BTFTLIAW – Chapter 419

Chapter 419 – Megan’s Thoughts

After they arrived at the courtyard, they sat down as a servant went and served them some tea. After that, Smith waved his hand to make the servants leave the room for the two of them.

Seeing the situation, the madam couldn’t help but stare, she turned her head to Smith and said, “What’s the matter my dear City Lord? Why are acting so mysterious?”

With a calm face, Smith looked at the madam and said, “This matters implications are going to be big. Today, I received a letter from the family that said about their plans of sending a 9th rank expert to deal with Zhao Hai.”

The madam stared at her husband,, then she knit her brows. Even if she didn’t care much about the matters of the family, she took not of Zhao Hai since she has a good impression of the young man. In her opinion, Zhao Hai was an honest and reliable man with great strength. Such a young man was very difficult to find nowadays.

In the past, she didn’t care too much about the family’s plans of dealing with Zhao Hai. For her, it should have been just been Juwan doing his thing. She believed that Smith would have this under control. However, she didn’t realize that the family would go and send a 9th rank expert to Zhao Hai. With a 9th rank dispatched, the matter turned more complicated. How could the situation reach this point?

Seeing the madan not talking, Smith said, “I want to save Zhao Hai, if the family were to kill him, no Dark Mage would trust the family ever again. This loss would be too much for the family.”

The madam frowned, “But didn’t you say that the family will send a 9th rank expert? If this decision came from the Patriarch and the Elder’s Assembly, then how can we guarantee Zhao Hai’s safety?”

Smith looked at his wife and said, “Dear, Megan’s age isn’t that young. I think it’s time for her to get married. I want you to ask her how she feels about Zhao Hai.”

Upon hearing her husband, the madam’s expression changed. But she wasn’t a normal woman and didn’t immediately oppose, she thought about it more carefully.

Seeing his wife like this, Smith was glad, he looked at her and added, “You know what kind of man Zhao Hai is. You have also seen Laura and Meg. I think if Megan were to marry Zhao Hai, then she wouldn’t suffer in the future. This way, Megan would have a safe home to return to. At the same time, we would be able to save Zhao Hai. However, this matter fully depends on Megan, if she doesn’t agree, then I will think of another solution. I’m here to ask ask you opinion, what do you think?”

The madam thought for a moment and then nodded, “That young man Zhao Hai is good. But my condition is that if Megan were to marry him, he should reveal to us his own family background. Otherwise, I will oppose to their marriage.”

Smith nodded, Zhao Hai’s background is very mysterious. Nobody in the continent knew, this was one of the misgivings inside Smith’s heart.

Now that the madam agreed, Smith can now proceed to the next step, he turned to his wife and said, “Since you agreed, then the next matter is easy. I want you to help me ask Megan what he thinks about this. After all, this is not something that a father could just ask his daughter. Don’t ask directly, ask her what she thinks of ZHao Hai first. After all, the time that they came in contact wasn’t that long. Inquire her slowly, but remember that I will need to send Zhao Hai a letter in the next days, making him come back to Sky Water City immediately. If Megan disagrees, at the very least we should inform him that the family is planning to send a 9th rank to deal with him.”

The madam nodded, “Alright, leave it to me. Dear, do you really like Zhao Hai? The plan was decided by the family, if you really go on with your plan with Zhao Hai, then you would be offending almost everyone.”

Smith sighed, “I cannot please everybody. But if the family succeeds with this operation, then its fate would be beyond redemption.” Then Smith told his wife about the speculations that him and Phil came up earlier. The madam frowned, even if she didn’t care about these matters, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t understand it. She lived inside the family for along time, so she was still clear about its inner workings. She agreed with Smith’s speculation.

After Smith talked, the madam sighed and said, “The family had been suppressed by the Radiant Church for so long. Now that they experienced a single win, they already thought that the world belongs to them. Right, Zhao Hai is a good young man, but he’s currently together with the Third Prince. This matter is too risky, did you already think about that?”

Smith smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t really think much about it, but that situation was in the end caused by the family. Zhao Hai isn’t a fool, he’s smart. Seeing that he had some accidents here, he naturally would give himself an escape route. But that doesn’t matter, even if our Great Family didn’t join struggles for the throne, Zhao Hai didn’t belong to our family. Even if he marries Megan, he wouldn’t bear our family name, so it should be fine for us. And if the Third Prince were to succeed, then it would be a good bonus for our family. In the end, this matter has both danger and benefits, half and half.”

The madam then said, “Alright, I will go approach Megan in the next two days. What about you? When will you send the letter for Zhao Hai? You should use the Blood Hawk he gave you to get it to him as soon as possible or else it would be too late if the family already sent their 9th rank expert.”

Smith nodded and said, “From what I heard, Zhao Hai was still not in Jade Water City. This made it difficult for us to find him, which also made it difficult for the family to find him. And even if he comes back, he should still be safe inside the city. After he returns to Jade Water City, I will immediately send him the letter asking him to come back to Sky Water City.”

The madam knit her brows, “But will Zhao Hai come?”

Smith replied with a serious tone, “He surely will, for his two previous actions, it showed that he didn’t want to get in serious conflict with the family. But even if he suffered a bit from the family, he should still have good impression of me. If I send him a letter, he will certainly come.”

The madam nodded, “Alright, then I shall ask Megan’s opinion as soon as possible.” Smith also nodded, then sighed. The madam looked at him and knew that he was anxious about this situation, so she consoled him, “The family had been around for so long, it has surely experienced its ups and downs, but it is still standing today. It wouldn’t be easy for it to be destroyed.”

