BTFTLIAW – Chapter 441

Chapter 441 – The New Swamp

But Zhao Hai also found out that these 9th ranks from the Carrion Swamp had a special habit. They had to absorb the Seven-colored poisonous mist in their bodies in order to practice. They would slowly circulate the mist within their body and make it part of their  attack.

However, even if the Space didn’t’ have a poisonous fog, Cai’er’s main body was here. And with the addition of the Space’s pesticide, Cai’er’s poison was still sufficient for them, this made it possible for the 9th ranks to continue practicing inside the Space.

When the Space became a World, it didn’t worsen, conversely, it instead became better.

When Zhao Hai was on earth, he heard someone saying that the there was one thing that Humans can be described as, Viruses. Viruses don’t have any purpose other than to destroy the place they live in. It was the same with Humans, every place they settle in would most definitely be destroyed. For Earth, Humans acted like what viruses do to bodies they stay in.

On the other hand, even if the Space had a lot of animals, it had no man-made destructions inside. One could say that this was a completely closed up world, everything all goes according to nature. Although the Space can digitize, which was an exception, it still can’t do any large effect on the Space.

Now, Zhao Hai was considered to have subdued the entire Carrion Swamp. He didn’t know in the beginning, but upon checking, he found out that there were thirty-six 9th rank Magic Beasts in the Swamp. Adding Cai’er, Little Jin, and Mu’er, Zhao Hai now had thirty-nine 9th ranks. With this amount of 9th rank experts, Zhao Hai can now be considered to be one of the most powerful forces in the continent.

However, Zhao Hai was not planning on using these 9th ranks. Even if this amount of power was terrifying, Zhao Hai had no plan of world domination. What he only wanted to do was protect the Black Wasteland as well as the Carrion Swamp. He really didn’t want to do any other things.

To be honest, Zhao Hai knew that this was quite selfish. Back on earth, because of the different times, people pursue material things. If you ask them if they have any great ideals, then they wouldn’t have anything. People generally aren’t very nationalistic since they all wanted to think of their income, to have an easy life. Zhao Hai knew that there was something wrong with this. He also knew understood that he needs to be one thing, which was being responsible.

A man who knows his own responsibility and was responsible is a real man. Although Zhao Hai has some shortcomings, he recognizes his responsibilities and is trying to be more responsible. For him, this was his biggest merit.

Zhao Hai didn’t want to kill people just because he wants to, he didn’t want to start wars either. Therefore, even if he’s very powerful right now, he only yearns to protect this little part of the continent that he calls home. He doesn’t want to bully others, he doesn’t want to dominate the world. Doing such things can only evoke war, and during wars, it was the commoners who suffer the greatest. Zhao Hai didn’t want this outcome.

Now that he has increased his 9th ranks, the Space’s level has become level 45, which was the Farm’s level before the transformation.

Zhao Hai was quite unsatisfied with this, but he knew that there was nothing he could do. With the Farm and the Ranch becoming one, levelling up became even harder, especially in higher levels.

Level 45 was already very good, but this has no substantial effect on the Farm. At most, Zhao Hai can now plant level 45 plants, not much improvement.

But even if the Ranch also had no good improvements, Zhao Hai was content with. After all he only needs 5 levels until level 50, when he reaches that level he can then breed Divine Beasts.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that reaching these 5 levels will be very difficult. More than 30 9th ranks allowed the Space to reach level 45, and all of them didn’t even advance the Space’s level by 10. Zhao Hai didn’t know how many more 9th ranks he needs to subdue in order to fulfill the requirements for these 5 levels.

In the end, Zhao Hai placed this worry on the back of his mind. He prepared to finish up in Carrion Swamp so that he can return to Sky Water City.

God’s Grace Day was less than 10 days away, so he wants to return to Sky Water City and take a look. Not only does he want to go back to Sky Water City, he also wants to take a look at Jade Water City.

Also, it has been a long time since Megan joined Zhao Hai. At this point, the Calci Family should have been quite worried. Moreover, it wouldn’t good for Calci Family’s little princess to be absent during God’s Grace Day. The family dotes heavily on Megan, because of this, Zhao Hai must give the family some face.

There wasn’t much problems left in the Carrion Swamp. What Zhao Hai needs to solve at this point was the matter about the swamp’s poison. For those inhabitants who hadn’t become strong Magic Beasts yet, they needed to expel the toxin from their bodies. In the past, what they did was to run towards the Black Wasteland and expel it there.

Zhao Hai also thought about this problem in the past. The place between Iron Mountain Fort and Carrion Swamp had a small river. The water from that small river was from the lake inside the mountain. That water has been upgraded by the Space and can be used to detoxify the beasts.

