BTFTLIAW – Chapter 405

Chapter 405 – Unexpected Benefit

Charlie nodded, “Good, prepare the things that mister wanted first. You can slowly prepare for the fire fishes later. Also, make some preparations, Mister Zhao Hai might bring back some aquatic magic beasts and marine products, be sure to receive them properly.”

Trezebo stared at Charlie, then his eyes lit up as he turned to Zhao Hai. He understood what merfolk products represented in the continent, they represent money, gold coins!

If Zhao Hai can get a large quantity of marine products from the merfolk, not making money off of it would be difficult. For them, this is very good information.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I don’t know how it will turn out, it depends on the heavens. If they give me something good, then that would be for the better.”

Charlie smiles and said, “Mister will certainly succeed, I have confidence in mister.” Not to say that Charlie had trust in Zhao Hai, per se, but in his undead. Through the battle previously, Charlie was made known of the formidability of Zhao Hai’s undead. Those undead were unbelievably strong.

Zhao Hai smiles and replies, “Your highness over praises me. But I still have to wait before Haven finishes its repairs. The ship only suffered a few damages during the attack, it shouldn’t take that long for it to be repaired. I also have a few more ships, they can act as the advance party, I’ll just follow them in the Haven.”

Charlie said, “Mister’s undead can be separated from you that far?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Your highness had forgotten that they are Advanced level undead, naturally they can be separated from me for quite some distance. Your Highness, I just remembered a matter, I had a three-masted ship sent to escort a friend, but I didn’t expect that it would be attacked so it is quite damaged. After a period of time I’ll have to ask your highness for help regarding its repairs, what does your highness think?”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “This is a small matter, you don’t have to worry about it. Just let your ship come. Alright, mister should take a rest first. I’ll have them repair your ship as soon as possible so that it can be returned to you.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then after giving Charlie a bow he returned to his room. One could say that his cooperation with Charlie went successfully, Zhao Hai was glad.

After returning to their building in Purple Bamboo Courtyard, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately take a rest. He first explored the courtyard’s bamboo grove along with Laura and others.

Zhao Hai didn’t just go around the grove to sightsee,  naturally he also wanted to get a couple of bamboo shoots. If those shoots were planted on the ground, they would grow and eventually turn into their own bamboo forest.

The Purple Bamboo had very strict requirements as to its habitat, but it wouldn’t need that inside the Space. Zhao Hai was very confident in raising some Purple Bamboo there.

Every since he was little, Zhao Hai always wanted to have a house with a big patch of bamboo around it. He sees that scenario to be quite beautiful.

The Chinese people loved bamboo. There were many ancient poems that were written about bamboo. Zhao Hai was a writer and even though writers can do almost anything, Zhao Hai had a particular preference for Ancient Chinese. Therefore, he also liked poems about the tall grass. He always imagined himself living in a house covered by bamboo. Unfortunately, he lived in the north, a place not suitable for growing the plant. In the end, he never was able to grow his own.

In addition to his preference for bamboo, the Purple Bamboo was also able to save Zhao Hai’s worries about the future. First, the Purple Bamboo is a unique plant that can give the Space some experience. When Zhao Hai establishes his nation in the Black Wasteland in the future, he would inevitably need some soldiers for protection. With the Purple Bamboo’s characteristics, the need for massive amounts of weapon materials should get fulfilled.

After collecting shome shoots about three feet long, Zhao Hai threw them into the Space. Sure enough, a prompt was transmitted. It stated that the Purple Bamboo had been evaluated with a Level of 35, however, it was unable to upgrade the Space.

This was what Zhao Hai expected, it was normal for the Space to not level up. After all, the Purple Bamboo’s level was only so-so, how would it be able to upgrade the Space?

Zhao Hai made Cai’er plant those bamboo shoots at the back of the villa and instructed her to take care of them carefully. Then the group continued exploring the grove to see whether this place had any other things of note.

For a bamboo grove that had not been cut for a long time, there should be some good things present here. No matter plant or animal, Zhao Hai would have a need for it. Currently, he had a lot of ecosystems present inside the Space, both marine and terrestrial. Zhao Hai wanted to find out if something on this grove would help those ecosystems.

