BTFTLIAW – Chapter 400

Chapter 400 – Pleasantly Surprised

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One!

The heartbeat of all those present synchronized with the ticking down of the timer. When the number turned to zero, they even felt as though their hearts have stopped.

A white light flashed inside the Processing Factory, then a small bottle appeared on the ground. The bottle was quite small, about the size of a palm, it had a flat bottom. Seeing through its transparent body, one could see a blue liquid. At this time, a prompt was heard, “Special Purpose Detoxification Potion for the Water of Nothingness completed, administer orally, one time use. After ingestion, toxin shall be removed, impurities will be discharged. At the same time, Host’s body will be strengthened, advised to take the potion along with a Goldmetal Fruit, the effects will be better.”

Zhao Hai stared, but he immediately took the small bottle and gazed at the blue liquid inside it. Green and the others also stared at the liquid with bated breath, probably afraid that the bottle would disappear if they breathed strongly..

Zhao Hao turned his head to look at the others, he showed a faint smile, “I think that the Space wouldn’t deceive me, I should go buy a Goldmetal Fruit. Then I will go consume the two of them together, what does Grandpa Green think?”

Green looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, what are you planning on practicing, Magic or Battle Qi?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “Battle Qi, of course. Now that I can use 8th rank Magic by using the Space, it would be redundant to learn Magic. I seem to remember about you saying that our family has the Wild Dragon Battle Qi being passed down, I hear that it’s very famous in the continent, I’ll train hard using that.”

Green’s eyes became wet as he laughed and said, “Good, good! Young Master is certainly worthy to be a Buda Clan member. I can teach you the true version of the Wild Dragon Battle Qi that our Buda Family has been secretly passing on.”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he asked Green, “Grandpa Green, what did you say? What do you mean true version of the Wild Dragon Battle Qi? You mean that there’s another version that isn’t genuine?”

Green smiled faintly, “Right, our Buda Clan’s Battle Qi technique can be said to be one of the most famous techniques in the continent. Not only is the way it is practiced different, the attack strength of our technique is leagues better than most. Because of this, a lot of people became jealous. Thus, our Clan’s Wild Dragon Battle Qi has been divided into two versions. The first version is the simplified one, it has a weaker attack strength as well as a slow rate of practice. That version couldn’t compare to the true version of out Wild Dragon Battle Qi manual.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “That’s good to hear, but we still need to wait until my toxin gets removed. Teaching me when that time arrives wouldn’t be too late.” Then he took the bottle and headed to the villa’s living room along with the others following behind him.

Inside the living room, Zhao Hai placed the small bottle on the table first before opening the Spatial Store and buying a Goldmetal Fruit.

Now that the Goldmetal Fruit has been digitized, it could now be bought in the shop. However, it’s price wasn’t that cheap. At this moment, it was the most expensive thing in the shop, costing 10 thousand gold coins per fruit.

But Zhao Hai didn’t care about the price, he immediately bought the fruit and placed it beside bottle. He took the bottle and removed the cork. He looked at the liquid inside before raising his head and downing the liquid into his mouth.

It wasn’t until the bottle was empty before he placed it down. He flapped his lips but couldn’t taste any residual flavor. Then he took the Goldmetal fruit and took several bites one after another.

Every single person in the room looked at Zhao Hai eating the Goldmetal fruit. They just stayed in their place and stared at him.

Zhao Hai licked his lip, the fruit’s flavor was extremely good. It had a cool feeling as well as a sweet and sour flavor. This made Zhao Hai secretly want to eat another one.

Zhao Hai looked at the others’ appearance and couldn’t help but laugh, “I didn’t expect that the taste of this fruit would actually be very pleasant.” After he finished talking, he suddenly felt a rumbling sensation in his belly. Zhao Hai’s face changed before he charged towards the toilet while holding on to his stomach.

Inside the toilet, Zhao Hai immediately unbuttoned his pants and sat down. The stench that emanated from the toilet almost made Zhao Hai faint.

After ‘working hard’ for about 10 minutes, Zhao Hai was about to collapse, this wasn’t what he expected to happen. He immediately got some tissue paper from the Space and cleaned himself up. When he stared at what he just left behind, he felt very disgusted. What he saw was something black, akin to asphalt, it dispersed waves of gut retching odor. Zhao Hai could even swear that he just saw insects flying around the toilet.

Zhao Hai quickly covered the toilet and pressed the flush button. He also turned the exhaust fan on. When he felt that the air inside the restroom became better, he immediately walked out.

Although Zhao Hai felt that he was on the verge of collapsing, there was a sense of extreme relief that came about him. This weird feeling made him both uncomfortable and glad.

