BTFTLIAW – Chapter 398

Chapter 398 – Attitude

After Zhao Hai and Charlie returned to the ship’s living room, Charlie smiled apologetically to Zhao Hai, “Mister, what you just did placed you on the opposite side of my second brother. Second brother isn’t that broad minded, you need to watch out in the future.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This is how people are. Some of them you become friends with, while some become your enemies. A truly friendly person only exists in stories.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Charlie understood that Zhao Hai was showing his faith on him. Although Zhao Hai promised to help him, he wouldn’t be the same as his other people. Zhao Hai wants to have a degree of freedom in his actions as well as weight to his words. He wanted to be treated like equals.

Charlie also knew that people with Zhao Hai’s capabilities have their own pride. They will not accept being slaves that will be on other people’s beck and call. It was precisely because of this that Zhao Hai said those words.

Charlie nodded, “Mister can feel relieved. I will guarantee mister’s safety. My second brother has underestimated by strength, mister can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’m not that worried, to be honest. With the second prince’s current strength, he wouldn’t be able to do anything that could harm me. Your highness need not worry himself over my well-being

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Charlie couldn’t help but knit his brows, “Mister, you need to be careful in not underestimating my second brother too much. The cards on his hand aren’t weak, he isn’t any weaker than Grand Duke Lionheart.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, “It doesn’t matter. As long as he doesn’t send a 9th rank expert to deal with me, then there’s no problem. Your highness shouldn’t worry.”

When Charlie heard Zhao Hai, he nodded. In truth, it wasn’t easy to request something from a 9th rank expert. When Grand Duke Lionheart was being hunted, the Calci and Shelley Families sent four 9th rank experts to kill Lionheart’s two 9th rank experts. Naturally, the two families paid a huge price.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s confidence, Charlie didn’t say anything more, he could see Zhao Hai’s strength with this point. Actually, by looking at the undead on the ship, Charlie wanted to gauge Zhao Hai’s strength. Unfortunately, the undead didn’t have any chance to exhibit their capabilities. But judging by their outer appearance, Charlie decided to not underestimate Zhao Hai.

Looking at the skies, it seems like lunchtime has arrived, so Zhao Hai invited Charlie to the dining area for a meal. Naturally, what they ate were nice meals; beef, mutton, fire fishes and various vegetables.

Charlie looked at the table and saw some dishes that he hadn’t eaten before, this made him curious. Rosen Empire was the largest nation in the continent, so there were a lot of dishes that was served at the capital. But now, seeing that there were unique dishes in front of him, it touched the third prince’s curiosity.

Of course, there were also fruit wine and milk wine served. On the other hand, the staple food was replaced with bread fruit. Zhao Hai wanted Charlie to taste food he hadn’t tasted before.

Charlie was very curious of the bread fruit. When he started eating the delicacies, he was very startled since they were actually quite delicious.

It was especially so for the bread fruit. Charlie saw that this was from a fruit tree, but for the specific tree, Charlie didn’t know.

After eating some fruit, Charlie placed it down and looked at Zhao Hai, “Mister, what is this fruit? Why does it change like this?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “This thing is called a Bread Fruit, I named it myself, hehe. Currently, only I have these on hand. However, I don’t have enough output for now so I cannot sell these wholesale. What is more important about the fruit is that it is the main component for the beer that I am fermenting. This is also the reason why I am not preparing to push this product on the continent.”

Charlie didn’t expect that the bread fruit was actually a component for brewing beer. He nodded and said, “It really can’t be sold, it would be more valuable if made into beer.”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled, “Actually, the tree’s yield is very high, not slightly inferior to bamboo rice. But the tree is very demanding in regards to climate. It couldn’t just be grown anywhere, this makes its output very hard to increase.”

Charlie gave a nod then frowned, “Mister, wouldn’t this affect the beer’s output?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and replied, “It shouldn’t. I’m also researching about alternative materials to replace the bread fruit. And if we manage to do so, the bread fruit wouldn’t be wasted, we could just sell it since it is also quite a good product.”

Charlie nodded, “Truly a pity, this thing would be a fantastic thing to be made into army provisions. Not only could it increase the marching pace, it also tastes good.”

Zhai Hai smiled but didn’t agree, people’s mindsets are truly quite different. He didn’t think of using the bread fruit as army provision, and thinking of its advantages to the army, but Charlie did.

After finishing their lunch, Zhao Hai returned to his own room. Naturally, he gave Charlie a good room, one of the best rooms in the ship.

Upon entering his room, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the Space and went to the Processing Factory. He surveyed the situation and felt good, in a dozen or so hours, the Detoxification potion would finally be done.

Zhao Hai sat in the villa’s living room with Laura and the others by his side. When Zhao Hai took a sip from his cup of tea, Laura looked at him and said, “Brother Hai, we have already sided ourselves with Charlie, wouldn’t he be angry with your actions today?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I just did that to judge his attitude. I want to see what would make him angry. If he became angry because of my intentions, then it meant that he isn’t that broad minded. Even if I volunteered to help him, I would only do so sparingly. But if he was fine by it, then I’ll fully support him in ascending the throne.

Zhao Hai placed his teacup and sighed, “A superior person who isn’t broad-minded is no good, this also applies for those who always strive for control. I could only gauge him because of this.”

Laura nodded and didn’t say anything. What Zhao Hai said was reasonable, if Charlie as a higher up didn’t have a broad mind, like the Second Prince, then supporting him was not a good idea.

At this time, Meg stared towards the Processing Factory and sighed, “It is too slow, still more than 10 hours left. Why does time seem to flow too slowly, a minute feels like 10 years.”

