BTFTLIAW – Chapter 378

Chapter 378 – Little Jin

The little creature understood Zhao Hai, so it just stayed there on Zhao Hai’s bosom while munching on the apple on its hand.

At this time, Zhao Hai called Laura and the others in. When Laura and the others saw Zhao Hai carrying the little monkey like a child, they became excited and immediately came and surrounded the two. Zhao Hai smiled and gave the little monkey to Laura. Laura became excited and hugged the little creature snuggly, the monkey knew about Zhao Hai’s relationship with Laura and the others, so he didn’t show any hostility, it just lied down peacefully on Laura’s bosom while eating his apple.

Then Cai’er came in while flying, she went towards the monkey and gave it a curious look. As the monkey was returning Cai’er’s curious gaze, Cai’er suddenly extended a vine and snatched the apple that was on the little monkey’s hand.

The monkey stared blankly, then it became quite angry, it shrieked as it came down from Laura’s arms. It pursued Cai’er while the other party ran off with a face full of smiles.

This event made the Space quite lively, Cai’er laughing, the little monkey shrieking, Zhao Wen also joined the fun. The Space expressed a good vitality, this was something Zhao Hai and the others didn’t experience before.

After a while, Zhao Hai stopped the group and led them back outside. Naturally, the little monkey also came while carrying a big apple on its hand. Zhao Hai also gave the little ape a name, he called it Little Jin.

Once they were out of the Space, Little Jin looked at his surroundings then shouted twice and seemed to get excited. He jumped down from Zhao Hai’s shoulder and pointed his other hand which didn’t hold an apple. Little Jin pointed forward, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t know what the little monkey wanted to do.

Seeing that the group didn’t move, Little Jin kept shrieking and pointing towards a certain direction. Zhao Hai could only proceed towards the direction Little Jin pointedvto. The little monkey quieted down and resumed munching on the apple.

At this moment, a ‘bang’ could be heard in some place that the group couldn’t see. Zhao Hai and the others stopped their footsteps and looked forward.

They remembered that Jinan had told them that this island had fierce magic beasts, hearing this sound made them think of those magic beasts.

When they stopped, Little Jin acted up again and began squeaking. Zhao Hai had no choice but proceed onward.

This made Zhao Hai unable to go out to collect some unique fauna since the little monkey would call him over and over if he stopped. This made Zhao Hai and the others quite speechless.

But when Zhao Hai felt that Little Jin was leading them to a certain place, he was both anxious and interested. He wanted to see where Little Jin wanted to take them.

Even after walking about three li(1.5km), they didn’t encounter any other magic beasts, which surprised Zhao Hai. At the same time, Zhao Hai didn’t expect that there were no other type of tree other than the tall and sturdy Bread trees that they had been passing along. This was quite strange for the group.

At this moment, a rustling sound could be heard in front of them. Zhao Hai and the other couldn’t help but stop, then they saw several giant shadows approaching from the forest in front of them.

When the figures became clear, Zhao Hai saw that they were actually a huge number of apes. They were crawling on all fours, just like ordinary apes. They had shorter hind legs compared to their foreleg. This made look like they were bowing as they moved forward. But they still towered at about 7 to 8 meters high, might even reach 10 meters if they stood up straight.

Zhao Hai and the others all stood still, they knew that they had met those magic beasts that Jinan had informed them about. Looking at the apes in front of him, Zhao Hai knew that they should have formidable fighting strength. They looked very much like ‘King Kong’ that was often seen in movies back on Earth.

Looking at their towering bodies as well as their bulging muscles, Zhao Hai didn’t doubt even for the moment the formidability of these magic beasts. The gorillas back on Earth weren’t as big but they were still hailed for their strength. So how powerful would these hulking apes in front of them be?

Seeing these big fellows, Zhao Hai became alert. While holding onto Little Jin, he held his Ghost Staff. Shue and Shun also stood at Zhao Hai side while Laura and the other women stood behind them.

When the apes saw Zhao Hai and the others stunned, they screamed out while beating their chests. Like how gorillas normally express their fighting stance.

At this time, while Zhao Hai and the others were anxious, a golden light suddenly jumped towards the head of an ape. Zhao Hai was surprised, he knew that the golden streak was certainly Little Jin.

Sure enough, Little Jin was sitting on the shoulder of another ape; his entire body not even as big as the ape’s head. When Zhao Hai saw this, his expression changed as he shouted, “Little Jin, come back here.”

