BTFTLIAW – Chapter 410

Chapter 410 – Devilish Idea

The group trained rigorously inside the Space while the Haven peacefully sailed the seas. Although the ship was alone, other ships wouldn’t attack it as long as there wasn’t enmity between them. After all, it was not easy to attack an armored ship.

Smith’s situation was quite different from Zhao Hai’s idle life. The hair on Smith’s head had almost turned white, he couldn’t help but worry. Although he promised Zhao Hai that the matter with the family would get taken care of, Smith wasn’t sure whether Zhao Hai would still cooperate with the family. If Zhao Hai drops their partnership, the family would be losing big.

But no matter how hard he urged the family, nobody listened to him. Smith was almost convinced that the elders of the family had stones for their brains, seeing how stubborn they were regarding the situation.

He already knew that the family had sent some people to deal with Zhao Hai. Moreover, there were experts among them, 10 8th ranks, along with 20 armed cargo ships.

Such a force was quite formidable, but Smith was sure that this group wouldn’t be able to deal with Zhao Hai. Smith was clear that Zhao Hai was someone who didn’t show mountains nor seas. Nobody should look down on his strength.[1]

But Smith’s sentiments were useless, the family wouldn’t listen to him. Smith was afraid that they still wouldn’t stop even if the family suffers losses in dealing with Zhao Hai.

Smith knew that he and Zhao Hai would still be friends after these two conflicts. But Smith wasn’t sure how Zhao Hai would retaliate, would he go head to head against the family?

The more he thought about this, the more painful his head became. Smith just sat there, staring at the ceiling not knowing what to do.

At this time, a gentle voice can be heard, “Father, what’s wrong? Why are you unhappy?”

Smith looked up and saw Megan. Even if he was unhappy, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling upon seeing his lovable daughter, “Megan, aren’t you going outside to play? Don’t worry about me, just go and see your friends.”

Megan actually shook her head and said, “I don’t want to go with them. I like Sister Laura and Sister Meg. If I play around with them, I get to learn a lot of things. My friends look like they don’t have any goals aside from eating and chatting about marriage. There’s nothing else that they want to do, it’s too boring.”

Smith looked at Megan in shock. He didn’t expect Megan to say such a thing. Ever since she was young, Megan was the family’s princess. Everybody spoiled her and didn’t allow her to suffer some problems. All of the dark influences were also driven away from Smith. In the eyes of the people, Megan’s life was full of rainbows and sunshine.

Because of this, the Calci Family became too protective when Megan got attacked.

Moreover, Smith already prepared Megan’s right of inheritance. This way, when she marries, her dowry would be rich. Then she wouldn’t worry about her future, she can do what she wants, whether it be eating or playing, she can do everything.

But now, Megan told Smith that playing around became boring. This made Smith’s head dizzy, he didn’t know what to do.

Smith looked at Megan with a puzzled expression, “Megan, why did you suddenly think of that? Did someone tell you? You don’t need to worry about money, our Calci Family isn’t like those ordinary families. With the strength of our family, you don’t need to worry about anything.”

Megan shook her head and said, “I don’t mean money, I want to contribute to the family. I don’t want to be my friends who just live idly, eating and waiting for death. Look at Sister Laura and Sister Meg, they are travelling around with Mister Zhao Hai, that would be good.”

Smith stared blankly at Megan, he didn’t think that Megan would have these thoughts in her mind. Smith sighed as he looked at Megan, he knew that his darling daughter had finally grown up.

Smith looked at Megan and said, “Megan, why would you have such thoughts? You know that Laura didn’t do that because they chose to, it is because they have to. What they are doing should be very tiring.”

Megan grunted, “I know that such matters are tiring, but I find that kind of woman to be attractive, otherwise I think one could only be useless.”

Smith shook his head and sighed, he really didn’t know what to say. Looking at the slim and graceful Megan, Smith sighed again. In a blink of an eye, his daughter had finally arrived at the age of getting married. But on this continent, who was worthy of getting Megan?

For a doting father like Smith, he always thought that Megan was the best. In his mind, no man deserves her. Because of this, he didn’t have any marriage candidates in mind.

A Great Family like the Calcis didn’t need to marry for political reasons. Moreover, the proportion between male and female in the clan is very skewed. This made is so that males didn’t receive that much attention while Megan did.

Up until now, there had been no engagements that came to Megan. But when Smith thought about Laura, Zhao Hai’s face came up This made Smith startled, he hurriedly shook his head to get rid of this sudden idle thought.

But thoughts were sometimes akin to devils. It kept hovering around Smith’s mind, he couldn’t go for a time without considering Zhao Hai. He had to agree that Zhao Hai was a good man. He regarded sentiments heavily, knew when to advance or retreat, and was also quite formidable. Even if he had two fiances, it was common for a noble in the continent to have more than one wife. Moreover, there was a harmonious relationship between Laura and Meg.

Megan stood there and watched as Smith didn’t talk for quite some time. She asked, “Dad, Dad, what’s wrong? What are you thinking about?” Smith recovered and smiled at Megan, “Oh, it’s nothing. You go now. I’ll go ask Uncle Phil to arrange something for you tomorrow. Go see your mother, or else she would scold me.”

Megan nodded with an excited face, then she turned around and went off. Looking at Megan’s departing back, Smith sighed and muttered, “Maybe having her marry Zhao Hai wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t have any thought that Smith would have any idea of marrying Megan to him. In all honesty, Zhao Hai didn’t have much contact with Megan, he didn’t even know what he would do when interacting with her. He was now currently satisfied with his life, he was also satisfied with having Laura and Meg as his fiancees.

