BTFTLIAW – Chapter 406

Chapter 406 – Charlie’s Delight

Through this matter, Zhao Hai understood the massive benefits of being the Space’s host. The current range of the Space’s monitor is 10 thousand meters, 10 thousand! Even if this iron ball isn’t large, when it becomes a small sword its lethality would increase. This way, wouldn’t it be just like a flying sword?

Thinking about this made Zhao Hai excited. However, even if he wanted to play with this iron ball, he could only do so inside the Space, he wouldn’t be able to do so outside.

Chinese baoding balls aren’t known in the Ark Continent, if people saw Zhao Hai playing with iron balls, then they would definitely find him very strange.

When Zhao Hai went out of the space in the afternoon, he didn’t see Charlie. But he knew that Jade Water City is Charlie’s domain, so he should have a lot of work to do upon arriving here. Thus, Zhao Hai didn’t think much of it and just stayed inside Purple Bamboo courtyard, drinking tea and chatting with Laura and the others.

When evening came, Charlie invited Zhao Hai for dinner. He apologized to Zhao Hai for neglecting him for the rest of the day. For a prince to apologize to him for such a minor matter was already giving him a lot of face, so Zhao Hai naturally couldn’t get offended. He just drank a few cups of wine with Charlie, while talking about the past.

Charlie acting like he just did made Trezebo startled. One must know that Charlie is a Prince, and because of this, he is full of pride. Normally he shows a good natured attitude towards people, but being Charlie’s confidant, Trezebo clearly knew Charlie.

The Third Prince’s arrogance is very high, he wouldn’t even pay attention to the commoners. He’s only be polite to someone because he knew that you have been educated, and not because he thinks highly of him.

However, Trezebo could feel that this politeness that Charlie showed to Zhao Hai wasn’t fake. The prince actually thought highly of Zhao Hai. This made Trezebo quite surprised.

If one would say that Zhao Hai makes a lot of money, but that is just business in the end. Compared to the tax revenue brought by Jade Water City, it was inferior. Charlie shouldn’t think highly of Zhao Hai because of this.

If one would say that Zhao Hai is strong, having 8th rank in strength, but he isn’t a 9th rank expert. His current strength isn’t enough to merit Charlie’s respect. This made Trezebo even more confused about Charlie’s attitude.

After having dinner, Zhao Hai’s group returned to the Space to rest. But at this time, Trezebo was with Charlie in the living room.

In the afternoon, they didn’t have much time for idle talk since they were busy with official matters. Trezebo just talked to Charlie to report the income of the city as well as some things that he handled for Charlie when he was gone.

After serving Charlie a cup of tea, Trezebo looked at Charlie with a puzzled expression, “Your Highness, why do you look so highly on Zhao Hai? Is it because he is very strong?”

Charlie looked at Trezebo and smiled faintly, “Why? You’re not convinced?’

Trezebo shook his head and said, “That’s not it. I’ve been with your highness for so many years. How could I be unconvinced about this kind of thing? I just don’t know if mister Zhao Hai has enough capability for your highness to be so respectful.”

Charlie smiled and said, “His business, his strength, his connections, all of these I fancy. Liru, go tell Trezebo about Zhao Hai.” Liru nodded, then told Trezebo about things they experienced with Zhao Hai.

Trezebo didn’t think that this would be the case. He knew that Zhao Hai had a connection with the Cali and Shelley Families. He also knew that Zhao Hai had some sort of conflict with the Calci Family. What he didn’t expect was the fact that Zhao Hai was the one who actually dealt with Grand Duke Lionheart. He also didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be an Advanced multi-element Mage.

It is difficult for Multi-element Mages to reach a high level, this is because mastering each department wasn’t very easy. For Zhao Hai to be an advanced level Multi-element magician is very astonishing. Such identity is indeed worth Charlie’s admiration.

9th ranks would rarely join battles in the continent, it was generally 8th ranks who do. This made Advanced Multi-element mages priceless. A lot of powers wanted to get in touch with one.

Advanced Multi-element mages can use a lot of spells as well as Composite Magic. The attack power of Composite Magics were very terrifying. The combination between two spells of different departments can bring forth unique reactions, increasing its magical attacking power exponentially.

If Charlie can have a Multi-element Mage like Zhao Hai under his retinue, his strength would surely increase by several folds. Moreover, this was a Mage that could bring wealth, he had a lot of valuable products on hand.

