BTFTLIAW – Chapter 385

Chapter 385 – I’ll Accept These Ships.

Juwan didn’t believe Zhao Hai’s words. In his opinion, Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage who offended the Radiant Church and was forced to leave his home, he didn’t have any other way of surviving. Thus, Juwan didn’t fear Zhao Hai’s threats, instead he showed a cold smiled and said, “No need to frighten me, there’s no use in talking big words. You came to seek refuge with our family, but refuses to pay a price. Aren’t you being shameful in taking my family’s money?”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think that this was what Juwan thought of him. But he didn’t mind it, he only looked at Juwan and said, “Not at all, and why would I be shameless? If I wasn’t a Dark Mage when I came to do business in Sky Water City, wouldn’t you still settle me? If I came to Sky Water City, wouldn’t your family still protect me? When I came to Sky Water City, I didn’t ask your family to guard my well-being. I didn’t ask to stay at the City Lord’s Mansion either, it was Smith who made me stay there. It was never in my intention to be there. And now you want to take this into account? You cannot be any more wrong.”

Juwan was brought to silence by Zhao Hai. He was right, even if he wasn’t a Dark Mage, the family would still protect him inside Sky Water City. This was one of the reasons why Sky Water City thrived, if they didn’t do this, the city wouldn’t have reached its present degree.

Juwan was speechless for quite some time, he didn’t know how to reply. He looked at Zhao Hai’s face and couldn’t help but feel his anger rising up. Then he said loudly, “You’re saying that you won’t give me the thing that I want? If you don’t hand it over, then I’m going to be impolite.”

Zhao Hai looked interestingly at Juwan and said, “Impolite? You want to attack me? Do you have the strength?”

Juwan looked at Zhao Hai’s eyes and couldn’t help but feel coldness in his heart. He knew that he went too far in asking and even did it in Zhao Hai’s ship. If Zhao Hai wanted to deal with him, it would be very easy. He heard that Zhao Hai’s strength wasn’t weak.

However, Juwan gave a look to the person standing behind him and calmed his heart down. This person was someone that was sent by the family to support him and was placed as his housekeeper. Even though this man always said ‘we cannot do this’, ‘we cannot do that’, his strength was actually quite formidable, a 7th rank Dark Mage.

When Juwan saw this man, he felt relief. He turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “If you really have the ability to deal with me, then show me.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Witness this”. Then he waved his hand, covering the skies above the ten ships with an uncountable number of undead. Soon, the ships were overwhelmed by Zhao Hai’s summons. Nobody expected Zhao Hai to deal with the ships instead of Juwan. Before long, there were no living persons left on the vessels.

Then Zhao Hai waved his hand for a second time, making ten clumps of black mists head towards the ships. After the mists vanished, all the original crew from those ten ships were turned into undead.

Zhao Hai looked at the dumbfounded Juwan and said, “I’ll accept these ten ships while preparing a boat for you, you don’t have that much people left anyway. There should be ships that pass by this place so you should be able to reach Sky Water in a few days.” Then he waved his hands as the ten ships were led away by Zhao Hai’s newly acquired undead crews.

Juwan was frozen while all of these happened. He didn’t think Zhao Hai would do this, this was completely out of his expectations.

The person sent by the family just stood there and sighed in his heart. Zhao Hai’s move was very beautiful, only embarrassing Juwan while taking into account the Calci Family’s face. With Zhao Hai’s strength they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

The housekeeper looked at the ten ships that they initially brought and saw that all the crew had become advanced level undead. Turning thousands of people into advance level undead was not something that was easily done, not even himself could do this feat. Even if he did so, his lifespan would drastically decrease. This made him have a new understanding of Zhao Hai’s strength. At the same time, he also noticed that Zhao Hai’s ships were also filled with these advanced level undead. This meant that there were even more Advanced undead on Zhao Hai’s pockets.

Seeing the ships being driven away, Juwan was frightened. He got angry as his pale expression turned to Zhao Hai. Then he shouted wildly, “Kill him! Kill him for me!”

Just as he said this, a pair of powerful hands held him. Juwan turned to look and saw the housekeeper that the family sent. The housekeeper calmly looked at him and said, “Young master, this is no joking matter. Let’s leave.”

