BTFTLIAW – Chapter 376

Chapter 376 – Blade Scale Whale

Zhao Hai turned to Jinan, “We’ll be heading to Ape Island, do you know the way?”

Jinan nodded, “I know, the Young Master need not worry. But Young Master, there a lot of powerful magic beasts on Ape Island and they are very difficult to deal with. I hear that it is dominated by ape-type magic beasts. They are tall, defensively and offensively strong, as well as movement style abilities. Because they have been living on the island, they also know how to swim, very difficult to cope with. Although they are mostly 6th and 7th ranks, they are already comparable to 8th rank beasts. Moreover, they have an 8th rank leader who could very well match a 9th rank; just without the ability to fly. Young Master, I suggest that we should change to another island.”

Zhao Hai smiled as he declined, “No need, we’ll go head towards Ape Island. I happen to need a lot of Magic Beasts right now, the more of them there are, the better. How many days will it take before we reach Ape Island?”

Jinan replied, “About 5 days, the island is just a day away from sea-dweller territory. This made a rare destination for most ships.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s even better, just in line with what we want. Let’s head there immediately.” Jinan complied, then turned around to change the ship’s direction.

Laura turned to Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai, why did you choose that place? It’s too close to sea-dweller territory. If they decide to attack, we’ll get hit immediately.”

Zhao Hai just showed a faint smile and said, “No special reason, it’s just that it is a good place and fairly close to the deep sea. There may even be some creatures that go close to that place often, that would make it easier for us to upgrade the Space. Moreover, the island’s topography is very good for a base, as long as we control the route towards the island then we would be able to claim it for ourselves. Also, after we get the Space upgraded, we could try to get in contact with the sea-dwellers. Didn’t you say that they couldn’t deal with us since we could just run?”

Laura smiled and said, “Then it’s good, if we cannot handle them, then we’ll run. But from what I heard from Brother Hai, do you intend to capture the Magic Beasts from the island?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You really understand me, I indeed want those Magic Beasts. Although we already have a lot of magic beasts inside the Space, those beasts’ fighting strength aren’t that strong. Those ape magic beasts that Jinan described seem to have strong fighting potential, just what I need right now.”

Laura nodded, “That’s also very good, I hope that those magic beasts could upgrade the Space as soon as possible. As long as Brother Hai’s toxin gets cured, then everything will be fine.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “As long as the toxin is dealt with, my last worry will finally disappear. Now that I have you two, I don’t want to die an early death.”

Laura and Meg’s face went red, but their hearts were very happy. They know that Zhao hai doesn’t want to talk nonsense, this was why they were glad.

When Zhao Hai saw their faces, he gave a small grin and said, “The heavens really does love me, to deliver the two of you to my side. Hehe. It seems like I had done great deeds, I have actually been very blessed.”

After hearing Zhao Hai, Meg laughed and said, “Oh, young master, you certainly have done good. Back in the capital, if someone saw you on the street they would actually take the other direction. You have certainly done good things.”

Laura laughed, she had also heard about Adam’s debauchery back at the capital of Aksu Empire. Now that she heard Meg tease Zhao Hai, she really found it funny.

The group continued to laugh and talk until meal time arrived. Naturally, what they ate was fish. Although Zhao Hai had a lot of things on hand, they rarely eat fish, this was unjustified for them to do. So Zhao Hai released some swordfishes to get them some fishes from the sea.

With this, not only could they eat fish, they could also increase the number of magic beasts inside the Space. Zhao hai didn’t know anything about these swordfishes so he went to Jinan and asked. Jinan told Zhao Hai that these swordfishes are magic beasts from the sea, usually they only surface to these parts when they wanted to lay their eggs, otherwise they would be swimming deep in the sea. Zhao Hai was glad that he was able to capture these swordfishes at the right time.

Because of this, the Space had been steadily increasing its number of magic beasts. But since the general level of these beasts were quite low, the Ranch didn’t level up.

Zhao Hai also noticed that the Ranch Had been harder to upgrade compared to before. After crossing level 10, the Ranch’s rate of levelling up went the same as when the Farm also crossed level 10.

Zhao Hai tried to absorb some seawater these past few days, but came with nothing to show. It was obvious that getting some life forms from the shallow seas was a useless venture. It was best to get a lot of organisms at one time from the deep seas.

The following days of travelling at sea came uneventfully. This was mostly because of Jinan who travelled on the seas for 20 years; starting from his youth. He understood the sea more than anyone, as long as there wasn’t a huge storm, he could handle most problems by himself.

It was now that Zhao Hai realized the value of the undead that he got from the Poseidon. With Jinan, they wouldn’t need to worry much when travelling at sea.

