BTFTLIAW – Chapter 395

Chapter 395 – Buda Family’s Opportunity to Recover

Zhao Hai returned to the hotel. After saying goodbye to Liru, he immediately found Ronaldo and told him that opening the store would have to wait.

Ronaldo knew that Zhao Hai had went out earlier, but he didn’t know where he went. He also couldn’t ask Zhao Hai, in any case he already got the family an additional 5,000 fire fishes per month. So he didn’t probe further, he just accepted the decision fully.

Ronaldo had already been given orders by the family to not be greedy in cooperating with Zhao Hai. Otherwise, they would lose everything. This was the reason why Ronaldo didn’t request anything from Zhao Hai and just helped him with everything. He believed that Zhao Hai wouldn’t leave him unrewarded and sure enough, he was rewarded with an additional 5,000 fire fishes per month. Although not that much, the Shelley Family still regarded it as quite a bit of income.

And now that Zhao Hai wanted to leave, Ronaldo didn’t stop him. He also didn’t inquire Zhao Hai as to why. He knew that further inquiry would only make the other party dislike him.

Zhao Hai entered the room and then reiterated what happened with Charlie to Laura and the others. Laura didn’t oppose to the cooperation since she trusted the Space. If they have a falling out with Charlie in the future, they could just receive the staff and save them.

Seeing that Laura didn’t oppose to the partnership, Zhao Hai sighed in relief. Truthfully, he still held Laura’s opinion in high regards when it comes to business decisions. After all, Laura was a true Merchant in the past, this lovely girl’s reputation even reached Rosen Empire, she isn’t playing around.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and asked, “Why do you think Charlie wanted to go with us to Jade Water City? Is it to recruit me? I don’t think that I have any worth for him to be considering me.”

Laura gave a smile and said, “Who told you that you don’t have any worth? You’re very exceptional, it is normal for him to be pulling over to his side.”

Zhao Hai just smiled faintly and said, “In any case, let’s prepare ourselves. We’ll be leaving Rising Water City tomorrow. Also, Charlie will be coming along with us for cover. I initially didn’t want to involve myself in their matters since looking at Charlie’s actions today, it seems like the battle for the throne is more intense than I thought. Taking part in their struggle isn’t a good idea.”

Laura forced a smiled and said, “We’re already involved ever since you met Charlie, it’s too late to say anything at this point. From what I can see, we might as well lend Charlie a hand. Brother Hai, if we can help Charlie get the imperial throne, the Buda Family might see itself reemerging in the future.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, “I’m afraid that meeting him is the wrong decision. I’m also afraid that if we relocate the clan to Rosen Empire, the Aksu Empire would take away the Black Wasteland from us. In the end, that place is where we decided to take root.”

Laura smiled and said, “You think too much, Elder Brother Hai. No matter who wanted to take the Black Wasteland away, they still need to deal with the poisonous fog. Nobody would dare settle there. Rest assured, that place will still be our roots. Also, nobody would think that we stayed there anyway, they might have already thought that we had escaped to the sea or something.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile, he knew that what Laura said was the truth, there was nobody that would dare settle in the black wasteland aside from them. Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “I think it would be better for us to discuss this matter with Grandpa Green.”

Laura agreed, “I think that’s a good idea. We should tell Grandpa Green about this, but I think he wouldn’t agree.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t think so, Granpa Green would certainly agree, he wanted to revive the Buda Clan more than I do.”

“Agree! Of course I agree. Young Master, what are you afraid of? As long as the Black Wasteland is in our hands, we will have a place to return to. If an accident happens outside, the Buda Clan could still return here.”

Green immediately expressed his thoughts when Zhao Hai told him about the matter. Green continued, “Young master, all great families must start from the bottom and build themselves bit by bit. In the past, the Buda Clan fell into this situation since we didn’t have the Space, it was impossible for us to retreat immediately back then. But young master, you currently have the Space, we don’t need to fear about anything, you should grasp this opportunity.”

Zhao Hai didn’t think that Green would say this, but seeing that Green agreed to his plan, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just nodded as he said, “Alright, when I get to the ship tomorrow, I’ll go and see Charlie’s attitude. If I like his bearing, then I’ll go help him.”

Green nodded, he looked at Zhao Hai with his eyes shining and said, “Young Master, tomorrow your poison will get cured. But what would happen in the ship?”

Zhao Hai smiles and said, “It doesn’t matter. When the time to detoxify comes tomorrow, I’ll just go to the Space, not a huge trouble.”

Green nodded, “You should be careful with the procedure. This is too important for us, as well as to the future of the Buda Clan.”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “Grandpa Green, rest assured, there will be no problems. The Space has never failed me before, there’s no reason for it to fail this time.” Green nodded.

Next morning, Zhao Hai and the others went out of the hotel early. Then they headed straight to the Haven. The Haven was just moored to the dock without interference. It looks like the fee that they paid was quite worth it.

Zhao Hai paid the supervisor before boarding the boat and wait for Charlie. When they docked the ship here, they already paid, now that the wanted to depart, they need to pay again, this dock is really too black hearted.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care, it was just a small charge. Currently, he wanted to know when Charlie would arrive. And just as he was thinking about this, a very ordinary carriage arrived and went right beside the Haven, then Liru came out of it.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he immediately gave the command to bring the carriage straight into the ship. Liru drove the carriage to the ship then Zhao Hai immediately set sail.

Only after they left the dock and entered the sea did Charlie get out of the carriage and smiled to Zhao Hai as he said, “I don’t have any choice in my actions this time, I hope mister can forgive me.”

Zhao Hai smiles and replied, “Not a problem. Your Highness, please.” Then he led Charlie to the cabin. After the Haven got modified, the cabin of the Haven wasn’t like those on the other ships anymore. Installed inside was a living room as well as a dining room.