Zhao Hai can only smile faintly as he said, “You’re over exaggerating, it’s fine. We have the afternoon, then dinner, then sleep. After waking up, the potion should be ready.”

Meg pouted her mouth, “That’s easy to say. Young master, go look at what the third prince is talking about.” Zhao Hai smiled and opened the monitor. The screen immediately turned to the Third Prince’s room. Charlie was sitting inside while drinking, Liru was beside him.

Charlie looked somewhat thirsty, at the same time, he relaxed himself. He didn’t think that the Second Prince would be alerted to his presence in Rising Water City. This was not good news for him.

Looking at Charlie’s appearance, Liru knew what he was thinking, he couldn’t help but whispered, “Your highness, now that the Second Prince has found out about us, we should inform Aonas, he may be in a dangerous situation.”

Charlie placed his cup down and shook his head, “No, this time we went to the city to do about ten actions. Second brother shouldn’t have known about Aonas.”

Liru nodded then looked at Charlie, “Your Highness, wasn’t Zhao Hai being too unreasonable today? He clearly expressed his intent to side with you, but his tone seems to be negotiating. He didn’t put himself into a subordinate’s position, it seems like he sees himself as your partner.”

At this point, Charlie showed a faint smile, “Isn’t this quite good? Liru, remember that people with ability would certainly hold a degree of pride. I couldn’t do anything to mister Zhao hai’s arrogance, he didn’t need me to survive in the first place. Although he is currently in a sort of conflict with the Calci Family, I am quite sure that they wouldn’t let go of him. the benefits that Zhao Hai brings are certainly too good. Also, even if he loses the Calci Family’s backing, the Shelley Family is still extremely friendly with him. With such a continent spanning family in good relationship with him, why would Zhao Hai care about a nation’s prince like me?’

Liru thought for a moment and had to agree with Charlie. The Shelley Family was a powerhouse whose influence has reached the entire continent. The family was quite formidable. If Zhao Hai maintains his friendly ties with the Shelley Family, even if he were to be ousted from the Rosen Empire, he wouldn’t worry about surviving on other nations. So long as he has the Shelley family on his back, he wouldn’t have any problems.

No matter how powerful the Radiant Church was, it would be impossible for them to exterminate all Dark Mages. Additionally, they were currently going after famous and notorious Dark Mages, they didn’t have the time to deal with the mysterious Zhao Hai.

Charlie breathed out a sigh and leaned his body on the chair. “Having Zhao Hai help me should be the most correct decision I could make. Have you seen second brother’s attitude? This meant that he has some people supporting his back. Poor brother, why couldn’t you realize that father is still very much alive and kicking? You will only get farther and farther away from the throne.”

After he said that, he slowly closed his eyes. Before long, a windy sound could be heard, Charlie surprisingly fell asleep. Liru immediately placed a blanket over the third prince’s body.

After Zhao Hai saw the scene, he immediately turned off the monitor. He took a deep breath and turned to Laura, “I didn’t think that Charlie would have such high view of me. But Laura, why did he say that that if the second prince had a faction behind him, the emperor would see him as a threat? Aren’t they father and son?”

Laura gave a stiff smile and said, “So what if they are father and son? Fathers and sons killing each other is very common in royal clans. Not to mention royal clans, even noble houses have these situations happening all the time. People would go crazy for a high position. Even if the Rosen Emperor is a father, he wouldn’t forgive those who threaten his position, no matter they be his brothers or sons, all of them would be dealt with.”

Zhao Hai sighed, then nodded, “It really is very stressful when one is a ruler. I believe that there are a lot of monarchs that hadn’t left their castle for their entire life. Their subordinates would just report about the happenings outside, not requiring them to check for it themselves. Who would’ve expected that the most pitiable people in the continent were actually the rulers?”

Laura smiled and said, “If others were to hear you, they would die laughing. Even if the king couldn’t go out of his palace, don’t forget that the entire kingdom belongs to him. Every single life inside it is in his hands. He gives life as well as takes it. Having the authority over a person’s life would make anyone intoxicated. Otherwise, why do you think a lot of people wanted to be a monarch?”

Zhao hai chuckled and said, “Who knows? I don’t want to be like that anyway. I want my future situation to be just like now, free to walk around and wander about. We can just drink wine and sit while chatting. Isn’t this a better situation?”

Laura smiles, “Only you would think about this kind of life. There are a lot of people in the continent that don’t want that. But, this is also good, I used to be busy with my business everyday in the past, but now, I didn’t need to worry about a lot of things.”

Zhao Hai gave a forced smile and replied, “That may not be true for long, we already strive to have our own kingdom. My head couldn’t help but ache when thinking about the day that will be realized. Sigh. Anyway, Laura, when can your subordinates gather so that we could fetch them?”

Laura thought for moment then said, “I have given them ten days to prepare. This time, I had almost all of them come. Some are very far while some are just nearby, they still need some time to gather. Right, how is Uncle Evan doing?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “He told me that he didn’t want those people to leave. But he is still the Purcell Family’s Patriarch, he needed to take the family into account. Thus, he had no choice put call the elder’s assembly, and they agreed on letting your people go. I reckon Uncle Evan isn’t very happy right now.”

Laura could only smile, “Of course he is not happy, Uncle Evan’s temperament is just like a warrior. He wanted to place loyalty first, but he is currently shackled by the family’s interests which completely contradicts his character. It would be strange if he would be happy. On the other hand, when will he take Ruyen away?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile, “Ruyen is already on a ship. I really find Ruyen’s situation quite funny. Back when I was Adam, she ruthlessly wanted to end her engagement with me. Now that I’m Zhao Hai, she did her best to avoid me. It really is interesting.”


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