Then the housekeeper turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, I’ll have to ask you to prepare a boat for us. Also, please prepare enough water and food.”

Zhao Hai looked at the housekeeper and faintly smiled, “No problem. I will also send a letter to Brother Smith so that he would send people to fetch you as soon as possible. Mister, I must also add that no matter how the Calci Family deals with this later on, my stance remains the same. I just want you to tell the family to think carefully next time. Tell them to not deceive their minds with the benefits in front of their eyes.” Then he waved his hand towards his undead to prepare the things for Juwan.

Zhao Hai gave a whistle as a Blood Hawk fell from the Space. He wrote a few words as he sent a letter to Smith via the Hawk.

He didn’t ignore Juwan, Zhao Hai turned his head and said, “Well, Juwan, you can go now. The boat has food and water enough for seven days, I’ve placed some wine as well. Although this boat isn’t big, it is enough for your group to sit comfortably inside. This is not a sailing ship, so you don’t have to do anything. As long as nothing happens, Brother Smith’s men should arrive in three days. You wouldn’t be in any grave danger.”

Juwan wanted to retort, but was instead pulled by his housekeeper. The housekeeper knew that there was no use in talking to Zhao Hai at this point. It would be better if they left early, they truly underestimated Zhao Hai’s strength.

At the same time, the housekeeper thought about making the family change its approach regarding Zhao Hai. The other party was a man they cannot mess with, his strength is too great.

The manager remembered that all of the undead sent by Zhao Hai to attack the ten ships were all Advanced level undead. There were tens of thousands of them, almost equal to the strength of three legions. One person controlling three legions of those undead who weren’t afraid of death. How can anyone mess with this person?

This man wasn’t just a housekeeper, he was also someone sent by the family to act as surveillance. The Calci Family sent these housekeepers to each of the successors in order to monitor and evaluate their performance. They were sent to appraise the person as to whether or not they were fit to hold the position of Patriarch, they were very essential for the process of selection.

Naturally, this matter wasn’t made known to the candidates. They only thought that the Family was taking good care of them, that’s why they sent those housekeepers to help their day to day lives.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind them anymore. He wanted the Calci Family to learn something from this encounter. He wanted to make them know that he wasn’t afraid while at the same time wanting to find out how the family would continue on with this matter. If they handled it well, then all is good. If they didn’t then Zhao Hai would look at other directions since the Calci Family wasn’t worthy of his cooperation.

Looking at Juwan’s boat that was slowly turning into a black spot, Laura expressed her worries, “Brother Hai, is this good enough? Are we giving Brother Smith enough face?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, I had a Blood Hawk carry the ghost staff. Also I had a few of them patrol the surrounding skies for a few days. As long as a situation happens, we would be there to save them. After all, he is still Smith’s younger brother. We can’t have him face any trouble, we only want to teach him a lesson. Otherwise, we won’t be seen highly by the Calci Family, they will only treat us as servants. I don’t want that.”

Laura nodded as she sighed, “I didn’t think that someone like that existed inside Calci Family, it was surprising. I hope Brother Smith could find a solution as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter if he takes a long time. We could just stay at Little Jin’s island and continue to learn how to make his liquor.” At this time, the little monkey expressed his delight, making Zhao Hai and the others laugh.

At this time, on the boat, Juwan was angry while looking at his housekeeper, “Zach, what are you doing?! Why do we have to listen to his words? Why don’t we deal with him? Didn’t the clan say that you are strong? Why do I see that you’re good for nothing right now?”

Zach looked at Juwan and calmly responded, “Young Master, it will be impossible for us to beat Zhao Hai. Didn’t you see? He just released tens of thousands of advanced level undead, tens of thousands! If we fight him, then we’re just courting death. Even if he cannot kill us, it would be simple to capture us. This was why I didn’t resist.”

Although Juwan was very angry, he was not a fool. After recollecting the situation of Zhao Hai blotting the skies with undead, he couldn’t help but feel startled. He knew that what Zach said was right, but he couldn’t just swallow this humiliation. From his childhood years to the present, it was only Zhao Hai who treated him like this.

Juwan gritted his teeth as he sat down. At the same time, he gave an oath in his heart that he would certainly tell this matter to his father. He must return Zhao Hai’s actions and wash away this shame.


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