BTFTLIAW – Chapter 377

Chapter 377 – Little Monkey

Just after the Blade Scale Whale was cured, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “Whale-type variation Magic Beast Detected. Strong attack strength, level 30, currently cannot raise inside the Space. Digitizing… can now be purchased in Spatial Shop.”

This change in the prompt was caused by the fact that the Ranch now turns animals into magic beasts. This was why the prompt said ‘magic beast’ instead of ‘beast’.

However, the Space was currently unable to raise Blade Scale Whale, it may be because of the lack of a saltwater pool. This aspect was something Zhao Hai didn’t understand, he had already absorbed quite a lot of seawater into the Space, so why didn’t it have a saltwater pool?

Zhao Hai wasn’t that excited anymore. Since the whale couldn’t be bred inside the Ranch, there was no point in just storing it inside the Space, so Zhao Hai released the whale and had it escort the Haven while they headed towards their destination. This time, the whale didn’t attack the Haven, it just guarded the ship like a submarine as it followed.

Zhao Hai was finally relieved and had Jinan continue on towards Ape Island. Although the Blade Scale Whale couldn’t deal with the Arrow Turtles, it was still formidable. The whale was still a tyrant at sea, it was just unfortunate for the creature that its weakness was the Arrow Turtles. While it was helpless against the turtles, the other marine magic beasts generally wouldn’t dare attack it. With the whale guarding the Haven, there were no other attacks that came afterwards.

Two days later, Zhao Hai could already see Ape Island from the horizon. It was just like how it was described, you could clearly see from the island’s silhouette the shape of a lifelike giant ape with its mouth open and covered with green fur.

Zhao Hai made the whale as well as the turtles scout the surroundings, he wanted to know where the route to enter the island was.

Although they were still at some distance away from the island, the group was still careful because of the large number of reefs on the seabed as well as rocks that were stretching out. If they didn’t choose their route properly, the ship would hit some obstructions and sink.

After two days of scouting, Zhao Hai finally located the route heading towards the island. However, Jinan’s information was incorrect; the route towards Ape Island was not one, but three. The first route was relatively wide compared to the other two which were quite narrow.

A five-masted ship like Haven could head towards the island using the wide route. Of the other two narrow routes, one could accommodate the Swordfish, while the other one could only allow smaller boats to pass.

At the same time, these routes weren’t straight, they were all meandering. Now Zhao Hai understood why Jinan’s story told about needing to have a Water Mage in order to navigate the route. At that time, it was necessary to have a Water Mage to help turn the bow of the ship, otherwise the ship would certainly hit a reef.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about any of these, after determining the routes, Zhao Hai immediately commanded Jinan to set sail towards the widest one. While the ship was travelling, Zhao Hai was also paying close attention to his monitor, using water element spells whenever necessary.

Along with the ship, the Blade Scale Whale was also closely following behind. If there was an attack, the whale would guard the ship, making the route a lot safer.

Although the route was not long, Zhao Hai’s group still spent a full day travelling before arriving at the shores of Ape Island. What surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that there was already a dock present here. Moreover, the dock wasn’t small, it could accommodate ten ships just like the Haven simultaneously.

Between the dock and Ape Island, the reefs weren’t present anymore. The reef outside seemed to be like a planet’s meteorite belt. After passing through that belt, you could then travel safely all around the island. Thinking about those reefs, Zhao Hai felt something very odd.

After the Haven stopped, Zhao Hai disembarked from the ship and went to the dock. Zhao Hai examined the dock carefully and saw that the dock was actually formed naturally, there were no traces of artificial construction. This astonishing natural dock seemed to be a structure that was only unique to Ape Island.

Around a hundred meters away from the dock was a forest. The trees on the forest were very big, not only are they big, their trunks also looked very solid. On each of the trees hang watermelon sized fruits. With the green leaves and fruits, the scenery looked quite nice.

Laura liked the scenery that she just saw, she turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Elder Brother Hai, it’s quite beautiful here, I like it. This place would be a very good location for a base. We also need to make a house, I’d love to stay here.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Good, we’ll settle here. But first, we need to go and take a look around. Didn’t they say that this island had formidable ape-type magic beasts?

