BTFTLIAW – Chapter 426

Chapter 426 – Hot Spring

The next morning, Megan woke up early. Although she had been on the sea for four days, she was still unfamiliar with sleeping on the ship. This made her rests each day quite unpractical.

.This was also the reason why Megan’s mood was not very good these days. If one was not well rested, then their temperament wouldn’t be good. It was precisely because of this that Megan had been very depressed in the past days.

After washing up, Megan went out of the cabin. She thought of breathing in the sea breeze outside. This time, she went out of her house without bringing any servants along with her. But Megan wasn’t regretful, since she was going to marry Zhao Hai, then she must be familiar with his lifestyle, she doesn’t want Zhao Hai to see her as a young lady that need servants all the time to help her.

When Megan arrived on the deck, she saw that Zhao Hai and Laura were already up. Megan quickly went forwards and embarrassingly said, “Big Brother Hai, Sister Laura, you’re all up. I’m sorry I woke up late.”

Zhao Hai turned to Megan and saw that there were dark circles around her eyes, he couldn’t help but feel very apologetic towards her. He smiled and said, “What’s wrong? Not sleeping very well? This is normal for newcomers at sea, always feeling sick because of the swaying and shaking. Hehe.”

Megan smiled stiffly and said, “I really don’t know. I’ve already been used to the swaying since I was young. But I think If I still stayed here when I was young, I would still get sick.” This caused Laura and Zhao Hai to laugh.

Megan also laughed, although she underwent hardship and suffered a bit over the past two days, she also learned a lot from Zhao Hai’s group. They were hard-working, persevering, and optimistic. It was because of this that she can still joke about at this point.

Now Megan understood the thing about Zhao Hai that attracts her, it was his spirit of optimism. No matter what happens, Zhao Hai was still optimistic. The most important thing about Zhao Hai was that he strives to move forward no matter what happens, this seemed to be attractive to her.

While looking at Megan’s face, Zhao Hai calmed down. He looked at Megan and sternly said, “Megan, now that we’re engaged, you’ll be a person of my Buda Clan in the future. Because of this, I’ll tell you our Buda Clan’s greatest secret. I hope you keep this secret, even from your father, can you do it?”

When Megan heard Zhao Hai’s first couple of words, she felt her face turn hot. But as soon as she heard the last ones, she froze and looked at Zhao Hai, but she didn’t agree immediately.

She quietly thought about Zhao Hai’s words. Yes, she was now engaged to Zhao Hai. And although they hadn’t been married, the matter was already set. She will become a person of the Buda Clan, no matter what others thought about it, and it was also not in her mind to leave Zhao Hai.

However, she also needed to take her parents into account, which made it difficult for her. Her feelings for Smith and the madam was too deep. So if she wanted to keep a secret from her mother and father, she was afraid that she would be unable to do it.

Seeing that Megan didn’t answer immediately, Zhao Hai didn’t become angry. On the contrary, he was quite glad that Megan didn’t quickly agree. I meant that she held relationships as important, and it also showed that her feelings for Zhao Hai were genuine. Otherwise, Megan could just agree immediately and when she returns, she could just sell Zhao Hai out.

Zhao Hai looked at Megan and said, “Megan, you must know that this secret is known by Laura, also Meg, all of the people from my Buda Clan knows. Since you’ve become engaged to me, I hope that you will have the same status as Laura and Meg. Otherwise, it would be unfair for you. At the same time, I completely believe in you, if I didn’t, then it wouldn’t be good in the future if you marry me. I hope you can take these words into account as well.”

When Megan heard Zhao Hai, she understood that Zhao Hai hoped for her to reach the same status as Laura. This also meant that in his heart, she held the same place as Laura and Meg. This fact made Megan happy, she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, you can rest assured, if you trust me that much, then I wouldn’t disappoint you. I will protect the Buda Clan’s secret, even from my mother and father.”

Zhao Hai looked at Megan’s face then laughed, “Alright, I already feel relieved from hearing your words. Are you prepared? Because you will now know about the biggest secret of the Buda Clan.”

Megan took a deep breath and said, “I’m ready.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and made an intention on his mind. Megan felt a flash of white light before she appeared in front of the villa.

Megan looked at everything in front of her and thought that she must have been in the Prairie. All around were green grass, and not far from the villa was a cultivated land where various plants were planted. But most importantly, she didn’t know how they arrived here, weren’t they on the ship just now?