Although the Swordfish was a warship, the Haven still came ahead when it comes to practicality. Not only did the Haven have a thick hull, it also had defensive armaments as well as substantial living quarters. More importantly, it was a Merchant cargo ship, meant for travelling the sea all year round. The Swordfish, on the other hand, was a warship that was mainly used to defend the Rosen Empire’s coastline; not exactly designed for far sea travel. So if we speak about navigation experience and quality, the Swordfish’s crew couldn’t compare to the Haven’s.

Just three days after Zhao Hai changed their ship’s heading, other ships couldn’t be commonly seen anymore. It was just like what Jinan said before, there weren’t a lot of ships that would venture these parts. Maybe only ships that carry contraband or pirates would come and sail these waters.

But these Pirates wouldn’t dare attack the Haven, even though the Haven was clearly a merchant ship. Just by looking at the ship’s thick hull and armaments, the pirates knew that this ship was a hard bone to chew. Even if they were to come and attack, the pirates wouldn’t be able to do anything to the ship.

Since they were currently nearing the deep sea, the probability of getting attacked by sea-dwellers increased. This made it so that common navies wouldn’t venture this far. It also made this part of the sea a pirate’s heaven.

The route that Jinan picked had less pirates wandering on it. Pirates also needed to take a rest, so they generally choose places close to their bases to perform their piracy. Their bases needed to be close to open sea, have acceptable environment while at the same time having little to no aggressive magic beasts.

But is was obvious that Ape Island wasn’t one of their choices. Moreover, the waters near the island had more likely cases of marine beast attacks; targeting ships that dared came close. Thus, there were a small amount of ships present here.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about these dangers, if there were beasts that attack, he would just release some arrow turtles to drive them away. If arrow turtles aren’t enough, he would just directly capture the beast using the Space.

Just as he was thinking of this, the Haven suddenly shook. Zhao Hai stared blankly, then he immediately opened the monitor. Currently, there was a huge magic beast underneath the Haven, attacking.

The beast was very enormous, almost as large as the Swordfish. It’s body was filled with scales, with a full set of canine teeth on its mouth. One could understand at a glance that this was a formidable magic beast.

Seeing the ship attack the Haven, Zhao Hai immediately called Jinan. Jinan saw the beast’s shape and immediately exclaimed, “Young master, that is a Blade Scale Whale, a literal headache swimming in the sea. It’s water element beast, about 6th rank, with a strong attacking capability. If he were to directly attack, a ship like the Swordfish would certainly get breached. Moreover, even if it’s magic attacks cannot penetrate the Haven’s thick hull. It still had saw-like scales that could rip it easily. It was an easy task for this beast to rip apart a ship’s iron armor. It has a nickname, Iron Armor Assassin.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Can arrow turtles deal with it?”

Jinan shook his head and said, “I don’t know, my understanding regarding marine magic beasts is not much. Like how I have no idea about the weakness of this Blade Scale Whale.”

Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t say more. He just released  large quantity of arrow turtles and ordered them to attack the whale.

Although the Blade Scale Whale was very strong, it couldn’t maneuver easily because of its large build. Compared to its size, the arrow turtles were a lot small, but they also had a strong defense. More importantly, attacks from Arrow Turtles aren’t that weak.

Zhao Hai released about 200 arrow turtles. When these turtles reached the water, they immediately swarmed toward the Blade Scale Whale and attacked it with the horn on their shells.

The whale obviously dreaded the arrow turtles, so it stopped its attacks on the Haven and went to retreat. The arrow turtles wouldn’t allow this to happen, so they immediately surrounded the whale and collectively attacked it.

Zhao Hai saw that these arrow turtles seem to be the whale’s weakness. When the horns of the turtles pierced the whale’s armor, blood spurted out. The whale thrashed about repeatedly, but it couldn’t do anything amidst the attacks of the turtles.

Zhao Hai looked blankly at what was happening, he didn’t think that these arrow turtles would actually best a large beast like this Blade Scale Whale.

Laura and the others were also surprised upon seeing this. Before long, the whale succumbed to the attacks and stopped moving, its body sank towards the seabed.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai immediately opened the Space and absorbed both the arrow turtles and the whale’s body inside.

After the seawater entered the space, a prompt could be suddenly heard, “Wounded whale-type variation beast detected. Unable to decide on the level, requesting the host to treat the beast as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai immediately had the Blade Scaled Whale healed. But he didn’t expect that the cost of healing the whale actually took up 200 thousand gold coins, it made Zhao Hai grieve. Fortunately, he managed to loot tens of millions of coins from Grand Duke Lionheart before, otherwise, he would have to give up on the whale.


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