Laura nodded, then Zhao Hai led the group towards the island. Upon reaching the trees, Zhao Hai picked a fruit up using a wind blade before sending it to the Space. There were a lot of fauna that could be seen in the island, so Zhao Hai wanted to go around and absorb them into the Space hoping they’ll be enough to upgrade it.

After the fruit entered the Space, a prompt was immediately transmitted. Although the fruit’s origin was unique, the Farm still needed a lot more plants to level up. Therefore, the fruit wasn’t able to upgrade the Space.

Zhao Hai already expected this to happen, so he wasn’t particularly disappointed. He continued on while picking out some local plants. It was not only Zhao Hai who went and grabbed something, everybody was doing it.

At this time, Laura suddenly noticed a small golden figure at a tree in front of her. She looked at it carefully before seeing that it was actually a little ape. The monkey was not tall, it may not even reach a meter in height if it fully stood. With it’s golden fur, the little ape looked very cute.

Laura liked how the little monkey looked, so she quickly pulled Zhao Hai, who was still looking for plants, over and said, “Brother Hai, look, that little monkey is so cute.”

As the little ape looked at Laura, it revealed a curious look. The ape didn’t express fear, but instead a genuine interest. This struck Laura’s heart a second time.

Zhao Hai looked at the little monkey and couldn’t help but feel that this small ape wasn’t simple. In the end, he placed that thought to the back of his mind, after all, the little monkey wasn’t showing any hostility.

Still, because of those feelings, Zhao Hai didn’t attempt to capture the monkey but instead he took out a fruit from the Space and threw it towards the creature.

Shue was too late to stop Zhao Hai’s action. He immediately stood guard in front of Zhao Hai as he said, “Young Master, you should be careful. If you just throw things like that, he will think that you are attacking him. He might attack back.” But Zhao Hai didn’t think that this was the case.

And true to Zhao Hai’s thoughts, the little monkey understood Zhao Hai’s intentions. The monkey seemed to feel that Zhao Hai wasn’t hostile, so he caught the fruit and opened its mouth to take a bite.

The fruit was an apple gotten from the tree Zhao Hai used to plant in the Space. The apples weren’t very large, but they taste very good.

So after the little monkey took a bite of the apple, he immediately shrieked with excitement. He quickly finished the apple in his hands and stared at Zhao Hai with eyes full of expectation, it came out really cute.

Zhao Hai couldn’t stand the look on the little monkey’s eyes, so he immediately took out a few more apples and threw them towards the monkey one by one. The monkey surprisingly knew how to handle those apples. As it catches an apple, it placed it on a branch before proceeding to catch another one. This cleverness and wit gave Zhao Hai a new understanding towards the monkey.

Laura and the other two women saw that the monkey was so smart and became quite happy. So they took some apples from Zhao Hai and threw them nonstop towards the monkey. Soon there were more than 20 apples all around the small ape.

Zhao Hai stopped taking the fruits out and looked at the little monkey, he wanted to see what the small ape wanted to do next. Seeing that Zhao Hai and the others weren’t throwing any more apples, the monkey gave two shrieks before picking up the apples and eating them quickly. Zhao Hai looked at the little animal and couldn’t help but laugh, the pile of apples were bigger than its figure, how could it be possible for the little monkey to finish all of it.

However, the little monkey made Zhao Hai’s group dumbfounded. More than 20 apples were consumed by the monkey in a blink of an eye. The small ape didn’t care about Zhao Hai and the others’ expression, it just shouted while on top of the tree as if wanting Zhao Hai to throw more fruits upward.

Zhao Hai looked at the petite figure of the little monkey. When he thought about the 20 plus apples piled together, he couldn’t help but stay stunned; not only him, but Laura and the others as well. They didn’t think that this small monkey could eat so much.

After a short while, Laura recovered as she turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, am I hallucinating or did that little monkey just eat all those apples by himself?”

