BTFTLIAW – Chapter 436

Chapter 436 – Level Up

Little Jin was now more like a Knight, but this knight didn’t use a weapon and instead used his own huge arms. And adding on his overbearing strength, the Light Mage became exhausted before long.

The Light Mage felt that the situation was becoming inconceivable. He didn’t know how Zhao Hai managed to get these Magic Beasts. One must know that 9th rank Magic Beasts are very difficult to come across. However, even if he only encountered one today, the other one not reaching 9th rank evident in how it was riding on the other one’s back, but both of its offensive and defensive strength were no less than a 9th ranks expert’s. This made the Light Mage very confused.

Although 9th rank Magic Beasts are stronger than 9th rand Human experts, 8th rank Magic Beasts were never as good as 9th rank Humans. Rank difference can never be compensated with racial traits. This fact was widely accepted by everyone on the continent.

But this understanding was shattered today because of this 8th rank Magic Beast in front of him that had the strength of a 9th rank. This was really inconceivable.

Origin Sword Saint had drawn back and didn’t participate in fighting the Light Mage. He already knew that the enemy had no chance of escaping. At the same time,  he was also startled, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai actually had such aces up his sleeves.

At this moment, Little Jin gave a shout as his body emitted a magnificent golden light. Then he moved and left Zhao Wen’s back. His figure soared in the air as it directed an attack towards the Light Mage, and surprisingly breaking the former’s guard.

It was not only Origin Sword Saint and the others who were shocked, Zhao Hai was shocked as well. But before he wondered what made Little Jin break through this time, a prompt came from the Space, “Massive amount of metal element energy has been received. Upgrading the Space. Space may now produce metallic ores, 100 ton per day output. Compatibility between Host and Metal element energy detected, upgrading Host’s Metal Manipulation Ability. Host can now freely control 200 jin of metal. Compatibility with Little Jin and Metal element energy detected, upgrading Little Jin’s strength and abilities. Space Ranch upgraded to Level 28, Space Farm upgraded to Level 35. Because of the Space’s promotion, monitor range increased to 15 thousand meters. Transmission Point quantity increased to 20. Because of the Metal element energy, plants in the Farm have evolved. Vines now have added metallic attributes, they are now more resistant to metal attacks.”[1]

Zhao Hai’s mind was blank upon listening to this. He didn’t think that he would gain so much from killing two Metal Ability users. The Farm actually levelled up to 35, while the Ranch rose to 28. Moreover, the Space can now produce metallic ores everyday. His metal manipulation has also increased. At the same time, Cai’er and Little Jin has also been upgraded, all of this seems too unbelievable.

However, Zhao Hai knew that the Space wouldn’t deceive him. If it said that it levelled up, then it certainly did level up. In other words, Zhao Hai’s strength has increased once again, this was a huge surprise.

While the Light Mage was stunned by the sudden appearance of the golden light, Zhao Wen made use of this opportunity to puncture its mouth into the body of the Light Mage. Before long, there was nothing left from the Light Mage aside from his skin and bones.

When Zhao Hai recovered, he immediately stopped Zhao Wen. Then he gave out a black gas before Little Jin and Zhao Wen vanished. At this point, they no longer have any opponents. Four 9th rank experts and two Metal Ability users actually died in less than a day.

Origin Sword Saint was blankly staring at all of this. He didn’t believe all of that just happened. One must know that a typical fight between 9th rank experts would take one or two months. Some special cases may even take 1 or 2 years. But now, the fight actually ended in less than a day. If Origin Sword Saint’s calculation was correct, then not even two hours had passed before the result was obtained The opposite party was totally exterminated, while Zhao Hai’s group was completely intact. This show of power was too astonishing.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the mood to think about Origin Sword Saint’s feelings, he just turned to the old man and said, “Sir Sword Saint, now that the matter here has been settled. I’ll have to go down and deal with those mercenaries before they run away, at the very least expelling them from Purcell Duchy.”

Origin Sword Saint recovered, he was also reminded of the people outside. He immediately stood firm and looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, then I have to trouble mister.” Then his body vanished with a flash.

At this time, Laura and the others appeared by Zhao Hai’s side. Megan held Little Jin on her bosom. Megan looked very surprised at Little Jin, she didn’t think that the little ape could actually change into such a ferocious form.

