BTFTLIAW – Chapter 439

Chapter 439 – Two-in-One

But the reason why Zhao Wen decided to pass through the Platypus’ domain was because even if the Platypus was strong, its attitude towards those inside the Carrion Swamp was very good. Moreover, it cared extremely well about rookie 9th ranks. Thus, Zhao Wen dared to go through its territory all the time.

However, if one wanted to pass, it was good practice to pay him greeting. This was respect meant for those who were strong. Unlike Humans, Magic Beasts have great regard towards those who had great strength. As long as they weren’t in war, they generally don’t challenge those who had higher strength than them

After Zhao Wen entered the Platypus’ territory, she stopped and then passed a message through her divine sense, “Blood Devouring Mosquito pays a visit to Sit Platypus.”

Before long, a calm voice was conveyed, “It’s you, what is the little mosquito doing in my territory?”

Zhao Wen immediately replied, “Sir, I just want to pass through your territory to reach Skylark. I have some business with him, I just came to specifically pay my respects to mister.”

Just as Zhao Wen voice fell, a platypus appeared in front of her. The platypus was very huige. It’s body had a length of 50 meters, it was also about 20 meters tall. Zhao Wen’s base form looked like a single dot in comparison.

Platypus had golden hair all over his body. The hair shook gently with the wind and looked very healthy. He also had a pair of small eyes, a huge duckbill, short limbs and a short and stout tail. Although he was very large, he didn’t give people any fear at all, instead, he looks very cute.

But Zhao Wen didn’t dare underestimate him. Although 9th rank Magic Beasts can change their form freely, most of them stayed in their true form. For the Platypus to be this large was a testament to his might as a 9th rank Magic Beast.

Zhao Wen said to Platypus, “I have seen mister. I want to go to Skylark, but I need to pass through your territory to do so.”

Platypus smiled and said, “You’re interesting kid. It seems like you’re not quite familiar with being a 9th rank, most of them don’t wander around. What business do you you have with Skylark.”

Zhao Wen stared at Platypus, then a sudden idea popped into his mind, “Sir, I have this recently acquired Magic Staff. Actually, this staff is a Spatial Equipment. Moreover, I also have my subordinates live inside it, I enter it from time to time as well. But the space inside the Staff is very big, I still haven’t found its limits. I heard that Skylark is very fast, I want to ask him to come with me inside this space and find its boundaries together.”

Zhao Wen was now getting more and more intelligent. What she said was actually made to bait Platypus. If she can deceive Platypus into entering the Space, then inviting other 9th ranks inside the Space would be much easier in the future.

Sure enough, when Zhao Wen said this, Platypus looked strangely at the Ghost Staff, “Does it really have a huge space? I have heard about spatial items, those have a lot of uses. In here, only Old Mouse can use Space energy. But his Space energy can only open a small pocket space, it didn’t have much use. Is it really true that the space inside of your staff is very big?”

Hearing that Platypus seemed to be tempted, Zhao Wen quickly replied, “It’s true, the space inside is very big. I haven’t found its boundaries even after flying inside for ten days. Thus, I’m going to ask Skylark for help, we’ll fly in opposite directions and measure how big the space is.”

Platypus looked very interested, he looked at Zhao Wen and said, “Can you open the space and let me in? I haven’t seen such a magical space yet.”

Zhao Wen quickly agreed, “Of course.” Zhao Hai was observing Zhao Wen inside the Space, when he heard Zhao Wen’s words, he immediately opened a spatial rift right beside Zhao Wen. Then Zhao Wen looked at Platypus and said, “Sir, please.” Then she stood inside the rift. Seeing Zhao Wen do this made Platypus relieved. One must know that Space energy can certainly kill 9th ranks. Platypus was afraid that Zhao Wen was deceiving him, he feared that when he was halfway through the rift, it would close, killing him in the process.

Now that he saw Zhao Wen’s action, Platypus nodded then crawled his body through the spatial rift.

After Platypus, Zhao Wen also entered, then at this time, a prompt was heard, “Platypus-type variation beast detected. High attacking strength, extremely dangerous. Subjugation function initiated, Platypus surrenders. Level 50 beast. Can be raised inside the Space. Needs four feed per hour, can be purchased in the shop. May reproduce 8 times, six children every time.”