When he came out of the restroom, he saw Green and the others waiting for him. Seeing Zhao Hai come out, Green immediately inquired, “Young Master, how are you feeling? Are you alright?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m fine, I feel good, but I’m feeling very weak.” Meg immediately went forward to support Zhao Hai as they headed back to the living room. After Zhao Hai sat down, a glass of water was given to him.

After drinking the glass of water, Zhao Hai felt a bit better. Scratch that, it was a LOT better. He felt that he was full of strength, something he never felt before.

Green and the others stared at Zhao Hai. He placed his glass down and smiled, “I’m feeling so much better. That feeling earlier must have been the potion’s side effect. Now I feel that my body is overflowing in strength.”

Green’s heart was moved, he immediately said to Zhao Hai, “Young Master, I think the things that the Space produces are all very special. How about I impart the Wild Dragon Battle Qi Technique to you right now. Let’s see what results come up.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then Green quickly told Zhao Hai the instructions to practice the Wild Dragon Battle Qi Technique. Upon hearing the instructions, Zhao Hai was surprised, this was because this technique was unexpectedly quite the same as Earth’s Internal Strength techniques. Just like how it was described in martial arts novels, the technique practices the body through the various acupoints inside.

In Ark Continent, before one practices their Battle Qi through the acupoints, one needed to train their bodies first. Once their bodies have reached a certain rank, then they could train their Battle Qi. As long as they establish a minor cycle of qi within their bodies, then they would have reached minor mastery. This rank gives the person close to 5th rank in strength.

However, the Wild Dragon Battle Qi was different, this technique didn’t need you to train your body first. Everybody was able to practice this technique, naturally, those who had innate talent in cultivation would have much faster progress than those who had worse.

Zhao Hai had read a lot of Battle Qi techniques these past few days, so one could say that he had a bit of understanding about Battle Qi. Simultaneously, he had already memorized all of the acupoints inside a human’s body. This was because knowing those points were tantamount to cultivating Battle Qi.

Now that Green imparted the technique to him, he immediately understood it. He remembered the route according to the technique and started to try to probe for the sensation that one needed to feel.

In practicing Battle Qi, the most difficult part wasn’t advancement, but this sensation that one must acquire so that they could embark on their cultivation journey. This sensation was nothing but ethereal, it relied completely on your internal senses. After many years of experimentation on the continent, they had found out that those who had good body strength were able to achieve this feeling easier. This was also the reason why most train their bodies before starting to train in Battle Qi.

Zhao Hai expected to have difficulties in feeling out the sensation, but he didn’t think that when he just started the process, something like ants crawling in his meridians were immediately felt. It evolved into a torrential flow before completing the first rank of the Wild Dragon Battle Qi technique.

Then, the second rank was attained, then the third, the fourth, the fifth, and it stopped at the sixth rank. Zhao Hai felt that he was being excessive and stopped advancing, then he continued to operate the six ranks of the technique.

Every time the technique made a revolution, Zhao Hai felt that his body’s battle qi increase by a point. He slowly felt the Battle Qi in his body becoming like a river that rushed along his meridians. The river was golden in color, with a few black, blue, cyan, and red colors mixed in.

The movement of this river became quicker and quicker, and when Zhao Hai felt that the river could break through his meridian’s limitation, he immediately attacked the 7th rank. Looking as though the river had fount an exit, it immediately rushed into the meridians and immediately broke through the 7th rank. When he broke through the 7th rank, the river began to calm down. However, Zhao Hai still felt that there was still enough power to go on. So he continued to circulate his Battle Qi along the 7th rank and slowly accumulated the quantity of qi inside his body.

Before long, when he felt like his limits were about to be broken through, Zhao Hai immediately started to attack the 8th rank.

The operation was very smooth as he quickly broke through to the 8th rank. Then the river of Battle Qi calmed down. Zhao Hai felt his own veins become sturdy, his skeleton hard, his muscles powerful, and his skin durable. However, this time, he felt that he could no longer continue on.

Zhao Hai was very confused, he didn’t know why all of these happened. Then suddenly, he thought about the Magic brought by the Space. The Magic of the Space had already reached 8th rank. Now, his Battle Qi has also reached the 8th rank, it seems like all of these were linked to the Space.

Upon thinking about this, Zhao Hai stopped his cultivation. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Green and the group looking at him anxiously. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but show a faint smile and said, “What happened? I’m fine, I just circulated by Battle Qi, everyone doesn’t need to be so nervous.”

Green forced a smile and asked, “Young Master, you didn’t JUST practice Battle Qi. You’ve been doing it for a full day and night. Young master, what Battle Qi rank have you reached?”


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