BTFTLIAW – Chapter 394

Chapter 394 – Sincerity

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I don’t have to worry about that, but where does your highness want the stuff delivered? I think you won’t find it comfortable in Sky Water City?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Naturally not in Sky Water City. I’d want mister to deliver to my domain, Jade Water City, I wonder if that is possible?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Of course it’s possible. I’ll supply you starting next month and pay me whenever the products arrive. How does your highness think about this?”

Charlie gave a smile and said, “Thanks for understanding, I really still have a lot to prepare. Does mister have any other products? I see that you have milk wine, so I reckoned mister should have a good relationship with the Beastmen.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s just like what your highness said, I actually have a good relationship with the Bull-Headed Race. Currently, I have some wool products on hand, is your highness interested in those?”

When Charlie heard Zhao Hai’s response, he secretly nodded to himself. He commended Zhao Hai for being tactful. He knew what Zhao Hai was getting at, Charlie smiled and responded, “A bit interested, how many blankets does mister have right now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Counting both my blankets and carpets, there should be 10 thousand. This isn’t my max production, come spring they should increase.”

Charlie nodded, “Good, I’ll have those as well. Is mister okay with selling those in market price?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Of course. Next month when I deliver the fire fishes, I’ll have those blankets and carpets delivered as well. Is your highness satisfied with this?”

Charlie smiled, “Then we’re settled. And mister, if I may ask, what matter did you come to Rising Water City for? If you need any help, Aonas can lend you a hand.”

Aonas quickly added, “Yes, I could definitely provide mister with help inside Rising Water City. I have a bit of influence here.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Nothing big, I just want to buy some things as well as try to open up a shop in this city.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Charlie’s eyes lit up then he said, “How about mister open a shop at my Jade Water City? The goods and services in Jade Water City are about the same as Rising Water City. Additionally, I could give mister an exemption on taxes. What does mister think?”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think that Charlie would be surprisingly enthusiastic. He knew that he might offend Charlie if he refuses. He didn’t know what kind of person Charlie was, if the prince was a petty person, he might retaliate in the future.

Also, if he agrees and opened up a shop in Jade Water City, he may suffer some problems if Charlie hates him in the future. It would be a risk to his people if he chooses this option.

Looking at Zhao Hai who stayed quiet, Charlie didn’t want to be misunderstood so he immediately added, “Mister, please don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean to force you. If mister wants to go then its good, but if he disagrees then that’s fine as well. This matter wouldn’t affect our cooperation.”

Zhao Hai looked at Charlie and smiled, “Your highness has also misunderstood, you have given me such a good benefits, so of course I’ll have to head towards Jade Water City. This time, I only came to Rising Water City because it was closer. Tomorrow I’ll head to Jade Water City, I wonder when your highness will return to Jade Water City?”

Charlie looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I also happen to return to Jade Water City tomorrow. I wonder if mister can give this one a ride in your ship?”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he gave a smile and nodded, “Having your highness as my guest would certainly be an honor. Then we’re good, tomorrow me and my group will be waiting for your highness in my ship. Just head to the docks of the city and look for my ship. It’s named Haven.”

Charlie smiled, “Alright. Then I won’t be bothering mister anymore. Mister should rest when you head back. Tomorrow, we still need to leave the city unnoticed.”

Zhao Hai stood up while he gave a faint smile, “Then Zhao Hai will ask to be excused, your highness.” Then he bowed to Charlie before being led away from the living room by Liru.

Charlie also accompanied Zhao Hai to the entrance. Then left Liru to guide Zhao Hai to the carriage. Charlie then returned to the living room.

Aonas looked at Charlie and said, “Your Highness, why were you too polite to him? Also, why exempt him from tax? Is it because of the fire fish and milk wine?”

Charlie gave a smile and shook his head, “No, Aonas, you must understand. When I first heard about Zhao Hai, I didn’t think much of him. But after seeing him just now, I suddenly had the inkling to pull this person to my side. This is because this person is terrifying, not because of his schemes nor his temptations. Everything he does is all straightforward, you can clearly see what he is thinking about. This is why I value him too much, for him to refrain from using schemes means that he is confident in his own strength, he disdains beating around the bush. You can also see from his actions and expressions the look of sincerity, something that I rarely see in other people.”

Aonas looked at Charlie, still confused. Charlie smiled as he added, “There are all sorts of plots and schemes in this world that it is very hard to see a sincere person. Why did I cooperate with him? This is because for people like Zhao Hai, if you are good to him and not betray him, he will never ever betray you for the sake of higher benefits.”