When Charlie saw this part of the ship, he was startled, he didn’t think that such a scene was possible inside a ship. When he sat down, Meg immediately gave him a cup of tea. After drinking a mouthful, he smiled and said, “Mister’s ship is very nice. I have been on many ships before, it was only this time that I felt very comfortable.”

Zhao Hai replied as he gave a smile, “Your Highness praises too much. The ship was only modified like this because I have some undead crew on board. They don’t need to rest so there’s no need to have cabins for their use. With that, I had so much free space.”

Charlie stared blankly, he didn’t notice that those crew were unexpectedly undead. After hearing Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but be surprised and asked, “It seems like Mister’s Dark Magic has reached a high level. I actually thought that the crew on board were ordinary people.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The undead on the ship are previously the original crew of the ship. In fact, I only had this ship recently, back when Grand Duke Lionheart was still alive. It was because of him that I had acquired this ship.”

Charlie was puzzled, he asked, “Grand Duke Lionheart? But why do I see that this ship seems to have the workmanship of the Ocean Waves Dynasty? Did Lionheart have some relation to the dynasty?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “A little bit. When Lionheart ran away from his territory, he wanted to board this ship to run away. In the end, I caught up to him and he couldn’t escape anymore. I killed him and his group, naturally, the ship was turned over to me.”

Charlie’s eyes flashed, “Grand Duke’s demise was because of you? I thought that the Calci Family were the ones responsible for his execution. As it turns out, it was actually mister. May I know what rank Mister is right now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “8th rank. I’m just an 8th rank Mage, hehe, I hope that your highness wouldn’t laugh at me.”

Charlie actually laughed, “Mister is too polite. I think that the continent hasn’t heard of a person as young as mister that has reached 8th rank before. Mister really brings a lot of surprises.”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m not counting on that. At least I know of some people in the Radiant Church who had reached that level who aren’t older than me.”

Charlie stared  blankly, this was the first time that he had heard of this matter. He couldn’t help but change his expression as he asked, “Can mister tell me about it in detail? Mister should know that because of the current matter, my Rosen Empire and the Radiant Church is not very happy with each other. I’m afraid that something will happen soon.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Your highness should have heard that I came from Aksu Empire. When I offended the Radiant Church and was forced to run to the Beastman Prairie. I didn’t expect that the Radiant Church would send someone to hunt me down, and it was surprisingly a 9th rank expert. Fortunately for me, they violated a beastman taboo, so the 9th rank was killed by another 9th rank beastman. After he died, I turned him into an Advanced Level Undead. From his own mouth, I heard of a thing called the Ultimate Weapon plan that the Radiant Church had been operating these past years.”

Charlie sternly listened to Zhao Hai’s words. Upon hearing Zhao Hai mention the Ultimate Weapon plan, his expression changed. He looked straight at Zhao Hai and said, “Ultimate Weapon Plan?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Right, the Ultimate Weapon plan. This plan selects innately talented children from the entire continent. They train these children as well as had the church’s potion masters and artisans experiment on them. They plan to develop way to mass produce 9th rank experts. Those who failed would be at least 7th or 8th rank. Majority of those who failed would end up as crippled, some would even die from the process.”

Charlies expression continued to worsen, he asked further, “Mister, are you really talking about the Radiant Church? Haven’t they always said that they are the servants of the Radiant God and thus would save people? Why would they do such a thing?”

Zhao Hai gave a bitter smile and answered, “This is only a pretense that they use. The talk about being the servant of the Radiant God and saving people is all nonsense. The bad things that they did are no less than what the Dark Mages did. I’ll be open to your highness, a lot of those notorious Dark Mages in the continent are all cultivated by the Radiant Church. They trained those Dark Mages and made them go out into the continent and perform heinous acts to dirty and corrupt the reputation of the other Dark Mages. With this, not only did they make the populace hate the Dark Mages, they also slowly reduced their numbers, and hoping to eventually reach their goal of fully exterminating them.”

Charlie’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink, he asked with a deep voice, “Are mister’s words serious?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “No statement from them is true. Your highness, do you know why I left the prairie and went straight to Rosen Empire?”

Charlie replied, “Isn’t it because of the Calci Family?”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “That is one reason, the other reason is because compared to all the nations in the continent, the influence of the Radiant Church on the Rosen Empire is the weakest. Rosen Empire is the most powerful nation in the continent, their own nobles had their own pride, therefore there would only be a few of them that would join the Radiant Church. Not like other nations where their highest officials are all members of the Radiant Church. Southern King of Aksu Empire is one of the members of the Church’s Knight’s Congregation. He held a high status in the church and thus in other nations. It was because of this that I came to Rosen Empire.”

Charlie stood up and paced around the room as he muttered, “How could this be? This way, the Church would control the entire continent sooner or later. What fierce move by the Radiant Church.”

The empire’s anti-Radiant Church movement wasn’t taken seriously by Charlie previously. In his view, the Radiant Church can only do so much inside Rosen Empire. But now, it seems like it was a completely different matter. Luckily, they had been suppressing the Church. This thought brought a cold sweat to Charlie’s back.

Although it can be said that the empire had been suppressing the Church for many years, they didn’t investigate them thoroughly. They were so sure that the church wouldn’t be a threat. Charlie never imagined that the church had this hidden agenda going on.

After walking a few more paces, Charlie turned his head to Zhao Hai, “Mister, who else knows of this information?”

Zhao Hai gave a smile, “Your Highness, who do you think hates the Church the most inside the Rosen Empire ? Of course it is the Calci Family. Some of these matters were only known to them quite recently, but some was already known by the family for a long time.”


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