BTFTLIAW – Chapter 428

Chapter 428 – Raise the Banner of the Wild Dragon, Show them Who is Invincible!

When Megan knew that she was going to meet Green, she was very anxious. From what she heard from Laura, Green was Meg’s grandfather, the Buda Clan’s housekeeper. He also looked after Zhao Hai while he was growing up, Green was no different from Zhao Hai’s blood grandfather. Although Green still called Zhao Hai Young Master, Zhao Hai was extremely respectful to him. To get the recognition from the Buda Family, Grandpa Green’s approval was required.

This made Megan nervous. When she saw Green, she didn’t know what to speak, this made Green and Merine very amused.

At this point, Megan knew that Laura was just teasing her and chased her around for a long time. However, as a result, this made Megan look better in the eyes of the elders, and in the end she got Green’s recognition.

These past few days, Zhao Hai had been busy sailing. So he didn’t have the time to bring Megan back to Iron Mountain Fort. He just waited for a proper time before going back.

And now, when Megan heard Laura, she became very curious. She had known about Iron Mountain Fort for quite some time, but Laura and the others didn’t talk much about it. She just knew that the Milk Wine that was very in demand in the continent was produced in the fort, this made her want to take a look at the place.

But Zhao Hai really didn’t have much time to return to the fort. So Megan had no other choice but to wait. Now that they’re on their return trip, there was now a lot of spare time, naturally it was also time to go back to the fort and take a look.

Just as Megan was about to ask Zhao Hai as to when he plans to take her to Iron Mountain fort, a hawk’s sound was suddenly heard. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw that it was coming from a Blood Hawk, but he didn’t know where this one came from. So he immediately called it down and took the letter attached on its body. When Zhao Hai read the letter, his expression sank.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and knew that something important just happened. She quickly asked, “What is is Brother Hai? Did an accident happen?”

Zhao Hai handed the letter off to Laura, which made Laura’s calm face change. She muttered, “It’s surprisingly Uncle Evan, 200 thousand mercenaries? How is this possible? Are they fools?”

Meg looked puzzled at Laura, “Sister Laura, what happened?”

Laura gave the letter to Meg, “The letter is from Uncle Evan, he said that Casa City is suddenly besieged by 100 thousand mercenaries. There was also another 100 thousand outside the city’s vicinity to block reinforcements for the Purcell Family. Currently, Casa City is receiving no help, it will be broken into in five days.”

Although Megan didn’t read the letter, she stared blankly just by listening to Laura’s words. Even if she wasn’t an expert in military, hearing about 200 thousand mercenaries made her feel the absurdity of the situation, are the mercenaries crazy? 200 thousand mercenaries actually grouped up to attach a duchy? This was something a military would do, Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, which extraordinary person did the Purcell Family offend? Otherwise, why would so many mercenaries attack them? 200 thousand mercenaries, even if people who didn’t understand militaires would definitely think that they are just soldiers in disguise.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It should be Southern King Boris. Back when Ruyen was heading home, Southern King acted against her, but was saved by the Swordfish Ship that I had sent. And now that Ruyen came home safely, it seems like Boris wants to extinguish the Purcell Family.”

Laura turned to look at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what do you want to do?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “We’ll go discuss this with Grandpa Green as well as Uncle Smith. Both of them are veterans in politics, they should have good inputs on this matter. As for the fleet, let them head towards Jade Water City. Let Mu’en handle this matter.”

Laura nodded, “Mu’en can deal with it, in any case, he only needs to hand them over to Trezebo. We should indeed ask Grandpa Green’s advice, however, he had minimum contact with the outside world lately. I think Uncle Smith’s input is very valuable this time.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he immediately gave the Ghost Staff over to a Blood Hawk before sending it flying towards Sky Water City. At the same time, he had the five-masted ships gotten from the Markey Family to head to Jade Water City. He also left the traded items behind as well as an undead Water Mage to freeze the goods over. After that, everyone went to the Space and returned to Iron Mountain Fort.

Megan didn’t think that this would be the reason why she could go to Iron Mountain Fort. After arriving at the fort, Zhao Hai had Meg take Megan to walk around and see the place. Zhao Hai found Green and the others in the living room, then he told them about Evan’s matter.

Green frowned and said, “Of course we need to help, but if we do, then wouldn’t we be exposing our status?”

Zhao Hai snorted and said, “If we get exposed, then we get exposed. We happen to be looking for an opportunity to do so. It’s time to let the continent know that the Buda Clan has risen back. Grandpa Green, it seems like our Buda Clan’s Wild Dragon Banner hadn’t been shown in the continent for quite some time, should we take it?”

Green stared blankly before he stood up and laughed. From his body an intense killing aura, only those who experienced the battlefield would have, appeared, making the temperature in the room decrease by a several degrees.

Green turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, have you really decided?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’ve decided. Our Wild Dragon Banner must return to the face of the continent. Let people know that our Buda Clan is back.”

Green laughed, “Alright, the Wild Dragon Banner needs to be inherited, one day it would land in your hands. Now that the strength of our Buda Clan has increased, I think it’s time for the Young Master to receive it. Young Master, please wait, I’ll go bring it right away.”

Before long, Green arrived while carrying a neatly folded scarlet coth. When he arrived at the living room, he unfolded his hands and revealed the banner.

The banner was 2 meters high by 4 meters wide, fully red, and embroidered with a clawed dragon. This wasn’t a Chinese dragon, but a Western dragon with wings. But the embroidery was quite abstract, the dragon was drawn on its side, along with some fire coming out of its mouth.

However, what made Laura and the others surprised was that the banner looked a bit tattered. A hole was even present on the middle of it, but not damaging the dragon image. On the contrary the hole was lined with gold thread, making it glitter.