The fight outside was naturally seen inside the Space. Megan didn’t expect that the Little Jin that she loved to hug was that strong.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and said, “Laura, did you hear that? Sir Sword Saint just called me mister.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Sir Sword Saint calling you mister meant that he regards you as an equal. On the other hand, Brother Hai, I didn’t think that Little Jin and Cai’er would get stronger.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I also didn’t think that Little Jin and Cai’er would be improved. Moreover, the Space levelled up as well. This is very good for us. And later on, the Multi-purpose Processing Machine wouldn’t be idle anymore. Since the Space can now produce metallic ores, we can make weapons from the machine.”

At this time, Shue suddenly knelt in front of Zhao Hai and with a serious voice he said, “Young Master, Shue has some words to say.”

Zhao Hai stared at Shue and said, “Get up, you can tell me while standing up.

But Shue didn’t listen, he kowtowed instead and said, “Young Master, Shue has always been disappointed with this world, but ever since Young Master has taken me in, you didn’t make me feel like an outsider. For this, Shue is very thankful to the Young Master. Shue has seen that after you absorbed the two ability holders, the Space levellup up. Young Master, Shue proposes that you kill me and make the Space absorb my ability. This way, the Space would level up again.”

Zhao Hai, Laura and the others stared blankly, then their faces changed. They didn’t think that Shue would have such thoughts. Zhao Hai replied with a flat tone, “Who told you that the Space levelled up after absorbing two Divergent Abilities?”

Shue replied, “This is Shue’s calculation. The Young Master has had a lot of undead, some of them are Mages, some of them Warriors. But those people wasn’t able to make the Space level up. Only those two Divergent Ability users managed to upgrade the Space. Moreover, it raised by five levels. Young Master, Shue thinks that as long as the Space absorbs Divergent Abilities, then it would get upgraded. This Shue doesn’t have any more aspirations in life, I only hope that I could help Young Master. If Shue’s ability gets absorbed into the Space, then it would certainly level up. This can be a great help to Young Master.”

Zhao Hai looked at Shue, then all of a sudden Shue’s mouth was knocked down as he fell to the ground. The slap made use of all of Zhao Hai’s strength. Shue’s face was swollen, one or two teeth might have been broken.

Zhao Hai looked at Shue and said, “This palm should have told you that your life is mine. I do what I want with it, it’s not for you to decide. What do you think your master sees you? A Magic Beast? I want to upgrade the Space, but not to the point of killing my own people. Remember this, if you dare say this again in the future, then I will have to drive you away. Now go back to my side and protect me.”

Although Shue fell to the ground, he immediately got up again. When he heard Zhao Hai’s words, he didn’t say anything and just returned to his young master’s side. This time, Shue has truly regarded Zhao Hai as his Master. If Zhao Hai were to tell him to commit suicide, he wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

At this time, sets of footsteps could be heard as Evan led some of his subordinates. When the 9th ranks came, Evan really wanted to assist Zhao Hai. But he was already delegated by Origin Sword Saint to look after his own family members. This was the reason why he only managed to arrive after those 9th ranks have been dealt with.

When Evan saw Zhao Hai, he seemed to have a complicated look in his eyes. But he immediately laughed and said, “Little Hai, you really are greater than you let off. With the Buda Clan under your care, glory would be flooding in. You shouldn’t forget about your uncle when that time comes.”

Zhao Hai looked at Evan and smiled faintly, “Uncle Evan is too polite. As long as Uncle isn’t afraid of being implicated. Uncle should know that the world is full of my enemies.”

Evan laughed, “Why do I need to be afraid, fear is useless. How could fear be useful in dealing with enemies? Hahaha. Right, Little Hai, what do you plan to do next?”

Zhao Hai coldly smiled and said, “The enemy seems to have some tens of thousands of troops remaining in Purcell Duchy. How could I just let them peacefully retreat? Wouldn’t it be too easy for them?”

Evan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you sure?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Of course, I just feel like I have a little too few undead in my hand. I just want to increase their numbers.”

Evan couldn’t help but shiver. Although he didn’t know that Zhao Hai already had several hundred thousand undead, he still knew that Zhao Hai should have at least 60 thousand undead. Listening to a Dark Mage who has 60 thousand undead saying that he wanted more is too terrifying.

Zhao Hai seemed to not see Evan’s reaction as he released Alien, then he turned to Evan and said, “Uncle, do you want to come with us? In the shortest time, we would certainly expel those mercenaries from the Purcell Duchy.”

Evan stared at Zhao Hai ans shook his head, “Their attack had left a huge injury to the Purcell Duchy. I’ll take this opportunity to handle that matters of the Duchy. So I think I won’t be coming with you.” Zhao Hai nodded, and walked towards Alien before they left the city.

  1. Raw says 15,000 kilometers… I say bs, that’s more than the earth’s diameter.. Maybe author typo. Let’s see


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