BTFTLIAW – Chapter 387

Chapter 387 – Level Up

Telling Green and the others about those matters made Zhao Hai completely relieved. He believed that Green and the others would certainly make appropriate preparations. Actually, they really  didn’t need to rush those preparations right now, they could wait until the Calci Family makes its move. As long as the family took a side, no matter good or bad, Zhao Hai would need to act accordingly.

Zhao Hai and the others returned to Ape Island, this time with Green, Merine, and Kun. When they first saw the island, they thought that it would be fantastic if they could build a base on top of it.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to destroy anything on the island. This place was Little Jin’s domain. They lived for generations here, if Zhao Hai destroys this island, Little Jin’s tribe might not be able to cope with it.

What they needed to do right now was learn how to brew beer from Little Jin first. Then they would return to Iron Mountain fort to make their experimentation. Maybe in the future, the group would be able to drink delicious beer.

Zhao Hai also had another thing to do, which was to find small islands that they could mine some stones from. This was so that they could prepare some houses for this coming spring.

Zhao Hai knew that Little Jin was quite clever, no matter what Zhao Hai says, the little monkey would understand. This would make things extremely easier for Zhao Hai.

The liquor that Little Jin made actually had a simple process. They would place the ripe bread fruit to the tree hole, pour in some water, then make the natural yeast ferment the liquid until it had this sort of fragrance.

Naturally, there were some points that they needed to pay attention in. First was the sealing, second was the degree of ripeness of the fruit, and third was placing the bread fruit along with its shell.

This didn’t mean that only the shell was used in making the beer, on the contrary, it was the flesh of the fruit that was necessary. However, the shell also played an important role in the brewing process. It provides that beer flavor that Zhao Hai recognized. Without the shell, you would only get a barrel of dirty water with green furs.

Zhao Hai didn’t know why this happened, so he could only try to use this method at this time. He is hoping that the beastmen liquor makers can improve the process and make a more delicious beer.

These beastmen winemakers have been living their life comfortably in the recent times. Their main task was to make milk wine, they didn’t need to go do grazing but they still have enough food to eat, have money to spend, and milk wine to drink. Every aspect of their current life was beautiful.

In reality, beastmen loved tranquility, so they deeply desired a peaceful life. However, they needed to survive inside the Prairie, so they would migrate all the time and roam to different places. It was very fortunate that right now they need not migrate anymore. They can just stay in one place and live peacefully. Their children were getting educated, they didn’t need to worry about food, and the best thing was having enough vegetables to eat.

Before, for a group like the Giant-Horned Bull Clan, it was impossible for them to eat vegetables several times per year since vegetables were very expensive. Currently, in Iron Mountain Fort, vegetables were cheap so they wanted to eat it as frequently as possible. In addition, they also had Blue eyed rabbit meat, so they didn’t lack on that department either. For them, their present life is extremely beautiful.

Because of this, the beastmen felt extremely grateful to Zhao Hai. Beastmen were simple minded beings, if you’re good to them, then they will feel gratitude, they will do anything to pay you back. Otherwise, you are their enemies, it was a very simple philosophy.

So when Zhao Hai asked them to study the ape’s way of making liquor, they didn’t complain. On the contrary, they were very careful in learning, afraid of missing a crucial point in the process.

However, their worries were unnecessary. This was because the brewing of beer was very simple. Not only can they learn it quickly, even ordinary humans wouldn’t find it hard to learn.

Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai was already expecting it. In all honesty, he didn’t think that the process would be this simple.

After learning the process of making beer, Zhao Hai delivered the beastmen as well as Green’s group back to Iron Mountain Fort. He wanted them to learn how to make beer, so that in the future they would have proper insights into making other kinds of liquor, like one made from rice.

Naturally, Zhao Hai made Green manage these matters. Currently, Zhao Hai was on his ship which was leaving Ape Island. He wanted to look for small island that contained some stone that they could use.

Actually, these few days, Zhao Hai was also waiting for Smith’s letter to arrive. He wanted to find out whether the matter was finally solved. To his disappointment, the letter still hasn’t arrived.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t worried, he knew that after Juwan returns the the family, he would certainly find ways to deal with Zhao Hai. There are not many things that Smith could do about this.