Zhao Hai was excited while looking at this banner, from the memories he obtained from Adam, he knew the significance of this banner. This was a War Banner of the Buda Clan’s First Patriarch. The banner itself was made with the most common red fabric, the dragon was also embroidered with ordinary yellow thread. However, during a battle, the First Patriarch was seriously injured while the flag was heavily damaged. The First Patriarch picked up the banner and wrapped it around his body, and struggled to survive while wearing it. In the end, they won the battle, and the banner was soaked with the blood of the family, making it even more scarlet red.

Afterwards, the Aksu Empire’s Emperor personally assigned someone to use fire silk to fix the banner as well as use gold threads to redraw the dragon before giving it back to the Buda Clan. The Clan then continually used the banner for several wars and battles, even though the the cloth and the silk were getting damaged, the Clan never changed the banner. Finally, when they left Aksu Empire’s capital, Green sold all of their things aside from the Clan’s banner. This banner could be said to be the spirit of the Buda Clan.

Green looked at the War Banner and turned to Zhao Hai, “Young Master, this Banner represents the honor of our Buda Clan. Today, I bestow this banner to you. I hope you take the Clan’s honor into heart. And most importantly, you must wave this banner in front of the Continent and let them know who is truly invincible!”

He said before handing the banner over to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai received the banner and solemnly nodded, “Grandpa Green, be relieved. I will certainly ingrain the image of this banner onto the eyes of everyone in the continent, I promise!”

Green laughed, and at the same time, tears flowed down his face. More than a year, it was more than a year before the Buda Clan had been relocated. Ever since being relocated, Green had always hoped that the banner could re-emerge into the continent. Now that the opportunity has arrived, the continent would have to know, that the Buda Clan is back!”

Meg and Merine were also silently shedding tears on the side. After experiencing everything, the banner had finally been handed over to Zhao Hai, and he even appeared very noble while doing so.

Zhao Hai turned to Green and said, “Grandpa Green, I’ll go now. SInce the Buda Clan is going to reappear on the continent, do you have any other advice?”

Green looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, I only have a few words. You must express the power and prestige of this flag, you cannot discredit this flag.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he folded the flag before sending it to the Space. But as the War Banner entered the Space, a prompt was unexpectedly heard, “Inheritance-type Special Item detected. Item can only be passed from generation to generation. Added to spirit department, special item class. This item can be used in battle, bound to the host, cannot be damaged, cannot be dropped. Can enhance soldiers, and increase host’s leadership ability. Increases the Host’s influence, loyalty of subordinates to the host increased. Also increases the Space’s attack power.”

Zhao Hai froze, he didn’t expect the banner to be very special. He quickly told Green about this development.

After listening, Green laughed, “Good! The Space is truly made for the young master, it actually recognizes the family’s treasure. This would be a great help to the Young Master. Right, the Young Master should leave. Don’t hesitate to approach us if you ever need anything.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he led Laura and the others to return to the Space. After looking at the monitor, they saw the blood hawk quickly flying towards Sky Water City. Then he shifted to the Haven, and upon seeing that there were no other ships in the vicinity, he immediately stored the ship into the Space.

The group sat in the living room and looked carefully at the screen. Laura sat beside Zhao Hai and gently said, “Brother Hai, this time if we use the Buda Clan’s War Banner, will those people shift their attention to the Black Wasteland? What do we do if they send some people over to investigate?”

Zhao Hai who was looking at the screen snorted, “They can come, but they won’t be able to return. This time I’ve planned let out 10 thousand creatures for the attack, too much is no good. The rest of the undead, about 100 thousand, will be left behind the Black Wasteland. And with Cai’er, even if they send in a 9th rank, they wouldn’t be able to leave.”

Laura didn’t oppose and just asked again, “Isn’t 10 thousand too few?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “10 thousand is already a lot. There are several Dark Mages who can command 10 thousand undead to battle. For me to dominate with these 10 thousand could already shake some people.”

Laura nodded, and then said, “Alright, 10 thousand is enough. We can also turn those we attack into undead, this way, nobody would get suspicious.”

Zhao Hai nodded, at this time the Blood Hawk arrived outside Sky Water City. Zhao Hai and the others immediately flashed out of the Space and then rode horses directly towards the City Lord’s Mansion.

Zhao Hai repeated his movements from before and sent a Blood Hawk to inform Smith about his arrival.

It was already afternoon, Smith and Randolph were in the living room talking about Zhao Hai. Megan had already been gone for ten days, they were now worried.

At this time, a hawk’s cry came. When Smith heard this, he knew that it must be the Blood Hawk. He immediately had someone go out and retrieve the letter from the Hawk. After reading the letter, Smith quickly had Phil go to the side entrance and receive Zhao Hai. At the same time, he also returned to the living room and said to Randolph, “Father, Little Hai and Megan’s group had come back. But this time it seems like they came with an important matter, they seem to be anxious.”

Randolph knitted his brows and said, “What could it be? Alright, we’ll just wait for them here. For them to return this soon, they must have something they needed to discuss with you.”

Smith nodded, at this time Zhao Hai’s group arrived at the side entrance and was greeted by Phil, “Mister, Miss, you’re already back? Come in, the Patriarch is waiting.”

Thunder seemed to erupt in Zhao Hai’s mind as he heard Phil’s words. But no matter what, he had to meet this man from the Calci Family, so he didn’t say anything. However, Megan’s face changed, “Grandpa is here? Does Grandpa oppose my engagement with Big Brother Hai? Grandpa Phil, what did Grandpa say?”

Phil smiled and said, “Young Lady need not worry, the Patriarch already agreed to your engagement. Now, the City Lord and the Patriarch are waiting in the living room, come in quickly.”

Megan relaxed her uneasy expression, she was really worried that Randolph would stop her engagement with Zhao Hai.


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