BTFTLIAW – Chapter 371

Chapter 371 – I’ll Give You A Sleeping Pill

The reason why these Mages from the Radiant Church had a different thought than Lionheart was because they recognize the appearance of Zhao Hai!

Who were the Radiant Church’s enemies? Naturally it was the Dark Mages, and who was the most recent Dark Mage that came into the Church’s radar? There was no need to think for a long time, since it was of course Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai had disrupted a number of their affairs, he had also killed their personnel. Therefore, Zhao Hai was already one of the most recognized person among the people from the Church. His appearance had already been spread out, as well as the items that he generally equips. This was the reason why these Mages could instantly recognize him as soon as they saw his profile.

The Earth element Mage that seems like the leader of the group looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, you actually appeared. Say, are you following us?”

Zhao Hai looked at the group and smiled, “Well yes, not only did I follow you, I also listed every single person that you came in contact with while on the road. I listed their identities one by one.”

The Earth element Mage’s eyes flashed a cold light. He was very clear about what those people meant for the Radiant Church. They were the church’s eyes and ears in the empire, they were also the ember of influence that the Church had planted. If these people were to be revealed, the power of the Radiant Church inside the Rosen Empire would be effectively wiped clean, years of planning would go down the drain.

The other Mages also looked at Zhao Hai with cold gazes. They knew what Zhao Hai’s words represented. At the same time, Lionheart froze, he didn’t think that the man in front of him was Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s grievance with the Radiant Church started at Aksu Empire’s Purcell Duchy. With Lionheart’s status as a Lord of Treasury of the Rosen Empire that was even higher than Evan, how could he possibly take note of such an event on such a place. Naturally he didn’t recognize who Zhao Hai was.

Now it was clear that Zhao Hai wasn’t sent by the Calci Family. If he was with them, then the family wouldn’t have waited for the ship to depart before attacking.

The Earth element Mage didn’t say anything more, he just shouted a command, “Capture  him!”

Hearing the Mage’s words, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “You want to capture me? Too laughable, first see whether you are able to deal with these.” Then he waved his hand as a large number of Undead appeared on the ship.

Among the Undead that Zhao Hai released, there was also a number of Mages mixed in with them. The attacking power of these undead mages weren’t low. Most infuriating of them all were the Light element Mages that Zhao Hai summoned and was made to attack the Church’s Mages with Light element spells.

Although these Mages that Zhao Hai summoned were only equivalent to 7th rank Mages, they number no less than 20. Twenty 7th rank Mages were enough to completely deal with these six 8th rank Mages.

Zhao Hai didn’t just summon these Mages, he also released a lot of Warriors as well as Beastmen. In a blink of an eye, the undead that Zhao Hai let out were fighting with the crew of the Poseidon. There were no places inside the ship for the crewmen to run to.

After summoning everything, Zhao Hai’s figure suddenly disappeared from the ship, making it impossible for the enemy Mages to find him. The Earth element Mage immediately took out several Magic Scrolls from his body and ripped them before throwing them outwards.

All of these scrolls contained Light element Spells, they were to be used to deal with Dark Mages. They knew that their main obstacle in saving Lionheart was the Calci Family, which was a family of Dark Mages. In order to increase their chances of success, they brought these Light Magic Scrolls. But in the end, they didn’t expect to use those scrolls when they already boarded the ship.

Unfortunately, to their surprise, the scrolls were useless when it came to the undead that Zhao Hai just summoned. The undead seemed to not be affected, in fact, they even attacked more frantically.

A saving grace for their side was the fact that although the ship was a freighter, due to the waters of the Ocean Waves Dynasty, these crewmen could also become pirates. Therefore, their combat ability wasn’t low and they still can fight for some time.

