BTFTLIAW – Chapter 411

Chapter 411 – Face-off

Zhao Hai thought that Juwan wouldn’t appear, but when he saw him on the monitor, Zhao Hai understood why Juwan was so daring. On Juwan’s side were five people, two among them were Mages and three were Warriors, all of which were 8th ranks. When Zhao Hai looked at the other ships, there were also another two Mages and three Warriors spread out among them, also 8th ranks.

Seeing these people, Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink. Ten 8th rank experts, the Calci Family really went big this time, but will it be useful against him?

Zhao Hai surveyed the ships again. The ships were all good weaponized ships, and the people on board weren’t weak. At first glance, one could see that they were all elite troops. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but snort.

Looking at the ships and hearing Zhao Hai snort, Laura asked, “Brother Hai, what do we do? Will we kill these people?”

Zhao Hai replied with a serious tone, “If we don’t hurt them, they will never learn. We’ll leave the 8th ranks and Juwan’s group alone. Let’s take their ships since they did all the trouble of delivering them to us. Send the command to unarm our cannons, let their ship approach. Let’s play with them this time.”

Jinan immediately transmitted the orders, Laura didn’t oppose the decision. At this time, they only have the Haven. Naturally, they had more ships in the Space, but they couldn’t use them.

Zhao Hai had 20 ships currently on hand. The Haven that they were currently on, the Swordfish being repaired in Jade Water City, the five ships gotten from the Markey Family, and the rest are stored in the Space. If Zhao Hai suddenly released the other ships to fight the Calci Family, his secrets will be exposed; which he didn’t want to. Since it had come to this, Zhao Hai just had Jinan put the sails down while disallowing the gunners from firing in order to let the other party see. If they didn’t take the hint and opened fire, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of retaliating.

Zhao Hai also didn’t plan on firing because he placed some importance on the 20 ships of the Calci Family. If they somehow destroy one, Zhao Hai would certainly grieve.

Laura looked at the 20 ships that were slowly approaching with anticipation. Now that her strength had reached 8th rank, she was quite eager to test it. She had trained since an early age, Zhao Hai was not a match against her.

Since Laura was a knight, her footwork, spearplay and swordplay are all quite fierce. Just based on techniques, she wouldn’t lose against Blockhead and Rockhead. This was even more true for a newbie like Zhao Hai, he wasn’t her opponent.

Laura’s confidence was currently very high. Her spars with Kun were now useless, she wanted to have a real fight. Zhao Hai had no choice but to take some metal out from the warehouse and made the Processing Machine produce a Tang Blade for her.

It must be said that the weapons in the Ark Continent are very good. But Zhao Hai was somewhat partial towards the weapons from Earth. The Tang Blade was like a Japanese Warrior’s Katana, it was not only sharp, it’s killing potential was also very good. Because of these characteristics, Zhao Hai chose to give Laura one.

What he didn’t expect was that when Kun inspected the blade, he was attracted to it as well. So Zhao Hai could only create another blade for him. Now, Laura and Kun both kept their blades almost always at their sides.

Another thing he didn’t expect was that when Blockhead and Rockhead saw Kun’s new weapon, they wanted one for themselves as well. But the Tang Blade wasn’t a heavy weapon, it wasn’t like the two handed heavy sword that the two usually used. Since they weren’t compatible with the Blade, Zhao Hai gave them a large machete with a lengthened hilt. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile upon seeing the faces of the two.

Although blades and swords were different, people from the Ark Continent pay more attention to the weight of the weapons. Even if the weapon was considered heavy, women generally would take the lighter version of it. In Chinese martial arts, swords were meant to be swift while blades are for hard attacks. Obviously, it was impossible for a heavy sword to take the swift route. Zhao Hai observed that most moves in the Ark Continent involves chopping and swiping. This gave Zhao Hai the idea to hand his people blades which were more suitable for their moves than swords.

Upon receiving their new weapons, the group immediately went to familiarize themselves with it. Seeing the advantages brought by their new weapons, everybody was happy. They trained in the Space daily, and now that they have the opportunity to use it, they were naturally excited.

The Calci Family’s ships slowly surrounded Zhao Hai’s Haven. Juwan’s ship went forward while the others kept a safe distance while at the same time aiming their cannons towards Zhao Hai’s vessel.

