BTFTLIAW – Chapter 380

Chapter 380 – Pirates

Little Jin nodded, then shook his head. He pointed at the gorilla, then outside, then back to himself. Zhao Hai’s current understanding was increased, he looked at Little Jin and said, “You’re saying that those gorillas will slowly turn into silvery white then semi-gold, and when they eat the fruit, they would become like you? Otherwise, they will explode?”

Little Jin excitedly nodded, Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up and with an intention moved the group to return to the Space along with several other apes.

The moment they entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Special plant fruit detected. Contains Metal element energy. After consuming, may develop Metal element abilities. Each seed takes up ten mu of land, 8th rank plant. Ripening time, 36 hours, ten fruits each time. Interval between fruit production, 12 hours.”

“Space has met upgrade requirements. Space levelled up to level 25. Congratulations for the host’s effort.”

Zhao Hai froze for a moment, then he looked at the small fruit on his hand with pleasant surprise. He didn’t expect the little fruit to have such capabilities, it could actually provide people with abilities. Additionally, what made Zhao Hai even more happy was the fact that the Space had risen to level 25, a very huge surprise to Zhao Hai.

After a while, Zhao Hai recovered as he laughed and held Little Jin. He felt that the little ape was his lucky star. Not only did it show Zhao Hai beer, he even gave him this kind of fruit. The fruit unexpectedly upgraded the Space by three levels. Three levels! How long ago did the Space experience this kind of upgrade? This event was extremely beautiful.

Laura and the others expressed excitement, they also didn’t expect the Space to increase by three levels. Now they were even close to the goal of level 30.

Although Little Jin didn’t know why Zhao Hai was very happy, he also expressed his glee when he saw that Zhao Hai was ecstatic. He kept giving happy shrieks while in Zhao Hai’s arms.

Zhao Hai went out of the Space and looked at the tree. He gazed at a tree again and reckoned that it shouldn’t have a name, nobody in the continent should have been able to see this tree. Zhai Hai didn’t think of moving the tree, the Space can already plant the tree by itself so there was no need to uproot it. Zhao Hai just gave the tree a name, he called it the Goldmetal Tree while the fruit of the tree was named Goldmetal Fruit.

As they walked out of the cavern, Little Jin took them to yet another part of the island. After a short while, they arrived at a cave located at the opposite side of the island, the surroundings were filled with bread trees. Only the entrance to the cavern wasn’t blocked by anything.

Arriving at the cavern, Zhao Hai and the others stared blankly. It was because this cavern was also a natural harbor, different to the dock outside. The entire cavern was the harbor but the only kinds of ships that could reach here were three-masted ships, five-masted ships were simply unable to enter.

This was a harbor, not a dock, Zhao Hai looked at the surroundings with an investigative gaze. It was good that there were no ships here since this small island was a natural base.

The group came out of the cavern and returned to Little Jin’s home, the huge bread tree. Zhao Hai put out another huge pile of apples for Little Jin’s companions, this was Zhao Hai’s way of thanking them. His harvest in this island was simply too big, not only did the Ranch level up twice, the Farm also rose by three. He also found out about the bread tree as well as a possibility to learn how to ferment beer later. These harvests were extremely important to Zhao Hai.

After coming out of Little Jin’s nest, Zhao Hai and the others returned to the shore. Naturally, Little Jin also came with them. Zhao Hai already decided to use this place as his base, but he scraped his plan of building some structures here. When he saw Little Jin, he thought that he would be acting in bad faith if he started to cut some bread trees to accommodate some buildings. Those bread trees were the food source of Little Jin’s tribe. So instead of constructing some structures at this place, Zhao Hai placed his fifth transmission point on the island.

Then he continued on to load his two ships with Fire Fishes, vegetables, grains and other things. The changed Swordfish was outfitted and modified to solely transport Fire Fishes.