:Ranch upgraded to level 31. Medium World requirements met, Ranch and Farm will now combine and become a medium world. Host has the right to name the world. Host has full control of the world. Perfect ecosystems can now be achieved, making all organism inside the Space self sufficient. Additional 100 mu of Farming Ground added, host can use every land in the World to plant as well, but they grown at a normal rate.”

After the prompt finished, the Space flashed a white light. The Ranch and the Farm combines. Zhao Hai can now see the Magic Beasts he raised freely going around the Farm. Beside the Farming Ground, the Magic Beasts could also go to the Villa and the Processing Factory, they can go almost everywhere. Moreover, when Zhao Hai stood on the vila’s balcony, he can clearly spot a sea. Also, on the side of the villa, a river came flowing, one could see it full of fishes jumping and leaping out of the water. When someone exits the villa and goes through the Farming Ground, one could arrive at the seaside and enjoy the beautiful fine white sand beach.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the beautiful beaches right now. He quickly opened a file as it appeared on the monitor, showing every change that happened in the Space.

Now that the Space levelled up, the Farm and the Ranch had been combined. He can breed beasts and plant crops any way he wants. But besides the Farming Ground, all other places wouldn’t’ be able to speed up the plant’s growth. It was the same with the Magic Beasts, anything that exceeded the 10 thousand limit would only grow in their normal rates. Naturally, Zhao Hai can capture and kill Magic Beasts inside his Space, this was because he had absolute authority here. Even if a 9th rank expert enters, Zhao Hai can make them unable to use their abilities in just a flick of his hand. Inside the Space, Zhao Hai is a god, each word from him is akin to a heavenly decree.

He can also exercise control over the digitization of animals in the Space. For example, if he allows 10 thousand Argali to have accelerated growth this day, he can make them into normal Argalis the next day while having another batch of 10 thousand Argali digitized and  have sped up growth.

And since the Space has been transformed and wasn’t divided between the Farm and the Ranch anymore, the overall level of the Space was now Level 38. It was calculated by adding the levels of the Farm and the Ranch and dividing the result by two.

If Zhao Hai wants to transform the Space once again, then he needs to wait until it reaches level 50.

However, he can now buy level 45 seeds and can now buy level 31 animals. Although he can buy animals like Platypus, those he purchased could only have 6th rank strength, like an ordinary Platypus in the continent. It was just like what Zhao Hai expected, it was impossible for 9th rank Magic Beasts to produce 9th rank offsprings.

Because of the combination of the Ranch and the Farm, Cai’er can now assume the tasks assigned to Mu’er as well. Now, Cai’er can manage the various Magic Beasts. Mu’er also has 9th rank strength and could now also fight outside of the Space, similarly she could also manage the plants inside the Space.

However, the Bread Trees that Cai’er had planted before cannot be left unattended anymore. Therefore, Zhao Hai had Cai’er control the beasts in order to not attack the Bread Tress.

But Zhao Hai chose to not strictly impose this prohibition. He knew that there were a lot of herbivores inside the Space, some of them would eat grass while some would certainly munch on the Bread Trees as well as their fruits. Zhao Hai decided to just let things happen, after all, this was a World and he already had sufficient area inside the Farming Ground. Also, it would be impossible for the Magic Beasts to eat all of the Bread Trees inside the Space since the Space was now a medium world, having an area no smaller than the Ark Continent.

After the Space transformed, it now has more attack functions. Zhao Hai can use Cai’er, Mu’er, the blood mosquitoes, the Magic Beasts, the Undead, the Profound Glacial Liquid, and the Fly Swatter to attack. Even if the Ranch and the Farm has combined, Zhao Hai can still use these basic functions provided by the two.

For Zhao Hai, this development was very good. These will certainly increase Zhao Hai’s strength. Although he still wasn’t a 9th rank expert, he was sure that even if he didn’t use Zhao Wen, Platypus, and Cai’er to attack, he can still contend with 9th rank experts.

Laura and the others were looking at the changes that were happening outside and were too surprised to speak. They didn’t think that the Space would change this much, it was really very mysterious. However, they already experienced several of these transformations before, so they just stayed still and didn’t disturb Zhao Hai who was still understanding the Space.


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