BTFTLIAW – Chapter 443

Chapter 443 – Important Matter

Randolph didn’t want to offend Charlie not because he was afraid of the Third Prince. It was just that he didn’t want to offend Charlie right now. The struggle for the throne was still going on. Randolph didn’t want to support any of the Princes as well as offend any of them. This was a matter that Randolph didn’t want to get involved in.

Zhao Hai didn’t tell Randolph about the beer and rice wine. This was because they still hadn’t made a method to mass produce them, also, Zhao Hai didn’t want to reveal them too soon.

The beer and the rice wine was a unique product in this continent. Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on cooperating with another person, he already has Charlie and the Calci Family.

Zhao Hai turned to Randolph and said, “Grandpa Randolph, does me supporting the Third Prince have any effect on you? If I stop supporting him now, then I would be offending him. This wouldn’t be good for us.”

Randolph nodded and said, “It won’t affect us. You cooperating with Charlie wouldn’t have a great impact to the Calci Family, rest assured. In fact, in the continent, Great Clans also participate in succession battles, however, they do it indirectly. This way, if they fail, there won’t be any repercussions. But if they succeed, the benefits they get would be substantial. When you joined the Third Prince’s side, you and our family were still enemies. We only reconciled after you got engaged to Megan. You supporting the Prince before that was already known by the people. This would assure that the Calci Family wouldn’t be affected.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “But even if doesn’t affect you, I’m still engaged to Megan in the end. From here on out, I need to consider the Calci Family in my decisions. This time, I revealed our Buda Clan because I wanted to show the continent what kind of clan Megan is getting wed to. I want them to know that that I have the strength to do so. I don’t want Megan to be made into a joke.”

Megan sat beside Randolph, when she heard Zhao Hai, her eyes couldn’t help but redden. She didn’t think that Zhao Hai also had that reason.

Randolph nodded, “Very good, Little Hai, you did very good. Megan didn’t make a mistake. You will certainly be a one of my Calci Family in the future. Right, no need to eat at another place, I’ve already prepared a meal for you. Let me show you my hospitality.”

After eating their meal, Zhao Hai and the others rested inside Sweet Plum Courtyard while Megan returned to her own place. She actually wanted to stay in Sweet Plum Courtyard, however, the madam asked her to stay with them. She had no other choice but to comply.

When Zhao Hai arrived at Sweet Plum Courtyard, he immediately went to the Space along with Laura and the others. More recently, they have been staying in the Space more. If they don’t have any special thing to do, then they would stay inside the Space.

When the madam and Megan arrived at her room and sat down, the madam looked at Megan and said, “Megan, how was this time’s journey with Zhao Hai? Were you in danger during the battle?”

Megan shook her head and said, “No, mother, how could I possibly be in danger? I didn’t even get to go somewhere, we’ve just stayed inside a safe area inside Casa City. I didn’t even get to see the battlefield.”

The madam nodded and then asked more, “Did four 9th ranks really attack Casa City? Are there two Divergent Ability users present as well?”

Megan nodded, “Yes, four 9th rank experts, one Light Mage, three Warriors. The other two were Divergent Ability Users and should be quite famous in the continent. I asked Elder Brother Hai and he said that the two of them were known as the Wealthy Twin Stars. Did you hear about them, mother?”

The madam stared, then she nodded, “I did. These two were Metal element Divergent Ability Users. They’re highly skilled. Moreover, they hadn’t been caught even after several years.”

Megan nodded, “I also heard about that from Elder Brother Hai. But those two people were already turned into Advanced Level Undead. Brother Hai also said that those two should have accumulated a lot of coins. If we get to have them, then we shall acquire quite a fortune.”

The madam smiled, “Little Hai really knows how to get money. Indeed, it would be quite a fortune. Those two have been desperately acquiring money all these years. And they only want gold coins, nothing else. This time. Little Hai would surely get a lot of gold coins.”

Megan smiled and said, “But we haven’t gotten it yet. These days we had a lot of things to take care of after the war. It hasn’t been very easy.”

The madam looked at Megan’s face and smiled, “Really? Right, Little Hai’s marine products, did he really acquire them himself? Where does he get them?”

Megan already thought about the excuse along with Zhao Hai. So when the madam asked her a question, Megan immediately replied, “Naturally, there’s no use in deceiving people. He got those items from the area around Ape Island. There were almost no people there, so there are a lot of good products to be harvested. But for the magic beasts, Brother Hai didn’t want to get a lot of them. He didn’t want to have the area be like the coastlines, where there aren’t any good items left.”

The madam nodded then asked Megan, “Where did you go after the sea? Did you go to the Buda Clan’s place? Where is it?”

Megan looked at the madam and said, “We did go to the Buda Clan’s place, but mother, I cannot tell you the location right now. Brother Hai trusted me and told me that I can’t reveal the location of the Buda Clan. So I cannot tell anyone, so please don’t ask.”

While looking at Megan, the madam couldn’t help but sigh. She knew that it would be like this. She understood Megan’s character, if the didn’t want to open her mouth, then there was no use in further asking.

The madam sighed and said, “Alright, I won’t ask anymore. Has Zhao Hai been kind to you these past few days? Was he good to you? Are you treated the same as Laura?”

Megan smiled and said, “Elder Brother Hai has been good to me, and he treats me the same as Sister Laura. We are usually very free, and when we do, we always spend time and talk together. Brother Hai said there’s still a lot that they could do in the sea. I also want to contribute to the family, so I also find things that we can cooperate with. Right, since we talked about this, I remembered something that I have to tell Grandpa.” Then she got up and left.

