BTFTLIAW – Chapter 430

Chapter 430 – Gift for Women

Cai’er’s movements were quick, before long, she already told Zhao Hai that the Blue-eyed Rabbit had already been released. Now she was waiting for the opportunity to release the Blood Hawk. Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious, he had just left Sky Water City and was currently looking for a desolate area so that they could enter the Space.

At this time, Zhao Hai also released Xenomorph. SInce the Space had been upgraded, Xenomorph’s body also become much bigger. Now it’s main body was already ten meters high and 20 meters long. The space within its body was now divided into two stories, the upper and lower floor, all in all providing 50 square meters of floor space. Zhao Hai, Laura and the others sat on the upper floor while Blockhead’s group sat on the lower floor.

As soon as they entered Xenomorph, it immediately went to Law River and swam in it. However, it cannot swim for a very long time, since it wasn’t a Water element Undead.

Not long after Xenomorph entered the water, Cai’er told Zhao Hai that the Blood Hawk has been released. After a couple hours, the hawk would arrive at Casa City.

If one were to travel from Stony Mountain to Casa City, a horse would take two day’s worth  travel, but for a Blood Hawk, two hours was enough.[1]

Zhao Hai didn’t mind it, he just lead Xenomorph to swim towards the sea. They were now travelling underwater.

Because Alien cannot travel underwater for too long, Zhao Hai was now considering about having a Water element Undead, something like the Blade-Scaled Whale.

Although he was thinking about this, Zhao Hai knew that it wasn’t time to do it. They hid underwater for two hours before the Hawk finally arrived at Casa City. Then Zhao Hai’s group went into the Space.

This made Laura and the other’s quite regretful, this was the first time they saw such a view of the sea. Although it wasn’t that early, there was still a bit of light coming from the surface, this made them see all kinds of underwater sceneries, like small fishes swimming. This was a new experience for them.

It was not only them who experienced this for the first time, it was the same for Zhao Hai as well. He hadn’t that much time to play around at see before, now he was just sitting and gazed through Xenomorph’s transparent body towards the depths of the sea.

But it was a pity that Xenomorph wasn’t suitable for going too deep because of its element. Presently, they could only go on waters near the sea’s surface, they wouldn’t dare go too deep.

As soon as the group entered the Space, they also immediately went out. The place where they appeared in was exactly the place that Green had bought before. This place was Zhao Hai’s temporary transmission point, but lately they hadn’t been using it.

But since the place was owned by Green, nobody would come here, so Zhao Hai re-used the it.

Zhao Hai and the others didn’t dally in the courtyard, upon arriving, they immediately rode their horses to head towards the Grand Duke’s mansion. They didn’t sit inside Alien since Casa City was in a state of war, they didn’t want to make any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Although Zhao Hai knew that Casa City was in a war, he still froze upon arriving. This was because its current appearance was very far from what it was before.

Casa City was Purcell Duchy’s capital, it was even dubbed as the Pearl of the North. Trade was very flourishing here, its streets were very lively.

However, the current Casa City was deserted, not a single person was seen, it was no different from a ghost town. At this moment, a sudden boom was heard, making Zhao Hai look for its source. He understood that the sound must have come from the city wall. His expression couldn’t help but change. He didn’t expect the enemy to still attack in the evening, no wonder Evan said they couldn’t hold on for long.

Zhao Hai frowned and didn’t say anything, he immediately had his horse sprint towards the Grand Duke’s Mansion’s direction. Their action attracted the attention of the people in side the city. Soon, the city’s defenders were onto them, doors and gates were closed in order to block them.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the time to deal with those people, he just continued on towards the mansion. But upon arriving, Zhao Hai noticed a group blocking his way. There were a thousand knights in front of them, all paying attention to Zhao Hai. The lead Knight closed his visor and seemed to be in the ready for a charge.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he couldn’t help but immediately stop his horse. Then he bowed to the knight and said, “To the Purcell family knight, my name is Zhao Hai, I came to see the Grand Duke, I’ll have to give you the trouble of informing him.”

The Knight stared, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You said that you’re Zhao Hai? Does Mister Zhao Hai intend to help our Purcell Family?”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled, “I wouldn’t dare. I’m just here since the Grand Duke sent me a letter asking for assistance, please do notify him.” The knight excitedly raised his Knight’s spear, an act which Zhao Hai knew was a knight’s way of salute. Then the knight said, “Mister, please wait a bit. I will immediately return, the Grand Duke is still currently at the walls defending.” Then the knight turned towards the wall.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind it, it was a special time, so it was natural for them to be careful. He looked at the Cavalry by his side, they should be the elite troops of the Purcell Family. The weakest of them were 4th rank while the strongest were 6th rank. This wasn’t a bad composition, it clearly showed the high caliber of the Purcell Family. It really deserved to be called a Great Clan with its rich heritage.

