BTFTLIAW – Chapter 381

Chapter 381 – Arriving at the Port

Although Little Jin’s rampage caused Zhao Hai to lose one three-masted ship, he didn’t mind it. After all, all of those ships were free. The most important thing about the recent event was that he finally knew about Little Jin’s strength. Now, Zhao Hai understood why those apes made him their leader, Little Jin was truly the strongest ape of the tribe.

While carrying Little Jin, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Good job Little Jin, but please do remember to refrain from being angry all the time. You’re way too terrifying.”

Little Jin looked at Zhao Hai with doubt, he issued two small shrieks, probably asking Zhao Hai why he was not allowed to get angry. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Little Jin’s cute expression.

Laura and the others also recovered and looked at the appearance of Little Jin. They couldn’t help but feel that something was funny. The current Little Jin with its pair of innocent eyes couldn’t be any more contrasting to the hulking behemoth of rage earlier, it was quite amusing.

At this time, the three ships were now under Zhao Hai’s complete control and thus belonged to Zhao Hai. He immediately removed the pirate flags on the ships and received the three vessels to the Space.

Currently, he didn’t want people to know that he had these many ships. It would be very unfavorable for his future expeditions if his other ships were to attract other people’s attention.

One shouldn’t look at Zhao Hai’s smooth progression. The Calci Family only cooperated with Zhao Hai because they didn’t see him as a threat. If at present the Calci family were to know that Zhao Hai had the strength to go against them, would they still cooperate with Zhao Hai? Zhao Hai was skeptical about that.

China had a nice saying that said, ‘We should not be harmful to other people, but we should be alert to getting harmed’. It encourages people to be both kind and mindful. This was especially true when facing a family as large as the Calci Family. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but defend himself, otherwise, he may be bringing himself into disaster.

Great Families never believed in sentiment, so you need to place your benefits right beside theirs. Only in this way could the two of you work together. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get any support, any sentiment, and would only be used for benefit.

Thus, Zhao Hai didn’t want to show his entire hand. If he wanted Smith to know about the Space, he wouldn’t have spent all this time looking for a suitable island for a base. He would have just released the fire fishes then and there.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t do so, he just spent a bit of time to make the other people unaware of his hand. Only in this way could Zhao Hai ensure his own security.

Also, it was very lucky for him that he had done so, otherwise he wouldn’t have met Little Jin, he wouldn’t have seen the Goldmetal Tree. For him, this loss would be too great.

The pirate incident had closed its curtains. When Zhao Hai turned all of the pirates into advanced level undead, he immediately knew the ins and outs of the attack.

The pirates belonged to a pirate group called the Snakehead Pirate Group. The group was composed of the four three-masted ships. This time, they attacked Zhao Hai because they saw him go to Ape Island.

Although Ape Island wasn’t a place that seafarers were willing to go to, the island still had its attractive points. The pirates saw Zhao Hai head towards Ape Island and left completely unscathed. Naturally, they wanted to see what Zhao Hai managed to get from the island.

One had to know that sometimes, treasures weren’t the most valuable thing in the continent. Sometimes, it would be unique and strange Magic Beasts. The value on those creatures made the risk extremely worth it.

Another important point to the attack was the same as what Laura said, they wanted the Haven. An ironclad five-masted ship was extremely important to a pirate fleet.

However, the pirates didn’t think that they would annoy a terrifying magic beast especially Little Jin. When they saw the raging ape, they wanted to offer their surrender, it was just a pity that Zhao Hai didn’t give them the opportunity to do so.

After dealing with the pirates, the group resumed their sailing, this time without any other attacks. When common pirates saw the pair of a three-masted ship and an ironclad five-masted ship, they would instantly take their distance and avoid taking the risk.

After a few days of sailing, Zhao Hai’s group finally returned to Sky Water City. Once they arrived at the city, Zhao Hai immediately sent someone to inform both Smith and Marriott about getting the supplies. Of those supplies, the most precious were of course the fire fishes and the liquor.

Smith and Marriott were already waiting for this moment for a long time. So they immediately sent their own people to fetch the products. In order to ensure the safety of the fire fishes, they used a carriage fitted with a furnace underneath. The carriage was designed to ensure the optimum temperature of water for the fire fishes to thrive in.

When Smith got on the ship and saw the little fishes swimming around, he reacted as though he saw gold coins were piled in front of him. For the people on the continent, these fire fishes were indeed akin to gold coins.

