BTFTLIAW – Chapter 412

Chapter 412 – Recording Magic

Everybody knows that practicing Battle Qi and Magic at the same time wouldn’t yield good results, it was a waste of effort. But Zhao Hai wasn’t very different compared to a 6th rank Warrior. In fact, the was displaying strength that was superior to a 6th rank. If Zhao Hai didn’t use Magic before, Juwan might have believed that he was a Warrior.

Juwan also took note of Zhao Hai’s age. For him to reach 6th rank this young was already remarkable

However, Juwan eventually thought that his thinking was wrong. Zhao Hai was brandishing his sword and his moves were very ordinary. Juwan’s subordinate was actually gaining the upper hand.

Although Juwan wasn’t very learned when it came to martial arts, he could see that Zhao Hai was only like this because he was inexperienced, not because he was weak.

Juwan was too angry that he didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t a fool, when he looks at Zhao Hai’s situation, it was very clear that his subordinate was only used as a sparring partner. But Juwan couldn’t do anything about it, there was currently a large group of undead paying attention to him.

The undeads were each holding a sword, and it was evident that they were all high level. They were also quite close to him, casting magic at this point was useless.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai’s group drew back, leaving Juwan along with his experts. Juwan’s expression changed, he wants to tie down Zhao Hai’s group, but it was already too late. At this point, Juwan’s group was slowly being surrounded by the group of undead.

Zhao Hai touched his sword with his hand and looked at Juwan coldly, “Juwan, don’t think that I’m afraid of you. Your puny force isn’t enough for me to get frightened. I only chose to stop in consideration for Brother Smith’s face. I hope you understand that this Zhao Hai is not your Calci Family’s dog that you can just command whenever you want. If you want to cooperate with me, then show some sincerity. I’ll be confiscating these ships, I’ll take them as compensation. I hope you relay my message correctly to the family. I hope you won’t reach my bottom line.”

At this point, the only people left were the 8th ranks, Juwan, and the Clan’s housekeeper.

Juwan didn’t dare to make a move, Zhao Hai looked at him and smiled faintly, “I will not kill you, the same is true for those 8th ranks, rest assured. But I will have to take the ships, you know the rules, it’s the same as last time.”

Juwan’s complexion turned uglier, he understood, in his previous attack against Zhao Hai, they were still close to the shorelines and were aided by the Rosen Empire’s navy. Travelling to Sky Water City from that point would take three days. But this time, they weren’t with the Empire’s navy and were in international waters, the closest port from here would take seven days of sailing. For such a distance, it would be very troublesome if they were to get lost.

Zhao Hai didn’t care, he just retrieved the additional undead on the ships and stored them to the Space before he got Juwan on a lifeboat. When Juwan looked at the 8th ranks that he brought, they were actually crippled by Zhao Hai, not killed. Afterwards, Zhao Hai threw them all into Juwan’s boat.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s methods, Juwan’s face turned for the worse. He knew that for an 8th rank expert to lose their means of practicing Battle Qi and Magic, it meant a fate worse than death. Zhao Hai was really ruthless.

After looking at Zhao Hai’s departing ship, Juwan became gloomy. He stared at the pale faced and unconscious 8th ranks then turned to his housekeeper and said, “Throw them into the sea, then report to the Family that they were all killed by Zhao Hai.”

His housekeeper couldn’t help but stare upon hearing Juwan, then his complexion changed as he replied, “Fifth Young Master, that isn’t proper. It’s a rule of the Family to take care of an 8th rank when they get injured. If Young Master does this, you would be violating the Family’s laws.”

Juwan coldly snorted and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Killing them will enrage the family. Bringing them home like this would just make the elders scared of Zhao Hai.”

Just after he said that, Zhao Hai’s voice was suddenly heard, “The Third Young Master is unexpectedly ruthless. Hahaha. But you seem to forget that there’s a magic spell that could record you. I’ve already saved what you said. Haha. If you dare abandon these people, then don’t blame me if this recording suddenly falls into the hands of the people from your family.”

When Juwan heard Zhao Hai’s voice, his face changed. He knew how difficult it was for a Mage to use Recording Magic. They first need to use three elements, namely earth, wind, and water. Then they would have to practice making Composite Magic with those three. If Zhao Hai or his subordinate can use Recording magic, this meant that Zhao Hai was or had someone that was an Advanced Level Multi-element Mage. And Juwan knew the family’s stance regarding those Mages.

Juwan also knew that Recording Magic wasn’t an attack magic, it belonged to a class called Truth Magics. These magics were unable to be falsified and are the most credible evidences that Mages could present. If Zhao Hai indeed recorded his words and actions today, then he would be out of luck.

Don’t underestimate the influence brought by 8th rank experts. Although the Calci Family wouldn’t care if they died, Zhao Hai’s recording of Juwan’s actions would be a very big deal.

8th rank experts were exalted in most clans, but their tasks would most often involve going into dangerous missions. They serve an important role to every group they belong to.

With these duties, some of them would unavoidably die while on duty.  Those 8th ranks also have their own families, so if they die, what would happen to them? Without a source of income, how could they survive?

8th ranks also knew about this, so before they associate themselves into a Noble Clan, they would make them promise that if they get killed while on a mission, the Noble Clan should give their families protection and compensation. And if they don’t die and instead get crippled, the Clan should support them for their entire lifetime, they must take care of them.

If the Clan couldn’t meet those expectations, then all 8th ranks would stay away from them. And that scenario would be fatal to any Clan.

If the elders from the Calci Family found out about Juwan’s plans for the 8th ranks, then he would certainly be punished. Moreover, if the 8th ranks of the family were to hear about Juwan’s actions, then Juwan could forget about getting the position of Patriarch.

Although those 8th ranks didn’t have much influence, it would be a different story if they form an alliance.

8th rank experts were the bread and butter of a Family’s strength. If the 8th ranks knew that they were actually treated that way, then he wouldn’t get their support. Juwan would then be very hopeless.

Juwan wasn’t sad about losing 20 ships. For the Calci Family, those 20 ships weren’t a big deal. But what is a big deal was Zhao Hai’s recording of Juwan. This would make Juwan unable to do anything to Zhao Hai. If he still did, then Zhao Hai can just hand his recording over to the family.

When the housekeeper saw Juwan’s appearance, he knew that it was the end for Juwan. Although he was just sent by the Clan to monitor the fifth son, their fates have already been bound together. Because of this, he didn’t report a lot of Juwan’s atrocities back to the family. He did so in the hopes that Juwan may succeed in being the Patriarch, making his position rise as well. But seeing this scenario, he understood that it was now impossible.

Zhao Hai naturally couldn’t just leave Juwan to fend for himself at sea. So he immediately sent word to Smith, telling him of the result. But Smith was already expecting this outcome, he already had his people patrol around the sea while waiting for Zhao Hai’s letter, so when the time comes, his men could quickly respond.

Although Juwan was a disappointment, he was still Smith’s blood brother. Therefore, he still had to go and save him. He also knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t take Juwan’s life.

When Smith received Zhao Hai’s letter, he immediately sent word to the family’s ships, making them pick up Juwan as soon as possible. Smith knew that unlike last time, where Juwan made his moves inside Rosen Empire’s region, this time his younger brother was on international waters. If they take too long in retrieving Juwan, he may come into danger.

Actually Smith also considered the fact that even though Zhao Hai disliked Juwan for the repeated attacks against him, Zhao Hai still highly regarded Smith’s face . Zhao Hai would certainly ensure Juwan’s safety, otherwise his ties with the Calci Family would wither away.


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