BTFTLIAW – Chapter 409

Chapter 409 – Rank Promotion

Zhao Hai didn’t know too much about the actions of the Calci Family. He thought that Smith already had the situation under control. He didn’t expect that Smith had yet to get the support of his other brothers. Being alone, Smith wasn’t able to deal with the problem

But it didn’t take too long before he was informed about the situation. The second day after he left Jade Water City, Zhao Hai received a letter from Smith sent via a Blood Hawk. In the letter were the recent and future actions that the Calci Family had planned. Smith didn’t urge Zhao Hai to be patient this time, instead he wanted Zhao Hai to teach the family a lesson.

This didn’t mean that Smith wanted to cut ties with the family. He just wanted to make Zhao Hai teach the stubborn elders of the family a lesson they wouldn’t forget. He wanted to make them understand that there were people in this world that cannot be touched. He wanted Zhao Hai to show the family how capable he is.

Zhao Hai didn’t think that Smith would actually urge him to do this. He handed Smith’s letter to Laura and smiled, “Look at this. I didn’t think that Big Brother Smith is actually a very radical person.”

Laura received the letter and looked at it, then she snorted and said, “This is nothing special, I can understand why Brother Smith did this. If the Markey family had people like Brother Smith, then we wouldn’t have experienced what we did. How about you, Brother Hai, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “Why wouldn’t we agree? After all, we only have a good relationship with Brother Smith. It’s better if we teach them a lesson now in order to make them understand Brother Smith’s words. Right, in two days, the Goldmetal fruit will be ready. At that time, your rank will be improved. With what is going to occur, we happen to have a place to practice our skills.”

When Laura heard what Zhao Hai said, she smiled. It was indeed like what Zhao Hai said, now that the Goldmetal Tree is already mature, it was only a matter of time before it could bear some fruits. For the entire tree’s lifetime, Zhao Hai could get 80 Goldmetal Fruits.

The Goldmetal tree is a level 60 plant, it has 8 batches of its fruit period, it could produce 10 fruits each time, making it very precious. Even though the fruit had already been producing fruits, Laura and the others chose not eat it immediately. Everyday they would drink the Fluid of Life inside the Space before practicing, making their body in top shape for the time they will eat the Goldmetal Fruit.

Because of this preparation period, Zhao Hai spent a lot of gold coins letting the Multipurpose Processing Machine produce some low-level supplementary potions for Laura and the others to take in. Although it couldn’t improve their strengths directly, those potions could increase their body’s quality. When the last batch of fruits gets produced tomorrow, Zhao Hai decided to make Laura and the others eat the Goldmetal Fruit.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura, “Laura, what mount do you think is good to use? Now that Grandpa Kun has started teaching me how to ride, I think we should consider what mount we need to use in the future.”

Laura shook her head and said, “I think we shouldn’t be hasty in selecting a mount. I’ve seen that there are a lot of strange animals that is available in the Space’s store. When the time comes, we can just buy them and use them as our mounts.”

Zhao Hai didn’t oppose, inside the Space, there were even some mythological Chinese beasts recorded. These beast included some with a dragon’s bloodline, all of them equal to a 9th rank expert in strength. Having 9th rank beasts as mounts would certainly be very domineering.

Now that Zhao Hai had started to learn riding skills, he could now ride horses casually. But if he were to fight on horseback, he will fall behind. However, because of his rapid increase in strength, he could still contend against a 6th rank warrior.

A day quickly passed by. On the second day, Zhao Hai entered the Space early and waited for the last batch of Goldmetal Fruits to be matured.

Before long, Cai’er collected the last batch of fruits before using the land to plant another tree. Zhao Hai withdrew three Goldmetal Fruits and prepared to give one of them to Laura while the other two to Blockhead and Rockhead.

Although the strengths of Blockhead and Rockhead weren’t bad, their progress was too slow. This made the two very worried. But now that they finally found something that could aid them in improving their strengths, the two were naturally very happy.

According to Cai’er, Laura can only eat half of the fruit while Blockhead and Rockhead can eat them whole. Zhao Hai divided one fruit into two before handing the two halves to Laura. For Blockhead and Rockhead, he gave two full fruits.

The three people looked excitedly at the Goldmetal Fruit. In all honesty, Meg and the others were somewhat envious, but they knew that they weren’t compatible with the Goldmetal Fruit, it was quite a pity.

