BTFTLIAW – Chapter 418

Chapter 418 – The Devil Resurfaces

Now because of Zhao Hai’s plan, the family didn’t need to fear Radiant Church’s suppression anymore. Therefore, they shifted their focus towards the Dark Mages and proceeding to deal with those who pose a threat to the family. And Zhao Hai was without a doubt such a person.

From the family’s point of view, Zhao Hai’s strength was only 7-8th ranks, he wasn’t a threat regarding that area. However, the idea that Zhao Hai provided the family was too effective that the family came to fear him. For Zhao Hai to give that kind of idea meant that Zhao Hai’s capabilities are quite high. If given the opportunity, perhaps he can establish his own Great Clan, when that time comes, the Calci Family would have a hard time in getting the hearts of all Dark Mages.

Moreover, in their opinion, Zhao Hai’s body had all the conditions required to build a family. He is young and his strength isn’t that bad. He has a lot of good to not worry about money. He is smart as well, all of these combined together was enough for the Calci Family to make a move against him.

Phil didn’t agree with the family’s methods. It was because the family had caused huge damage to all the Dark Mages and ensured that they didn’t increase in power. With only the family facing against the Radiant Church, the profession was in fear of getting exterminated. Now that the family is doing better, they got back to their previous actions again, this was really a short-sighted behavior.

Smith didn’t replied to Phil’s words, but with a serious voice he added, “The Family’s brains is starting to rot again. Do they really really want to aid the Radiant Church? No, we cannot just allow it.”

At this time, Phil recovered from his thoughts, he looked at Smith and sighed, “Master, I’m afraid that wouldn’t’ be easy, how would we protect Zhao Hai? The family will send a 9th rank this time, don’t consider Zhao Hai, even the Third Prince Charlie couldn’t just casually mobilize a 9th rank.”

While Smith may have a calm face, his mind’s thoughts were continually spinning. He was trying to figure out ways in order to save Zhao Hai. In his opinion, Zhao Hao was a very talented man, one full of potential. He is a good blessing to all Dark Mages. Moreover, Smith wanted to preserve the mission of the League of Dark Mages, to be there for Dark Mages but not controlling them. They need to make the league keep its loose management.

It was precisely because that if the Family were to become strict in its management of the Dark Mages, they might kill those who were disobedient. When that time comes, Dark Mages would still respect the family, but not because of reverence, but because of fear. So when the league of Dark Mages became established, the family just supported it at the side and didn’t step in to rule it directly. The family knew that Dark Mages were mostly uncooperative.

The current practice of the family was very wrong. If their actions cause the Dark Mages to hold back on their contribution, this wouldn’t be very good for the overall situation of all Dark Mages. It would only make it easier for the Radiant Church to deal with the Calci Family, as well as slowly exterminating the Dark Mages in this world.

The advice that Zhao Hai offered, making Dark Mages proliferate in the Rosen Empire, requires time. For a child to study, become talented and assume a responsible position, it would take at least 20 years. Who knows what happens in 20 years? If the Rosen Empire feels like the Dark Mages were increasing their strengths rapidly, then they would start suppressing them. Adding that on top of the threat of the Radiant Church, the trouble to Calci Family would be huge.

Therefore, the League of Dark Mages cannot be disbanded. Zhao Hai cannot die, he must live, otherwise the will of the Dark Mages will wither away. Then the League of Dark Mages would only exist in name.

However, protecting Zhao Hai wasn’t easy, the family was determined to deal with Zhao Hai this time. And from what Smith understood from Zhao Hai’s disposition, he wouldn’t make any compromise, this would further the matter into a bad outcome.

But at this time, the devil suddenly resurfaced inside Smith’s head. It started to occupy his mind, moreover, its control got bigger and bigger.

This devil was of course the idea that has been brewing inside Smith’s mind these past several days, the idea of marrying Megan off to Zhao Hai. This idea existed inside the thoughts of Smith for a long time, but he didn’t have the courage to go through with it.

Wanting to protect Zhao Hai wasn’t easy, but if Zhao Hai weds Megan, then he would become a person from the Calci Family. This way, the family wouldn’t be able to act against him. Upon taking a further look, this really was the best way to avoid Zhao Hai’s conflict.

The thought was getting more and more intense, to the point where Smith couldn’t resist it anymore. Seeing Smith’s change in complexion, as though he had been convinced of a solution, Phil asked, “Did the City Lord find a way?”