But unfortunately for them, the crew couldn’t hold out for too long. They didn’t expect that the Undead that Zhao Hai brought in would have a very high fighting capability. Each of them were equivalent to 7th rank warriors, moreover, each and every one of them weren’t afraid of getting injured nor getting killed. They didn’t feel fear even if they meet a 9th rank expert, let alone these 8th rank mages.

The time of the battle wasn’t long, after about an hour, there weren’t any other living being left on the ship. Even though Lionheart was killed, Zhao Hai didn’t turn him into an undead, instead he chopped up the head of the Grand Duke along with his son.

Grand Duke Lionheart’s son held great reputation inside Rosen Empire. He was even called a once in a generation martial genius. He was just over 20 years old but he was already a 7th rank warrior, he was truly fierce, a pity that he was dead now.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite to his enemies, after he killed every person on the vessel, he immediately turned the crew into undead before receiving the ship. Naturally, he didn’t forget to take Lionheart’s ring off.

Inside that spatial ring was Grand Duke Lionheart’s entire wealth which added to a total of tens of millions of gold coins. Adding on to his other possessions, his net worth would certainly reach a terrifying hundred million gold coins.

Zhao Hai was shocked by the number, but it also made him extremely happy. With this amount of money, funding for the development of the Black Wasteland will certainly not be a problem.

After taking care of everything, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the Space and prepared the list of all the people who helped Lionheart.

The names of 10 thousand people were not easy to write, it was fortunate that Zhao Hai had already been writing these past few days, so he only had a few names left to jot down. Just after the curtain of darkness fell, Zhao Hai had completed the list. He let out a long breath, the big show has finally arrived.

Smith had been very bothered these past few days, he had not yet captured Lionheart. Without Lionheart on their hands meant that their operation was a failure. He didn’t care about Lionheart’s belongings, the main reason for their action was Lionheart offending the Calci Family. If they couldn’t deal with the Grand Duke, then the face of the Calci family would be smeared. If they couldn’t uphold the prestige that they had for so long protected, they might very well become a laughingstock among the Great Noble Families on the continent.

At this time, Phil’s voice suddenly came, “Sir, Mister Zhao Hai came for an audience.”

Hearing Phil’s words made Smith stare blankly. This was because Zhao Hai hadn’t made any appearance these past few days. He was just inside Sweet Plum Courtyard everyday. Smith didn’t know why he came here today, but he still said, “Invite him in.”

Just after he talked, Zhao Hai pushed the door open and came inside. Upon entering the room, Zhao Hai bowed to Smith and said, “Brother Smith, are you ok? What are you doing?”

Smith forced a smile and said, “Brother, why are you too polite? I could be busy with anything else right now, but Lionheart’s capture made me unable to eat and sleep.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, “Brother, I have good news, I’ve come to give you your sleeping pill. I believe that if you take a look at these things, your appetite and desire to sleep will return.” Then he waved his hand as a bag appeared on the ground, the bag was made of leather and smells heavily of blood. Next, Zhao Hai took out a book and placed it on the table.

Smith looked at the bag. From the contours seen on the leather, the bag’s contents were most likely heads. Smith turned to Phil and nodded. Phil immediately went forwards and opened the bag.

Inside the bag were two heads, Phil recognized that they belonged to Lionheart and his son. Smith, who also saw the bag’s contents, turned to look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai calmly said, “This time, Grand Duke Lionheart managed to escape because of somebody’s help, fortunately I was present, they’ve already been dealt with. In this book is a list of all the people who helped Lionheart along the way. I’ll hand the identities of those people to you, however, I need to keep all of Lionheart’s money. My land is currently in need of these coins, I won’t be polite.”

Smith looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “Good! Brother, your Big Brother has certainly underestimated you, good! Rest assured, that money is all yours, nobody would dare take it away from you. Brother, I must thank you. Without you, my Calci Family would certainly lose massive face. I’ll have to tell the Shelley Family about this, after all, this was also a matter of their enmity.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “Those are for you to do, it’s none of my business. You’ll have to deal with the aftermath of this event, I’ll head back.”