Smith sighed and said, “It was because the Calci Family existed for a long time that father and the elders thought that nothing fatal would happen to the family. In the past where the Radiant Church still had its knife on the family’s neck, the family was constantly pushed till their backs were on the wall. And now that the we have won a single battle, they didn’t see that there was virtually no damage done to the core strength of the Radiant Church. The family even couldn’t wait before they completely got rid of their enemy, this is too pitiful.”

The madam sighed as well, she knew that her husband had given his all for the family for all these years. But now the family was heading towards its current direction. It was no wonder that Smith felt very sad.

When the day turned noon, the madam found Megan inside the study room, reading. These days, Megan rarely went out to play, for her going out was now pointless. She had already played around sufficiently, already ate everything she found delicious, right now, there was nothing that came to interest her.

The madam naturally knew Megan’s thoughts. She quietly stood at the door of the study and looked at her daughter who was focused on her reading. The madam’s heart couldn’t help but sigh, her daughter had finally grew and and reached marriageable age.

While Megan was very focused, the madam coughed slightly, this woke Megan up. Then she saw her mother and immediately placed down the book as she stood up, “Mom, why did you come? I thought you were at your medicinal garden.”

The madam smiled and said, “I just can’t stay inside the garden all day. Right, Megan, why haven’t you gone out to play? Is there something wrong? Are you unhappy?”

Megan shook her head and said, “It’s nothing, but nothing just excites me. I feel bored when I go out to eat and drink. I might as well read at home.”

The madam arrived at Megan’s side as she patted Megan’s head, she smiled and said, “My small Megan had grown up, she finally became very sensible. Hehe. Your father will certainly be happy.”

Megan pouted her lips and said, “I don’t think so. I already told father and asked him to do something for me. But until now, he still hasn’t come up with something for me. I can only be here everyday, reading and being bored to death.”

The madam couldn’t help but smile to Megan and reply, “You silly thing. You think handling matters is that amusing? That is much more boring compared to reading a book. Otherwise, why do you think I always stay inside my medicinal garden and handed everything about the house over to the housekeeper? You silly girl should think properly for yourself, truly.”

Megan spat out her tongue and chuckled naughtily. Seeing Megan’s expression, the madam couldn’t help but sigh heavily inside. But she still said in a soft manner, “Megan, do you like Laura and Meg?”

Upon hearing her mother’s words, Megan couldn’t help but put on a gloomy expression as she nodded, “Sister Laura and Sister Meg have become my best friends. They also saved my life, but the family is currently going after them. Mom, couldn’t Dad just stop them?”

The madam sighed, “You silly girl, do you think that your father is the Patriarch? There are some matters that your father cannot handle, he must listen to the family.”

Megan didn’t say anything, although she was like her mother who didn’t care much about family matters. Children of the family were still aware of the simple matters within it. She also knew that there were some things that even her father cannot deal with.

The madam looked at Megan and knew that her daughter understood. At this time she softly said to Megan, “There really is something wrong with the family, hai, I don’t know what would happen to Zhao hai. Right, Megan, what do you think of Zhao Hai?”

Megan’s heart couldn’t help but jump when she heard her mother. To be honest, Megan’s impression of Zhao Hai was very good. When she was attacked before, she asked Laura and Meg and found out that without Zhao Hai’s warning, the two wouldn’t be able to protect her. Because of this, Megan felt grateful to Zhao Hai.

But she was a girl, thin-skinned, she couldn’t go to Zhao Hai and express her gratitude personally. Also, when Zhao Hai was staying inside Sky Water City, they didn’t have a lot of interactions with each other. In her mind, Zhao Hai was that man who seem to have an ever-present smile on his face, someone who loved Laura and Meg, the kind of love that made people feel envy.

The most important point was that Zhao Hai respected Laura and Meg very much. He just let Laura do their thing and trusted them wholeheartedly. He also seem to have something that made Megan feel attracted to. Therefore, when the madam asked Megan what she thought of Zhao Hai, her heart couldn’t help but beat crazily,  making her face flushed.

Smith’s wife was an experienced person, when she saw Megan’s expression, she understood. She sighed and thought that this girl had finally fallen. But the madam still opened her mouth and say, “Mister Zhao Hai just recently dealt with your fifth Uncle. He also snatched 20 ships from the family. I heard that your fifth uncle is still out at sea.”

Megan stared, she gave her mother a look and said, “Mom, what about fifth uncle? Why did he find trouble with mister?”

The madam sighed, “Not only this, your father has received a notice from the family today. It said that the family would be sending a 9th rank expert to deal with mister Zhao Hai. This time, I’m afraid that mister Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to escape.”

Megan’s complexion paled, she looked at her mother and said, “Mom, are you sure? The family would really send a 9th rank expert to kill mister Zhao Hai? How can the family do this? No, I’m going to find father, I’ll make him save mister.”

The madam held Megan’s hand hastily and said, “Megan, wait. Don’t worry, your father and I already discussed this. Sending the 9th rank was still awaiting approval from the Elder’s Assembly. But we also think that rescuing Mister Zhao Hai is very difficult, at the very least your father wouldn’t be able to do it.”

Megan’s face changed color, she looked very anxious as she asked, “Mom, what should I do to stop the family from sending a 9th rank to kill mister?”

The madam looked at Megan’s face and knew what her daughter was thinking. She patted Megan’s head and said, “You father had thought of a way to save Mister Zhao Hai. Megan, you’re not young anymore, I think we should start looking for your husband. Did you already have someone on mind? You can tell me and your mother will help you in this matter.”

As soon as Megan heard her mother, her face immediately reddened, “Mom, we are talking about Mister’s matter. How did we arrive to my own matters?”

The madam smiled, “You’re already not young. At your age, your mother had already kissed your dad. Let’s talk about it? Why are you so embarrassed?”


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