BTFTLIAW – Chapter 391

Chapter 391 – Two Days

Zhao Hai dealt with the matters inside the Space while also handling the matters back at Iron Mountain Fort. Naturally, the information about the Space’s upgrades as well as the fact about detoxification was told to Green and the others.

Green was very excited that tears streamed down from his face. For him, there was no better news than this. As long as Zhao Hai recovers, they wouldn’t need to fear for the scenario where the Space would suddenly vanish. Green and the others were extremely glad, nothing was more important than Zhao Hai recovering.

Time passed as the Haven continued on travelling. It was already the tenth day after they met the Shrimp tribesmen. The things back in Iron Mountain Fort were almost taken care of, and some of the medicinal herbs were already collected. However, the quantity needed was still not enough, so they need wait for three days for the herbs to become fully collected. Zhao Hai could start processing the antidote by then.

At this time, the Fruit Trees as well as the Bread Trees were already planted. But they didn’t yield any fruit yet since their growth rate was the same as outside. So there wasn’t anything to see from them right now.

The Processing Factories also weren’t idling. They had already processed all of the rice and wheat. Now they were currently processing the fruit oil.

This time, a large number of animals could now be raised inside the Ranch so Zhao Hai placed his argalis inside the Space. At this time, Zhao Hai understood that the Ranch didn’t need to have feed anymore. This was because the animals could now graze from the ground as well as hunt other animals for meat. Herbivores would eat grass while carnivores would eat the herbivores.

Because of the recent upgrades, all the grass present in the Ranch could now be eaten. This also made the animals undergo migration from time to time. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried that the Ranch would get destroyed. Additionally, Mu’er was also present, so Zhao Hai didn’t need to worry about the animals.

Zhao Hai also noticed that the grasses inside the Ranch grew much faster than those outside. Although it was not as fast as the Farm, it was not that much slower either.

The reason why Zhao Hai allowed the carnivores to hunt the herbivores was so that the population of herbivores would be controlled. The small world needed to be balanced. If the herbivores were left to their own, they would incessantly multiply, eating all of the grasses in the world and destroying it in the process. Zhao Hai didn’t want this to happen, so he established a food chain inside the Ranch.

Obviously, this process certainly made Zhao Hai lose a lot of money. After all, these carnivores must eat meat. But Zhao Hai didn’t worry, as long as a stable food chain was created, the Ranch wouldn’t be destroyed.

The Ranch had enough food for the numerous herbivores that Zhao Hai released, but the carnivores present weren’t a lot; this made it an incomplete food chain. With the number of prey vastly outnumbering the predators, it was an inevitability that the Ranch would run out of food. However, this was Zhao Hai’s Ranch, not nature. Those herbivores would still be killed for meat, not many would be left.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai remembered that all of these considerations were of no importance. The Ranch indeed became a small world, but the situation still remained unchanged. Like before, the animals present here were all either digitally generated, or digitally raised, it was just the way they were raised that was different.

Zhao Hai regarded this situation as a serious matter, if he continues with the current model, sooner or later the number of beasts that he would raise could match those that were herded by the Beastmen. This was a terrifying thing, when this time comes, he wouldn’t be able to sell those beasts outside. Because if he does, the continent’s economy will certainly collapse, causing chaos all over the place.

But it was fortunate that he already had Mu’er to manage the Ranch. Zhao Hai could just give an order to control the number of beasts inside the Space so that they wouldn’t increase too quickly as well as decrease too quickly. All of these responsibilities were handed over to Mu’er.

Although the Ranch had all of those shortcomings, Zhao Hai still thought that it was very useful. With those carnivores constantly hunting inside the Space, their natural instincts would get sharper and sharper as time passed by. This made them true to their wild nature while inside the Space.

Their fighting strengths would be more formidable, moreover they were all completely obedient to Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai needed them to fight later on, he could just release them for battle.

At this moment, the beasts with the most population were the bulls, argali, and horses. Next in line were blood hawks, and moonlight lions. Bulls and argali were raised for their meat, horses for transportation, while the blood hawks and moonlight lions were for fighting strength.

Aside from these land magic beasts, the Ranch was also raising massive amounts of aquatic magic beasts. Also, the aquatic food chain was more complete than the land food chain. After all, Zhao Hai fully absorbed seawater into the Space, so naturally, he would be absorbing complete food chains along with it.