Smith nodded and said, “No problem, you go back and rest. Leave the remaining matters to me.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and turned away slowly. Without even waiting for Zhao Hai to exit the house, Phil asked Smith, “Master, do you think that Mister Zhao Hai was actually able to kill Lionheart? Didn’t he stay inside the courtyard all these days?”

Smith showed a faint smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry about that. Anyway, the matter had already been solved. Phil, you need to remember that you must never pry open the secrets of people like Zhao Hai. Otherwise, he wouldn’t treat you very well. Go and deliver the heads to the family. Along the way, go and inform the Shelley Family.” Phil nodded as he took the bad and turned away.

Smith picked up the book that Zhao Hai left on the table. He turned it open and looked at its contents. At first he was just carelessly reading the characters, but what he realized afterwards made him more and more surprised.

Listed in this book were all the people who aided Lionheart, their names, their age, where they work, their families, they were all written very clearly. And the most important thing was their identity, Radiant Church spies!!

Seeing the number of characters written, Smith couldn’t help but feel his scalp go numb and his head exploding. He never thought that this incident actually involved the Radiant Church, this fact made him very surprised.

Just after looking at two pages, Smith couldn’t sit still, he immediately shouted loudly, “Someone, come here!”

Phil immediately walked in from the outside, the matter with the heads didn’t have to be accomplished by his own hands. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish much. So he would just delegate those tasks to other people and just followed on Smith’s side.

Hearing Smith shout, Phil immediately came, he bowed to Smith and said, “Master, what are your instructions?”

Smith said loudly, “Quick, quick, go invite Little Hai back here.” Phil didn’t know what Smith’s intentions were, but he still immediately complied and turned around.

At this time, Zhao Hai just arrived at Sweet Plum Courtyard. Surprisingly, Laura and the others didn’t go out and play today. The women were having a small tea party in the living room of the courtyard. There was a pile of snacks on the table, each one of them held a wine glass and sipped on it lightly. Most of the time they were chatting while eating some snacks from time to time.

Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t disturb them. While he was heading to his own room, Phil arrived. Phil immediately came forward to call Zhao Hai and say, “Mister Zhao Hai, the City Lord asked for you.”

Zhao Hai stared blankly, but he instantly understood why Smith made him return. He nodded and said, “Very well, let’s go.” Then him and Phil returned to Smith’s office.

Upon entering the room, Zhao Hai saw Smith walking in circles. Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Smith’s flushed face turned to him and said, “Brother, are those characters that I saw real?

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he nodded, “Of course they are real, I’ll never deceive you in this matter. When they saw my clothes, those guys immediately recognized me. I also took them back, nobody escaped.” Then Zhao Hai summoned the undead Earth element Mage. Zhao Hai made the Mage introduce himself, he was a product of the Radiant Church’s Ultimate Weapon program, but since he was an 8th rank mage, he was a failure.

However, Smith noticed Zhao Hai’s words. When he took away the Mage, Smith looked at Zhao Hai, “Brother, did you personally go and slay Lionheart?”

Zhao Hai nodded, he showed a faint smile and said, “Actually, I’m not just a Dark Mage, I can also use, Light, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and also Space Magic. Didn’t you receive word from Bell? I cannot be considered as a Dark Mage, it was more appropriate to call me a Divergent Mage. Among my Divergent Abilities is something related to Space, but it cannot be used to attack a person, only to store some things inside. Moreover, I also have flying Phantasmal Beasts. They’re very formidable, they can carry a person when they fly. I used these Phantasmal Beasts to chase down Lionheart.”

Smith believed Zhao Hai’s words. Compared to Dark Mages, Divergent Mages were more mysterious and rare. So when Zhao Hai said that he was a Divergent Mage, Smith chose to believe him.

As for the Phantasmal Beasts, Bell already informed him about those, so he was not particularly surprised about them.


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