BTFTLIAW – Chapter 427

Chapter 427 – Trade

Megan sat in the hot spring pool and felt an unprecedented sense of comfort. This was her first time experiencing a hot spring ever. Sky Water City was on a coastal region, there were no hot springs available there.

Soaking in hot water inside the spring made her feel really good, it was very comfortable. Sitting in the hot spring while eating fruits and drinking wine was something she thought only fairies could do.

After taking her wine glass and taking a sip, Megan turned her head towards Laura and Meg who were also soaking in the hot spring while sipping wine. Megan made a discontented pout and said, “You two are really good sisters, enjoying such good stuff these days but only telling me now, hmph.”

Laura and Meg both laughed, after which Laura said, “It’s not that we don’t want to tell you, this place is just too important to the Buda Clan. If this secret were to be known by others, the Clan’s final trump card would be gone, so we dared not to tell you immediately. We only told you this time because of Brother Hai’s proposal.” Although Laura also wanted to tell Zhao Hai to inform Megan about the Space, she didn’t say it. No matter what, it was Zhao Hai’s decision. Moreover, she also said that to make Megan’s impression of Zhao Hai better, to make Megan’s heart accept Zhao Hai more.

One had to recognize how much Laura thought about Zhao Hai, even such small details were taken into consideration. This was because Laura knew that since she wanted to spend her lifetime with this man, it would help him if she solves all of his troubles. So Laura decided to think about such matters.

When Megan heard Laura, she snorted, “I forgive you. I’ll never tell anyone about this, be relieved .This place really is too good, you’ll really enjoy it here.”

Laura smiled and said, “It really is. Actually some of those things were Brother Hai’s ideas, he just couldn’t come enjoy them, he has too many things to do, he is too busy.”

Megan also sighed, she also saw how much things Zhao Hai handled these past few days. Although Zhao Hai was not signing documents like her father, Zhao Hai also had a lot of matters regarding the Buda Clan to think about. Just like Laura said, Zhao Hai was indeed very busy.

After the group soaked at the hot springs for a while, they then went to rest upstairs. There were more than 20 rooms in the Space’s villa, so there were still plenty of empty rooms. Since Megan had not rested well lately, she immediately fell asleep after the hot spring bath.

She didn’t think that she would fall asleep until the afternoon. When she got out of bed, there weren’t any other person inside the Space. After she wore her clothes, Megan immediately appeared on the Haven.

She stared for a moment before she understood that it was certainly Cai’er’s doing. Zhao Hai already introduced Megan to Cai’er yesterday. But Zhao Hai didn’t tell Megan that Cai’er was in fact a 9th rank expert.

When Megan arrived on the ship, Laura saw her. Laura immediately went and greeted her with a smile, “You woke up. Seeing you sleep so much during the day makes me think whether you can still be able to sleep at night.”

Megan spat out her tongue and said, “I haven’t slept well these past few days, so I had a very good rest. But I surprisingly overslept. Haha.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, “We can just return to the Space in the night and rest. It’s quiet there, and the air is very good as well. Sleeping there is very comfortable.”

Megan nodded and looked at the scenery of the sea. She smiled and said, “Looking at the grass inside the Space, while gazing at the sea on the ship, this lifestyle is very good.” Her words made Zhao Hai and the others smile.

After some time, Megan turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, what are we doing on this trip? Why do I see that we’re heading towards the deep seas? Do you intend to go there?”

Zhai Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right, we’ll head towards the deeps seas, as well as Ape Island, we have a base there.”

When Megan was reading a few days ago, she also came across information regarding Ape Island. So upon hearing Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but be startled as she said, “Ape Island? Isn’t that the one written in the book that had reefs surrounding it as well as strong magic beasts?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “Yes, that Ape Island. We’ve already subdued the magic beasts there. One of them is called Little Jin, I’m sure you’re going to like him. Moreover, that island is rich in Bread Fruits.”

Megan also knew about the Bread Fruit, she had eaten several of them. She didn’t think that the fruit was grown inside that ominous island.

After several days, Zhao Hai and the others finally arrived at Ape Island. Upon arriving, Little Jin’s group received Zhao Hai and the others. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on staying long this time. He stayed for two days and then they left, but this time Little Jin joined them. Zhao Hai didn’t oppose it, after all, there’s a transmission point inside Ape Island, Little Jin can just return anytime.