After leaving Ape Island, Zhao Hai and the others were slowly approaching the deep sea. There are numerous islands at the sea, some of them had freshwater in them, becoming supply points for some people. It was on these islands that pirates and great powers built their bases in. The other islands were basically ignored.

But these ignored islands were very useful for Zhao Hai. If the island had any fauna, Zhao Hai could use it to hopefully upgrade the Space. If they cannot, then it was still fine.

It was the same case if there are Magic Beasts present. If the island didn’t have any of those two, Zhao Hai could still mine the island for stone. In any case, Zhao Hai currently looked like a son of a poor household, making use of anything and everything.

Moreover, another reason that Zhao Hai sailed this time was to go and absorb massive amounts of seawater into the Space.

Zhao Hai always wanted to do this, but since they were conscious of the time back then, he wasn’t able to do so.

Three days after leaving Ape Island, when Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t find a suitable small island. Zhao Hai thought that this was the correct time to move.

He immediately had Jinan stop the ship and drop the anchor. Then Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift to absorb massive amounts of seawater into the Space.

Seeing the sea water entering the Space, Zhao Hai became nervous. He finally understood why he was too hasty in absorbing water from the sea in the past. This was not because of the fact that they were hurrying at that time, but because he was too afraid that the seawater couldn’t make his Space upgrade and disappointing him.

Because of the amount of seawater entering the Space, a whirlpool was created on the surface of the sea. Zhao Hai was afraid that the seawater was not enough to upgrade the Space, so he didn’t stop. After half an hour or so, Zhao Hai stopped the spatial rift, making the water’s surface normal again.

Looking at the whirlpool vanish, Zhao Hai and the others entered the Space. After they arrived, a prompt was given, “Space has absorbed enough seawater containing various microorganisms to upgrade the Farm to Level 30 and the Ranch to level 20. Congratulations to the host for the effort.”

“Since the Ranch has reached level 20, Small World Function has been unlocked.  The Ranch will have the properties of a small world, limits on animals raised removed, limits on animal type removed, added seawater, increasing the amount of freshwater, added hot spring mountain, unlocked the background.”

“Since Farm has reached level 30, Processing Factory Function unlocked, background unlocked: can now use background as arable land, no limit in plant quantity planted.”

“With this level up, prediction for what happens next: when host’s Farm reaches level 40 and the Ranch reaches level 30, both functions will combine, becoming a true Small World. When host’s Farm reaches level 50 and the Ranch reaches level 40, host can buy more backgrounds, can plant and rear additional plants and animals on those backgrounds. Other progression path still locked, host has insufficient level. Hoping the host to increase his efforts.”

Zhao Hai was frozen in place, after listening to the prompt up until the end, Zhao Hai yelled in celebration; Laura and the others did the same. The Space had finally reached level 30, Zhao Hai can finally create an antidote to cure his toxin.

Moreover, Zhao Hai didn’t think that things would go this smoothly. The most important things were the new functions that the Farm and the Ranch has unlocked. The Ranch can now raise animals as much as it can fit, there’s no more limit.

The Farm can now use the background. It’s land area has certainly been increased. They can now plant a lot more crops this time, this function was extremely fantastic.

Moreover, the upgrades had allowed the Space to predict what happens when the it gets upgraded further. It would actually turn into a Small World, as well as simultaneously being able to buy more backgrounds. This revelation was too wonderful.

At this time, a prompt from the Space could be heard again, “Detected amount of toxic material on Host’s body. Space decided to reward the host, providing seeds for the antidote. Host may process medicine in the Processing Factory to create Detoxification Potion to remove toxicity. Seed placed in the inventory.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh upon hearing the prompt. Now he really didn’t need to worry about dealing with the toxins on his body, the Space had conveniently solved it for him.

He immediately opened the inventory and found the seeds that were rewarded by the Space. Zhao Hai knew why the Space rewarded them specifically, these seeds were more than level 40. These were currently out of Zhao Hai’s reach.

Zhao Hai took a deep breath and turned to Cai’er, “Cai’er, after the crops mature, replace them with these seeds. Also, plant Bread trees massively on the background, transform the terrain into about 1,000 mu of planting space.”

Cai’er complied, then went onwards to control the Space and got busy.


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