BTFTLIAW – Chapter 384

Chapter 384 – I’m Afraid That You Can’t Handle It

Zhao Hai sat in the Haven while it left Sky Water City. Right now, they were already offshore. Although this part of the sea was still under Rosen Empire’s region, there weren’t a lot of Rosen Empire warships that could be seen.

Rosen Empire’s sea defense wasn’t very strong. Their warships were generally used to keep their maritime territory in order. Those who the empire sends outwards to pillage and plunder were generally their privateers.

It may sound absurd, for the empire to send some pillagers out at sea. But this was the truth, those privateers wouldn’t act inside Rosen Empire waters, moreover, they won’t fly the banner of the empire.

Actually, this matter of nations sending forth privateers was a public secret. Almost all nations in the continent had their own privateers who move on different parts of the sea, flaunting different banners from their host nation. But they were still under some sort of control by the state.

However, these privateers generally wouldn’t live great lives. If they do a bad job, their host country would deal with them. If they do a good job, the plundered nation would be the ones hunting them down. Since there was still need to control these privateers, an official member of the nation would act at its true core, the other members were generally mercenaries.

Take the Rosen Empire’s privateer fleet for example, their fleet commander is a member of the Rosen Imperial Family, but all other people were mostly mercenaries. When they turn into privateers, their identity would be criminals, pirates. But if they do arrive in Rosen Empire, they would be granted asylum by the Rosen Empire navy.

Zhao Hai and the others were now out at sea, although they still weren’t out of the Rosen Empire’s waters, the control of the empire around these parts were quite lax.

These parts were the most attractive places for merchants. Although they could travel along the empire’s coastline for safety, they would need to pay taxes. But if they travel along these waters, although they could meet some pirates, there was still the possibility of travelling safely. This way, they didn’t need to pay taxes, since taxes for nautical cargo were very high.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about any of these since, right now, he was carrying the Calci Family’s badge. Having this badge meant that he was exempted from Rosen Empire’s taxation, it was the family’s privilege.

With this privilege, there was no way that Zhao Hai wouldn’t make use of it. He didn’t want his money to be used for paying Rosen Empire’s tax.

At this time, Zhao Hai wasn’t sitting on the deck of his ship while watching the sea. Several small islands pass by leisurely, the scene was quite tranquil and peaceful.

Zhao Hai liked the peacefulness of the sea. He thought that the sea is just like a person. Sometimes she would be in a good mood, sometimes in a bad mood. Although both aspects have their own charm, Zhao Hai believes that when the sea is tranquil, that was when it was the most beautiful. It looked and felt like a sleeping beauty.

At this moment, a fleet of ships could be seen approaching from the distance. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare at the group of ships, since the ships weren’t any ordinary vessels, they were flying the banner of the Rosen Empire. The fleet was led by three five-masted ironclad battleships followed by seven three-masted battleships. A total of 10 ships were heading towards Zhao Hai’s location.

Zhao Hai stared, it wasn’t normal for these ships to reach this part of the sea. The only reason for their appearance here should be Zhao Hai’s group.

Zhao Hai frowned, then he opened the monitor. The ships weren’t that far from them, he should be able to see the opposite party at this distance.

He knew that the leader of such a show of power should be at one of those three ironclad battleships, so he focused his attention to the three ships and scoured for possible suspects.

Laura and the others were standing on Zhao Hai’s side so they knew what was going on. They were also paying attention to the monitor and wanted to see who was there to block them. Their ship was sporting the Calci Family’s badge, no ordinary ship would dare approach it.

Zhao Hai eyes suddenly shrank, this was because he saw a person, a young person about less than 30 years old wearing Noble clothing. He looked very charming while carrying his Magic staff.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t notice the young man because of how good looking he was. On the contrary, he disliked these kinds of men. To Zhao Hai, they looked just like a well polished egg.

The main reason that Zhao Hai was surprised was because the young man looked just like a younger version of Smith, but more charming.

Seeing the young man made Zhao Hai think that this man should be Smith’s fifth brother, Juwan.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown, he didn’t understand why Juwan would appear at this time. Moreover, they seem to be planning on blocking their ship. Didn’t Smith say that this guy will arrive tomorrow at Sky Water City? And that he would arrive by Law River? Why would he be here?