Zhao Hai’s initial purpose of upgrading the Space was to cure his toxin. But even though he had already solved that problem and was now able to practice Battle Qi, there were still benefits in the Space just waiting for him to take. After upgrading the Space further, he may be able to help Meg and the others upgrade their ranks. This also applied to Grandpa Green’s group, they might even reach 9th rank. For Zhao Hai, this temptation is too great.

If Green and the others can become 9th rank experts, then that would be extremely fantastic. When the Buda Clan acquires a few 9th ranks in their pockets, nobody would say a word when they decide to resurface in the future.

Upon exploring, in addition to finding some mushrooms, Zhao Hai and the others also found a bamboo rat.

Zhao Hai had heard that this Bamboo Rat was quite the delicacy back on Earth. In Ark Continent, he wasn’t sure if the rodent had changed its flavor.

Zhao Hai was dumbfounded when the Space received the mushrooms, their evaluation were unexpectedly higher than the Purple Bamboo, it said that the mushroom was a special treasure, had a nice taste and were full of nutrition. Its level was also above level 40, this surprised Zhao Hai.

His surprise was even more so for the Bamboo Rat, when it entered the space, it was unexpectedly evaluated to be level 50. It was a mouse variation that is affected by some plant genes. Not only was it delicious, it could also help in growing some plants and eliminate pests in the soil. Also, its attack power wasn’t weak, a fully grown adult would reach 7th or 8th rank in strength. Apparently, the one Zhao Hai just seized was a young rat.

A pleasant surprise, a pleasant surprise indeed. Zhao Hai didn’t think that he would come across such valuable things. To be able to get some highly valued stuff just by taking a casual stroll in a bamboo grove was an extremely lucky situation.

Laura and the others were even more surprised than Zhao Hai. This was because there was no custom in the Ark Continent of eating mushrooms. Thus, when they saw Zhao Hai absorb the fungi into the Space, they were puzzled. And when they saw that it had a high evaluation, they were dumbfounded.

Hearing Laura talk about not eating mushrooms, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pat his head. When Green went to forage some food in the forest before, he probably didn’t look for some mushrooms. No wonder he felt that there were a lack of fungi inside the Space, it turned out to be this.

But it was not too late, they could correct that thought afterwards. After strolling for a few more minutes in the bamboo grove, Zhao Hai didn’t find any notable things to absorb aside from some insects, naturally he absorbed those too.

Although insects were common, they were also crucial to ecosystems. Thus, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and absorbed a bunch of those directly. But since the insects were very common, it didn’t make the Space level up, the Space didn’t even give any evaluations for them, it just ignored them. However, the Ranch was already a small world, so those insects were still placed there.

Afte walking around the grove, Zhao Hai’s group returned to their small building. Laura was interested in today’s harvest, although it wasn’t very big, they had gotten quite some interesting things.

Zhao Hai smiled at the group and immediately brought them to the Space. At this time, the Space had allocated a space of ten mu where the Goldmetal Fruit was planted. The Goldmetal tree had already grown quite a bit, but it still didn’t bear any fruit.

Ten mu of ground for such a little tree seemed very strange. But Laura and the others looked at the Goldmetal Fruit with a look full of hope. They knew that as soon as this tree bears fruit, they would be able to increase their rank.

After taking a rest inside the Space, they came out of the villa. Zhao Hai didn’t call Green, it was still daytime, his grandpa was still busy.

Zhao Hai also didn’t practice fighting techniques, he already learned the basic sword stances. Moreover, he also had a few spars with Blockhead and Rockhead, giving him adequate experience in battle. With his present strength, he wouldn’t be able to be defeated by a 6th rank.

Since he didn’t have anything else to do in the Space, there was only one thing left. He held an iron ball in his hand and felt its characteristics.

Zhao Hai understood that he really had the same ability as Magneto, metal manipulation. However, his present ability was much less than the Marvel villain. Magneto can control airplanes and even make a metal bridge fly into the sky while Zhao Hai can only control a small piece of iron ball.

But Zhao Hai was still satisfied, with such a piece of metal, he can change its form and control it within the Space monitor’s range. He can make this metal both attack and defend, this is already enough.


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