The continent’s output of fire fishes wasn’t very high, this was because the environments that allowed these fishes to survive were quite rare, their food expenses were also quite high. Smith didn’t know what Zhao Hai had been feeding these fire fish.

After unloading the products from the ships, Zhao Hai returned to the City Lord’s Mansion. Smith warmly received Zhao Hai. This time, when Zhao Hai went to the sea, he didn’t send anyone to follow him since it would be useless. The sea was so big, but it’s surface was quite even. If he had sent someone to follow Zhao Hai from afar, it would only raise the other party’s vigilance against Smith, this would make both sides unhappy with each other.

Because Smith didn’t send anyone to track Zhao Hai, this gave Zhao Hai sufficient freedom. This also made Zhao Hai feel that their relationship was quite good.

This time, Zhao Hai delivered 50 thousand jin of milk wine, 50 thousand jin of fire fishes, 100 thousand jin of vegetables, 50 thousand jin of grain, and some number of rations.

When these products reached the harbor, it entered the Calci Family’s storehouses immediately. Afterwards, Marriott would only need to take his share from the family’s storehouse.

What’s more important was the fact that aside from Zhao Hai and those directly involved, nobody knew of the products’ arrival. The supplies were unloaded on the Calci Family’s personal dock, so no common person would be able to see the transport of the goods.

Naturally, there were no impenetrable walls in this world. Soon enough, various powers came to know what were held inside Zhao Hai’s ships. Amongst other things, the most intriguing thing for them were the fire fishes, it definitely attracted the other groups’ attention.

The fire fishes attracted their attention since the continent’s output of fire fishes wouldn’t reach 100 thousand jin in one year. But this time, Zhao Hai actually delivered 50,000 jin, which was half of the the continent’s output. This caused the powers to cause a commotion.

However, their commotion didn’t do anything, they still didn’t manage to get a share. The Calci Family and the Shelley family already swallowed the entire supply of fire fish.

The big families still wanted to find Zhao Hai to see whether they could get a slice of the profitable cake. But when they came to it, they realized how hard it was to meet Zhao Hai. Firstly, Zhao Hai was currently inside the Sky Water City, in Calci Family Territory, furthermore he was staying inside the City Lord’s Mansion, making meeting him much more difficult. Lastly, Zhao Hai was extremely low key, he rarely went out. Looking for Zhao Hai for a meeting was not an easy thing to do for these powers.

Moreover, they needed to be discreet in wanting to meet Zhao Hai as to not incur the Calci Family’s suspicion. If the Calci Family were to know, they will certainly not let them off lightly.

These days, the Calci Family was thriving, mainly because of the fact that they had dealt with Grand Duke Lionheart. This made the common people recognize how formidable the Calci Family was, while the nobles were made aware of other fierce means of the Calci Family.

The propaganda methods that the Calci Family gave them were very easy to use. Although they couldn’t see any difference at first, they slowly found out that things became quite different. In the past, when people talked about the Radiant Church, they would describe them in a good, kind, and warm manner. But now it was not the same. When people mentioned the Radiant Church, their expression would change along with their tone of voice.

The nobles were very sensitive about this point, so they immediately knew that the propaganda was working. Upon knowing that it works, the nobles immediately intensified their efforts, the also set-up anti-Radiant Church subjects in their schools. A tide of anti-church sentiment spread out to the entire Rosen Empire.

At this time, the Calci Family suddenly sent Dark Mages to cure people in their territory as well as establishing a Dark Mage history subject on their schools. This was done for the purpose of educating their citizens about Dark Mages.

But the other nobles didn’t buy into this method of the Calci Family, they wouldn’t just promote Dark Mages for free. However, they learned from Calci Family’s action, so they immediately made their own history lessons, but it was not about Dark Mages, instead, they made curriculums for the Mages of other departments such as the fire, wind, water and earth elements. In any case, these Mages also had their own faith, so they made use of this opportunity to compete with the Radiant Church.

After the Calci Family were made aware of this situation, not only were they not angry, they were instead extremely delighted. The nobles were pushing the Mages of other departments to oppose the Radiant Church. If the Radiant Church were to begin suppressing those Mages, it would be equal to making all of the Mages in the continent their enemy, and this would put an extreme amount of pressure on the church.

In fact, the church was already creating pressure for the other Mages. These recent years, the most attractive occupation in the continent was being a Light Mage. So when the children went to school, they would strive to learn Light element magic. But this event on Rosen Empire made the children adore the other Mage departments, this was very good for the other Mages.


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