But there were a lot of beasts inside the Carrion Swamp, and some of them wouldn’t be able to make it to the Black Wasteland. Because of this, they had no choice but find other places inside the swamp to expel the poison. This caused the poisonous mist inside the swamp to become stronger and stronger, making the time between expelling poison for the beasts even shorter as time goes by.

It would be great if this poison was removed, however, at the same time, it wouldn’t be good. If the poison inside the swamp were to vanish, the Magic Beasts inside would be disadvantaged. If those Magic Beasts loses their poison, their overall attack strength would be seriously affected.

So if Zhao Hai doesn’t think about this carefully, he would be hurting the swamp’s Magic Beasts. Upon hearing from the other 9th ranks, Zhao Hai found out that other than Zhao Wen, there hadn’t been any new 9th rank Magic Beast appearing in the Carrion Swamp lately. And this has been for a long time. This was because at this point, most Magic Beasts inside the swamp cannot survive the swamp’s poison anymore. Since the toxicity of the mist got stronger, the expelled poison returned to their bodies. Because of this, most Magic Beast would die, they simply cannot survive long enough for them to reach 9th rank.

After discussing with the 9th ranks, they had reached an agreement that Zhao Hai would set up several springs inside the swamp. These springs would contain the Space’s water. After setting the springs up, the 9th ranks would lead the other beasts to drink from the spring, this way the problem about the toxin would be solved.

Now that Zhao Hai’s Monitor had recorded the entirety of the Swamp, this wasn’t a big of a problem. From Zhao Hai’s calculation, the area of the Carrion Swamp and the Black Wasteland is not smaller than Aksu Empire. Instead, it was actually much larger.

One must know that when the Buda Clan obtained this territory, it was already their permanent domain. This bestowment was recognized by the Radiant Church as well as the other empires. Even if Empires change from one ruler to another, the Buda Clan would forever hold this territory. Because of this Zhao Hai hoped to increase their lands.

In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t dare improve both the Black Wasteland as well as the Carrion Swamp since he didn’t have the strength to protect these two places.

But now, it was different. Zhao Hai currently has enough strength to defend these two places. Even if other people becomes envious of his property, they can just try and face his numerous undead.

However, Zhao Hai had no plans of revealing the state of the Black Wasteland at this time. After all, he still needs to construct more infrastructure here and he needs to acquire a lot of resources in order to do so. If the other powers were to find out, they would certainly impose limitations for Zhao Hai, and this wouldn’t be good for him.

Zhao Hai wanted to slowly accumulate his wealth, therefore, after receiving the 9th ranks, he immediately went and established those detoxification springs. In the future, the 9th ranks can just lead the other beasts on order to help them remove their accumulated poisons.

After doing this, the problem with the black soil was finally solved. Later on, they wouldn’t worry any longer and Zhao Hai be assured that he could open his lands to the outside world in the near future.[1]

Solving the matters inside the Carrion Swamp took them almost one month, now, God’s Grace Day was only 5 days away. The Calci Family has also sent a letter to Zhao Hai, asking him to return to Sky Water City as soon as possible.

It was not only the Calci Family, Charlie sent a letter as well, inviting him to check Jade Water City. Naturally, Charlie was not in Jade Water City, so he asked Zhao Hai to visit his place back on Carson City.

Zhao Hai didn’t decline, not matter where he was, he can still return to Iron Mountain Fort in a flash. Regardless of where he stayed, it was still like he’s in Iron Mountain Fort, so there was no reason for him to not accept the invitation.

After making his decision, Zhao Hai immediately prepared himself to head towards Sky Water City. Megan was also missing her home. Although she didn’t tell Zhao Hai about it, one could clearly see it from her expression.

Zhao Hai told Green about their plan to leave, to which Green didn’t oppose. Green and the others knew that since the Buda Clan has revealed their banner, Zhao Hai’s responsibilities became even more. Moreover, the eyes of the continent were now staring at them. At this time, Zhao Hai should maintain his good relationship with the Calci Family as well as the Third Prince Charlie.

Although it can be said that the current strength of the Buda Clan wasn’t any less than those at the top of the continent, and they didn’t even need to fear the might of the entire Human race, Green and Zhao Hai didn’t think about this. This was because Zhao Hai didn’t like war, and Green loved the Human Race.

  1. That thing that made the Black Wasteland Black.. Poisoned soil


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  1. “If the other powers were to find out, they would certainly impose limitations for Zhao Hai, and this wouldn’t be good for him.”

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  2. Doesnt he also have two zombie 9th ranks? Hopeful the water purify the land and plants in the swamp.
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