BTFTLIAW – Chapter 425

Chapter 425 – Decision

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “A little bored, but there are advantages in having an undead crew as well. They will not betray you, they don’t need any salary, and moreover, they won’t bother us, isn’t that great?”

Megan pouted her mouth and said, “Is it really? Why couldn’t I see it? Elder Brother Hai, how about you tell me about your life. What happened to the Buda Clan after being being bestowed the Black Wasteland?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, a lot happened after the Buda Clan got sent to the Black Wasteland. But most of those matter were related to the Space. If he tells Megan about those experiences then he could only expose the Space. And Zhao Hai didn’t want to deceive Megan, so he didn’t know how to proceed from here.

When Laura saw Zhao Hai fall into an embarrassing situation, she inserted, “We can talk about those later. Megan, let’s go cook. We’ll have to let Brother Hai taste the meal that we create today. By the way, we need to call Meg, otherwise Brother Hai would be poisoned by us.”

Megan’s interest was piqued when she heard Laura. So she smiled and followed along. Then the four women ran towards the kitchen. When Zhao Hai saw the backs of the four he talked to Blockhead who was at his side, “Blockhead, what do you think? Should I tell Megan about the Space?”

Blockhead smiled and said, “That depends on the Young Master. But if you think about it, even if the Space were to be exposed, there were only a few powers in the continent that could still be a threat to us. With the numerous undead inside the Space, we have numerical advantage against anyone. If we really can’t endure, we can just escape to the Beastman Prairie.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, and said, “Your ambition isn’t small, but what you said is right. Right now, we don’t need to be afraid of anyone. And I also feel like I’ve been deceiving Megan, I feel sorry for her. Anyway, if I didn’t trust her, then I shouldn’t have gone and got engaged to her.”

Blockhead smiled and said, “I don’t really understand much about these things. Young Master can do it himself.”

Zhao Hai looked at Blockhead and smiled, “While we’re here, you and Rockhead are already quite old enough to get married. I’ll go discuss this with Grandpa Green. The both of you can’t just be single your whole life, you need a woman to look after you.”

When Blockhead heard Zhao Hai, his face couldn’t help but turn red as he said, “Young Master, you really do like to make jokes. I’m already quite happy serving the Young Master along with Stonehead.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Serving me and getting married are two different matters. You can get married and still serve me. It seems like I really do have to tell this to Grandpa Green.”

After the group had their lunch, they went on to have an afternoon nap. In the afternoon, Zhao Hai practiced his Battle QI and Fighting techniques on the ship. At the side, Meg was teaching Megan how to fight using Magic.

Although Megan was a 5th rank Water Mage, while also having good magical skills, her practical experience wasn’t good, so Meg went forward to guide her.

But Zhao Hai understands that this type of guidance can only take Megan so far. What she needed was actual combat experience. When comparing practice with actual combat, the atmosphere between the two was completely different. There were quite a lot of people who were very gifted in training but were complete dunces in the battlefield. They would get killed because they couldn’t adapt to the environment of the battlefield. They would become scared of the enemy’s charges, making their overall combat capability drop to about twenty percent. And this was fatal for a warrior.

In the evening when Megan had gone to sleep, Zhao Hai and the others went to the Space. Green and Kun were already waiting for them inside. After Zhao Hai practiced his martial arts, the group entered the living room to sit down. Then Zhao Hai turned to Green and said “Grandpa Green, I want to tell Megan about the Space.”

Green stared for a moment before he knit his brows, “Why did you suddenly mention this? In the past few days, you were sure that you wouldn’t tell her your secret, in fear that Smith and the Calci Family were to find out.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It’s true, if I tell Megan about the Space then the Calci Family might know. But if I don’t tell her, then I would feel that I may have been unfair. If I wouldn’t trust Megan, then I might as well have not agreed to the engagement. Upon thinking about it, I really do think that it is unfair to Megan.”

Green nodded, but didn’t say anything. At this point, Kun frowned and said, “Is it okay? If we do this, then we need to think about what will happen if the continent were to know. Including the Calci Family, there were also a lot of great powers in the continent who could take interest. You must know that there are endless greed in this world.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I also know that. But currently, we don’t need to fear the Calci Family’s strength. If we really cannot endure, we can just end them.”

When Green heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but knit his brows as he said, “In that case, we may become the enemy of the entire continent, then we won’t have any place inside it.”