Zhao Hai gave a dull nod and replied, “You’re not hallucinating, all of those apples were truly eaten. But it is strange, did it really eat those apples? Or was it a strange ability. How could it possibly eat all of those apples.”

When the little monkey saw that Zhao Hai and the others didn’t respond and just stood there while speaking with each other, it became anxious. It gave a shriek as it jumped repeatedly. Seeing the monkey’s behaviour, Zhao Hai had no choice but to take out even more apples. But this time, he didn’t throw them up into the tree. Zhao Hai just held the apple in his hand and said, “You want to eat? Come and get it.”

The monkey apparently understood Zhao Hai’s words, but it also knew that this was an obvious setup. At the same time, it couldn’t bear giving up the apple, so it just held its ear and cheek against the tree’s surface anxiously.

Seeing the monkey’s appearance, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. Still, he wanted to see if the little monkey was willing to jump down and take the apple. Just as Zhao Hai laughed, a golden shadow was suddenly seen coming straight down from the tree. When Zhao Hai came to his senses, he immediately went to grab the apple in his hand. However, what met Zhao Hai was empty air. This entire event just took place in a blink of an eye.

The group was stunned, especially Shun. He had the skills of an assassin, and was also famous for his abilities. But seeing that he was much slower than the little monkey, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of fear. If the little monkey didn’t go for the apple but instead went for Zhao Hai, the young master would surely be in grave danger.

Zhao Hai stared at his own hand, then he looked up at the proud looking monkey who was holding the apple as he muttered, “This guy’s thieving skills are very good.”

The little monkey immediately caught Zhao Hai’s interest, he immediately took out another apple and held it towards the monkey.

Possibly because of its earlier success, the monkey looked more confident this time. After eating the apple that it just grabbed earlier, the monkey stared at the apple on Zhao Hai’s hand and prepared itself to snatch the fruit.

Laura and the others turned quiet as they stood still and carefully observed the small monkey. This time, another golden light flashed before the apple on Zhao Hai’s hand vanished and as the monkey returned to the tree. Zhao Hai and the others simply couldn’t follow the monkey’s movements with their eyes.

The little monkey shrieked proudly twice while it ate the apple. Afterwards, it gave Zhao Hai another shriek, obviously wanting to have more apples. It seemed like it also liked to play this kind of game.

Zhao Hai looked at the little creature and smiled, once again, he took out another apple and raised his hand towards the monkey.

As Zhao Hai held the apple, there was a flash of excitement on his eyes. Just as expected, the little monkey’s confidence became bigger and bigger. So just as the monkey was about to snatch the apple Zhao Hai took out, a spatial rift suddenly appeared as it covered both Zhao Hai and the little monkey, both of them disappeared.

When Zhao Hai entered the Space with the little monkey, the Space immediately gave a prompt, “Monkey-type variation magic beast detected. Level 40. Can raise inside the space, consumes two feed per hour. Time of Maturation: 20 hours. Can produce ten times, five offspring each time, taking eight hours of pregnancy. Digitizing… can now be purchased on the Spatial Shop.”

“Space Ranch reached the requirements for level up. Ranch upgraded to level 16. Congratulations to the host for the effort.”

Surprise, this was an absolute surprise for Zhao Hai. He didn’t expect that when he lead the monkey to the Space, the Ranch would unexpectedly get upgraded. Moreover, the little monkey was actually higher levelled than the Blade Scale Whale. It really did seem like the apes in the island weren’t that simple.

When the little monkey reached this strange place, it felt quite confused. But because of the Space’s ability, the little monkey immediately recognized Zhao Hai as a friend. It hopped onto Zhao Hai’s shoulder and squeaked, it also took the apple that Zhao Hai was holding before and presented it back to him.

Zhao Hai liked this clever little guy. He didn’t expect that the monkey would be this adorable, even giving him an apple. This made Zhao Hai surprised, this little guy understood human thoughts too well. Zhao Hai laughed as he carried the little guy and gave him a specially large apple to eat.

Note: Longest chapter yet. Whew. But this one was quite nice, with our characters just playing around.


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