BTFTLIAW – Chapter 396

Chapter 396 – Business

Charlie looked at Zhao Hai, he knew that Zhao Hai should have just acquired this information recently. He stared and asked, “Why are you telling me this?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “I have an enmity with the Radiant Church, they wanted me gone as soon as possible. In order to preserve my life, I have to pull more people into going against the Church. I’m telling these information to your highness in the hopes that you would also help me deal with the church.”

Charlie stared at Zhao Hai for a moment, then he gave a laugh and said, “Alright, haha, no big deal. Mister can rest assured, if the church is really as overbearing as what you just described, then it is naturally my duty to deal with them. But mister should know that I’m just a prince, the things that I can do are quite limited.”

Zhao Hai looked at Charlie while Charlie also looked at him, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, “Your highness, if you need my abilities, I’ll try my best to help.”

When two wise people talk to each other, less words were required to convey a message. Charlie knew what Zhao Hai meant, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Charlie thanks mister. Mister, you should know that I need quite a bit of money right now. Do you have any business opportunities that you could provide me?”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Your highness is too polite. Haha, but I like your personality, direct and with no false pretenses. What business does your highness want? I’m thinking about cooperating on Merfolk products such as magic beasts, pearls and so on. What do you think about this?”

Charlie stared blankly before his eyes lit up. One could even see his eyes turn into gold coins. Nobody could blame him, merfolk products are too valuable in the continent.

The continent is very big, making its coastline quite long. However, one could easily forget that there were mages who could use their spells to harvest these marine products by the tons. This made these products as cheap as the price of cabbage.

But as time passed, those marine resources were all overfarmed to depletion. The only place that they were available belonged to the sea-dwellers, and humans wouldn’t dare to approach that part of the sea. Since nobody wanted to go, the scarcity of these marine products made their prices skyrocket. Presently, there were almost no cities in the continent that had a market for these products, people were too reluctant to sell their share.

Now that he heard Zhao Hai propose a partnership regarding these products, Charlie immediately understood the amount of wealth involved. But he quickly sobered up, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, these merfolk are not fond of playing jokes, you say you got it from the deep seas? You’ll scour them yourself? Sir, doing that isn’t wise, if you anger those merfolk, huge troubles will arise.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “It’ll be alright, be relieved, all of these are legit. You forgot that I’m a Dark Mage. Since my crew didn’t need to eat food, my food stockpile could last me for about a year and a half. In that time I can go to the deep seas and make my undead dive down for those resources. There’s no need for me to find them myself.”

When heard Zhao Hai, Charlie didn’t add more. In the past, those who were willing to scour the coastline for marine products were those weak mages or apprentices. Since they couldn’t do anything great with their magic, they would just go to the sea and make some money.

But for truly strong mages, they didn’t stoop so low. These mages were already invited by nobles to sponsor them.

Also, those weak mages would only get cheap products from the sea that weren’t that valuable, so they generally won’t go into the deep sea, their ships also couldn’t go there. After all, they could still earn some change with the fishes in the coastlines.

After a brief pause, Charlie opened his mouth, “Very well, I can cooperate with mister in this venture. How do you want our cooperation to be? Will you sell me the products? Or would we distribute them together? I think it’s better if you give me your supply while I sell it, then we divide the profits. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, let’s go with the latter, I’ll give you my supply then you sell it. How do we divide the profits, half?”

Charlie replied, “I thinks that’s no good. You are the one who got them, doing all the hard work. Me having half the profits wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile and said, “It doesn’t matter, then we’re all set. Also, you highness, I wouldn’t be able to give you a lot of fire fishes, otherwise their value in the continent would drop. I suggest that you place this business on other people’s hands, I have a good deal for you in return.”

Charlie asked, “Other business? What?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Right now I have a lot of grains and vegetables on hand. If you want these, I can supply you. Of course, I’ll sell it in market price, and I swear that their quality is the highest in the continent.”

Charlie couldn’t help but smile faintly, “Mister, my business is mostly wholesale selling. Good quality wouldn’t make any difference, if I add my markup price, those merchants wouldn’t purchase it.”