Zhao Hai sighed, “I also know, but the continent places importance to strength. We are currently very strong, but now very known, making these small troubles arrive to us. But if we show off our strength, then wouldn’t they naturally disappear?”

Green knit his brows, obviously not in approval with Zhao Hai’s proposition. But he thought that Zhao Hai’s thinking was correct. If the Calci Family knew that they had the strength to contend against a 9th rank expert, then they might’ve not treated Zhao Hai like what they just did.”

However, Green still thought that this wasn’t a safe approach. The 9th ranks on their group were still very few. If they were to fight against all those people, then they can only be pushed back to the Black Wasteland.

At this time Kun said, “Little Hai, how about you take those 9th ranks back at the Carrion Swamp. We already have Cai’er and Zhao Wen on our side, so getting those other 9th ranks shouldn’t be too difficult. If we take them one by one, then we can slowly weaken their Flower Protection Alliance’s power, and eventually, they will all be taken over by us. After all, they are Magic Beasts, and if Magic Beats enters the Space, it will immediately take control over them. We wouldn’t even have to worry about them betraying us. If we have them on our hands, we can be on the same level as the Humans, Beastman, Merfold, Elves and the Dwarves, we would become a formidable existence on the continent.”

Zhao Hai froze, he didn’t think about this. Because they were always thinking about the Flower Protection Alliance, they actually forgot to take into consideration that those Magic Beasts have their own respective domains, rarely coming in contact with the others. If Zhao Hai caan subdue those 9th ranks, then his strength would immediately be risen to among the top of the continent.

Green’s eyes also lit up, “If this is the case, then we could definitely do it. However, now’s not the time. We must wait until afterwards. Right, Young Master, I think you can tell Megan about the Space. But you have to make her promise to not divulge it to any other person no matter what.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Grandpa Green, another matter, it’s about Blockhead and Rockhead. They aren’t that young anymore, how about setting them up to get married? There is also Shue. I think we should find them a companion. They can’t serve me while being unmarried forever, wouldn’t that be unfair to them?”

Green didn’t say anything, it was Merine who smiled and said, “Right, Young Master’s idea is quite good. The two boys, Blockhead and Rockhead, should have a family. Shue even more so. They should get married.”

Blockhead and Rockhead’s faces looked like boiled shrimp, their necks were red as well. But Shue was very calm, he turned to Zhao Hai and Merine and said, “I thank the Young Master and Madam Merine for the good intentions, but I’ve already made an oath to never marry in my entire life.”

Zhao Hai stared at Shue for a moment before he nodded gently. He didn’t talk anymore. He knew the Shue might have his own reasons. He was also afraid that he might’ve made Shue recall a painful experience.

Merine didn’t ask further, but she still looked at Shue and sighed, “Alright, you’re free to have own reasons. But Young Master, I think you need to talk to Megan about the Space tomorrow. It’s just like you said, since you’re now engaged to Megan, then you should trust her, otherwise you would be unfair to her.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to Laura and Meg and said, “Laura, Meg, are you fine with this? I felt that If I leave Megan out of the Space’s matter, then I might have been deceiving her.”

Laura smiled and said, “Of course we’re fine. Brother Hai, you don’t know but we have long wanted to tell you about this matter. If we discuss sentiment, our feelings towards Megan is comparatively better than yours.”

Zhao Hai cannot help but laugh, “If you say so, then I’m relieved. Actually, I’m quite fortunate that I have the favor of you girls. And since you all were taking care of me, then I want all of you to see each other equally. I hope that all of you gets along with each other, otherwise my Buda Family wouldn’t have a great future.”

Laura smiled and said, “Be relieved, we wouldn’t struggle with each other. But if you prefer one of us, then all of us won’t be happy, we are now one group.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh even louder, Green and the others also laughed. To be honest, with Megan’s engagement to Zhao Hai, Green was afraid that Laura and Meg would have some misgivings. If Zhao Hai’s backyard was on fire, then their Buda Family wouldn’t fare very well.

Kun sighed inside, he knew that Laura loves Zhao Hai very much. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have such considerations for him. But Kun also knew that Zhao Hai is very happy with Laura. There’s no decision that he wouldn’t discuss with her. Kun could even say that Zhao Hai’s feelings for Laura was the same as Laura’s feelings for him.


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