Smith turned to Phil and nodded, “I have one, but it needs the agreement of a person to work. If she wouldn’t agree, then it will be useless.”

Phil was confused while he stared at Smith, “Who is it? Is it the eldest Young Master? But didn’t the eldest Young master agree to the family’s action?”

Smith shook his head and said, “It’s not Big Brother, it is Megan.”

When Phil heard Smith’s words, he immediately understood the idea. His expression couldn’t help but change. Since he was with Smith for a long time, he also watched Megan grow up, for Phil, the Calci Family’s Plum Blossom Princess was like his own granddaughter. When he heard Smith, he didn’t like it at first.

However, he was also a person that could see the bigger picture. Seeing him ruminate on his words, Smith looked at Phil, he knew how Phil felt for Megan, so he added, “Megan told me a few days ago that she didn’t just want to eat sleep and wait to die. She wanted to do something for the family and wouldn’t want to marry another noble who only knew how to eat and play. But if we marry her over to those legitimate successors of other Noble families, I’m afraid that she would get bullied. We protected her too much for all her life that now she is bored with her life. Uncle has also met Zhao Hai, that young man is very good, although he already has two fiancees, you can clearly see that their attitudes towards each other are very good, this is great news for Megan. And most importantly, Zhao Hai is also very strong. Even if his strength get bigger than us in the future, we have Megan on his side to monitor him. What do you think?”

Phil was still as he listened to Smith’s words, from what Phil heard, Smith shouldn’t have just thought this matter for one or two days. It seems like he already thought this out completely.

Phil’s impression of Zhao Hai is also very good. He was low-key, down to earth, and one who knows what the right thing to do. Although his origins are mysterious, it was undeniable that his future was limitless. If Megan were to marry Zhao Hai, that would be great as well.

However, Phil still said, “What we think is unimportant, only Megan’s opinion on this matter can be put into considerations. If Megan disagrees, then I will not make Zhao Hai marry her.”

As soon as Smith heard Phil, he knew that his housekeeper had already agreed. But as Phil said, everything hinges on Megan. If she agrees, then everything else would be very easy to handle. If she doesn’t then they wouldn’t force her. Smith was, after all, still protective of his daughter.

Smith nodded and said, “Uncle Phil can be relieved, if Megan disagrees, then we would find another solution. But I think that we should find another person to ask her, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to disagree if either you or me asks, that girl’s skin is too thin.”

Phil smiled faintly and said, “Oh, time indeed passes quite fast. In a blink of an eye, Megan reached marriageable age. Hehe, City Lord, I think you should discuss this with the madam, she would be the best person to ask this matter.”

Smith nodded, “Right, then I shall immediately go talk with the madam. I must make this clear to her first, otherwise she wouldn’t just agree.” Then he rushed off, Phil shook his head and followed right behind.

Smith’s wife was also quite influential, because of the family’s rule of not marrying off their daughters for benefit, naturally wives of the family were also held at high status.

However, even if Smith’s wife held some power, she had always been supporting Smith ever since the two of them married. She never intervened in family affairs. When she’s at home, she just raised some flowers and plants. And since she was also a Potion master, she spends majority of her time researching potion making. This made her quite distant to the matters of the family.

But because of this, Smith held a lot of affection towards his wife. Their feelings for each other never changed after dozens of years being together. Smith also didn’t have any other lover, the affection the two held for each other was the envy of everyone around them.

When Smith went to the courtyard where he lived, he didn’t find his wife. Soon, he went to his wife’s medical garden. This was where she researches medicine as well as prepare her husband’s medicines. Common people weren’t allowed here, even servants, this was the madam’s personal order.

Upon reaching the medical garden, Smith spotted his wife watering some herbs. The madam was wearing cotton garments, she held a canteen on one hand and was carefully dripping water on the plants. She looks very earnest and charming, Smith just stood there for a while.

Before long, the water inside the canteen was used up. When she looked up and saw Smith just standing there, she couldn’t help but smile, she stared at her husband and said, “Dear, what are you doing here? Is there something you need from me?”

Smith recovered as he quickly nodded, “I do, I have an important matter to discuss with you. Let’s return to the courtyard first.”

Seeing her husband seem so serious, the madam nodded gently. Then she placed her canteen down and walked with Smith towards their courtyard.


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