At this time, Meg came and opened the door to the villa. As soon as she saw Megan, she smiled and said, “Megan, you’re here? Come in quickly, breakfast is already prepared. We can talk while eating at the same time.”

Megan’s mind was hazy as Meg pulled her into the villa. When they arrived at the dining doom, Meg didn’t serve the dishes immediately, they waited before Shue and the others came and also sat down.

This was Zhao Hai’s custom. When there was no special event, Shue and the others would dine with him, chatting on the table, increasing their sentiment to each other. Although they were under the Blood Oath, and were not allowed to betray Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai didn’t want to depend on the Blood Oath for their loyalty. He hoped that Shue and the others would sincerely work for him

Megan was still hazy when she sat down, she was very puzzled seeing all of this. The villa was just fine for her, but the environment made her very confused.

At this time, Zhao Hai also sat down and smiled, “Megan, this is our Bida Clan’s greatest secret, Um, Laura, go introduce Megan to the Space.”

Laura didn’t object, she smiled faintly and talked to Megan about the Space along with its various mystical properties.

Megan already forgot to eat as she just stared and listened to Laura telling everything about the myriad magical things that was in the Space. Laura also kept talking for about one hour, at this point, Zhao Hai and the others were already finished eating. The only people who have not yet eaten were Laura and Megan.

When Laura finished, Megan couldn’t believe it as she looked outside the window and said, “You mean this entire place belonged to Brother Hai? In here, Brother Hai is a god?”

Laura smiled and said, “It’s just like what you said, everything here belongs to Brother Hai. And even if he is a god here, he is a miserable god, why? It’s because he needs to pay the Space for everything, also he needs to upgrade the space, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to use its full potential.”

Megan didn’t understand so much about it, but she still muttered, “Everything here surprisingly belongs to Brother Hai, amazing, this is too amazing.”

Seeing her appearance, Laura didn’t say anything and just faintly smiled. She went to the kitchen to warm their meal. She had to, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to eat it.

After some time, Megan recovered. Currently, it was only her who was left inside the dining room. Laura was busy in the kitchen while Zhao Hai and the others were in the living room.

Megan didn’t head to the living room, but instead she went to the kitchen. She asked Laura about the questions she had about the Space. Laura was also patient in answering them all. Soon after, their meals were already prepared, then the two went to the dining room to eat. After the meal, they went to the living room and saw Zhao Hai and the others looking at the monitor. The screen displayed the state of the sea.

As the various images popped out of the monitor, Megan was again reminded of the various mysteries of the Space. Zhao Hai looked at her and faintly smiled, “Megan, is Laura done in telling you about the Space? This is our Buda Clan’s ace, right, you should know about the good things i have right? Those were outputs of the Space, hehe, I can say that without the Space, you wouldn’t be able to meet me.”

Megan nodded at Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai, rest assured, I will certainly not mention the Space to anybody.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, “Very well, I believe you. Megan, I know that you haven’t been resting properly these days, you can go sleep inside the Space. I’ll let Laura and Meg accompany you. The ship can just sail without us outside, but I still can’t feel at ease.”

Laura also said, “That’s right, we haven’t had a good rest these days either, so let’s sleep here. Megan, let’s go and take a rest.” Then she pulled Megan and left.

Zhao Hai also lead Blockhead and the others outside the Space, leaving the girls alone. The women didn’t immediately go to bed, they took Megan to have a good bath first. There was a hot spring spool in the Space, they can just bathe there and relax.

The hot spring of the Space was placed underneath the villa, which was Karen’s former laboratory before he moved to Iron Mountain Fort. Since the basement was not used, Laura proposed to Cai’er her intent to make the basement into a Hot Spring pool. The pool was supplied with flowing water since there was a spring underneath the villa. At the same time, there was also an outlet on the pool, since it was hard to control the amount of water inside the basement.

In the basement, there weren’t only some stone tables and other furnitures, Cai’er can also send some fruits and wine for Laura and the others to enjoy. After the basement was prepared, it was very well regarded by the group. Afterwards, Zhao Hai proposed dividing the place into two rooms, one for the women, then the other one is for men. [1]

  1. Zhao Hai, a.k.a. The enemy of men. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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