BTFTLIAW – Chapter 388

Chapter 388 – Multi-purpose Processing Machine

At this time, Laura and the others arrived right by Zhao Hai’s side. Looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “The Space has finally levelled up, our biggest worry has been solved. Hahaha. Now we don’t need to upgrade the Space anymore, we’ve already got what we wanted.”

Laura smiled as well and said, “No, we must still continue on upgrading the Space. If we do so, it will become a true separate world.”

Zhao Hai laughed along with the others, Laura just said what he felt in his heart. Although Zhao Hai said that they didn’t need to upgrade the Space anymore, he still actually wanted to find out what will happen when it reaches a high level. Now, he only knew what would happen when the Space reaches level 50, but what about 60? What about 70? Is there a limit to how many upgrades it could take? What will the Space become then?”

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered something. He immediately opened the Space’s interface and saw a small processing factory icon.

Zhao Hai immediately selected the Processing Factory icon, a prompt was then heard that said, “Construction of Processing Factory selected, costs 100 thousand gold coins. Includes one free Multipurpose Processing Machine.”

Zhao Hai immediately pressed confirm as he set an area not far away from the villa. Suddenly a white light shone before revealing a small workshop type place. The structure looked like a small house with very ordinary brick construction.

Zhao Hai and the others immediately went inside the workshop. Upon entering, what Zhao Hai saw was something that he didn’t expect.

Inside the more or less 200 sq. meter workshop, a single machine was present. But this didn’t mean that the shop was very spacious, this was because the machine took up almost all of the space inside.

The machine looked very simple, you could only see three buttons labelled; ‘Material’, ‘Process’, and ‘Begin’, nothing else. You cannot see any input nor output on the machine, it  looks exactly like an iron block with pipes here and there.

Zhao Hai looked at the machine and pressed the button labelled as ‘Process’. Instantly, a page popped in front of him. The page was divided into several tabs which were categorized as: ‘Potions’, ‘Food’, ‘Items’, and ‘Specials’.

Zhao Hai went to the ‘Potions’ tab to take a look. What appeared was a dense and numerous pile of potion names. He selected one randomly as information was relayed, “Strong Injury Healing potion, apply on flesh wound, can stop bleeding in the shortest possible time. Material needed, 37 wild aconite, ….” it continued to list more medicinal names as well as the amount needed.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai understood the general way to use the machine. He went to the ‘Food’ tab and looked at the list. In the list were the same numerous amount of foods, from staple and non-staple dishes to condiments like jam, salad dressing and so on. It can also process liquor as well as providing the detailed formula.

He also looked at the ‘Items’ tab, and as expected, there were all kinds of tools present, as well as all kinds of weapons. This exhibition lit up a sense of anticipation inside Zhao Hai. Finally, he went to the ‘Special’ tab and saw varied selections. You could even process a Martial Arts manual inside, as well as Spatial Items and other mysterious things.

Of course, you also need to provide the materials if you want to acquire those special items. For example, if you want a Martial Arts Manual, you need to provide another manual as well as things like pen and ink.

Zhao Hai switched off the interface and sighed, “This Multi Purpose Processing Machine is definitely worth its price. This thing is really easy to use, hehe, this is an extremely good thing.” At this time, information was presented inside his mind. The information was regarding the Processing Factory as well as the Multi Purpose Processing Machine.

Currently, the Processing Factory can be upgraded to Level 10. Levelling up will increase the number of machines that could be present. Since Zhao Hai could level up the Processing Factory to level 10, it meant that he could have 10 Multi-purpose Processing Machines.

And the machines can make almost anything. As long as you have the proper materials, you can process anything you want.

The Multi-Purpose Processing Machine’s production is very formidable, if it was made to process continuously with enough materials, it would be able to make 100 thousand jin of flour per day. Processing rice would yield 500 thousand jin per day. For liquor, at least 10 thousand jin of fruit wine or white wine. Beer would be produced at a rate of 50 thousand jin per day.

If it was made to produce weapons, ordinary blades and swords produced per day would be 1000. If made to produce Spatial Equipment, it may only take a few days. However, the machine can only make one product at a time. If it was processing rice, it couldn’t make flour and etc.

Without thinking, Zhao Hai immediately upgraded the Processing Factory to Level 10. White light flashed and 9 additional workshops appeared in the Space.