Zhao Hai slapped his head, he actually forgot that the reputation of his high quality goods could only be used in Purcell Duchy. For the other people in the continent, they might not have heard of his Haven products. If he wanted to use his brand in Rosen Empire, it obviously wouldn’t work.

Zhao Hai could only smile bitterly and say, “Your highness, how about we brand my products with my Haven trademark? This way, the populace would know about my products.”

Charlie nodded, “I heard about mister’s Haven products when you are still in Purcell Duchy. If we start making the brand known, it would be good for both of us.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Then I have no other good business at the moment. Although I have some rations, they are low-end products. They wouldn’t be able to make much money.”

Charlie smiled and said, “That’s fine. I heard that rations are quite popular with the mercenaries. How about giving me some?”

Zhao Hai looked at Charlie. Seeing the enthusiastic man in front of him, Zhao Hai could only give a forced smile and said, “Your Highness, you’ve got to be kidding. Rations are very easily produced, soon the continent would have loads of suppliers, we wouldn’t be able to make much profits in them. You won’t be able to have good benefits. Don’t worry, I won’t hide from you the fact that I’m currently developing a new type of liquor. If the development succeeds, then it will definitely be huge, all hotels in the continent would have it. The price isn’t very expensive, it is also very suitable for everyone. When that time comes, I’ll have this as an exclusive business with you, what do you think?”

Charlie’s eyes widened as he said, “Really? You have this kind of liquor?”

Zhao Hai smiles, “Of course I do. This liquor is just as fragrant as Milk Wine, but has a higher yield; this makes it quite cheap. If we make this, it would certainly be popular. Laura, please get a glass of beer for his highness.”

Laura calmly nodded as she prepared a glass of beer for Charlie. Charlie looked at the glass in front of him, the color was so bizarre that he had the thought of not drinking it. But to show that he trusts Zhao Hai, he could only lift the glass and took a sip with his eyes closed.

When the beer reached his mouth, Charlie felt a strange sour taste. He didn’t want to swallow it, but for the sake of politeness, he gulped the liquid down.

After the beer was drank, Charlie noticed a strange smell. The smell was quite peculiar, it wasn’t a good smell, but it definitely made you want to take a second drink.

WIthout thinking about it, Charlie took another sip, then the smell came again. Charlie could only stop himself as he placed the glass down and said, “It really has a special taste, but I’m afraid that common people wouldn’t like it.”

Zhao Hai only smiles and said, “This is because it is still in development, the acidic flavor is still there. Upon completion, that flavor would not be there anymore.”

When Charlie heard Zhao Hai’s assurance, he became more interested, “If that is so, then this business would definitely be very good. But I seem to feel that this liquor wouldn’t survive long times in storage.”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “Your majesty is half wrong. Preserving this liquor is both easy and difficult. If this is stored in a tightly sealed container, then it could be preserved for a long time. If the seal is faulty, then the flavor wouldn’t be good.”

Charlie nodded, “So that’s how it is. Then that’s good. Sealing a container isn’t a difficult thing. Then I will be anticipating mister’s good news.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, if the research succeeds, I will immediately supply you.”

Charlie smiled, “I’ll have to thank mister for today. All these money making businesses will be very helpful to me.”

Zhao Hai gave a slight chuckle and said, “It’s no big deal, after all, I still have to sell them somewhere right? Haha.”

Charlie returned the smile and said, “No matter what, mister has my gratitude.”

Zhao Hai laughed as he said, “I could also supply your highness with some bulls and argali, but those still have to wait until spring.”

Charlie smiled, “Good. Although bulls and argali aren’t in very high demand, their sales are still very good. As long as we have supply, we won’t worry about selling them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “These businesses are enough for some people to be green with envy. I advise your highness to be careful. Make sure that people wouldn’t group up against you, or else you’ll going to be in deep trouble.”

Charlie frowned, but he couldn’t help but agree to Zhao Hai’s suggestion. That situation can be very easily reached. .


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