Seeing the actions of the ships, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Good, they seemed to have learned something. But they were not smart enough since they came here.”

Laura smiled and said, “Juwan is certainly not smart. What Juwan wanted to see is your frightened face. This is the problem with young nobles, in his opinion, he had lost massive face because of you. So this time, he came with this force in order to make you lose face. Only after achieving this will his heart become comfortable.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “The attitude of an Idiot. If I just dealt with him properly before, he wouldn’t’ have come back here. I’ll make sure to take note of that.”

Laura and the others just listened to Zhao Hai and smiled. At this point, Juwan’s ship arrived and placed its walking plank. Juwan looked very smug as he boarded the Haven. At his side were several 8th rank warriors in addition to the Manager that the Family had sent.

.Besides these people, Juwan was also followed by more than 20 warriors. All of them were at 6th and 7th ranks. They all looked at Zhao Hai with an inquisitive gaze.

Zhao Hai just calmly looked at Juwan’s group. Juwan looked proudly at Zhao Hai and then turned his eyes to Laura and the others.

Looking at Juwan’s actions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows and said, “Juwan, why did you come? Do you intend to block me?”

Juwan stared at Zhao Hai, not expecting him to ask that question. He didn’t know why Zhao Hai said that, he stole more than ten ships from Juwan. Why would he ask that”

After some time, Juwan recovered, and with a red face he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, have you been scared silly? You really don’t know why I came today?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I really don’t know. How about you tell me?”

Juwan’s face was dark, his blood vessels were almost bursting. While gasping for breath he replied, “You snatched my ship and threw me on a boat, and now you ask why I came here? I told you, I will set our account straight one day. Today you must give me back my ships and the fire fishes as well for compensation. Also, make those beautiful women accompany me. Otherwise, you will become fish food today.”

Zhao Hai’s expression turned cold as he stared at Juwan, “Juwan, is this really what you want to say? Is this what a Calci Family member should say? Aren’t you afraid of shaming your Calci Family?”

Juwan’s expression changed, “You’re wasting your breath. Follow my orders immediately, or else I would be impolite.”

Zhao Hai looked at Juwan and laughed, “Good, Juwan, good. Does the Calci Family really think that these 8th ranks are enough to deal with me?”

Hearing Zhao Hai’s words, Juwan’s expression changed. It was also the same for the 8th ranks behind him. Zhao Hai just smiled at Juwan as he continued, “You really are naive if you think that these few experts on my ship can intimidate me. Today, let me show you my own method.” Then he waved his hand as large quantities of undead appeared on the sea’s surface.

Juwan and his companions didn’t know that the sea was already frozen. And just when their complexion changed color, Laura and the others went forward to fight them.

Juwan didn’t think that Zhao Hai’s companions would actually be experts. But what annoyed him more was the fact that Zhao Hai himself had taken up a weapon and fought against his subordinate with delight. And unexpectedly, he wasn’t a bad Warrior.

Although none of the undead under Zhao Hai touched Juwan, his face’s complexion was still pale. He knew that Zhao Hai’s subordinates didn’t attack him because they were afraid of Juwan, it was because they were putting the Calci Family into consideration. If Zhao Hai didn’t, all of them wouldn’t be alive right now.

His thoughts were correct, and while he was spaced out, Zhao Hai already assaulted the other ships. The experts on those ships were all seized under the command of Zhao Hai. Since he didn’t want to have a mortal enmity against the Calci Family, and he was just planning on teaching them a lesson, he just made his undead capture all of the key Calci Family people present.

Seeing his party being captured, Juwan paled even more. He knew that he wouldn’t’ be able to recover after this. At this time, the 8th ranks who fought Zhao Hai’s group were slowly getting captured one after the other. Only the one who fought Zhao Hai was holding on. Juwan could see that Zhao Hai’s fighting techniques weren’t strong, he was about the same level as a 6th rank warrior.

But Juwan didn’t underestimate Zhao Hai. This was because he knew that Zhao Hai didn’t focus on Battle Qi, he was a Mage.

A Mage that battles while carrying a weapon and was somewhat on par with a Warrior, this fact made Juwan think that the world had gone crazy.


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