Aonas was still not convinced, he looked at Charlie and said, “How did your highness deduce this? How come I am unable to see it?”

Charlie gave a smile and said, “Remember when I offered him a partnership? Most people would immediately agree, after all, as a third prince I have a much higher position than either the Calci Family or the Shelley Family. But instead, he implicitly told me the shares of the two families as he revealed how much supply he can provide. This is a probe, he wanted to see my attitude towards this matter. If I wanted the shares of the two families, then he would definitely not cooperate with me. Aonas, you should know about the recent matter of the Calci Family, yes? That waste of a fifth child of the family had his eyes on Zhao Hai, and may have even suffered a loss in Zhao Hai’s hands. Despite this, Zhao Hai still didn’t give me the share of the Calci Family. This showed that he is a man of sentiment, if such a person were to join my side, then it would be a great boon for me.”

Aonas finally understood after hearing Charlie’s explanation, he gave a nod and said, “Your highness, when you invited him to Jade Water city, why did he seem to be hesitant?”

Charlie smiled and said, “This is another point that made me like him. Do you think that if he establishes a shop in Jade Water City, he will stay there for a long time? Of course not, he would send his people there. I gave him tax exemptions, average people will definitely agree, the reason why he hesitated was because if he does send his men to Jade Water City and we happen to fight in the future, he fears that I would act against his men. For someone who cares deeply about his own subordinates, that is a very desirable trait.”

Aonas looked at Charlie with an admiring look, “Your Highness, your eyes are really like blazing torches. But if Zhao Hai is really a person of sentiment, then why didn’t he give the Calci Family all of the shares? I remember that the Calci Family had helped him a lot.”

Charlie replied, “This is because he is cautious and wants to leave a leeway for himself. I think that Zhao Hai has a lot of subordinates that are counting on him for resources. If he gave all of his products to the Calci Family, he would certainly suffer big if the Family decides to stop cooperating with him. This is understandable, its basic human nature. I even believe that this overall supply of about 100 thousand fire fishes and 100 thousand jin of milk wine that he revealed isn’t his maximum supply. He will always give himself a way out.”

Aonas nodded, this point of having a back up plan is how things should be. Even he has prepared an escape route for himself, this isn’t a strange thing.

Charlie looked at Aonas and smiled faintly, “This Zhao Hai isn’t simple. Earlier, he had an enmity with Grand Duke Lionheart, but he still managed to be unscathed. Moreover, I heard that back in Aksu Empire, he had offended the Radiant Church as well as Southern King Boris, making him escape towards the Beastman Prairie. Then he used a false identity to escape to Rosen Empire. After which he lead the Empire’s anti-Radiant Church tide. He is too fierce, this is the most important point, he gave the Calci Family advice that would hit the Radiant Church in their most vital points. This made me decide to settle in recruiting him.”

Aonas frowned as he asked, “Your Highness, isn’t that idea from the Calci Family? What made you think that it was given by Zhao Hai?”

Charlie made a disdainful expression, “Hmph, if the Calci Family already had an idea that great, then they should have already used it a long time ago. They had been pressured by the Radiant Church all these years, and the idea only came out just as Zhao Hai arrived at Sky Water City, isn’t this too coincidental? Therefore, I judged that this should be Zhao Hai’s doing. Those antiques back at the Calci Family, hehe, it would be impossible for them to come up with this idea. It was good that Smith and his brothers are really talented, and they had good eyes. It was only that fifth child Juwan that is a complete waste. If you have the chance, try getting Smith’s favor, if we can get their support, then the throne wouldn’t be able to escape my grasp, haha.”

Aonas didn’t expect that Charlie would have such high view of Smith. But he didn’t get angry, he knew his capabilities, and he was also a merchant. When thinking about Charlie snatching the throne, these few tricks could also be considered good.

Charlie turned to Aonas, this man is very important to him. Aonas’ capabilities were formidable, and is loyal to him. It was this point that made Aonas incomparable to the other people. Thinking about this, Charlie faintly smiled and said, “Aonas, go help me prepare to leave with Zhao Hai’s ship tomorrow in returning to Jade Water City. The matters in Rising Water City will be handed over to you. Don’t forget, you are now a merchant, except for extremely important matters, don’t contact me. Just go and do you merchant duties.”

Aonas nodded.


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