BTFTLIAW – Chapter 408


Chapter 408 – Heading off to the Sea Once Again

Zhai Hai’s initial purpose in opening a shop in a major city was to get contacts for new businesses and establishing relationships with Nobles, essentially increasing his own web of connections.

However, that purpose was now made redundant because of Charlie. Who was Charlie? He is a prince with a possibility of becoming an emperor. It was much better to be connected with him rather than going for any other person.

Even if Charlie didn’t become the Emperor, he was still a prince, a influential one. Even if the new Emperor wanted to deal with him, Charlie already had a strong network of connections. If the Emperor wanted to make a move, he needs to think about it carefully.

The situation was like Aksu Empire’s Southern King. Although he was only a prince, his influence in the southern part of the Empire isn’t less than that of the ruling monarch. The Aksu Emperor couldn’t even enact his own decrees in the south, since all of the citizens there obey the Southern King.

And the reason why the Southern King has such influence was because of his connections to a lot of Nobles. The benefits that those people enjoy were closely interwoven with Southern King. Therefore, even if Boris didn’t become the Emperor, those Nobles would still protect his authority, or else their benefits would get affected.

However, Southern King’s situation was a special case in the continent. While Boris was competing with the current Emperor for the throne, the old king unexpectedly died. Although the current Emperor ascended the throne, there wasn’t enough damage to Southern King in order to remove his authority. He had no choice but to let Boris continue on ruling the south.

So if we look at the situation in Rosen Empire where Charlie was competing for the throne, when the current Emperor already decided on a successor, what he needs to do was suppress the other candidates while increasing the successor’s power. This way, fully establishing the successor’s influence across the empire, making it impossible for a second Southern King to appear.

On the other hand, established Nobles in the Ark Continent were also very formidable. There were times where an Emperor couldn’t make his moves easily. But the Emperor also had his own connections and interwoven benefits with them, so as long as the emperor don’t encroach on that, he can only damage a candidate minimally.

Zhao Hai also knew that he was only leaning on Charlie’s tree. Cooperating with old nobles was very difficult. He knew that established Nobles would refrain from taking a side in a successorship battle as much as possible. This was because if their candidate failed to take the throne, they would get suppressed by the new Ruler.  Although the nobles hold deep reserves, if they were continually suppressed, then they would slowly lose their power, this isn’t something that they would want.

If they didn’t participate in the battle, they could still keep their courtesies to whoever becomes the new Emperor. With this, why would they need to participate? Therefore, even if there were constant struggles between princes in all nations, only a few of those established nobles would be involved.

Zhao Hai was now connected with Charlie, this meant that he was essentially one of Charlie’s people. In this case, most established nobles wouldn’t get in contact with him. They were afraid that if they form a connections with Zhao Hai, then they would get grouped up with Charlie. This wasn’t in line with an established noble’s usual stance on the situation.

Since Zhao Hai was already clear about this, he didn’t make Mu’er make contacts with those Nobles. He just tasked the Manager to carefully look over the shop.

Zhao Hai also believed that having this shop wasn’t a bad idea. Even if those established Nobles didn’t want to get involved, this didn’t mean that nobody wanted to. In fact, general Noble participating was a common occurrence in these battles, especially Mid and Low rank Nobles. They wanted to increase their rank and influence, so as long as they see a possibility of succeeding, they would take a gamble.

So even though Zhao Hai didn’t have any reputation at the moment, Charlie would still introduce him to nobles belonging to his side. Those people would then go and inquire to Trezebo, and eventually approaching Zhao Hai for cooperation.

Zhao Hai was very confident about this, Charlie’s attitude towards him already provided enough proof. If those nobles in the Third Prince’s side knew how Charlie treated Zhao Hai, they will definitely approach Zhao Hai for a partnership. Zhao Hai also believed that Trezebo would spread Zhao Hai and Charlie’s relationship, after all, the man was one of Charlie’s closest confidants.

Trezebo would do everything to benefit Charlie, so he would naturally do his best to unite all of those under Charlie’s circle. After all, being united is the only way for their strength to stay strong. Trezebo promoting Zhao Hai to those Nobles would make them form a sense of respect for the new addition to the group.

With the matters in Jade Water City being completed, it was time for Zhao Hai’s group to leave. Aside from the Spatial Bag and essentials, Zhao Hai also left Mu’er with a Blood Hawk as well as 100 undead stored in the underground warehouse. Those undead were there to assist Mu’er if any situation comes up.