When the madam looked at her daughter leaving, she pulled her over and said, “What happened? Why do you have to talk to your Grandfather? Can you tell me?”

Megan smiled, “Telling this to you would be no good, it would be useless, you can’t do anything with it. Only Grandfather can find this useful, come, mother, let’s go quickly.” Said Megan as she pulled her mother and walked out the room.

Randolph and Smith were in the study, they still didn’t go rest. In truth, when they met Zhao Hai today, they were quite happy. Not only did Zhao Hai’s attitude toward them remain unchanged, but also because of his attitude towards Megan.

Zhao Hai’s manner towards Megan was very good, he looks after Megan very well. This was what they always wanted to see. If Zhao Hai’s feelings towards Megan were very good, then their princess would have a good home to return to. And with Zhao Hai’s good relationship with Megan, this also meant that he would be closer to the Calci Family and will give them enough face. This was definitely a good thing for the family.

Now, all the large forces in the continent knew that Zhao Hai’s strength wasn’t that much less from an established noble clan. He was even stronger than old nobles like the Purcell Family. The only weak point to the Buda Clan were their connections.

But Zhao Hai’s personal connections cannot be said to be weak. His relationship with the Purcell Family was quite substantial. The Purcell Family wasn’t among the oldest nobles, but their connections to the continent cannot be underestimated. Now that Zhao Hai had helped them deal with their recent matter, they would certainly give him help. This wasn’t a small matter for Zhao Hai.

Moreover, Zhao Hai was also the Calci Family’s son-in-law. If Zhao Hai needs something, they cannot just ignore him. He also had strong connections with others, like the Third Prince Charle, as well as the Shelley Family. At this point, Zhao Hai was an existence that cannot be ignored by all the great powers in the continent.

Facing with this Zhao Hai, the Calci Family was unable to pick out his flaws. At this point, Randolph had truly treated Zhao Hai as one of them. This was also a Great Nobles’ way of doing things. If you consider someone to be one of you, you should support them fully and protect their well-being. On through this way could they be rewarded in the future.

After Randolph and Smith discussed for a while, Randolph sighed and said, “Smith, I’ve been very hard on you lately. I’m now old, I only stay at the headquarters everyday. My judgement about the matters of the continent aren’t as good as you. Your big brother and your fourth brother are quite good, but they actually lacked the vision to be the Patriarch of our big family. We cannot count on little three as well, he was fully concentrated on cultivation, let’s just hope that he can reach 9th rank one day. Then there is little five, oh!”

Randolph sighed, he was not a fool. As a Patriarch of a Great Noble Family, how could he not understand? He just liked Juwan too much that he made a mistake in his judgements. But now, he knew what he needed to do.

To be honest, Randolph was very disappointed in Juwan. Juwan’s vision was absolutely low, he was very short sighted. If Randolph hands the family over to him, then the fall of the Calci Family wouldn’t be far off. So how could Randolph just allow this to happen?

Smith looked at Randolph and didn’t know what to say. He was bent on wanting the best for the Calci Family. But to say that he didn’t strive for the position of Patriarch was impossible. On the contrary, he really wanted to be the Patriarch. He believed that as long as he had the position, then he could certainly make the Calci Family greater than it is now.

At the same time, this was also the first time that Smith saw this side of Randolph. This was the first time he saw his father admit his mistake in front of him. This was really strange for Smith, but it dawned on him that his father was now very old, he will only get weaker with time.

Smith sighed lightly and comforted Randolph, “Father, it’s alright, it’s not as serious as you think. Although little five looks useless, but you have to recognize that he has his uses. Look, if the Calci Family were without flaws, then the troubles that he’s caused wouldn’t have reached this far.”

Randolph smiled and sighed, “My vision is not as good as little Megan, haha. Alright enough talking about this, Little Hai is very good. At this time, he revealed his clan in a way that the continent wouldn’t dare make a move on him while startling them with his might at the same time. He did things orderly, and wasn’t very anxious. He is soft when he can, and be ruthless when needed to. And from what I saw earlier, he seems to like Megan. This made me relieved. We must treat him very well as a part of our family. I understandd that he’s a very sentimental person, let’s support him fully and our Calci Family would surely obtain benefits.”

Smith smiled and said, “Father, rest assured, I already seen this part of Little Hai. Otherwise, why would I wed Megan to him?”

Randolph nodded and said, “With the support of Zhao Hai, the Third Prince’s chances for the throne would surely increase. This is also good for the family. I think, if necessary, we must give our full support towards Charlie. After all, Little Hai is now one of us. If he fails, there wouldn’t be any benefits for us.”

Smith nodded. At this time, Phil’s voice was suddenly heard. “Madam, Young Lady, why did you come? Old Master and the Young Master are discussing inside.”

When Randolph heard that Megan and the madam has come, he quickly said, “Megan and Gemma? Let them in.” Gemma was the name of the madam, but the people prefer to call her madam.

Megan couldn’t wait for too long and directly pushed the door open. When she saw Randolph. She immediately ran over to his side and said, “Grandpa, I remembered something, so I came to you.”

Randolph looked favorably at Megan and said, “Little Megan, you’re already getting married. You shouldn’t keep acting like a child.”

When Megan heard Randolph, she pouted and said, “Grandpa, you must listen to me. This matter is related to the future our Calci Family. If you won’t listen, then I won’t tell you.”

When he heard his granddaughter’s words, Randolph and the others couldn’t help but give a smile. Megan hadn’t been like this before. But now, she seems to be thinking about the future of the family. Naturally, they would find this amusing.

Randolph smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to what little Megan has to say. For it to surprisingly affect our Calci Family’s future. Hahaha. This isn’t the same as being engaged, your words seem to be very big.”


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