Zhao Hai was someone who gets easily contented. When he was back on Earth, even if he only had a few earnings from his royalties, he was still very happy. As long as he has food to eat ,a place to live, and can do all the things he liked, then he was satisfied.

When he arrived at Ark Continent, he was also quite contented. He had the Space to plant in, two beautiful fiancees, quite a number of loyal subordinates, and a ton of undead. His current life was good.

But he also felt that he shouldn’t get satisfied with his current situation. He knew that he could still do more. Just as what the famous Chinese Surgeon Qiu Fazu said: Cultivate the need to know what is not known, study hard, or just be content.[2]

This famous saying was Zhao Hai’s motto, even if he was a contented person, he would still do his best in handling matters. He always wanted to find out about his own deficiencies, and continue to improve himself, hoping that he can reach a higher level than he was before.

This was the same at the current time, he was satisfied with his life, but he knows that he wasn’t a writer anymore. He was a landed Noble, he needs to do business to improve his territory. Although he also thought that the territory is already doing good, he knew that it could do better. This was why he’s currently unsatisfied.

For his goals, he needed to overcome all obstacles, therefore he didn’t become afraid of challenges. He knew that difficulties are your enemies. If you turn away and flee from your problems, it will be like showing your back to the enemy. Your life and death will no longer be in your hands. So instead of running away, you should do your best to overcome your enemies. Even if you fail, at least you were the one who decided your fate and not others.

So Zhao Hai chose to confront Southern King, he chose to confront the Radiant Church. Although he hid in the Prairie, it was because he was pursued by the church, repelling him and making him leave. Choosing to leave is not equal to running away.

At this moment, Zhao Hai was training his martial arts in the Space. He wanted to improve his strength. Also, he actually enjoyed doing martial arts. As a Chinese man, he always had the martial dream, and for a novelist like Zhao Hai, even more so. Now that it was possible for him to do cultivate, he naturally would jump on the chance of being a master.

At the same time, Zhao Hai was also waiting for the Calci Family. Smith told him to teach the family a lesson, so Zhao Hai had to comply. Even if Smith didn’t say so, he would still do it. Zhao Hai believes that Smith knew this, this was why he sent the letter, to maintain the two’s relationship and leave a path of retreat for the future.

Zhao Hai didn’t object to this, after all, he was disgusted with the Calci Family. But he also has good feelings about Smith, he also wanted to keep their relationship. Thus, Zhao Hai sent a reply letter to Smith, though the content was ordinary, he knew that Smith will understand what it meant.

Regarding the coming attack from the Calci Family, Zhao Hai didn’t care. He knew that the Calci Family wouldn’t send a 9th rank after him. Otherwise, Smith wouldn’t tell him to teach the family a lesson, instead he would tell Zhao Hai to run away.

Zhao Hai attention was more inclined towards the Merfolk. This was his first time trading with the sea dwellers, in fact, this was the first for the continent. He didn’t know how the Merfolk would act.

He knew that the Humans and the Merfolk had been at odds for years. But haven’t they really traded with each other? For Zhao Hai, this was inconceivable.

But Zhao Hai also knew that the ships present around these parts are almost all Pirate ships. And on these pirate ships were people who weren’t that strong. If they go far into the deep sea, their ships would definitely suffer some accidents. So it wouldn’t be possible for them to trade with the sea-dwellers.

If Zhao Hai’s strength wasn’t enough, then he might’ve become food for the Shrimp Tribe. Moreover, the general outlook of the people from the continent regarding the Merfolk were mostly negative. Adding on to the mysterious nature of the Merfolk’s life at sea, Humans wouldn’t like to get in contact with them. Because of this, Human merchants cannot just do business like what they did with the Beastmen.

The reason why Zhao Hai was able to be welcomed by the Beastmen as well as the Merfolk was because he considered them as equals. Not aliens that were looked down upon.

But if an expert with the same strength as Zhao Hai meets those Shrimp Tribesmen, they would immediately kill them, much less talk about business.

Zhao Hai’s worry was how the Merfold would act during their trade. He didn’t know whether they would treat his as a normal partner would, or just take him as a fool and undervalue his goods.

Although this was a risky move, Zhao Hai still wanted to do it. This was because he was clear that if this business goes through successfully, his Buda Clan would get another ace up their sleeves.

The fifth day after leaving Jade Water City, Zhao Hai’s ship had left the waters governed by the Rosen Empire’s navy and officially entered international waters. However, Zhao Hai also knew that troubles would arrive, the Calci Family’s attack would arrive soon.

And just like what Zhao Hai expected, one the second day that he entered international waters, the Calci Family’s people came. All in all, they had 20 armed ships, 15 were three-masted ships, while 5 were five-masted ironclad ships. Such scene was domineering, only a Great Family like the Calci Family could afford to do such a thing.

Zhao Hai calmly observed from the monitor as he awaited the arrival of the other party. While doing so, he notice a familiar person in the monitor, and that person was none other than Juwan!

  1. bù xiǎn shān bù lù shuǐ –  lit. to not show the mountain and to not reveal the water (idiom); fig. to hide the key facts
  2. Qiu Fazu – a Chinese surgeon and a saviour of Jewish prisoners. In the People’s Republic of China, he is considered the father of modern Chinese surgery. Note: not sure about the exact saying, there’s nothing in the internet


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