Now that he didn’t need to worry about Jade Water City, and along with the repairs on the Haven being finished, Zhao Hai was now hurrying along to trade with the Shrimp Tribe. He was worried that if he took too long, the Shrimp people might forget him.

He went to say goodbye to Charlie but didn’t expect the prince to actually deliver him to the Haven personally. This moved Zhao Hai, while at the same time startling Charlie’s subordinates.

Charlie was a prince, for him to be acting very close with Zhao Hai was a surprise. What’s most important was the fact that he wasn’t only intimate with Zhao Hai, he was also being respectful, which made them even more dumbfounded.


On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t know was that his situation with the Calci Family was currently going downhill. Smith wrote about his thoughts about the matter to his brothers so that they may support him. He wanted to convey that they musn’t offend Zhao Hai. He wanted the family to just partner up with Zhao Hai and not force him.

However, Smith didn’t expect that his brothers actually didn’t support him. Smith also understood why, his brothers didn’t get to meet Zhao Hai, moreover, Zhao Hai’s interaction with the family was very short. His brothers wanted more understanding of Zhao Hai to support Smith in this matter.

But while the brothers were taking their time in observing Zhao Hai, Juwan was not. Juwan hadn’t suffered such a huge loss of face since he was born. Zhao Hai snatching his ship, throwing him on a boat, and having Smith save him was the most humiliating thing that he experienced. Because of this, the only thing in his mind recently was revenge.

After returning to the clan, he immediately reported his interaction with Zhao Hai, of course with a few additions here and there. He expressed that Zhao Hai didn’t respect the family. Juwan was painting himself to be the good guy who was being bullied by an evil character.

As a result of this, the Calci Family’s view of Zhao Hai became worse and worse. Although Smith had written good reviews for Zhao Hai, the effect of a grieving man in comparison to some letters on a paper was very far.

Adding on to the fact that the family had massive interest for the products on Zhao Hai’s hands, they wanted to pressure Zhao Hai and see whether he would fold.

At this time, information came to the family that Zhao Hai had arrived at Jade Water City and was staying at the City Lord’s Mansion. They also found out about his relationship with Charlie and how the Third Prince was placing importance to him.  He even got into conflict with the Second Prince.

When this news came to the family, Smith became regretful, he wrote another letter to the family that Zhao Hai cannot become their enemy. If Zhao Hai forms an enmity with the family, they would certainly suffer huge setbacks.

But the family didn’t listen, for them Zhao Hai was being ungrateful. Not only did they not listen to Smith and restore their relationship with Zhao Hai, they instead decided to teach Zhao Hai a lesson. Therefore, these past few days, they mobilized their spies inside Jade Water City to gather information.

Unfortunately for them, Zhao Hai was very low-key inside Jade Water City. He rarely went out, just like how he was back in Sky Water City.

Zhao Hai’s actions left the Calci Family not knowing what to do. Even if the family was an established Noble family, they wouldn’t dare attack the City Lord’s Mansion, a place where the Third Prince Charlie resides in.

But when they found out about Zhao Hai’s shop inside the city, they were happy. They wanted to destroy Zhao Hai’s shop to teach him a lesson.

But again, they were disappointed. Upon further inquiries, they found out that the shop was a gift from Charlie to Zhao Hai. If the place was bought was Zhao Hai, they were free to destroy it, but with Charlie in the mix, it became another matter.

Even if Great Families didn’t care about Zhao Hai, they didn’t have a choice but give Charlie some face. Otherwise, not only would Charlie get offended, the Rosen Imperial clan would also get involved.

Don’t think that it was only Nobles who pay attention to their face, the Imperial Clan was also extremely protective of theirs, even more than those of established Nobles. No matter what, the Calci Family was residing inside Rosen Empire. If the family did decide to push things too far, then the Imperial Family wouldn’t be polite. If an established Noble and an Imperial Clan goes head to head, the one who would suffer more losses would certainly be the established Noble family.

Since the Calci Family was unable to make a move inside Jade Water City, they shifted their focus on Zhao Hai. They believed that Zhao Hai wouldn’t stay inside the city forever.

And at last, Zhao Hai was leaving Jade Water City. What the family didn’t expect was that Charlie would personally come and bade Zhao Hai farewell. This gesture was naturally understood by the family.

Regarding this scenario, the family was unprepared. They were hesitant in taking action against Zhao Hai. In the end, the man in charge of their operations in Jade Water City could only send word back to the headquarters and wait for their instruction.


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