While thinking of these things, the ten ships had already surrounded Zhao Hai’s group. Juwan’s ship went to Zhao Hai’s ship’s side, then while using a springboard, the two ships were connected. At this time, Juwan came over.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop him, he knew that there was no use to preventing him from coming. Juwan camem so in any case, Zhao Hai had to come and meet him. He wanted to know what kind of person this Juwan is, what he wanted, as well as how he will threaten him.

Juwan arrived onboard the Haven and then swept a glance at Zhao Hai. His expression showed that he seemed to see a beggar on the street.

But when he saw Laura with Meg and Nier, his eyes lit up. This made Zhao Hai’s expression sink, he immediately disliked this person. It didn’t matter that he was Smith’s brother nor that he was a member of Calci Family, Zhao Hai came to despise him.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything, he just looked at Juwan as Juwan also looked at him. Juwan was waiting for Zhao Hai to speak first, but Zhao Hai didn’t do so. It was a competition of silence.

Zhao Hai looked at Juwan’s face, then he suddenly smiled. He waved his hand and had his undead prepare chairs and tables as well as tea.

When Zhao Hai waved his hand, Laura and the others understood what he wanted to do. So they immediately sat on the chairs and poured themselves a cup of tea, ignoring the presence of Juwan.

Juwan was at first dumbfounded about what happened, then a boundless anger came. He didn’t think that Zhao Hai would choose to ignore him this way, he completely disregarded his face.

When he saw Zhao Hai take an apple to tease the little monkey in his arms, Juwan couldn’t help it anymore as he roared towards Zhao Hai, “Zhao Hai, you dare ignore me?! Do you know who I am? You dared act like this to me?”

Zhao Hai looks at Juwan and showed a faint smile, “Why don’t you ask yourself who you are, why are asking me? Why would it be ridiculous for me to treat you like this? This is my ship, my private property. It was you guys who actually dared to come aboard my ship without permission. Now what? You want me to invite you for dinner?”

Juwan pointed his finger at Zhao Hai, unable to utter a word. At this time, the person beside Juwan yelled and rushed towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was already wary of these people. Juwan brought some Warrior dressed people with him, these people’s strengths weren’t great, they have the same standard as dogs.

The person who charged towards Zhao Hai obviously wanted to make Zhao Hai look ugly hoping for Juwan to reward him later. However, Zhao Hai didn’t mind him. The warrior had the strength of a 5th rank. On this ship, any undead could cut this man in half in a matter of seconds.

Zhao Hai didn’t bat an eyelid and just gave a look at Shun who was beside him. Shun immediately appeared at the warrior’s side, pointing his dagger at the warrior’s neck in a backhand grip. At this point, Zhao Hai calmly said, “That’s enough, Shun. I don’t want to see blood this day.”

Shun complied, although the dagger didn’t continue on its path, Shun didn’t withdraw it. He just watched the warrior with cold eyes. The man, on the other hand, didn’t dare more even a single finger. He saw from Shun’s eyes that if he were to even move a little, the other party wouldn’t hesitate to pierce his throat.

The other people who came on the ship were stunned, Juwan didn’t think that Zhao Hai would dare to act. The other warriors around Juwan immediately went to protect him.

Zhao Hai stood up, then he looked at Juwan and said, “You should be Juwan, yes? Don’t worry, I won’t kill you for Brother Smith’s sake. So, what do you want?”

Juwan looked at Zhao Hai then waved his hand. The warrior immediately returned to his side. Although the warrior was unsuccessful, Juwan made sure to remember him. No matter what, this man dared to make the first move.

Juwan looked at Zhao Hai and calmed his face down, at least on the surface. Then he said with a serious voice, “You really don’t know why I came?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “To be honest, I do know why you came. But I want to know what you’ll do if I decline. Will you make these battleships attack me?”

Juwan coldly snorted, “Perhaps, but I urge you to think carefully. If you refuse, what do you think the family would think of you? I will also make the people from the Family refrain from sheltering you.”

Zhao Hai looked at Juwan and smiled faintly, “I’m fine with that. But you also have to think about the consequences if that would happen. Did you already do that?”

Juwan gazed at Zhao Hai coldly, “There’s no use in frightening me. This will be up to you alone. You won’t be able to cause a ruckus since nobody will listen to you.”

Zhao Hai remained smiling then said, “That’s not necessary. I’m not a soft persimmon that you could just pinch. I will resist, and I will be fierce. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to handle it.”


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