BTFTLIAW – Chapter 432

Chapter 432 – Attack

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware that there would be such a thing. He looked at Evan and said, “I didn’t expect that there was such a matter inside Boris’ mind. It’s fine, we’ll be cleaning up today. I think Boris would think twice if he wanted to repeat today’s matter.”

Then he turned to walk down from the city wall along with Evan and the others. Upon arriving down, Zhao Hai immediately let Alien out. Then he quickly place the Buda Clan’s Wild Dragon War Banner that was already installed into a pole on top of Alien’s back. After that, he made Green and Merine center inside Alien’s body. Evan looked at this scene and couldn’t help but come with them. Zhao Hai didn’t block him, he allowed Evan to enter the space inside Alien’s body.[1]

After the group sat at the upper floor, they prepared themselves for tea. When Zhao Hai sat down, he turned to Evan and said, “Uncle Evan, make them open the gate, then leave the rest to us.”

Evan turned to look at Green and Merine, when he saw that they were still calm, he didn’t object. He immediately relayed his orders to a guard. When Evan entered Alien, he took with him two guards. Evan was a Grand Duke, how could he not bring with him two assistants?

Soon after the guard left, the city’s gate was opened. Then Zhao Hai headed out of the city. When the enemies saw this scene, they immediately formed their lines and waited.

Those who laid siege to Casa City had no idea that Zhao Hai arrived. But they knew about the Cavalry units of the Purcell Family. These elite troops regularly clashed with the beastmen cavalries, how could their fighting prowess be low? It was because of this that they deliberately made ditches outside the gate, to prevent the cavalry to fully utilize the might of their charge.

However, it seems like they were mistaken this time. As they prepared to meet the cavalry of the Purcell Family, what they saw coming out of the city gate was a very large undead instead. The undead’s body was 20 meters long, with a height of about 10 meters, it had a dark green skeleton, and it was covered with spikes. It looked extremely terrifying.

And on the undead’s body, a banner was seen fluttering with the wind. The banner had a blood red surface, along with an embroidery of a threatening dragon. The banner may have some damages here and there, but it only increased its killing aura. For those who were experienced, they knew that this was a War Banner!

The mercenaries outside were stunned. They never thought that what came out this time would be an undead creature. At this moment, the leader of this troop immediately thought of another reason for their attack this time, isn’t it because of a Dark Mage?

He immediately issued an order loudly, the troops behind him quickly became more compact. The men and horses of the front line were also getting prepared to meet Zhao Hai.

At the same time, the leader also invited the Mages. They knew that Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage. The best way to deal with a Mage was another Mage. In dealing with Zhao Hai and the Purcell Duchy, the brought more than 50 Mages.

The Mages were specifically tasked to deal with Zhao Hai as well as act as mobile turrets. Therefore, most of the time, they were inside the camps and were only called out this time. Usually, soldiers were the ones doing the attacking, using magic cannons as well as ballistas.

Under the gazes of them as well as the garrison troops, the undead creature just slowly stepped over the ditches that were previously dug out. Although the ditches were quite wide, they weren’t enough to stop a large being such as Alien. Before long, Alien had already passed over several obstacles.

The troop leader decided that it was still not time to attack the undead. He wanted to wait for the Mages from the camp to arrive before dealing with Alien. Thus, he made his troops standy by and wait for a while.

But it was a mistake to give Zhao Hai this much time for preparations. While he went over the ditches, he didn’t immediately take action, he wanted the other party to be clueless as to what he wanted to do.

At this moment, with Zhao Hai’s intention, a battalion of undead cavalry appeared. These undead were all Beastmen. All of them were tall and were sitting on their own mounts along with huge maces on their hands. Just by looking at their appearance, one could see how terrifying they are.

Zhao Hai released 10 thousand cavalry this time. The group immediately covered the surrounding area. Although this number isn’t that large, the 100 thousand enemy troops were divided. The enemy troops’ 100 thousand soldiers aren’t enough to surround the city, so they only deeply guarded the city’s four gates.

This way, the armies on each gate numbered about twenty thousand each. With their losses these past few days, the estimation of 20 thousand was quite correct.

While the enemies were still silly from seeing the undead cavalry and were quite confused about how they would handle this, a sudden sound was heard coming out from Alien’s mouth. The sound issued a declaration, “With the Wild Dragon Banner as the witness, show them who is invincible! Kill!”