While Zhao Hai was inspecting the cavalry, the cavalry were also inspecting him. For them, Zhao Hai’s name was very well known. He was quite popular among the people of the Purcell Family since he had helped them in the past.

What’s most important was his and Laura’s legendary love story, it was the people’s favorite topic to talk about in their spare time. Although Zhao Hai had been gone for quite some time, if you mention his name in Casa City, it was impossible for people to not know him, those who don’t number in the scarce few.

But now that they look at Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but feel disappointed. He looked very ordinary, dressed ordinary, even his magic staff looked very ordinary. He didn’t look any special while sitting on his horse. Then they saw Laura and Megan who were at the back, so they immediately knew it was indeed Zhao Hai since Laura’s face was very well known inside Casa City.

Before long, the sound of hooves galloping was heard as two shadows were quickly approaching. With his own eyes, Zhao Hai noticed Evan beside the Knight.

After Evan arrived in front of Zhao Hai, he immediately pulled the reins and jumped down from his horse. Then he laughed and said, “Zhao Hai, good, you really came. You really made me worried, if you came a few days later, then you wouldn’t be able to see me anymore.”

Zhao Hai also jumped down from his horse, he bowed and said, “Little Nephew has seen Uncle Evan. Uncle really has been living a great life for a few thieves to attack him.”

Evan laughed, “Boy, this isn’t any small thief. It’s that son of a bitch Boris. If he doesn’t kill me this time, then he won’t live well.”

Evan was originally a warrior, he had wandered outside before. Even if he had been immersed in being a Grand Duke for the past years, his unyielding warrior spirit was still ingrained to his very bones. This time, this trait of his was rediscovered as he himself fought in battle to kill his enemies.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Nephew has heard of this matter, I’m afraid that this this situation was caused by me, so I came here in order to help solve it. After receiving your letter, I immediately made haste to come here. Right, Uncle, let me make an introduction, you’ve already seen Laura, Meg, and Nier, you should also recognize Blockhead and Rockhead. This is Shue, this is Shun, this is my new fiancee, the Calci Family’s princess, Megan. Megan, this is Uncle Evan, Purcell Duchy’s Grand Duke.”

Megan blushed and then bowed to Evan, “This one has met Uncle Evan.”

Evan laughs and said, “Good, good, this youngster really has a gift for women. In such a short time, you already have another fiancee. Right, we shouldn’t be talking here, let’s enter the mansion.”

Zhao Hai then replied, “Uncle Evan, it seems like someone is attacking the city. Is it alright to leave the walls as it is?”

Evan shook his head and said, “It should be fine, it’s evening, those fellows wouldn’t make that much of an effort. They would wait until the day before doing so.”  Then he led Zhao Hai’s group into the Grand Duke’s Mansion. The scene earlier made the knights confused, they knew that Zhao Hai had a good relationship with the Purcell Family, but they didn’t expect it to be this good. From Evan’s actions, it seems like he didn’t treat Zhao Hai as any other outsider.

This made it strange for those who didn’t know Zhao Hai’s true identity. They already heard that his relationship with Evan was good, but the two of them didn’t have that much contact. So how was it that the two of them were so familiar with each other?”

After the group entered the mansion, Zhao Hai noticed something different. At this time, Zhao Hai didn’t notice a lot of servants, instead there were a lot of warriors inside. All of these people were naturally the Purcell Family’s foreign elders, since the family was now in a crisis, it was their duty to come and support it.

When Evan arrived, he immediately greeted every person he came across, before long, the group arrived at the living room. After sitting down, a warrior came and offered them some tea. Evan wasn’t polite, he took the tea and drank it before he turned to Zhao Hai, “It’s fortunate that you came quickly. If you were a few days late, I’m afraid you won’t be able to help anymore. Those guys are too powerful, they have quite a lot of 8th ranks. But even if they didn’t seem to have a 9th rank expert, the ancestor gave word two days ago that the other side had quite a number of 9th ranks among them. If the ancestor came out this time, the other party would be forced to act.”

  1. Stony Mountain -> Casa City’s distance was much farther than I remember


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