Fire Fishes were very fragile, they needed to have a certain temperature of water to thrive in. This condition fully reflected on how Zhao Hai’s Swordfish was modified. Firstly, the cabin was changed to accomodate freshwater. The freshwater pool was separated into two compartments, enabling the application with fire magic to be used separately. While the fire fishes were staying in one compartment, the other one would be heated up so when the other pool’s temperature gets low, the fire fishes could simply get transferred to maintain the optimum temperature of their surroundings. This method would be used repeatedly to keep the fishes alive.

Naturally, this method was just an excuse. Zhao Hai wouldn’t actually raise his fire fishes inside those cabins. He just made that to deceive people, only when he arrives at Sky Water City will Zhao Hai place the fishes inside the ship.

The modification on his five-masted ship was more relaxed. The storage for vegetables, grains, fruit oil and other products were already present inside the Haven, so they only installed a few additions on the ship. Zhao Hai loaded the ship with 100 thousand jins of vegetables, another 50 thousand jin of grain, and a varying amount of other products.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Hai and the others were ready to leave Ape Island. Originally Zhao Hai wanted to leave Little Jin here, after all he was the leader of the tribe and also, Zhao Hai thought that Little Jin would not follow him.

However Little Jin didn’t think the same. He confronted Zhao Hai and relayed that he would not stay, so Zhao Hai didn’t oppose the little monkey. The transmission point that Zhao Hai placed was directly inside Little Jin’s nest. Therefore, if Little Jin wants to return to the island, he could do so anytime. Moreover, there were also some tribesmen that were able to take his place in taking care of the island. Zhao Hai could also monitor the island via the monitor, so he would just send Little Jin back if something happened.

After a short day inside Ape Island, Zhao Hai’s group left. But before he left, he made the Blade Scale Whale look after the wide route while he had the arrow turtles take care of the other two narrower routes.

After arranging everything, Zhao Hai’s ships departed Ape Island. Zhao Hai was afraid that Little Jin wasn’t used to travelling by boat. But contrary to his thoughts, the little monkey was running crazily in all directions, it didn’t express any feeling of discomfort at all.

Thus, Zhao Hai didn’t specially take care of him, but he still made sure that the little monkey was able to eat everyday as well as return to his tribe to take care of things. Two days later, when they are fairly at a distance from Ape Island, the ships went on and headed towards Sky Water City.

On this day, while Zhao Hai and the others were sitting on the deck and having lunch, a voice said loudly, “Forty-five degrees on the starboard side, around 20 nautical miles, pirate ship spotted, heading for us. Unclear intentions, stay alert!”

After hearing the shouts, the undead on the ship moved. They positioned themselves to the ship’s weapons and prepared for battle.

Zhao Hai received the food that they were eating and looked at the direction that the sentry described. Little Jin was quite annoyed, he wasn’t able to stuff himself full.

Zhao Hai can now understood Little Jin’s appetite. Thinking about the size of those gorillas, if they couldn’t eat that much, then Zhao Hai would be surprised.

At this time, the sentry shouted loudly again, “20 miles, 45 degrees from the starboard of the Starfish, another pirate ship spotted. The two ships may be part of a fleet. We’re possibly the targets.”

Zhao Hai and the others could now see the two ships, they were three-masted battleships. Although the ships looked quite old, they were well maintained and were still very fast. The ships were heading towards them, it looks like they are trying to rob Zhao Hai’s group, or maybe occupy their ships.

Zhao Hai didn’t have any worries, they had two ships, but Zhao Hai also had two ships. Moreover, there were also some undead. This should be a very easy confrontation.

At this time, the sentry also reported about two ships that came from behind. It was clear that the ships were part of a single fleet. Zhao Hai and the others readied themselves for the battle.

When the four ships came within firing distance, they immediately went to attack Zhao Hai. The undead on Zhao Hai’s two ships also immediately launched their counterattack. Loud booms could be heard on the sea, columns of fire were seen, the scene looked just like it was seen in the movies.