This sound naturally came from Zhao Hai. This was Alien’s recently acquired ability. As long as Zhao Hai is inside Alien’s body, his voices could pass along Alien’s mouth with an increased volume, much like how a loudspeaker worked.

After Zhao Hai gave his words, the Beastmen undead cavalry immediately help their weapons up as they charged towards the mercenary soldiers.

In Ark Continent, there were almost no other race that was able to block a Beastman’s charge head on. Their charges were too sharp, any other army wasn’t a match.

And in order to deal with the Purcell Family, all these soldiers were disguised as mercenaries. They didn’t have their standard issue armor in order to curb the Purcell Family’s suspicions, neither did they have any cavalry. With the only armor they were wearing being light armor, they could be classified as light infantry. For them to block a Beastman charge in their current state was akin to them looking for death.

Ten thousand undead Beastman cavalry began to charge towards the mercenary-dressed soldiers. With these scene, the soldier lines immediately became a mess. They were all quite experienced, naturally they knew the power behind a Beastman charge, and they also knew that an undead charge wasn’t any less powerful, they certainly didn’t want to be on the receiving end of such an impact.

However, their troop leader was quite tenacious as he didn’t issue any order for retreat. Because of this the soldiers had no other choice than to stay put. To be honest, the troop leader was quite hopeful, he knew that the level of an undead under a general Dark Mage wasn’t that powerful. Their fighting strength shouldn’t be that strong, so even if their appearances were quite scary, they might not be very terrifying in battle. Upon seeing Zhao Hai release these many undead, the troop leader was quite sure that they wouldn’t be too strong, thus he believed that they would be able to block this charge.

But before long, it was quite obvious that he was mistaken. Zhao Hai’s undead creatures were very capable and were unable to be stopped. Even if they aim specifically for the heavy armor cavalry, they still weren’t able to stop them, much less the light cavalry mixed in.

When the undead cavalry’s formation clashed with the mercenaries, the troop leader immediately realized his blunder. These Beastmen undead were too strong, maybe even stronger than a true Beastman. Their soldiers simply weren’t able to resist them, with just a single glance, one could see the mercenaries’ formation completely devastated.

Zhao Hai was not idle at this time. He sat inside Alien as it followed behind the undead charge. He gazed at the scene. After all, every mercenary that dared approach him were immediately destroyed by Alien.

Evan was also inside Alien staring blankly at what is happening outside. He never imagined Zhao Hai’s undead to be this strong. They were too strong that when they met the infantry, the latter were immediately ruined. Their charge was the visual form of the word ‘unstoppable’.

After Zhao Hai destroyed the enemy’s formation, he didn’t stop, he directly rushed towards the enemy camp on the other side. Moreover, Zhao Hai was also continually releasing Dark Magic, turning all those who had been killed into undead. The dead soldiers immediately rose up and began to chase the other soldiers who were escaping.

These people were very terrified, seeing their former allies rise up again and chase them with their weapons was a scene that would induce panic.

The soldiers getting killed by the Beastman cavalry were getting more and more numerous. The new undead also kept increasing. Aside from the initial Beastman undead that Zhao Hai released, they now had more than 2 thousand additional undead from those mercenary soldiers that died.

At this time, the enemy Mages also began to respond. Lines of magic went flying towards the undead, some of them even headed straight for Alien.

Zhao Hai simply didn’t care about any of these. He just sat inside Alien and continued to leisurely drink his tea. These magic attacks heading towards Alien were like small irritating itches. They didn’t have any effect on the undead.

This made the Mages very embarrassed, not only could they not deal with this huge magic beast, their spells towards the undead Beastmen Cavalry were also very useless.

The 8th rank experts on the camps saw this situation and immediately went out. In their view, even if these undead Beastmen were quite strong, if they have some 5th or 6th ranks, then they could already be good. They thought that if they give enough effort, they could exterminate all of the undead as well as Zhao Hai.

However, just like those before them, they were very mistaken. The undead were quite strong, to the point that each of the undead could contend with each one of the mages. If two undeads were to fight them, then they would certainly be defeated. If they were attacked by more, they would surely die.

This made the 8th rank experts feel blank inside, they didn’t think that they would meet this situation. What kind of undead were these? How could they be this powerful?

Since the mages cannot block the undead cavalry, the undead immediately crashed into their camp. The undead immediately chased down all the mercenaries as well as their servants. Most importantly, they focused their attacks on the Mages.

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