Zhao Hai now understood why it was still called a small world, it wasn’t a mature world since there were still some flaws here and there, thus the title small world.

But generally speaking, Zhao Hai was very satisfied regarding this small world of his. So long as he continues to upgrade the Space, then one day it will completely evolve into a complete world.

With the matters of the Space being good overall, Zhao Hai didn’t have much worries. He could just give instructions whenever he felt like changing something.

Looking at the Space’s changes day by day, Zhao Hai became very satisfied. After all, this place was his own personal domain.

Three days went by quickly, Rising Water City was already in sight. As long as they travel for half a day, Zhao Hai and the others would be able to enter Rising Water City’s harbor.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t paying any attention to the city right now. He was currently in the Space, in front of the Multipurpose Processing Machine. By his side was a pile of medicinal herbs.

Laura and the others were also right by his side, anxiously looking at the machine and waiting for Zhao Hai to press the button. Zhao Hai didn’t delay, he immediately pressed the button meant for depositing the materials.

When the button was pressed, a flash of white light came, then the pile of herbs by Zhao Hai’s side disappeared completely. Zhao Hai pressed the ‘Process’ button and selected the item that he wanted, the Detoxification Potion. Then finally he pressed the ‘Begin’ button. The Space deducted his balance by 10 thousand gold coins as the machine sprang into action. A projection popped up, showing Zhao Hai digits that were very important to him. The figure showed 48 hours.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be relieved, in two day’s time, he would be forever be cured of his affliction that was caused by the “Water of Nothingness”. He can finally go back to being an ordinary person.

Laura and the others looked at the numbers that were projected above. They also understood what those number represented. Laura sighed with relief as she said, “Brother Hai, in two days, two days! You can finally get rid of your poison.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he excitedly looked at Laura and Meg as he smiled, “Yes, in two days, I can finally restore my body to what it originally was.”

Meg shed tears as she hugged Zhao Hai. She didn’t realize that she was crying, she was too happy. Zhao Hai’s poison was always a heavy stone in their hearts. As long as Zhao Hai’s poison went unsolved, they wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably. Now that in two days, Zhao Hai would be cured, the dark clouds plaguing the Buda Family would finally dissipate.

Zhao Hai patted Meg’s back gently as he smiled and said, “It’s okay, don’t cry. Everything will be alright after two days. Your young master can finally learn martial arts, we should be happy. We’ll show those people who looked down on us the fully revived Buda Clan.”

Meg was still tearing up while she nodded, she believed that Zhao Hai could achieve anything. From the beginning, she had unconditional trust towards Zhao Hai, this was because Zhao Hai was her world.

Laura’s tears were also flowing, she loved Zhao Hai. But his poison was a very big deal to her. This was because Zhao Hai’s poison could be inherited, if they had a child in the future, their children would also have this poison inside of them, making them unable to study martial arts as well as magic.

In Ark Continent, someone who couldn’t practice martial arts or magic was considered a waste. Laura was somewhat of an prideful person, how could she allow her children to be such wastes?

But she loved Zhao Hai very much, and she decided to marry him in the future. So she just hoped that Zhao Hai could cure his affliction. Now that the day had come, she was extremely happy.

Looking at Laura’s appearance, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He lifted his arm to create an empty space, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and immediately threw herself into Zhao Hai’s arms, still with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Green and the others weren’t with them today, so the only other people present were Shue and Shun. Regarding Zhao Hai’s development, the two of them were also quite happy. They had made a Blood Oath with Zhao Hai, so naturally they would hope that their master would have a bright future. After they knew Zhao Hai’s real identity, the also knew that he drank the Water of Nothingness, this was the matter that they worried very much about.

Ever since the two followed Zhao Hai, their lives had been very comfortable. Zhao Hai put their lives in order, provided them with delicious food, while at the same time taking the two of them away from their previous lives that were full of dangers. This made the two extremely grateful to their young master, so they regarded to matter of his poison very highly.

Now that the matter was close to being solved, with Zhao Hai being healthy again, they thought that things couldn’t get any better. The return of the Buda Clan was getting closer and closer.

After some time, the group calmed their emotions down and went out of the Space. The Haven was now entering the harbor, they had no choice but disembark from the ship.


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