion Swamp. Those who came in didn’t manage to return. I heard that the Purcell Family’s Buffy went to the Carrion Swamp and hasn’t been heard from since. It is clear that he had met an unfortunate fate. Those Great Clans that sent people to the Black Wasteland in order to find Little Hai would surely find nothing while losing their people. It was clear that the young man has led them there.”

This thought wasn’t unique to Randolph, in fact, most of the people on the continent believed that Zhao Hai cannot be inside the Black Wasteland. His current action was only meant to distract the Great Clans from finding his true location.

This idea wasn’t strange, after all the Carrion Swamp’s poison mist already filled the entirety of the Black Wasteland. For the neighboring territory of the Carrion Swamp to be invaded by this mist wasn’t a huge mystery. It was also known to everyone how lethal the Seven-colored poison mist was. For Zhao Hai to set up his home right inside that hazard was something that the people found to be absurd.

However, they clearly forgot about another thing about Zhao Hai. They forgot to recognize that the Water of Nothingness was in itself, a poison. If Zhao Hai managed to find a way to cure this poison, then there would be no reason for him to be unable to solve the Seven-colored poisonous mist.

Currently, the people of the continent cannot associate the Water of Nothingness and the Seven-colored poisonous mist together. For them the Water of Nothingness was something they see as great, while they see the Seven-colored mist as dreadful. Therefore, there was no way for them to connect the two together.

Randolph also shared that thought, in his mind, Zhao Hai must have known that the poison mist of the Carrion Swamp was going to engulf the Black Wasteland. So he left the place and found a secret location. He settled there and got the support of a powerful hidden power, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to reach his current height.

But because Zhao Hai didn’t want anybody to know about his present location, he didn’t divulge the fact that he left the Black Wasteland. This gave the people the illusion that his clan was still inside.


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