Megan also came to like Little Jin very much. Although Zhao Hai and the others told her that Little Jin was formidable, Megan just can’t see it just by looking at its face. She didn’t really believe that Little Jin was as scary as what the others said,

After leaving Ape Island, Zhao Hai’s group naturally headed to trade with the Rock Shrimp Tribe. Zhao Hai also told Megan about this, which made her shocked, she didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be trading with the Merfolk.

Keeping this as a secret was also tol to Megan. Even if they can cooperate with the Calci Family about marine products later on, they cannot tell the family about their transactions with the Rock Shrimp Tribe.

Megan didn’t oppose, ever since Zhao Hai revealed the Space to Megan, she already classified herself as someone from the Buda Clan. What she needed to do right now was to contribute into developing the clan. Not saying Zhao Hai’s matter wouldn’t affect the Calci Family’s benefits anyway. Conversely, if she cooperates, the Calci Family would be obtaining a lot of advantages in the future.

Megan’s transformation was also in small part the Space’s doing. Although the Space’s influence on a person was very minimal, almost nothing, ever since Megan started to stay inside the Space every evening, she changed bit by bit.

Naturally, this influence on a person was very limited, so Zhao Hai didn’t really care about this point. Before long, they arrived at the Shrimp Tribe’s domain. The tribesmen immediately came to meet them and escorted them to the reef where the tribe lived.

But when Zhao Hai arrived, he was shaken, this was because it was not only the Shrimp Tribe that was trading with him, there were also the Crabs and the Shellfishes. The deals with the two tribes were also very beneficial to Zhao Hai. There was needless to say about the Shell Tribe, since they were the ones who had the pearls. But the Crab Tribe also traded Zhao Hai with crab magic beasts. These crabs were really very big, if they were placed on the ground with their claws outstretched, their length would be about ten meters.

Altogether, what Zhao Hai gained from the trade this time were 100 jins of pearl, 100 corals, 200 gigantic crabs, 100 giant shrimps, as well as various marine plants and other Magic Beasts. One could say that Zhao Hai’s harvests were very great.

Moreover, Libben also told Zhao Hai that he was still contacting other tribes to see who wanted to trade with Zhao Hai. Naturally, Zhao Hai was extremely glad about this, so he gave the Shrimp Tribe some Bread Fruits as well as some Milk Wine. As to whether how they will drink the liquor, it wasn’t under Zhao Hai’s worries.

When Zhao Hai left the Shrimp Tribe’s area and headed towards the shallower sea, Megan couldn’t help but release a breath. She looked at the Shrimp Tribe’s territory and turned to Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai, aren’t you scared when seeing those Shrimp and Crap Tribesmen?”

Zhao Hai already saw Shrimp Tribesmen from before. Now, he saw the Crab Tribesmen. Their upper bodies were vaguely similar to the Shrimps, but they didn’t have as many arms like them, the Crabs were just like humans. However, their eyes were not normal since they stretched outwards their heads, they may even turn them 360 degrees to see all around their body. Their arms were like the humans, but their hands were replaced with huge claws. Their lower body had crab-like feet, they also had large shells. One could say that the Crab Tribesmen just looked like a long crab with half a human’s body.

On the other hand, the Shell Tribesmen were very much like humans. But on their backs were a pair of wing-like shells. The shell was quite huge, as long as a Shell Tribesman curls their body, they could fit themselves inside their shells. When Zhao Hai saw the appearance of the Shell people, he couldn’t help but think about Shell Girl. However, the Shell Tribesmen weren’t very beautiful.

It was because of the odd and strange appearances of the Merfolk that Megan asked Zhao Hai that question. He just smiled and said, “Why should we be afraid? They are also creatures who had wisdom no lesser than our own. They just had appearances that appear strange to us, just like how us humans look strange to them. Megan, you have to remember this as a future senior member of the Buda Clan, you must be good if you meet different races. The most hated thing for these races are when Humans look down on their appearances. Therefore, even if you do fear them, don’t show it. An expression of fear or loathing will enrage them, they might even possibly go out and attack you.”

Megan stared, then she turned to Laura. Laura smiled and said, “In a few days, we will lead you to Iron Mountain Fort. There, you will be able to see some Giant-Horned Ox Clansmen. They are huge, with giant horns. We felt strange when we saw them for the first time, but give it some days and you will get used to it. You would be getting along with them and see that they are much more easy to interact with than other humans.”

Although they already told Megan about the transmission points, Zhao Hai still hadn’t brought Megan to Iron Mountain Fort. He just invited Green and the others to the Space to meet Megan.


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