Zhao Hai looked at the three people and smiled faintly, “Go and eat it. After doing so, go stabilize your bodies, don’t forget that we may get into some battles in the next few days.”

The three nodded, then with their hearts beating fast, they ate the Goldmetal Fruit. Blockhead and Rockhead were the first to feel something, their stomachs rumbled as energy filled their bodies to the point of explosion. The two immediately sat down and circulated their Battle Qi.

Laura’s situation was also similar, but her reaction was much more mild since she only ate half of the fruit. But she also sat down and started to cultivate.

Zhao Hai looked anxiously at the three, he knew that this moment was very important to them. Although the Space said that they could tolerate the Goldmetal Fruit, it didn’t stop Zhao Hai and the others from worrying.

The trio took eight hours before they woke up one after the other. At this time, Kun and Green were also inside the Space. The two were also looking anxiously at the three.

The first one to wake up was Laura, she looked at the surrounding people and smiled faintly, “I’ve made everyone worry.”

Zhao Hai immediately replied, “Don’t worry about that, how are you? Did you rank up?” Looking at the nervous face of ZHao Hai, Laura’s heart warmed as she said, “I feel great, Now my strength has reached the peak of 6th rank. I believe that I’ll reach 8th rank when I eat the next half of the fruit.”

Zhao Hai relaxed and became happy. At this point, Kun happily laughed and said, “Fantastic! Young Lady, you have finally ranked up.”

All the people who were trying their best to cultivate didn’t only do so for their own safety, but also for their longevity. An ordinary person’s life could only reach 100 years old. But an 8th rank expert can reach 200. In order to live longer, everybody cultivated hard, this was especially true for Nobles.

This was because they didn’t need to worry about their livelihood, they had all the time to practice.

At this time, Blockhead and Rockhead also woke up. Both of them wore relieved expressions because they didn’t have any accidents. The duo’s level had also reached 8th rank.

Two more 8th ranks had been added to the group, this was good for them. Green took the two for a spar to see their new strengths.

Perhaps because they were still not accustomed to their new strength, Blockhead and Rockhead’s moves in the beginning were very stiff. But the two started to slowly adapt and began to block Green’s attacks. One must know that Green was a pinnacle expert among 8th ranks, ordinary 8th rank warriors could only survive for a few seconds under Green’s assault. For Blockhead and Rockhead to block his attacks at this point showed the innate strengths that the two possessed.

After some time, Green laughed and retrieved his Spirit Wind sword. He looked at the two happily and said, “Good, good! You boys have become strong. With the two of you working together, you already have the strength of the pinnacle of 8th rank. If an ordinary 8th rank meets the two of you, then he will certainly have a bad day. Hahaha. I can finally rest assured. You two listen to me, from now on you must wholeheartedly protect the young master. If even a single hair of the Young Master gets missing, I will have to scold the two of you myself.”

Blockhead and Rockhead were both orphans since their childhood. Although it was the Buda Clan who took them in, it was Green who took care of them. This made the two treat Green with the respect and admiration that a son might have for his father. Therefore, they would obey every instruction coming out of Green’s mouth.

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile and said, “Grandpa Green, it’s fine. Just make them assist you, there’s currently no need for them to protect me right now.”

Green laughed and said, “That’s true, but there’s nothing in Iron Mountain Fort that these two can help with. The school teachers back there are also undead, they didn’t need help. Young Master, just let them go with you to accumulate experience.”

Zhao Hai looked at Blockhead and Rockhead then nodded, “Alright, it’s good for them to come with me and get some experience. They might assume an important position in the future.”

Green and the others laughed. At this time, Zhao Hai remembered that they hadn’t been out of the Space for a day so he immediately went back to the Haven. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong on the ship, Zhao Hai felt relief.

When Zhao Hai went back to the Space, Laura was having a spar with Kun. It seems like Kun also wanted to see how strong Laura had become.

Zhao Hai didn’t disturb them and just did his own training. Since Zhao Hai didn’t train in fighting before, even if he has 8th rank strength,  his stances were still full of unnecessary movements. Compared to Laura who trained since childhood, Zhao Hai’s moves were very poor. This made him put in more effort in the hopes of bridging the gap between his and Laura’s strengths.


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