At this time, Zhao Hao remembered that he must have spent quite a bit of money, so he immediately checked his gold coin balance. To his surprise, he was actually deducted 10 million coins! He froze, he didn’t know where this much money went.

Upon asking Cai’er, Zhao Hai knew that the Space charged him 10 million gold coins not just because of the Processing Factory, but also because of the upgrading of the Farm. It was necessary to know that expanding the Farm costs a lot of money.

Although he initially grieved, Zhao Hai knew that upgrading the Space was an overall good thing. At this time, Cai’er also notified Zhao Hai that there weren’t enough places inside the Farm that could accommodate an additional 1000 mu or land. Only by using the background would the area requirements be satisfied. However, planting in the background didn’t have the Space’s benefit of speeding up the rate of growth. All plants grown in the background would have the same growth time as those grown outside.

But fortunately, there was a slight advantage which was that all the fauna planted in the background wouldn’t need to consider the climate. This was a good thing for Zhao Hai.

So this time, in addition to having Cai’er plant some bread trees, he also had her plant a large number of fruit trees, rice bamboo, oil fruit trees, and a large variety of vegetables.

After arranging the matters inside the Space, Zhao Hai and the others went outside. Currently it was dusk, and the surface of the sea has turned golden.

Zhao Hai stood on the deck and gazed at the golden ocean, then he suddenly laughed, “Starting today, I won’t have to worry about the ‘Water of Nothingness’. Between the Heaven and the Earth, I will now be unstoppable!!!”

Laura and the others looked at Zhao Hai and smiled faintly. They didn’t say anything, they understood Zhao Hai’s current mood. In fact, they were actually as excited as Zhao Hai.

After quite some time, Zhao Hai calmed down and turned to Laura and the others as he smiled, “The seas truly hold innumerable treasures. If we need to upgrade the Space in the future, we should just absorb some seawater. If we continue on upgrading the Space, a day would come where we wouldn’t need to worry about getting a source of products, our own world will support us.”

Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, what if we bring a lot of grain in the Prairie causing its price to drop. What would be your thoughts on that?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “That’s not good, we can’t do that. Otherwise, bankruptcy will be prevalent among the small businessmen in the Continent. Those people would be the most affected if we do what you just said. For large businesses, not so much.”

Laura nodded, those small-scale merchants who trade in the continent only earn their money through arduous hard work. The ones who truly makes huge profits were those large merchant companies. What seems to be bad luck to small merchants would only be a small dent to these people.

Zhao Hai sighed, “What we needed to do now was not to decrease the price of grain. But instead, we should just provide enough food for the Beastmen so that not a lot of them would starve to death.”

At this moment, a fluctuation happened on the sea. Zhao Hai felt that the Haven just shook. The group was quite familiar with this scenario, this meant that an aquatic Magic Beast had come to attack them.

Zhao Hai immediately opened the monitor. Upon seeing the screen, he couldn’t help but stare. Currently, the monitor’s range was increased from two kilometers to ten, a fivefold upgrade.

However, compared to the changes inside the Space, this wasn’t that much. Zhao Hai didn’t mind it too much and just analyzed the current situation.

After seeing the situation under the ship, Zhao Hai stared blankly. This was because what he saw underneath was a person, but he immediately noticed that this wasn’t an ordinary person. This was a type of human-shaped aquatic beast.

Zhao Hai observed the human-shaped magic beast, its height was about three meters and on its head were two antennae. On its torso were eight tall and slender feet, looking like those limbs that shrimps have. Additionally, it had claws as his two hands. However, it didn’t have any feet, but instead, it had a tail like a shrimp.

Along with the shrimp-shaped person were a group of giant shrimps. Their bodies were about five meters long, a pair of big claws, and thick shells on their backs. Those Magic Beasts looked extremely strong.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Hai’s couldn’t help but knit his brows. This was because he suddenly remembered a name, Merperson!

Zhao Hai didn’t understand why the other party decided to attack him as though he was a pirate. But he didn’t have any time to think about it. He could see that the power level of those giant shrimps were very high. If those attacked their ship, it wouldn’t be able to last for a long time.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as waves of seawater came out. Then a rush of water came into the air. This water also revealed a shrimp-shaped person.

From Zhao Hai’s present usage of magic, it seems like it had been improved considerably. Before, his attacks were only equivalent to 7th ranks but now it seems like it had reach the realm of 8th rank.


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