After knowing these things about Zhao Hai, Trezebo understood why Charlie gave him full respects, he gave a nod and said, “Your highness is doing the right thing. Someone like Zhao Hai is truly worthy of respect. But why is the Calci Family in conflict with him? Do they want him to go to another person? Are they crazy?”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “Trezebo, you forget. The one who currently wields the power within the Calci Family are still those elders. And the person who was mostly favored by the elders is the fifth child Juwan. Seeing Zhao Hai making a lot of money, it wouldn’t be strange for Juwan to feel envious. Moreover, Zhao Hai offended Souther King, driving him out of Aksu Empire. At the same time, he also offended the Radiant Church, so he went to Sky Water City. Looking at these facts, Juwan thought that he would be able to pressure Zhao Hai. There’s no other person responsible other than Juwan.”

Trezebo nodded, “Your highness is right, it would be impossible for Smith and the other brothers to do such a thing, only Juwan. I always thought that the patriarch of the Calci Family is an astute person, to actually favor Juwan is a wrong decision. Allowing his fifth son to actually drive a person like Zhao Hai away, he will surely regret it.”

Charlie smiled, “That wouldn’t be so easy, Zhao Hai is a smart and wise person. He wouldn’t just cut ties with the Calci Family about such a matter. Although the one who holds the power in the family are those elders, Smith and his brothers have also grown up, they also held some sort of influence of their own. For the brothers, they couldn’t just let go of Zhao Hai. If I guessed correctly, Smith should have given Zhao Hai some sort of assurance that he would be able to reverse this action of the Calci Family.”

Trezebo nodded, “That is quite possible. It seems like Zhao Hai is really not that simple. Is your highness confident in getting him?”

Trezebo naturally had full confidence in his lord, but he asked Charlie if he was able to control Zhao Hai.

Charlie shook his head and smiled, “For a person like Zhao Hai, I wouldn’t dare exert my control. Just maintaining our present relationship is enough.  When we have some problems in the future, he surely wouldn’t just look the other way. Remember what he said earlier? That he had a ship that was quite damaged after escorting a friend?”

Trezebo nodded and said, “Of course, I remember that he wants us to repair it. What’s the issue with that?”

Charlie smiled, “You really didn’t recognize the issue? This is because of Zhao Hai and Purcell Family’s relationship. Zhao Hai had received some help from Purcell Family’s Grand Duke, thus Zhao Hai had been protecting Evan’s daughter all this time, I think she’s called Ruyen? I heard that this Ruyen had brought some trouble for Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai still didn’t leave her to fend for herself. I received some information that Ruyen recently embarked on a sea route to return home. So along the way, they should’ve passed the ungoverned region, I believe Zhao Hai sent his other ship to escort her. For Zhao Hai to do this, it showed what kind of person he is. This kind of person isn’t someone that you would want to control, otherwise they would get offended, understood?”

Trezebo immediately nodded, “Your highness can feel relieved, I understand what must be done. I have already prepare a shop location for mister Zhao Hai. It is not very far from the east gate, the shop is quite big. Although its position isn’t that great, it has a huge warehouse, as well as two additional storages underground. It’s a good store. The things that mister Zhao Hai wanted has also been transported to the warehouse, he only needs pick them up.”

Charlie looked at Trezebo with a praising look, “Good work, Trezebo. You being here in Jade Water City these few years really made me feel relieved. If not for the family’s rules that Jade Water City couldn’t be owned permanently, I really would like to give this place to you. But rest assured, if I sit on a throne, I will certainly give you a good territory.”

Trezebo quickly responded, “I won’t dare, your highness. I’ve been following you since you are young, this Trezebo has also served you for quite long time. Your highness need not give me any territories, I can just serve by your side for my entire life.”

Charlie smiles, “Of course I know that, but with all that you’ve done for me, I cannot just let you go on unrewarded. It will make the others who follow me doubt whether I would reward them or not, so just accept my gift. As for your territory, I already have some idea. Grand Duke Lionheart’s Duchy still didn’t have an official owner, so father decided to just divide them to his successors. I plan to give my share to you.”

Trezebo’s heart couldn’t help but feel excited. He knew how good Lionheart’s territory was. A lot of people were lining up to get a piece of that land. So now that Charlie was giving him a piece, this was a very good reward.

Looking at Trezebo’s appearance, Charlie couldn’t help but smile, “This is the only thing that I can give you right now. If I get the imperial throne, I will give you Lionheart’s entire territory, when that time comes, you will be a Grand Duke.”


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