Little Jin didn’t listen to him, he reached out his small hand and tapped the head of the ape who was beating its chest.

What happened next shocked Zhao Hai’s group. When Little Jin tapped the head of the ape, it immediately calmed down and expressed a sad look, like how it looks when an elder disciplines a child.

Zhao Hai and the others stared blankly at what was happening, they couldn’t make any sense of it. Little Jin was a small golden monkey while the other was a hulking gorilla. Why did a gorilla get obedient when its head was pat by a golden monkey? Are they doing a play?

At this time, Zhao Hai noticed that it was not only the gorilla that behaved themselves, all the other apes also calmed down and looked at Little Jin obediently.

Zhao Hai just stood there dumbfoundedly looking at the group of apes in front of him. He couldn’t believe what he just saw, this made the group’s mind quite dizzy.

At this time, more apes came out of the forest. Zhao Hai noticed a peculiarity on these apes. They could be currently classified into different types. There were orange gorillas that were giants much like King Kong. Another were those whose fur turned silvery white, with a bit shorter figure, about five or six meters tall. There were also apes with fur that was entirely silver, with bodies that were even shorter; about three or four meters. Then there was the last type where the fur was both silver and gold that was even much smaller, about a meter in height; there were two of them.

The strange part came from the fact that the smaller the ape was, the higher their status seemed to be. When the apes saw Little Jin, they all put out an obedient appearance. It seems like Little Jin held the highest status among the apes present here.

This made Zhao Hai surprised, he didn’t understand their current power structure. Why did these apes made it this way? Weren’t magic beasts supposed to place their strongest member at the top of its hierarchy? Then why was this present scene happening?

At this time, Little Jin jumped back to Zhao Hai’s shoulder and shrieked as it pointed its finger forward. The other apes immediately gave way to Zhao Hai and the others. Little Jin kept a smug look while standing at Zhao Hai shoulder, looking quite aloof.

Zhao Hai and the others were stumped as they looked at each other. Even though they didn’t understand what was going on, they knew that Little Jin wouldn’t think of harming them. So since these apes listened to the little monkey, it would be fair to say that they would also refrain from hurting humans. In the end, the group just followed the direction that Little Jin pointed towards.

Slowly, the surroundings got higher and higher. Zhao Hai and the others were also putting forth more effort in walking. At this time, Little Jin called over some apes as he tugged on Zhao Hai’s clothes and pointed towards the gorillas. Zhao Hai didn’t know what his new friend was planning.

Seeing that Zhao Hai and the others weren’t comprehending, Little Jin jumped on the back of a gorilla and gestured towards Zhao Hai. The other gorillas understood Little Jin’s intention and immediately grabbed the humans and effortlessly placed them on their backs. Zhao Hai and the others didn’t resist, they knew that they weren’t in any danger.

The apes’ back were very large, about 2 meters wide and 4 meters long, all in all about 8 square meters. Zhao Hai and the others didn’t find it hard to find a place to either sit or stand.

Although the gorillas were crawling, their backs were extremely steady. Adding on the wool on their backs, the ride was very comfortable.

At this time, Laura and the others were also on other apes’ backs. Shun and Shue shared an orange furred ape, and while there were two of them on the back of an ape, it wasn’t crowded at all. The ape didn’t seem to mind some extra weight on its back, it just resumed walking without any indication of slowing down. This gave Zhao Hai a new understanding with regards to the strength of these apes.

One must know that the group was currently heading up a mountain, the bodies of Zhao Hai and the others effectively added around 300 jin to the apes’ backs. Even 3rd rank horse magic beasts wouldn’t be able to make this kind of trip, but these apes were actually doing it effortlessly, they were quite strong.

Their altitude got higher and higher as they quickly approached the summit. What Zhao Hai saw on the top of the mountain was actually a single tree, an especially gargantuan Bread tree.

The Bread tree was so tall that Zhao Hai couldn’t see its crown. It was also very thick, Zhao Hai felt that this tree’s diameter shouldn’t be any smaller than 100 meters. Zhao Hai only saw this kind of tree back at Earth, and it was on the movie ‘Avatar’. But this tree was a bit different, it was something that Zhao Hai hadn’t seen yet.

At the base of the tree was a huge hole, about thirty meters tall and ten meters wide. The apes carried Zhao Hai’s group to enter the hole.

After entering the tree hole, Zhao Hai and the others were stunned. They didn’t expect to see such a scene upon entering.


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