Zhao Hai and the others just stayed on the ship and looked at the pirate ships. Simultaneously, Zhao Hai went to observe the might of the magic cannons. To be honest, the magic cannons disappointed Zhao Hai, they weren’t that strong. If a sixth rank warrior were to be hit by the cannon at a certain distance, it was possible for him/her to get away unscathed.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and asked, “Laura, do you think that these pirates have gone mad? What advantage will they get by attacking us? We have an five-masted ironclad ship.”

Laura smiled and said, “Then isn’t that a big incentive? A five masted ironclad battleship is very formidable, even if these pirates were to lose their four ships, it would be worth it in the end if they manage to occupy the Haven. The ship is extremely valuable. Look, now that they see that their ballistas and magic cannons were useless, they are preparing themselves to board the ship.”

It was just like what Laura said, the pirates were already making their ships go closer so that they could board the ships.

Before long, the Haven and the Swordfish was flanked by the four ships. The pirates brought their hooks and girder plates on the sides of their ships and went all out while boarding the ship.

The undead on the Haven and the Swordfish immediately brandished their weapons to defend. Shouts were now heard on the decks of the two ships.

The people on Zhao Hai’s group didn’t attack. Shue and Shun just stayed by Zhao Hai’s side and guarded him while Laura and the other stood behind. They didn’t exert any effort in fighting.

Zhao Hai was holding Little Jin on his arms as he calmly looked at the pirates. The pirates’ appearance that Zhao Hai had seen on the television was quite similar to the pirates in front of him. They looked very dirty and stank so hard, their beards were also very unkempt. Each and every one of their faces were fierce, certainly not something a good person would show.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of them. He saw that the pirates’ present strengths were not very strong. Most of them were about 5th rank with a few 6th ranks mixed in between. It was impossible for the pirates to defeat the undead.

At this time, the peacefully sitting Little Jin on Zhao Hai’s arms suddenly jumped down. Zhao Hao froze for a moment before his expression changed, “Little Jin, come back!” He wasn’t afraid that the little monkey would get injured, it would be very difficult for those pirates to deal a blow to Little Jin . It was just that Little Jin was too small, Zhao Hai was afraid that the small ape would lose his footing and would fall to the sea.

But at this moment, everybody present froze. Little Jin who jumped down from Zhao Hai’s arms gave two shrieks before his body expanded. After a short while, Little Jin became a 20 meter tall giant golden gorilla.

Afterwards, they saw him stretch his claw towards the pirates. As soon as his arm reached the pirates, their bones immediately issued a cracking sound. Then Little Jin gave out a roar and jumped on top of a ship. He grabbed a main mast and then yelped and jerked while slamming it. Surprisingly, the mast that was almost as thick as his body was pulled out. The giant gorilla waved the removed mast around, breaking the other two masts first before slamming itself on the other pirates. The pirates didn’t have any time to run, all of them were swept off the ship.

Finally, Little Jin used the mast to smash the ship. With a loud crunch, the ship divided into two under Little Jin’s ruthless pounding.

At this time, Little Jin threw away the mast and jumped towards another ship. But Zhao Hai couldn’t let that happen as he hastily yelled, “Little Jin, come back, quickly come back.”

When Little Jin heard Zhao Hai, he stared for a moment before returning to the Haven. But after he returned to the ship, he stood in front of Zhao Hai and complained like a child while pointing on the other pirate ships, he roared a lot.

Zhao Hai quickly said, “We’re fine, don’t worry. I’ll immediately deal with them, all right, I also need those ships for myself.” Then he moved his hand as massive numbers of  undead came out and stormed the three pirate ships. The pirates onboard weren’t able to run and were killed before Zhao Hai turned them into undead, the battle immediately ended.

When Little Jin saw this, he gave two roars then shrank his body down and returned to his small monkey form. Then he jumped onto Zhao Hai’s arms.

Zhao Hai looked at Little Jin who was in his arms and was returning the gaze with its pair of big eyes. Zhao Hai didn’t know what to say, this cute Little Jin was completely different from the massive gorilla from earlier.

Laura and the other were also blankly staring at Little Jin. They didn’t think that the cute and clever kid that they met would unexpectedly be terrifying when angry.


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